To all of you who have shared your comments:

This is an exploding new experience for me. It is as if I have been wandering around in this forest looking for my tribe, and suddenly I have found you. There you are. I am seeing you, and speaking to you, and you to me, and it is a magic that leaves an old man weak. Thank you for your caring revealed by your comments. I have often said that caring is contagious.

I don’t know what to do. I am reading comments that startle me—that is to say they are intelligent, and insightful beyond expectation—some should be writing this blog rather than I. I marvel at the collective insights. Look for yourselves at the responses I have just received.

But there is not enough of me to respond to each of you. And I worry that if I respond to just a few then others, those equally inviting, will feel left out—sort of like the middle child who is loved but gets overlooked. So I don’t know what to do.


15 responses to “To all of you who have shared your comments:

  1. You don’t know what to do? You and the Trial Lawyers College have the answer to that. Do what your feelings tell you to do. If you want to respond, respond. If you don’t then don’t. There are no rules or limitations, only those that you can raise in your mind and stick them onto yourself. I do ask though that you keep putting up posts.

  2. Please Gerry continue with the posts. Your wisdom and insight is needed.

    Jeffrey Suher
    Asilomar TLC Regional , Jan. 2008
    Ranch Club Member 2008

  3. I don’t think there is any need to respond to every comment. Most people who drop by I assume know you by reputation. I first ran into you in the article “First they Came for the Fascists”. That’s why I immediately bookmarked your blog. It is all to easy to be a fair weather friend of liberty and justice.

    Why don’t you tell us something about why you think the court system is broken? That would certainly hold my interest.

  4. Don’t worry about responding to everyone. Each of us has limited time–and we all learn from your responses to any of the posts. Thank you again for doing this.

  5. They’re right, Gerry. Go with your instincts. None of us will feel slighted if not directly responded to. Think of this as a group discussion. You are the leader and at the same time a member of the group. You don’t need to be the Dad here. (:-)) We’re all in this together.

  6. Blogging is a conversation. And as in any conversation sometimes it is best just to listen. If a thread in the comments peaks your interest, then respond. Sometimes the commenters will simply respond to one another and create a fascinating discussion sparked by your post.

    Feel your way. You’ll get it.

  7. Of course you can not respond to everyone. But I hope you will not feel that you have slighted others if you feel the urge to reply to one. You never know where things might lead. Think of yourself in a room full of people, perhaps after giving a speech. Many would like to say something to you. There might be several talking at the same time. Yet one voice strikes you and you want to reply. There is nothing wrong with that.

  8. Don’t let commentary disturb you from your newfound writing activity.

    We all are better off if you succeed in your new endeavour, transferring your hard won knowledge unto a new generation.

  9. Vruz: You are truly a friend. Thank you.

  10. Gerry, you are in a large room with people who you love and who admire and care about you. There are many needful conversations and people reaching out.

    You can’t reach everyone. But you are there and that says it all. Brother Pete

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  12. Dear Gerry,
    No reasonable person would expect you to respond to everyone at once. In a way, that’s what a blog is for, to get one’s thoughts and ideas shared with as many as you can. You are alway doing that with this blog, and any extra comments you make are up to you. I certainly don’t feel left out if I don’t get a personal comment. As you said, you can’t respond personally to each of us all the time. Speaking for myself, I’m just happy you have given us a chance to “talk” with you personally, as it were, via this blog, and I thank you for giving us that. 🙂

  13. Oops. That “alway” in my previous reply should have been “already.” Sorry about the error.

  14. How can Gerry possibly respond to so many, when he is so busy dealing with Argus, and his letters on “Henrietta”, and “IT” ?
    I am just surprised that limey Christopher Hitchens has not posted—here– on this board to attack Mother Terrsa, since he has an obssession to attack her at her core, her faith, her profession, her religion–in his books, which he makes a pretty penny off of, like some industry to go after her, never mind she can’t defend any of that, since she is passed on.

    That “long dark night of the soul” is not exactly something people don’t feel, and experience.
    Maybe only Tele-Minister Pat Robertson is in some Club that never had any
    “long dark nights of the soul”.

  15. Dear Gerry, This is your blog; it belongs to you. It’s yours to do as you wish. We read and comment out of our own need and wantings.
    … I was so grateful just to find you had a site; to be in your company. Thank you & Blessed be, Sarai

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