Closing down the whorehouse in Washington D.C.

Dwight asked what I thought of corporate firms and the appointment of Eric Holden as Attorney General.  Holden works for one of the largest corporate law firms in the nation.  I thought what I wrote him might be of general interest. Here it is in part:

Dwight: I lost what I wrote you somewhere. It is floating around in all of its immaculate wisdom in cyberspace and will one day descend and save us all.

I wrote that corporations are dead. Therefore they require the dead to represent them. I wrote that one cannot work for the dead for very long without beginning to die, that is, the human psyche begins to dry up and one day will fall out on the carpet of the boardroom floor. It will look something like a dried up old prune.

Holden has worked for one of America’s mammoth corporate law firms. The government itself is the largest corporation known to man. Perhaps this will serve him well in managing the thousands of bureaucrats who congregate in the Department of Justice, most of whom are also dead or dying. All I ask of Mr. Holden is that he be honest most of the time and that all of the time he will refuse to use his great power for political purposes. His predecessor ran a whore house.

To that I should add:  I have spent a good portion of my life fighting big government on behalf of ordinary citizens.  I can’t think of a case in which the FBI or federal prosecutors were involved that there wasn’t hanky-panky of some sort present. When we humans have power we use it, which, in the hands of government agents, often mitigates against fair trials.  The idea of a fair trial has something to do with honest evidence and ethical prosecutorial conduct despite the imbalance of power between the parties.  Sadly, that ideal is most often vacated, and power, seeking justice or not, too often wins.

16 responses to “Closing down the whorehouse in Washington D.C.

  1. As radical as the concept might be, I have sometimes thought that corporations should simply not be allowed to exist. Professionals – doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. generally remain personally liable for their wrongful acts no matter how they might choose to structure their businesses. So why not everybody else?

    Being able to operate a business as a corporation, actually encourages irresponsibility. What other conclusion can be drawn from a systam that allows the shareholders and officers to preserve their personal assets no matter how recklessly the business is run, or even if they allow the corporation to perform the devil’s work in hell? I dare say that if the shareholders and CEOs had their own heads on the chopping block, we would see more businesses being operated in a responsible and ethical manner.

    But the supreme irony is that when things go bad for a corporation, it can simply seek the protection of our bankruptcy courts – which these days are pretty much closed when it comes to the problems of Joe and Jane Citizen.

    Yet with the current “bailout” trend, even the bankruptcy courts have become unnecessary – if your corporation is big and powerful enough to demand taxpayer money to cover your losses.

    Yes, government and big businesses in America are now so intertwined that I’m not sure what name should be attached to our present day economic system. Is it capitalism? Socialism? Communism? Fasicism? Perhaps your term is best: whorehouse.

  2. On learning that John Ashcroft, while governor of Missouri, used black prisoners at servants at his mansion, I felt I knew all I needed to know about him. Nothing he did after that proved me wrong. Missourians felt the same, handing John Ashcroft a dubious historical distinction — the first senator ever to be defeated by a dead man.

  3. Gerry:

    Well put!

    It reminds me of when I was arrested by the Federal Marshall at the Dirkson Center Federal Office building in Chicago, FBI Office, because I had asked for a supervisor and refused to leave. The Special Agent on Duty refused to copy documentary evidence that I had brought to them proving corruption of high Illinois State and Cook County officials. She didn’t even look at the evidence. I asked for her supervisor and she did not get one so I told her I would wait in the lobby until one appeared. I asked everyone going through the lobby if they were a supervisor.

    Eventually one said yes, asked me what I wanted and agreed to copy my documents. While she was copying them the Federal Marshal Deputies came and grabbed my briefcase and ordered me to leave. I told them that the supervisor told me to wait so I wouldn’t leave.

    I became very anxious (I also shake really bad due to a medical problem and this makes others assume I am nuts or retarded). When the supervisor came back I told her I forgot to give her a few more documents and wanted her name (so I could write complaint to the inspector general of FBI and name witnesses). Her name tag fell out of her dress (she had tucked it into her bra – police never want you to know their names and with me always cover the name tag with their hand or hide it) when she leaned over towards me. I didn’t have my bifocals so I leaned real close to the dangling name tag to read it while sitting in a chair (I am disabled and walk with a cane and now walker). I still couldn’t read it as it was dangling too far from me so I reached out a foot to gently nudge it closer and inch and stop it from swinging.

    I was then arrested for refusing the order of an officer and for causing a disturbance. The supervisor did not show up for trial despite a subpoena and the State said it was too expensive because she had been transferred to another state. I objected and was overruled by the magistrate judge. The duty agent and Marshall committed perjury and said that I snatched the name tag off of her neck and refused orders to leave 20 times or more. I could therefore get no witness to state the true story or that the supervisor had told me to wait.

    I was convicted and fined $25 times two. I still haven’t paid it and I won’t. I wrote an appeal to the Fed District Court Judge Castillo and he affirmed the conviction based on quoting the AUSA’s response brief as it it was the transcript. It had misquoted the transcript.

    I agree they are a bunch of prostitutes.

    US Atty Fitgerald has also announced that he has sent a 98 page letter to the Cook County Commissioners stating that there are extensive violations of civil rights at Cook County Jail that result in death, amputation, and medical neglect and torture. He describes life-ending battery by correctional officers breaking skulls and then putting these dying inmates in cells and ignoring them. He describes an inmate with a broken leg (skin broken) prescribed antibiotics and put in a cast by an outside doctor after arrest and then the jail denying antibiotics or further medical care until pus was oozing out of the cast a month later! This resulted in an amputation.

    YET! The US Attorney has NOT INDICTED any officers for these murders and life-threatening medical neglect/abuse! Its like investigating a gang and then going to them and stating: “Oh well, we investigated you and found that your group committs murder, rape, prostitution, gambling, intimidation, and extortion. We are requesting that you send us a plan in the coming months as to how you are addressing these problems. Have a nice day!

    Are there any attorneys in the world willing to help me with this pro bono! I intend to litigate over these kinds of issues pro se if no one else will. I am amazed at the indifference to such. We’re just a bunch of lemmings and horses with blinders – caring only about self-interest. Society is evolving to the point that people won’t even protect their mothers.


  4. Linda,

    Love your courage, your grit. You are working on YOUR agenda. Most folks work on their own — their families, their work, their finances. So if people are kept busy enough they have little time to take on corruption even though it is as plentiful as Dandelions in our lawns. But it is easier and less risky to dig up the Dandelions.


  5. Jules:

    It is not a radical idea to eliminate corporations. Our founding fathers were concerned about them. They had suffered a long history of abuse from the favorite corporation of the king, namely the East India Tea Company. It dominated the colonies, had its own standing army, invaded China and dealt in opium. Does this, at least from the standpoint of unrestricted corporate
    power, remind you of any American corporation you can think of?

    Corporations were not intended to have the rights of individuals and were in great disfavor with our founders. But in 1886 Supreme Court in the case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad the court failed to make a ruling on the question of “corporate personhood,” and because of unclear notes of a clerk, the decision was later referred to as precedent for the proposition that a corporation was a “natural person.” We have lived with that miserable mistake ever since.

  6. I would rather be ashes than dust!
    I would rather that my spark should burn out
    in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled
    by dry-rot.
    I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom
    of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.
    The function of man is to live, not to exist.
    I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
    I shall use my time.

    Jack London

    May the blessings of the Thanksgiving Holiday bring you happiness and joy in your thoughts and associations!

    Your words on these blog are a gift to all of us and we thank you for them.


  7. Thanks, Linda.

    Sometimes an old man’s heart sings to such words.


  8. “[C]orporations are dead. Therefore they require the dead to represent them.”

    That’s the best line I’ve read in a long time.

  9. When I think of big law, big government and corporations (all parts of the Washington brothel), I tend to remember a quote by Mother Jones about visiting a prison. She asked a prisoner why he was in jail. He told her that he had stolen a pair of shoes.

    “I told him that if he had stolen a railroad he would be a U.S. Senator.”

    Instead of companies, they are stealing money and skipping the railroads. Maybe covering it with a TARP.

    From what I am seeing, there may not be much change for us ordinary citizens.

    Keep fighting.

  10. Eric Holder is a puppet for the corrupt.(he sits in his how powered corporate law firm, and cavorts with his Fannie Mae buddies)
    He is not reflective of change, he is there to service corrupt power.(and it shows)
    His duplicity, and lies in the favors for Marc Rich, a corporae mega criminal, speaks to who Eric Holder is.
    Say, can you point me to 3 major cases, that Obama had that were significant achievments, where he was a trail attorney for some lowly citizen ?
    I read his book, “The Audacity…”, & not one word on that, not one one about some lowly citizen, that he stood up for in a Court. None.
    You note your friend, who you call “insane…”
    just let us know… 3 cases that Obama had, where he stood up in Court for some lowly citizen, what it was about, the real deal nitty gritty.
    I hope, we all hope, that don’t mean we are suckers.
    How come FOX, or CNN, or CBS, or NBC, or Public radio never covered that., is this the situation of the civil rights attorney who never did nothing, but writes a book, and gives speeches, then appoints the corrupt Eric Holder to be AG ?
    Please if you don’t know, could you ask you readers to give some input, based on some facts, not some insane fantasy. Thanks, Gerry, sent in the interest of full disclosure to America,(or finding out) because the MSM–Main Stream Media — is snoozing, and just does reprints of press relases, hope—yes, hope you can find out the answer and give a reply to above..

  11. Gerry: your words to Jules about corporations are so true. It occurs to me with all these damn bail outs that our government is entering into the types of relationships that ole King George had with the East India Company and I wonder if any Bostonians would have the grit to dump a bunch of tea (General Motors cars) into the old harbor these days or have we all been so mentally and spiritually castrated and rendered absolutely gutless in the interim?

    Has anyone else noticed it was the marriage of big business and govenment that so oppressed the a? And that we are going down the same damn path? Hello America!! Does ANY of this sound familiar?

    God forgive the bar in this country. The sons of liberty might have dressed like sissies but we are sissies.

    God forgive the bar in this country for not storming the White House when the first order for torture came down. Some days I think we ain’t all that after all. No wonder the people hate us.

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  13. Oh God, we have all been condemned to the fate of the Prince of Denmark, by the Supreme Ruler of the Board:

    Sanity in the Midst of Corruption

  14. PS . Robert Kennedy was the 1st one who smiled and didn’t look like his underwear was too tight!!

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