A toast to Thanksgiving from the insane

My friend, who I shall call Argus Thompson, made the following toast for Thanksgiving.  Argus is insane, or at least he thinks he is:

“Profit is American. The Pilgrims sought profit and that’s all right. God loved the Pilgrims, and after the first Thanksgiving feast, for which the Indians supplied the corn and the wild turkeys, and the Pilgrims supplied the prayers, a regular old fashioned joint venture, the Pilgrims blew the fucking heads off the fucking Indians in the name of God and burned their forests and the Pilgrims enjoyed their profit and built their churches which proves that profit is Godly. Amen.”


8 responses to “A toast to Thanksgiving from the insane

  1. Your friend spoke the truth. I think I shall offer this toast tomorrow… right after grace (she said, with a smile).
    Enjoy the wine!

  2. You forgot to point out that the Pilgrams had been there for 2 years, were dying, and had no idea how to farm, until the natives gave them a hand.

    In return, the Pilgrams gave the natives smallpox.

    God indeed Bless America.

  3. Way for Paw Paw!!!

    I am happy to see that you have found a moment to reflect and share this day of Thanksgiving/Mourning. I always wondered why they never taught me in about how in 1637 the Massachusetts Bay Colony governor ordered mercenaries and militia to attack the longhouses of the Pequot Indian people. On this day, the Pequot people were in their long house — for all purposes, their synagogue, their mosque, their cathedral — celebrating their green corn dance. It was their Thanksgiving and on this day 700 Pequot men, women, and children were cut down with musket and saber, or for those less fortunate burned to death.

    I will be spending tomorrow visiting my clients in jail and then come home and watch the Cardinals put a hurt on Philly and T.O. put a smack down on Seattle. I hope you too will find a moment to rest and enjoy some of Imaging’s desserts!!! But remember Paw Paw, everything in moderation!!!


    remy >:o)

  4. I just shared this at my Thanksgiving.

    Hear, hear!


  5. I am in prison nwcx, please vist me.

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  7. Profit:
    Is that what a 1/3 contingency fee is, or is that way beyond profit ?
    Cost, is that what is loaded on the client ?
    Trinkets, and whiskey, and barter and exchange.
    Who does Argus worship, any who sell mugs, with a good mark up, perahps.
    Yes, Lincoln is the one who instituted the holiday of “Thanksgiving”, but it is just before XMAS, and the rush to Walmart.

  8. In the words of the old fur trapper:
    ” the poor shall inherit the earth, just not the mineral rights”. Those were the ones who started the ore tunnels(lode Stars–the Hearst Family, etc) now called ski areas, in places like Aspen, Park City, Tetons, and assorted destinations.
    Or, perhaps, an updated version a la W:
    “the profits belong to Goldman Sachs, the costs to the tune of trillions belong to you, Mr and Mrs American taxpayers.”
    And, despite Argus getting a bit toasty on “Thanks Giving”, have any seen stock Guru crammers latest on SEC (Bush Admin) Chairman Cox, he calls him a communist who destroyed capital by allowing naked shorting.(the destruction of capital, lots of it, what a twist in BAIL Out city/ 2008.
    Perahps, Argus is not really insane, perhaps, the insane are the ones(who are really & truly insane, but perceived as soberly cogent), and see the world through the prism of Dick Cheney, W, and Rummy, and mad detached from reality blind power.
    In the words of Professor Trelease, and many State constitutions: waters are held “in trust” for the People.
    We can be thankful, for a standard of living founded, where we live in a Nation that consumes 25 % of the world’s hydrocarbon/ petro resources, and only have about 4 % of the world’s population.
    We are reminded of that by people who fly around in lear jets, like Al Gore(Oxxy Petro Fellow), Bobby Kennedy Jr, and the capitans of industry.(before GM started driving for P.R. , instead of lear jetting)
    The party is about over, and the BTU quota per/ capita, and household does leave a fingerprint, and your childern’s standard of living is going South: BIG TIME. But, be thankful, you use less BTU’s per capita, than most in Teton, who face chilliing winters, and the prospect of keep up with the Jones in the big trophy Glitzy homes, and the other trappings that make for the good affluent life.
    Yes, like in the Golden roaring 20’s, the roaring is about to come crashing way way down, and there will be major adjustments—-in the traffic of commerce. We reap what we sow.

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