More deep thoughts from the insane

Argus Thompson, who claims to be insane, writes as follows:

The forest and its inhabitants have rights. Rights are not derived from man. Man acquires his rights from that same source as does the pollywog, and man’s rights are no more sacred to Mother Earth than the rights of her other children, no more than the fiddling cricket on the edge of the pond or the small mountain frog sitting on the lilly pad like a green bud. Man is not the bestower of rights, but the bestowed. Man is not the creator, but the created. Man is no more endowed with the divine power to decree the extinction of a fellow occupant on the face of this earth than he has been granted the power to create new life, for man cannot create a single cricket or mosquito on the lily pond. He can only rip out the lillies and drain the pond and silence the singing of the forest fiddlers forever.

But man has been charged with greater responsibilities than his brothers and sisters on this earth, for his ability to do both good and evil is greater, and therefore his responsiblity is greater.


5 responses to “More deep thoughts from the insane

  1. Dear INSANE

    I do think you are a poet with a lot of common sence; perhaps some will wear off to the dullards that have none and are running our country ! ! !

    Love “Light” and Energy


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  3. All

    Check out the updates @:

    * MiNd CoNtRoL BeHiNd DHS CoNTrAcT


    that speaks to “Invasion of the Mind Monitor”.

    Love “Light” and Energy


  4. Man can not create a polly-wog, per se but science can, apparently from a test tubes.(brave new world DNA strands, pitre dish evolutions).
    Man can create another man/ woman, if he has the right woman, through that process, called natural birth. Why is it that Argus is tagged as writing insane thoughts, from deep in the swamps.
    All men consume food, air, water, crop stuffs, lumber for their houses, gasoline to travel, it is just that the per capita consumption in the USA is many x that in other countries. The USA did not get the biggest trade deficits in the history of mankind because America does not value a high standard of living.
    AL Gore consumes more jet fuel than over 20 regular persons, combined.
    He wants to be a billionarie on his cap and trade carbon gimmicks.
    I hear what Argus is saying, and he is not the only one who respects wild life, maybe he can figure out why the State of Wyoming is using so many State funds to kill so many wolves.
    Wolves need to eat too,
    they have protein requirements.

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