Secrets of Argus Joseph Thompson: Invasion of the Mind Monitor

My friend Argus Joseph Thompson wrote about the Mind Monitor (MM). He insists it is reading his thoughts and recording and classifying the more important ones. I present his meanderings with edits. Parental guidance is recommended:

“After many weeks my initial outrage over MM’s invasion of my mind began to abate. Moreover, if I were being monitored, then ipso facto I was important enough to be monitored.

“I possessed Class A secrets, not the mundane unclassified secrets of the masses, not the secrets of farm boys who had made it with chickens—mostly laying hens, because laying hens are easy to catch while sitting on the nest; not the secrets of preachers loping the lizzard over the pages of Penthouse, not the secrets of boys fantasizing about their Sunday school teachers who gave the class beaver-shots under the table to enhance attendance. Such secrets were so common they merited no classification whatsoever although MM duly recorded the same in the event a respondent sought public office, which accounts for Jimmy Carter’s having been forced to reveal his lust for the women of Playboy. Cheating, stealing, wife beating and child abuse were also so commonplace they were merely filed away without classification.

“One got on MM’s classified record by asking certain questions, for question-askers have always been the enemies of the system. Those who wondered how the king got off taxing their tea without representation and dumped 342 chests of the same into Boston Harbor were enemies of the system. Thoreau wondering why he should have to pay a head tax to vote and went to jail instead was considered dangerous and an enemy of the system. If you secretly questioned certain truths like Jesus smiles on Texas debutantes who spend twenty thousand for their coming out dresses while thousands of children starve in the streets, or if you question certain axioms such as “The system isn’t perfect, but it’s the best damned system we know,” well you automatically got classified.

“If you questioned the efficacy of Double Dribble Economics, well, that was at least a Class C secret. But you really got MM’s attention if, in the middle of the night, you began to question the right of the non-its, the corporations, to destroy the pristine forests, the living birds and innocent beasts and generally to shit all over the face of the earth in the name of profit. If you secretly began to wonder if we had all gone mad by permitting an oligarchy of non-its to poison us in the womb of our own Mother Earth and to abort us there from in order that the non-its could dangle a favorable profit and loss statement in front of the Wall Street analysts, well, such questions were Class A secrets which ipso facto designated you as a targeted person, (TP),and I, Argus Joseph Thompson, was, indeed, a TP for which I was very grateful, for how miserable to otherwise be nothing, even to non-its.”


13 responses to “Secrets of Argus Joseph Thompson: Invasion of the Mind Monitor

  1. I am the Mind Monitor and you can assure Argus on my behalf that I long ago lost interest in him or his thoughts. I have way too much to do with Britney Spears and the Lohans alone – and then there is the sad collection that is America’s politicians. So much to do, so little time!

  2. Speaking of mind moniters(MM), and Larry Flynt, making it with a chicken, down in Kentucky, as a young horome whipper snapper, before he became filthy rich off of skin PICS, Hustler Mag…, how about the MM of the Governor of ILL, and the bleeping, bleeping bleeping, litnany of “pay for play”, which is really a story of corporations dipping into State coffers.(in sync with Zell the Chicago billioniare who wanted $ 100 million in bennies, out of State coffers in some Club B-ball deals, and then got mad and ran to the Feds, to cause wire tapping of the bleeper and his wife who was herslef quite a bleeper…
    However, it is G. S. who monitored the mind of Argus( and put it on the Blog,( Sounds like the spelling of the Gov of ILL, a Blog kind of guy, and mused he was insane, but then, comments came forth, from the hinterlands, and some questioned that Argus is actually sane.( in a world that is indeed filled with pockets of insanity).
    However, profit, is it just part of all in the world, do lawyers make profit, what is thier money flowing through the accounts of lawyers.
    sure throw in a few kernnels of costs in the mix of the fee arrangments.
    $ 3 trillion flows through the FED budget/ yr accounts, and where does it go, in large part, and in correlations with PAC $$$, the truly major “PAY for PLAY” arena.
    Yes, the Blog—Gov of ILL, AKA, Mr beeping on tape, and caught on the wire is a small time crook, compared to those who deal in the big PAC lane in the federal Circus…roaming in the $ 3 trillion federal rip off paradise.
    However, in Boston on the Tea Party, the shippers for the slave trade were miffed at George III, as Boston was the slave shipping center at the time,
    Profit on the backs , and from the sweat and blood of other men, as Wall Street was an old slave center as well, as well as the New Orleans slave markets.(near big muddy, the commerce lane)
    MM–mind montering, and the WWW, the blogs, and the wires.
    It was the military industrial complex(MIC), who developed the internet so scientist could communicate better, and then Bill Gates, came along, with those Russian googlers.
    Yes, mind monitors, and the bleeping in Chicago…
    It is no secret that the USA was born and breed with its laws, and constituion interwoven with slave trades, as part of commerce, and Boston was doing more than having Tea Parties.
    Have we advanced, now that the bail out is now upon us ?
    Secrets A, and mundane secrets, and classified secrets, and proprietary information.
    Actually, the vast billions in the profits of large corporations in their dealings with the USA Government is the biggest classifed secret in the universe, all under the banner of proprietary biz info..placed on your back( Mr and Mrs citizens)

  3. You may ask who is montoring whose mind, and their P’s and Q’s, but who was motoring—like a real audit– Madhoff, the ex head of the NASDQ(stock exchange), who ran an admitted criminal ponzi scheme(THE KING OF ALL FRAUDS SO FAR), his edgy hedgy FUND, and defradud many people out of a whopping $ 50 billion.. Ok, people make some profit, they put it in some bank or some fund, their live saviings, over many years, and some criminal wipes it all out, and can we ask who audited that fund, where was the SEC –etc ?
    Some are miffed on profit, this Madhoff guy declared a war on any who made a profit , he wiped out over $ 50 billion, and this may be only the start of things coming to light.
    Oh, what troubled times we are in. Well, this will cut down on the lear jet traffic, so called– the carbon foot-prints in some sectors, as that is on a decline.

  4. You have an interesting friend in Argus. As for my friend, Ray Sipsa, his opinion was simply that the thing speaks for itself.

  5. As some noted: “the meek(or some say poor) shall inherit the earth, but not the mineral or derivative rights”.
    That is where the profit is. Ergo; Ask Exxon, or better yet, look at its 10- K on file with the SEC.
    Or, in the case of forests, one would assume that logs are needed for large trophy homes in the Tetons, and it took a lot of profit for some to spring for such ritzy Valley pads.(Teton county the richest county in USA, as per the demographics of the census Bureau)
    Profit seems to make the world go around.
    If all one had were costs, would one be in the GM fix, and would one go looking for a hand out —many billions–from the U S Senate ?..leave the final tab for the suckers–taxpayers.
    How much profit is in a suit(Civil legal action), and what kind of discounted cash flows are run ?
    Some one pays, and some one profits.
    That is no Secret A, or B, or even a C class secret is it ?
    Don’t officers of the court, use their positions to profit off of situations..?
    Or, impose a lot of costs on others ?
    Someone has to pay the costs, that is not a Chicken -Priestly Come to Jesus secret, that is just hard core reality. Maybe some Senators have no clue on the cost side, like Senator Grassley, who must be wondering how come so many JEWISH NON-PROFITS, were left pennyless in the $ 50 billion fraud of super Fund Manager Madoff,(See Wall Street Magic NYT 12/13/08), who ripped off the country club class of Palm Beach, and Long Island. Ya, just some Secret X, class secrets of Elmer Gantry. If any has a profit in some place, some are looking to strip it, and who are the TP… Target Persons, seems any who have a
    bit of money in their pocket, someone is looking to strip it…or convert it, or use it, or exploit it, or tap it, or rip it off..
    Ask Chuck Grassley, or Senator Schumer, they are D. C. expert on money inducments, and Lincoln, and rip offs, and depleted Public Treasuries, as the REPUBLIC OF DEBT goes Red; BIG TIME.
    Yes, the Federal Reserve, and world bankers, and their annual meetings in ritzy Teton, the ambiance of it all.

  6. We need not worry about the sanity of Argus !
    Unfortunately, you have the right to vote for insane people like Dick Cheney, and George —W—Bush.
    There is nothing in the constitution that bars you from voting for an insane person like Dick Cheney.
    Now, we witness, the Attorney General of ILL, seeking to remove the Governor of ILL, because, she(who herself wants to be Governor) alleges Blagovech is incapacitated to hold office…
    Then, CNN comes on, and puts people on the air between drug commercials, declaring the Governor of ILL is “insane”( another politican in ILL)
    Argus(or others) can question his musings, but from what appears here—there is no basis to declare him insane.
    In contrast, there are some real wack jobs, and they hold public office, but were they voted into office—by sane voters ?
    You do not have to prove you are sane to vote.
    Insane voters have a right to vote for insane politicans.

  7. How did Cheney get elected so many times in Wyoming ?
    I am sure there must be intelligent voters there, but really the guy never did any honest work in his life, except for a couple of years, when he worked as repairman on power lines, in the period he picked up some DUI’s, as a working stiff.(after he flunked out of YALE–his too much Ale problems, around Ivy Institutions).
    Rest of the time, he was some Party hack, feeding off of the party system to pander to some accumulation of power. When he exercised his raw power, he screwed up things so badly, only Al Simpson was his cheer leader, since he got to ride on the Air Force jets as some dyed in the wool party functionaire.
    This thing about Argus being a few bubbles off…, well Cheney always spoke down to people, he would always tell people who opposed basing the MX Missle in Wyo they just did not understand, and he was so in the know…
    The MX Missle was largely a waste of funds, a total fraud, and was decommisioned–with a short silo life… Is that because it never worked anyway, due to shoddy guidance systems… Oh, ya, the scoop, on inside secrets on the intercircle of society. And, Cheney’s wife was she put on the board of Lockheed, because she was a real Rocket scientist..No, most know why she was put on the Board of that Mega corporation that got vast billions out of Uncle Sammy’s nickers— because she got knocked up, about the time Dick was looking at questions on his 5th draft exemption in the Nam era, and wore the pants in the family. Actually, Cheney had a serious heart attack, on his first run for Congress, and was way-laid, and Lynn did most of the campaigning. Is Cheney going to habitate in Casper, or the Tetons, when he leaves office in Jan 2009… NO, he is through using Wyoming, he used it so long, he knows he never would fit in, back in Wyoming, since he does not hold some PARTY SLOT, to run his power games..

  8. Remarks by Vice President Dick Cheney Before the Council on Foreign Relations, New York Times, 16 February 2002

    VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY: (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

    “Well, Les, Pete, I want to thank you all for the warm welcome today. I see a lot of old friends in the room. And it’s good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations. As Pete mentioned, I’ve been a member for a long time, and was actually a director for some period of time. I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for reelection back home in Wyoming — (laughter) — but it stood me in good stead. ”

    Apparently the people of WY are not into the New World Order and global gov’t……..but perhaps I am just crazy…….waiting for the MM to give an official ruling

  9. Here’s mueller trying to pump up the patriot act again

  10. Is it fear of religion or
    Religion of fear, you decide, as it is universal, as exhibited by:

    As to the monitor of minds, it was pointed out that Vice- Cheney just never told the voters in Wyo, he is a big world order(power mad) guy, as pointed out by Speed Limit.

    Which thing is used more, the exploitation of fear by politicans, or by Ministers, and Imans ?
    It is too bad the voters of Wyoming never monitored the real mind set of Vice-Cheney before they kept him in office for so long, as he became the biggest meance to peace in the world. They is so much that Cheney kept the voters in the dark on in Wyoming, it is sad, he played them as fools, and sheep to lead around, as if
    just mindless serfs.

  11. MM, and the system in a swappy default credit world:
    There is truly a Class AAA secret that some care not to really confront, or are in fear of doing so, which the Press puts a cover on.
    Some spread the claims that the Pope(who was from England no less, an insider in betryal) sold Ireland down the river to enslave the Irish people, and make them serfs and slaves to the British Crown.

    After the reformation, British slavery took flight, and the slave ships invaded America with human cargo, as it used its new colony(Americus) for tapping the riches of a new trade route.

    Salvery was deeply inbedded even in the U S Constitution, long after the first settlements were started by the Kings of England.

    There have been corrupt Popes(like the one from England–Pope Adrian–from England), who conspired with Kings, and plotted to enslave Ireland–its people–, this is a special case indeed of AAA MM secret monitorings, MI5, & Down Street :

    Now, with the ruses of the FED, to make the USA citizenery serfs of some credit swap default madness, the sheep( citizens asleep as to what is going on) have been lulled to forget that much of how history is the explotation of a country’s citizens for some exclusive club.

    Orange Order is more than some agent orange:

    Penal Laws, are part of the history of opperssion:

    The British Crown, Orange Order, Colonalism are 3 way swords.
    When the AIG gangster element wanted to pull its latest enslavement routine, it set up shop in London, to connect with the biggest banks in Europe for the heists in America.(bloody masive billions)
    Maybe some of you are unaware of the AAA secret nature of how this club operates…, you remain oblivious at your own peril, and that of your childern, and grand childern.

  12. I am not sure how many of your read Spence’s book, page 348 of “Making of a Countrty Lawyer…” It is classic, why Spence proved he is truly a great writer, aside from his Court room endevaors.
    Most curiously, you can draw it up, right on WWW, digital focus at the touch of a finger

    Gerry was lucky he had Anna, and some good women in his life, and never got conned by some electro-shrink.

    • Thanks, Logan. I read the parts of my book you show on your comment. I don’t understand how you got it, but I cherish the fact that you did. In reading the book i was able to relive what is revealed there most of which I had forgotten. I suggest you all write an autobiography. It will help you put your life together like one puts together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces, spread on the table make no sense. Put together they make a picture that is understandable. Whether the book is published makes no difference, none at all.


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