The art of catching pigs

Recently someone wanted to talk about catching wild pigs. Why should anyone want to know? There are a plenty of domestic giant hogs running loose on Wall Street.

He told this story:

“You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs discover it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence.

They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat, you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.

Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

The storyteller then suggests that that is exactly what he sees happening to America.”

I say, I have rarely seen a corporate executive who was hungry. Yet more than a half million children in America go to bed hungry each night. Tell them and their parents the pig story.

The cruel irony is that the pigs, the giant hogs on Wall Street and elsewhere (they thrive in Washington D.C. as well) are engaged in capturing the people upon which they feed. One hog asks another: “Do you know how to capture innocent citizens? You make false promises. You lie and cheat and commit all nature of fraud, and the innocent people, believing that huge investment houses and corporate businesses with legendary names would never steal from them entrust we hogs with their money. It is that simple.”

The irony proves to be even more insidious. Corporate America, the non-living, non-breathing composite hog has captured massive numbers of Americans, indeed, most, through television, teaching them year after year what they must buy in order to be cool. They are taught to buy on credit. They are taught to mortgage their homes and cars. They are taught “to shop until they drop.” Then the corporate glob teaches them how to get out of debt by going to a debt-consultant who takes more of their earnings to help them keep the corporate hog fed.

Corporations do not build fences to catch people. They throw propaganda nets, called advertising, over the people. The bait in the nets is the TV shows that people watch, and as they watch they are gradually dumbed-down and captured by endless corporate propaganda that tells them how they must spend their earnings to be acceptable — the new car –the new TV set – the diamond that is a symbol of love — on and endlessly on.

Now that the people are in debt and need help, the corporate hog would doubtlessly love the pig story. The questions the corporate hog now asks hard-working ordinary people are: “Why don’t you work even harder to feed yourself and your family? Why aren’t you independent like you should be? Why do you want something free?”

Now the irony approaches absurdity. The giant hogs have eaten themselves. Nothing remains. Their lies and their frauds have been exposed. Their destruction of trust and their rejection of basic American values has now become rampant. And the hogs come begging to the people, ride their corporate jets to Washington, and beseech the people to save them.

13 responses to “The art of catching pigs

  1. And what of the “Legal system” deception Mr. Spence? Is the “Person” not a corporation and a legal system creation? Do you mention the legalese, that language of lawyers that redefine words that sound like english but, they are not? Do these legal words that sound like english lead us not into servitude, by our consent? Words like “must” that imply and imperative when in fact your consent is all that is “required.” I have not read your book (Personal Freedom) yet but, I look forward to seeing the truth of just how I can free my “person” from this tyrannical system.

  2. Biggest ripoffs are by the government. Especially the government schools.

  3. Since we are on the nomenclature on wild roving fang toothed animals, the old investment maxium is pulled out: “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughered.”
    We now have a bad case of mad-pig disease.
    Head piggy, Bernie Madoff, was an advisor to the SEC, on its dole(getting very fat off of the influence laden connections in high places).
    His brother’s daugher was married to an ex head SEC inforcement attorney(obviously love at first
    byte). And how many books did Madoff keep, computer generated, to pull the scams, it was more than 1, for sure.
    Bernie, the social Party sort at the fat kat Clubs, had a 55 foot boat in Palm Springs area called, most appropriately, “Bull”.
    The bull runs in Spain, produced a gored Spanish bank to the tune of billions, Europe’s second biggest int’l bank in the fall out from mad-pig disease.
    Bernie was good pals with the EX SEC Chairman, on another SEC Committee–advisory(of course).
    And, the Attorney General, Mucky-Mu Mucasey, of the Bush Admin, whose son was with the Rudy Giuliani, NYC —corporate/ OILY—firm is now defending the head of investor relations cad,with the Madoff outfit. (how cosy). We all saw Rudy at the GOP Convention, laughling at the notion one could be a community organizer, like that is not a real job. Mu Mucasey has now recused himself unable—or unfit– to represent the United State of America in the massive swindle matters, due to the interwoven rain making that goes on in
    the “right circles”.
    This is a new form—strain– of a wild pig invasion, that seems to have a protection services in NY and D C…
    The accounting firm in NY that did the books for the head piggy was a joke, and even some other hedge funds said things raised major “red flags”, and other complaints, before, about the piggy Madoff outift, were kissed off, for many years, in high places, and so the wild pig outbreak seem to be a federal case of “mad” pigs gone wild. Toxic paper spread like ebola, among many members of the country clubs in Long Island, and Palm Springs.
    Just one wild pig ate $ 50 billion of capital, life-time savings of others.
    Can you imagine what a herd or flock of mad pigs can do, or did(in the unaudited damages, so far.) ?/
    Losing one’s live’s savings is indeed a credit crisis.
    And, Bernie was a big advisor to the whose who in the Gov: the SEC, the audacity of it all is staggering. This is not the audacity of hope, it is P T Barnum, deja vu. However, the carnage was not confined to enclaves of the super rich, it impacted people all across America, people who has sold businesses, and put their live savings with Madoff, many non-profits, some universities, some Senators. The battle cry: get the Government off of the backs of the high roller captalist, mover and shakers.
    Do you still want the SEC or FBI, or etc off of Bernie Madoff’s back ?

  4. “Listen Kid, it all boils down to this.” the lion would sum up the situation.”There’s the Big-Asses like them, an’ the Little-Asses like us. It’ easy to tell who’s on whose side. There’s just a few Big-Asses, they own the world an all the corn. There’s millions of us Little-Ass; they grow the corn an’ all go hungry. The Big-Asses they think they can get away with this because they think they are better than the Little-Asses–on account of maybe someone died and left them a lot of money so they can pay the Little-Asses to grow their corn for them, and pay em what they want to pay. We got to haul em down from that, do you see? We got to show them, we’re just as important as they are! Everyone is as important as they are! Everbody grows the corn! Everybody eats it! Simple as that!
    Then he would leap up to sway around the room roaring fiercely:

    Which side are you on?
    Which side are you on?
    When we all line up in the bat-tul.
    Tell me which side are you on?”

    Ken Kesey, Sometimes a Great Notion
    July 1964

  5. I can tell you whose side I am on “the little-asses” because I am one.

    There are a LOT more of us than them.

  6. Maybe it’s time to make pork chops!

  7. I think there are some medium-sized asses inbetween.


    Goodman exploring how he could get around limits, run for a fourth term
    By David McGrath Schwartz, Sam Skolnik

    Fri, Jan 9, 2009 (2 a.m.)

    Behind the Scenes: Mayor on New Year’s
    Sun Archives
    Hello Mayor! Hello Governor! (9-21-2008)
    The many colors of Mayor Oscar Goodman (5-15-2008)
    Trouble ahead for term limit foes (4-11-2008)
    Time’s nearly up; they don’t want to go (3-7-2008)
    Term limits be damned, Oscar Goodman wants to be Las Vegas mayor for life.

    Goodman has asked Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley to review a 1996 attorney general opinion that outlines a potential path to exempt the mayor from the state’s 12-year term limits.

    Goodman’s third and final four-year term under the constitution’s limits is set to expire in 2011.

    With legislative approval, however, Goodman believes he could seek reelection in 2010 and continue to perform his current mayoral duties, including presiding over City Council meetings, except for voting on matters before the council.

    Currently, the Las Vegas mayor is a voting member of the City Council, which sets policy executed by the city manager.

    A new, seventh council member would be elected, Goodman said, so that council votes do not result in ties.

    “He would definitely be OK with giving up his voting power,” said Goodman’s political consultant, Jim Ferrence, of the mayor’s plan to keep his job. “He’ll always have the bully pulpit.”

    Term limits, passed by voters in 1994 and 1996, set a maximum of 12 years in office for state legislators and members of local “governing bodies.”

    The 1996 attorney general opinion states: If “the mayor’s main function is to be an administrator for the city, and the mayor does not exercise legislative power as a member of the city council, then the mayor would not be subject to term limits.”

    Such a reading of state law exempts county clerks, sheriffs and district attorneys from term limits.

    To change the Las Vegas mayor’s position, the state Legislature would have to revise the city’s charter, said Legislative Counsel Bureau director Lorne Malkowich.

    Buckley, in an interview, said she hasn’t examined the legality of changing the mayor’s job, but “I think it would be a difficult road.”

    “I’ll tell you what I told the mayor: I think he would be much better served running for lieutenant governor,” Buckley said.

    That position’s primary function is to promote the state and attract businesses to Nevada, Buckley noted. “I told him he should spread his wings.”

    Goodman said he first broached the idea with Buckley during an informal sit down with the speaker about four months ago. He said he asked her whether she knew of the attorney general opinion and showed her a copy.

    Goodman also recounted Buckley’s suggestion that he run for lieutenant governor — “and I said to her, ‘I’d love to be the mayor.’ ”

    Goodman and Buckley, both Democrats, have expressed interest in running for governor in 2010.

    Goodman insisted he did not ask for Buckley’s assistance with the term limits issue in return for his not running for governor.

    “There’s no quid pro quo here, that’s for sure, and I want to emphasize that. No backroom discussions, just two friends talking to each other,” Goodman said. “The bottom line is there is nothing nefarious, there is nothing except the expression of good friendship.”

    Goodman has said he commissioned a poll to test his chances of running for governor. He has not released the results.

    Goodman said he was intrigued by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently persuaded the council there to extend the term limits law to allow him to run next year for a third term.

    Goodman said his decision would hang largely on the state of the economy.

    “A lot of it depends on the economy coming back. If it comes back and I see projects that we’ve been talking about being started and placed in the ground, then I’ll be satisfied that I’ve done what I set out to do,” he said.

    If the economy is still stalled, however, Goodman said: “I would seriously consider trying to stay on.”

    The two councilmen who appear to be the most interested in Goodman’s job, Steve Wolfson and Gary Reese, had different reactions to the mayor’s term limit tactics.

    “I think that Oscar Goodman has been the best mayor Las Vegas has ever had,” Wolfson said. “Whether it’s as mayor or in some other position where he could continue what he does best — which is promote the city of Las Vegas — then that’s something we should consider.”

    Wolfson declined to say how Goodman’s maneuvering, if it comes to pass, would affect his plans to run for mayor.

    Reese said he voted against term limits, but now that they’re law, all — not just some — elected officials should have to live by them.

    “I’ve always said, the voters voted on it twice, and I do what the voters want,” Reese said. “They voted on it for mayors and everyone else.”


  9. The interesting thing about the wild pig versusdomesticated pig is this: the pig doesn’t care if it’s wild (free) or domesticated (imprisoned).

    Gerry’s story demonstrates how simple it is to turn a wild pig into a soft pink little home body. The reverse is also true, turn a nice little domesticated pig out into your pasture and pretty soon, that sucker will grow thick coarse hair, it’s tusks will grow long and it will be as wild as any wild boar that never was domesticated in the first place.

  10. Speaking of hogs and pigs, and darting toads, lizards, and crawling snakes gone wild:
    The Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is up before the U S Senate to be confirmed to be Seccretary of the Treasury.
    Seems, a problem emerged, he was a federal tax evader, but he paid his evaded taxes(looked shady if he let silde anymore), on the eve of his Senate confirmation hearings, to seek to make it a non-issue, to get confirmed by the U S Senate–to his most powerful D. C position.
    As a Governor of the Federal Reserve(Bank NY), he oversaw all the big New York Banks, the ones who dealt in trillions in toxic paper.( sham values, and fradulent gamings of the system) . Now, he wants to hand out trilions to the ones who caused the $ 10 trillion melt down.(his NY banking club pals). i, e the BAIL OUT of the uber connected.
    If Tim Geithner(the nominee to be Sec of Treasury, Obama Administration) had been a sheep rancher near Rawlins, and evaded taxes , he would have been indicted, and thrown in jail. Instead, he is giving a political job( vast power) to hand out trillions. What kind of change is that ?
    Teton Village is where the Int’l bankers flock every summer, to plot and scheme their latest caste system games, to enslave those who have to pay out of their meager salaries Social Security, and payroll taxes, and medical benefit withholdings, and much more, as working stiffs.
    If this Geithner guy is what is reflective of change,
    then who got the wool pulled over their eyes: YES THEY DID !

  11. Personally, it’s no surprise to me that the “giant hogs have eaten themselves,” it just took a while longer than I thought for it to happen. It’s a tragedy that they have also managed to take down so many others along with them, who won’t see a penny of whatever bailout money the big hogs will get. Maybe there should be some very strict conditions attached to any bailout money these corporation CEOs get, although I haven’t heard anyone talk about what they would be. Then again, I’m the “new kid” here, so I may have missed a possible list of conditions. I do know one condition I’d insist on if I were the one imposing the conditions: NO corporate jets or other play toys.

  12. The controlled demolition of WTC 1,2 and 3 on 9-11 put the first part of the fence up.

    The Patriot Act put up the second side of the fence.

    The John Warren Military Authorization Act put up the 3rd side of the fence.

    We are just one false-flag gov’t sponsored terrorist attack away from the final fence panel being erected and the trains will start running to the FEMA camps, taking away anyone who dares to take a stand.

    If they get me alive, I’m still offering to bring the travel, magnetic chess set Gerry!!!!!

    The giant wild hog analogy is perfect for these elite swines running our Constitution into the ground!!!!

  13. Ergggghhhh……I meant WTC 7, you know the building that free-falled into its own footprint on 9-11, when no-plane hit it and the owner stood in front of it saying they were going to have to “pull” the building and as the gov’t finally explained in the NIST report, it collapsed from “thermal expansion”…..whatever that is it apparently did not apply in the recent Mandarin Hotel fire in Beijing….or any other large steel framed skyscrapper fire in history!!!!

    Regardless, here is the main list of ingredients that the gov’t is going to and has been using to build the barb-wire fences and lock people up:

    The Patriot Act, the John W. Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2006, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive also known as PDD51, and the following Executive Orders: EO 12919 allowing the president to declare martial law, EO 12656, EO 11921, EO 13074, and a subsequent amendment to EO 12656.

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