God is insane and androgynous for sure

Folks, Argus got such a monstrous response to his last offering here that he got quite balmy, authored the following and personally delivered it to me for posting. I disclaim responsibility for its content and do not agree or disagree with any of his conclusions.

Gerry Spence


By Argus Joseph Thompson

Of course, God is insane. That is, as we have seen, He or She does not know the difference between right or wrong – the legal test for insanity. For convenience, let’s call God, Henrietta, and understand that She is really a He, and that He thinks He is a She so that in the confusion Henrietta becomes an androgynous “IT.” In the end we do not know which is which and which was switched.

The foregoing is quite a wondrous and holy insight, and its truth cannot be denied since I have now confirmed the foregoing based on ultimate authority, namely the Bible. There it says, 1 Genesis 27: “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Now can’t we immediately see that God was a He, but he made humankind, which means he made both men and women, in his own image. And Eve came from Adam’s rib, which further proves that womankind had its origins in mankind. Think of it! God starts ITS work all mixed up (good title for a song). One must wonder if Henrietta wasn’t all strung out (another good title) when IT started fiddling around with the earth and the garden and dumped those naked folks in there with apples and snakes – with poison apples, no less, while there is no mention that the snakes were poisonous. But ever since we have been afraid of snakes, but we eat apples.

Instead, IT, namely Henrietta, could have furnished Adam and Eve with Orville Redenbacher’s Tender White Gourmet Popcorn in the microwave oven, which would have saved humankind from all that original sin. Instead IT waited until the 20th Century to invent the microwave oven, which, but for IT’s insanity, could have been dumped into the garden at the beginning along with the poison apples and the snakes. After all, which is harder to create, a microwave oven or poison apples and snakes? I rest my case.

God must have been utterly insane or IT would not have chosen to cause Eve, a perfectly innocent little lady, even without any clothes, to chomp down on that poison apple so that all of her children and her children’s children and their children’s children to the end of all children, now and forever, would be born in sin – on account of Henrietta’s aversion to popcorn and ITS insane love of poison apples and snakes instead. This proves, beyond doubt, that Henrietta was insane and that today IT does not know the difference between right and wrong. We must therefore pray not to God but for God. The prayer should go like this:

Dear Orville Redenbacher up in the sky,

Thou who hast taught your tender white gourmet popcorn to fly,

Please help Henrietta’s brain;

IT is quite insane.

And down here IT is causing us a lot of pain.


Please pass this on to ten other insane persons immediately, (they are all around you) and together we can rid ourselves of sickness, death and AIG.

Yours truly,

Argus Joseph Thompson, Insane


54 responses to “God is insane and androgynous for sure

  1. My Dear Argus:

    My diagnosis is that you are totally sane. Why? Because you insist on being insane 100% of the time. Poor thing you miss the fun of being insane, that is, going in and out of lucidity at any given moment and keeping everyone else guessing. This a perfectly sane person cannot do so they either declare themselves 100% sane or 100% insane and conduct themselves accordingly. While those of us who know can tell you the really fun, delicious and what-makes-it-all-worthwhile about true insanity is the ability to go in and out of it at will.
    My poor Argus I hate to be the one to say it but you are sane, ’tis a pity.

    • To begin, the clearest example of insanity is that I am bloging. Most of us honestly just should not be under the impression that our thoughts deserve to be in print. To the point on the validity of the insanity notion being applied to God either by legal or layman’s definition, it is flawed. One can not assume that God’s actions prove anything about his or her motives or preferences as the fact remains that it is equally likely that mankind’s greatest gift from God is Free Will. Regardless of intent, would we not be simply enslaved if our mistakes or misdeeds were reversed or disallowed by God?
      Perhaps, as Gerry has demonstrated so perfectly over the years…..the road to our betterment lies firmly in our true deisre to be so. It’s probably not God’s job.

      Well, based on my own statement, that’s the first and most likely last time I’ve responded to anything on any blog – we all know what opinions are like. As for Gerry – his words and thoughts are as beautiful and relevant as ever….still the greatest.

  2. AIG = the SNAKRY SNAKE Peddlers
    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves”
    — Matthew 7:15


    AIG has given snakes a bad name:
    Say some:

    “It’s like snake oil salesman, and they don’t even have the oil in the jar”.
    Then, after AIG dupes the world with its snake oil swappy deals, it has the U S Government open the vaults to shake down the entire nation.
    “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world.” (Rev. 12:9)
    AIG is the devil on earth, isn’t it obvious to all those with their mighty sheep skins from all the fancy U’s, as they play word games(ITS) with the almighty.

    Chapter 17 and 18 of the Book of Revelation describe a “great whore” that was the “habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev. 18:2) and drunken with “the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.” (Rev. 17:6) The Book went on to say the whore “which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” (Rev. 17:18)
    AIG is the great whore, and the sidekick of the devil, it has the Congress of the USA under its spell.
    So, it is written, as all the ministers of justice, and their officers of the court, fall prey to the great AIG serpent.
    But, we are told ” old scapegoats are being used to divide the flock”, to separate the sacrifical lambs for the money changers offerings to Satan(using tricky as GOD) that Argus mocks, as he now taunts some miracle magic, as if he will put out the dragon’s fire, but he only emboldens the AIG monster, who sees the nation as easy prey, and easy pickens, as its(USA) moral compass was shattered.
    And, the sheep skins of the J D’s, become worthless in the face of
    AIG’s tearing to shreds any semblance of a justice system in America.
    Yes, pass the word to 20, the snake, the monster, AIG is crawling around—it is here..

  3. This is a view of the bible:
    “That man was made in God’s image, and after his likeness; two words to express the same thing. God’s image upon man, consists, in his nature, not that of his body, for God has not a body, but that of his soul. The soul is a spirit, an intelligent, immortal spirit, an active spirit, herein resembling ”
    And, ” It is the soul of man that especially bears God’s image. Man was made upright”, Ec 7:29.
    And, other Godly experts surmise:
    “But perhaps its greatest theologian, Augustine of Hippo (354-430), wrote: “The fact that man is said to have been made in the image of God must be understood not according to the body, but according to the mind, or intellect” (De Genesi ad Litteram). Peter Chrysologus (d. 449/450) wrote, “The second Adam [Christ] stamped his image on the first Adam when he created him. That is why he took on himself the role and name of the first Adam, in order that he might not lose what he had made in his own image” (Sermo 117).”
    Does God have a DNA finger print ?
    Through time, great parsing of words, in the translations of Hebrew, and Greek, have left this
    “image of man”, to be a
    “Gordian Knot”.
    Since no image of Argus has been presented to this board, and Spence has a broad “disclaimer”, this only makes the image issues a deeper “conundrum”.
    Does Spence come to us in the spirit of Argus, as the image of God, or is he disclaming, Argus’ more earthly attributes a a mere “lawyer” ?
    Obviously, this troubled Spence, on his great “disclamer”

  4. Lord Argus:

    The Bible holds the key on AIG.
    “If a snake bites before it is charmed,
    there is no profit for the charmer.”
    Ecclesiastes 10:11

    AIG bit, there is no writ, it must be put on a stick, it
    was not charming, nor disarming, what you, Lord Argus plea is without
    divine leave of court, you
    accord all serfs of AIG as without their senses, mere
    oafs, to be underwiters for all the AIG dragon breath blunderings.

    Thus be warned:

    Jeremiah 8:17 Sin and Punishment

    “See, I will send venomous snakes amoung you,
    vipers that cannot be charmed,
    and they will bite you.”

    declares the Lord.

    Tis written in the sands.


  5. Or, translated with a 2009 update via Barney Frank, and Congress, for more pass to 20 more on:

    Deuteronomy 32:24 The song of Moses

    “I will send wasting famine against them(AIG), consuming pestilence and deadly plague; I will send against them(AIG) the fangs of wild beasts, the venom of vipers that glide in the dust.”—straight out of the bible the full scoop

    Man, those old Jewish guys got to the point, no mealy mouth beating around the burning bush, they need to reteach this stuff in law school.
    All that mamy pampy motions that mean nothing, all the frog breath, empty legalisms.
    No wonder a lot of law schools ban Moses and other script, those old Jewish guys, did not mess around.

  6. God did not love posion apples, Eve did. Fire was invented before the microwave popper. Some say God is an invention of man. I can not worship Redenbacher, because he did not invent either the microwave or come up with corn. Why Argus selected Redenbacher to make his pleas, may not be conclusive proof of insanity, but it puts a great cloud over his Bar card. the law school he attended, the firm he is with. rendenbacher never got a patient, or a registered trade mark for IT, or this new religion. He needs to contact the Sec of the State
    because Kraft Foods may sue him for trade mark infringments. IT is not it.
    Spence is obviously not an agent of IT. His disclaimer is a redflag, and not a product endorsment of any Carmel flavored popcorn. Argus is an image of a Doctor of Judas Prudence.

  7. Since Gerry, & Argus are both lawyers, have you all noticed how they have avoided the questions on
    Jesus’ legal representation, on his arrest, and being nailed to the cross, after he got cross wise with the high priests.
    The King of Popcorn, Orville, seems to have Argus as some marketing
    Jesus was messing with
    the money changers offerings in the temple,
    and how come Gerry won’t get into the trial proceedings used.
    The new testament was in Greek, how big was corn in
    the area ?
    Argus wants to be the broker on who plays God.
    isn’t playing God, linked to
    juisprudence, the CNN
    Nancy program series..

  8. I get the impression that Argus don’t buy into the notion Jesus died to wash away his sins.
    Keep in mind that Eve was into posion apples long before Mary gave birth to
    the son of God.
    Argus obviously finds a kernel of corn microwaved into a fluffy delectable a great mystery, if not of life,
    but of instant gratification.

  9. Since I consider myself both a non-Christian and a non-believer in any particular gods, I can’t make any convincing arguments on biblical details.

    However, it did seem to me that any “trial” of Jesus, if indeed there ever was one, had already been determined before it was ever held. I don’t believe Jesus had any legal counsel. The chosen verdict was determined; “guilty,” as was the death sentence, crucifixion. The way I see it, this was certainly not what I would call a fair trial. Not even close. Just my opinion, however.

  10. Oh, what a fun topic!

    One of the reasons I left the Catholic church, and all mainstream religion, really, is that I could not comprehend how people celebrate, follow, worship, and revere a lifestyle FOUNDED on capital punishment and cannibalism.

    THAT has got to be a little closer to insane than dear Argus. 🙂


  11. Jacky: that Spence is against the death penalty and given the irregularities in the trial of Christ is of such an obvious established consensus that expecting a comment from Argus or Spence on the matter would be as interesting an article as one that poses the proposition that there is a force known as gravity (yawn, stretch).

    Meanwhile the issue posed is the age old unsolved question: why?

  12. Dear Argus:

    Didn’t some sage once propound that religion is the opiate of the masses.
    Well, is it less expensive, and less dangerous than LSD, and some other drugs mentioned on some digital sections.
    Congratulaions on finding the Messiah. Pain in the brain solutions, who would every have surmised the answer is as near as a pop corn kernel waiting to be opened in a micro blast.
    Thanks on revelation, Orville 101.

  13. There is insanity all around us. To illustrate this I would like to suggest the following insane business model, which is not much different from the existing business models we have in-place today.

    Let’s say I am planning a trip to Las Vegas to gamble. It would be nice, if prior to arriving, I could pull over and take out an insurance policy from a company that would insure my gambling loss. Let’s call this new company “American Insane Gang” or (AIG). I sit down with AIG and tell them that I plan to gamble, up to a specified amount, and wish to take out insurance against my gambling losses, thus avoiding all risk from my Las Vegas trip. The American Insane Gang or (AIG) then issues me a policy against my possible loss while in Las Vegas, for a small fee. Let’s also say that the American Insane Gang or (AIG) is insured by the federal government against their possible losses.

    Then, I go to Las Vegas with the peace-of-mind, knowing that my gambling risk is not really risk at all. If I win, I win, and if I lose, the American Insane Gang or (AIG) pays me for my loss. Then, if AIG makes too many bad gambling insurance decisions, the federal government prints money to give to AIG. This in my opinion is a win-win-win business model and I wonder when it will become available to the public. I hope soon, as I would like to plan a trip to Las Vegas.

  14. Dear Faithful Argus:

    While his most scared Redenbacher—the big red O– went to his grave in the late 1990’s, his clock stopped ticking, he rose again, at least digitally speaking, for a spiffy ad, to reincarnate, and boost popcorn sales(a big yr, 2007 it was), after his popcorn empire was sold to Conagra.(a beefy deal it was indeed)
    He lives on forever, please keep the prays, and money coming, in the name of the devine host, the immortal popped kernel, Hossna in the Highest, and the word is being spread, the kernel is
    but a pop away, we can cure all the pain in the brains, of those who were afflicted by the AIG maddening swap diseases, if only the swappers will stop, and smell the roses, and the fresh buttery flavored dripping Redenbacker specials

    Your faithful servant in the flock/ Pauley

  15. I just have to let you all know that I am getting such a giggle out of this thread.

    In law school, laughing sometimes come seldom & not at all unless you look for it! 🙂 Thanks for bringing the smile straight to me!


  16. Jesus is the son of God.
    Argus is not the son of Redenbacher.
    Nobody has moved to haul Argus up to the top of a hill, and nail him to a cross. Argus never kicked AIG out of any money temples. Eating popcorn is not cannabilsm. Gerry is not a carpenter. Eve never knew about gravity, when she was messing with apples. This is big bang stuff. Law schools are filled with people, who never got deep into gravity.
    Why, Argus prays to Orville, was never explored by Vicki. Jesus’ trial was never covered in law school at the U’s.
    Money changing is in vogue at all secular temples. The earth is not the center of the Universe.
    Argus, can not solve all pains in the brain.
    Redenbacher never claimed to be the son of
    the Almighty.

  17. We are all children of God.
    So, is it written in the Book
    Argus is a cousin of God.
    Redenbacker is a nephew of God.
    Redenbacker died for your

  18. Since Argus is trying to contact Redenbacker “up in the sky”, and this is all just plain old “gravity”(yawny stretch, J D cosmology), a few orbital cyber factors:
    Rotational speed: the earth is revolving around the sun at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour.
    At the same time, it is moving around the sun, the earth has a rotational speed around its axis at 1000 miles per hour(day goes to night and back and forth), and then the earth tilts on its axis through the seasons.
    On top of all of that, the galxy(which earth is in, Mikly Way) is moving through space at an unGodly speed, which Eve never had the means to determine, when she dropped the apples.
    I know some are miffed at the Catholic Church(back in the time Pope Paul the V) when some declared the earth was not the center of the solar system or the universe:


    The diamater of the galaxy is measured in “light years”.

    The finger prints of God:


    Up in the sky, so says Argus.

    Hello, Redenbacker please contact earth, Argus and his followers want to do a popcorn-fest.
    I bet Redenbacker always wondered how microwave energy could pop a kernel, to open it up in a fluffy eatable.
    Don’t you ?

  19. Plus, the space telescope has estimated there are hundereds of billions of galaxies in the Universe—out there. From dust to dust, Redenbacker took a small kernel, and look what it did to Argus.
    Pass it along, do random acts of good stuff, Argus,
    was like a spark in the center of the Redenbacher- sphere. And, Gerry was not sure if he could buy in, he disclaimed, he was scratching his head, wondering about his old friend. He wondered if we all judge Argus insane, and, Argus knew—the big popcorn burst: the small bang, not as big as the big bang, but a light bulp when off in the brain, to seek to spread light–not darkness, good, not bad, hope, not despair, good vibes, not bad.
    Energy = LIFE.

  20. I thought it was absolutely brilliant Mr. Argus! Although I realize you only have a limited amount of time to spend on an internet blog, I think you could have touched on a little bit more of IT’s insane interventions throughout the Bible. At one point, the great IT assisted Elisha in calling down some she-bears from the mountain. These she-bears proceded to maul 42 young boys that made fun of Elisha’s bald head. Take that you punk kids! You just shouldn’t mess with Henrietta like that.


  21. Hey, Thompson:

    What do you want Orville’s operators to do, beam down some high frequency rays, directly into all those childern of Henrietta’s offspring, to alter their brain waves, smooth out the alpha waves, hey cool dude, far out, cutting edge.
    Guess, Gerry an’t endorsing that high beam particle project.
    Real clever, put under cover of some quasi-religious ordeal.
    Sure, pass it along.
    Oh, down “here it is causing lots of pain”, says your findings.
    High beam particle research, microwaves, and some of those kats just want to eat the kernels.
    Look, I am not going to suggest that the highest beams(rays of…) be used on the top AIG people, over in London.
    This is for your eyes only on a need to know basis, OK…
    And, don’t sweat the religious nut thing, it made a great cover.

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  23. Jess:
    You say you left the Catholic church because it celebrates the death penality. It is opposed to the death penality. I will obtain the the views of Bishop Chaput. When all the radio shock jocks were whipping up the sentiment
    ” honk if you want to see Tim McVeigh fry”. Bishop Chaput and other Catholic leaders were speaking out against the death penality.

  24. Han’s Peterson’s analysis is brilliant to summarize the AIG madness, all encouraged by the U S Treasury Dept.
    As to more madness in the AIG saga consider:
    AIG got a deferred criminal prosecution, meaning it was being monitered by a deal set up by the DOJ to monitor its business practices, since 2004. Who was the flunky monitor: a buddy of the current DOJ AG, Holder. The DOJ man inside was sitting there inside AIG while it became a milking machine to sabotage the USA economic system.
    The flunky monitor got paid off of course, to the tune of $ 20 million(look away money).
    The flunky monitor was an ex DOJ hack in D. C .
    This deferred criminal prosecution of milking machines is a big gimmick of the DOJ to dole out money(more DOJ gaming the system jokes) to its buddies. This scandal has not hit the news yet, however, the AIG flunky was previewed in the March 27, 2009 Wall Street Journal.
    As to the insane risk, and gambling model, so brilliantly set forth by Mr Hans Peterson, here, there is a white wash term used by the corporate flunky at Treasury. Geithner goes around with his latest moronic blather: “systesmic risk”, and “moral hazard”.
    The coverup by those who created the problem is never ending. They are part of some new Peter Priniciple. If they caused the meltdown, elevate – via- politics them to the top to play with trillions.
    Kind of like gambling with the entire Nation, its future, the big 7 come 11, role the dice, in a big zero sum game. It is indeed maddening, GOD must be laughing his ass off at the money changers, as his rep Jesus, dealth with these fools back in the old temple days.
    Is it the role of God, to avoid moral hazzards of fools ?
    Apparently, not–the fools are a major part of the history of mankind.
    Eve, was never given a credit card, or a home equity loan, it is easy to make Eve the center of ridicule, the poor woman just wanted desirous low hanging fruit.
    Moral hazzard being used as a term to explain things by bankers, is like
    Pee Wee Herman giving lectures on child discipline.

  25. Dana,

    Sorry to confuse… I am fully aware of the Catholic Church’s position on the Death Penalty (and most other things, for that matter). I had 10+ years of Catholic education and my family still practices.

    I was only pointing out the irony that the Church is FOUNDED on an execution and continues to celebrate that today. That and cannibalism. The whole thing kind of creeps me out now.

    To each his/her own.


  26. Chase:
    The blag-0-spheres are the most fertile grounds for Argus to sow the seeds to convert the sane into zealots-zany eyed pipped pippers for his new found,
    to be a trooper for Orvillian-ism, you need to get with the program, and dedicate you life, and pass “IT” along, we need to take “IT-O” to all the airports, to all the corners of the earth, like the Moonies,
    I have converted over 200 people to Orvillian-ism, since I got the message from the great Iman, Deacon, C-popper, his Most Magestic, Arch-Cardnial, the Argus of the Planet Earth. The Bears of which you speak, were outside the Park, off the reservations, and we place no blame on ’em, they were not White polar Bears, stranded on an ice float, and deprived of their traditional feeding–hunting- grounds.
    IT-O strives to live in harmony with all “wild life”. It is a mere sister of Orvillian-sim, kind of like
    Catholicism(Holy SEE), before Henry the VIII, decided he wanted a divorce, and then created his E- religion, and cast aside his lawyers, in fact he had beheaded some of his legal advisors, and Thomas Moore, was no exception.
    So, no need for you to become a martyr over any bear brew-ha-ha.

  27. As crazy as it may seem, Henry the 8th, created his own religion, and he especially believed in the death penality, for his ex wivess, and his religion, the Church of England found its way to be a major religion in the USA.
    Thus, the version, ” Henrietta, and “IT”, seems to be an other extension of some Anglo- Scott cult, to
    inculcate those who wear funny Skirts, like Charles, the King in Waiting, to the throne.

  28. Folks:

    We have found the true “image” of Argus–all seeing, deeply imbedded in the Greek God disputes, and the Scott turf wars.


    Of course, he challenges the authority of Heneritta,
    but his Brother Scott, Lord Spence of Teton, has not given royal impratur to his trifling with the Diety.
    Argus the VII can’t rewrite history, because he has gotten Spence to intercede, all be it unbalanced blawgy like, as Argus tries to hide his past:


  29. Enjoy you Princes of Edinburgs, magical, lyrical, groovy, life is a joyous trip, this site needs a theme song, I took the liberty to spice up, a 5th dimension, each day is a gift:

  30. I had two uncles who were priests in Ireland, I know all about the Orange Order, and the Kings, and Dukes, and Earls, and the black and tan, and the politcs of death, and starvation, and opression in the name of some “ism”

  31. This new religion Argus has the code of some new “reformation”.
    Even today, at St Andrews, home of golf, & the site of the ancient Royal Golf club, sitting on the North Sea in Scotland, in existence for over 255 years, it still bars women from its Club. The reformation, and the Church of England, were founded on events linked to the execution of women, desposed of ex wivess.



    Jesus rose from the dead,
    as some may recall, the Easter celebrations, ressurection, to beat the rap, ultimately, so the story goes. However, a lot of very private golf clubs in the USA bar women, too, and blacks, and who ever they opt too.(still, 2009).
    Since Jess is studying law, he may find it curious in Ireland, they were penal laws. Look it up Jess, they were laws passed to disenfranchize the residents of Ireland from being in a sense citizens in their very own land, where they were born and lived. IRA–it did not stand for an Individual Retirment Account. The natural gas resources in America are largely controlled by British Petroleum(BP) , who controls the North Slope, its pipeline, and it bought Amoco(big in Wyo now under the BP brand), and it is the big dog in all major natual gas fields in the USA, and it was instrumental in getting Tony Blair( England’s P. M.) to go into Iraq, Bush’s side kick in Oil petro politics.
    Today, the holy grail is the power to print money, and to decide who it is passed out to.
    Jess, I take it it you have not been given a few billion, and other goodies to participate in the “troubled asset” programs.
    In a sense, Argus has a new reformation, founded on the popcorn microwave, however reformed pleas to avoid death has never worked for all mortals, who are just the regular folks. A lot of that profit on USA federal lands, it was wired over seas to foreign oil companies, like BP(based in London), Shell, FINA etc.
    London was were AIG worked its credit swap defaults(the MOTHER OF ALL economic madness), and a large part of the bailout was wired to London or off shore.
    However, there is hope, now that the new President of St Andrews University, who is a woman, will shake up the good old boys, & who at 14 gave thought to joining the IRA, she is the first non-prosteant, and woman to be President of the major University in Scotland, who was just installed this week, proving that slowly even Scotland is breaking with past old Royal traditions.
    The irony, the new President at St Andrews developed as her speciality “terrorism”, she was once educated at a “convent” school in Ireland.
    The “modest proposal” by Joanthan Swift on eating the young:
    ”I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled …(in Ireland)”
    Jess, and you were propounding on cannablism, in the old sod, now were you…!

  32. Queen Elizabeth the II, the current Queen of England, is the 3rd cousin of Henry the VIII,
    and Charles the Prince in waiting to the crown, is also, the Prince of Wales.
    Surely, Argus is operating in the “image” of tying in Church, State, and microwaved digital cyber food-popping sermons to the faithful, as Henry was a “defender of the faith”, while he was going through his cannonical legal splits from Rome, and the Pope
    Notice, Argus, shunned any “garbanzo beans” as the center of any new faith.
    “Henrietta”, as portrayed by Angus, seems to have some contempt for food.
    The old Scottish saying is invoked:
    The famous Scottish saying “S mairg a ni tarcuis air biadh,” (“He who has contempt for food is a fool.”) .
    Argus never stuck with the national dish;
    “haggis” which is sheep intestine, cooked in really good whiskey.
    Much of Scottish food was influenced by the Vikings, and beef, namely
    We understand Spence used to be with loosley affilated with the Wyoming Angus Association, and was selling Angus sperm, from his big ranch operations, as was his pard, Ed, but then Argus, as you can note is deeply tied in with “cows”, in not only Wyoming history, but that of Aberdeen’s annals. The Brit Dukes, and Earls were very big in ranches in Wyoming, one of its U S Senators was an Earl to the British Royal Family, Sir Malcolm.

  33. It is rather amazing how Argus snatched “Henrietta” out of the mire the ethers of the fire to be “God”, in his trilogy as a “defender of (deep) insanity”.
    The English Crown holds the copy right to the King James version of the Bible. So, he was careful not to infringe on their version of the Supreme.
    History records that it was not until 1640 that the first book was printed in America.
    It seems when the Bible in England was translated into old English it created all sorts of problems for the Oxford professor who did the translation from Latin. The early Bibles were written in Hebrew and Greek, and went through many versions in over 1400 years. Many of the scripts, new testimanet were not pinned until after the death of Jesus, and the sections on the ressurection were not written until 2 decades after Jesus died

    Thus, when people came to America(to settle) from Europe, largely England at first, James Town, the early settlement was still under influence of the English Crown(1606).
    James Town was established, under Charles the I.
    Most curiously, about that time the Queen was no less than “Henrietta Maria.”
    She was the first Catholic Princess to Mary a Protestant Prince.(back in the old days.)
    After Henry the VIII, and the Reformation, the English Crown outlawed any of the Royaly family from marrying a Catholic, and that is still the law today in Britian. Yes, the order and law even today–2009.
    Of course, in this information—digital– age, where things spread at the speed of light, the gullibility factor is most pronounced. Not that any dispute that any person can deem who, or what, or IT, or them, or x to be “God”. I know when i look at a Federal Reserve note,(so coming off the presses at a high rate), who most deem to be God in the USA. The Greeks had the Sun, as one among many of their Gods.
    But, “Henrietta” is not exactly an android, she has deep roots in Anglo-Godly historical affairs.

    “I heard the dreadful screaming of the woman, the deadly metallic clicking of the crank, the deep dull thudding of the executioner’s fist against her naked white flesh, the heavy exhortations of the judge pleading with her to confess—confess in the name of Christ and the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul—so, too, these sounds must have moved the officers of the court to their most ingenious improvisations, and those few who dared whisper that these were the sounds of the devil presiding over the court, like crows cawing over carrion, were often themselves prosecuted as the damnable, the accursed heretics. “(Trial by Fire”, Penthouse Affair, Miss Wyoming, & ),
    noted. FAIR USE, on the earthly woman here—America etc.

    “Since those shadowy centuries and out of those abominable beginnings, the trials of innocent women, in one form or another, have continued. Although in America the last of the witches were hanged at Salem in 1692, the command of that malignant manifesto, the Malleus Maleficarum, has persisted like a virulent germ. “

  34. Defense of insanity, and defense of faith does find many parallels. However, Argus has broken new ground, namely the worship of insanity. If one does not know it is insane, it makes it easier to worship. At least Argus, never asked for monthly donations.

  35. Apparently, Argus is not the only one who is struggling with faith, and
    reformation, and belief in things unsanitized.
    I wonder, how many people have carefully read the Bible, from front to cover —in English, some version ?
    Well, there is a new book by Mr Plotz(an Editor, Slate), who read the Bible front to the end in Hebrew, and wrote a book on his impressions: “Good Book”, on Yahweh, God.
    his conclusion, “God is a serial killer”, he even goes futher than Argus, and notes: “After reading about the genocides, the plagues, the murders, the mass enslavements, the ruthless vengeance for minor sins (or no sin at all) and all that smiting . . . I( Plotz) can only conclude that the God of the Hebrew Bible, if he existed, was awful, cruel and capricious,” he writes. “He gives moments of beauty — sublime beauty and grace! — but taken as a whole, he is no God I (Plotz) want to obey, and no God I can love.”
    Yahweh seems like a much more hash version of “Henrietta”, Argus was really sugar coating things.
    But, then, I don’t know Hebrew, and am like most American’s don’t find the Bible the final word on the creation of the earth, etc.
    Argus, seems to be be mounting some defense for God(AKA “Henerietta”, in his lawyerly ways, seeking to invoke some McNaugh. rules, as if to provide some out. I hope he gets some pro bono credits from the Wyoming bar on his latest; the DEFENSE OF GOD, AKA IT, or etc.

  36. Gerry:
    i take it that Argus has not been defrocked yet by the Wyoming Bar, as you
    stood in non-support, with your “red flag” disclaimers.
    He is lucky that burning at the stake is no longer in vogue as happened to
    Jan Hus


    It appears we have some version of the DaVinci code unfolding before our very eyes. Obviously, the popping corn is symbolical of some greater truth, hidden in a riddle, behind an enscripted paradox.
    I understand that the stone talbets of Moses are now imbedded in the new Law School additions at U W, the ones from the famous stone sculpture, that were part of the art work at the old Law school, you were at in Laramie in the 1950’s(at the dawn with Dean Hamilton)
    Several very wealthy art collectors were eager to take those off the hands of the university, but now like the Vatican Moses graces–in stone— the U of W law school, new additions(Mock court etc)
    Lets see, if courses on cannon law get can be added, Jess–the appostate- appears eager to increase his understanding on stake burnings, crucifications, canibalization, and other remedies for those who do not believe in solar warming.
    If Notre Dame bars the President from appearing(commencent address), maybe he can come to Wyoming. It was not until the French Jesuits came into Wyoming, as fur trappers were working for the big trading companies, that
    religion spread into the territory. Teton was mainly a place were furs were trapped for rich people in Europe.
    So, little has changed, except the speed for new trading routes, especially credit default swaps, as the big French Int’l Bank was able to play the U S Government(FED) as the biggest sucker on earth.

  37. Rich people in the Tetons do not live in unheated houses, when the temperature drops, and it does—ever winter since the begining of time(or at least 1939)
    Argus, is not in the dark—totally.
    Mother Terrsa went through many dark periods questioning her faith, she doubted God Jesus, the existience of the soul. However, we live in a period where you turn on your lights, run your computers, and of course Ecotopia(the West Coast) does not want a power plant in its back yard, thus WYO.
    Solar, or global warming, Wyoming is King COAL, the number one producer in the USA, supplying over 26 % of the nations coal for energy production.
    Wyoming is the largest coal producer in the U.S. and has one of the largest coal reserves. Wyoming has 129 years of coal reserves, and has been the largest coal producer in the U.S. for ten years. In 1996, Wyoming contributed just over one-fourth (26%) to the total U.S. coal production. In 2007, that jumped to 37 % of the nations coal production. There were 42.6 billion tons of underground coal and 26.1 billion tons of surface coal (a total of 68.7 billion tons) reserves in the state, which equals 14.4% of the total U.S. reserves
    There are so many trains carrying coal out of state, there are few passenger trains.
    Check it out:


    With the world now in a depression, commodity prices have sunk.
    Man does not live by bread, alone. The fact of the matter is Argus is a product of a secular law school, he is not a Rabbi, a Minister, he is deep in the secular world of meeting bills, and gasoline charges, and heating loads, he does not live in a Tepee. Back in the old days, there used to be passenger trains from central Wyoming. No longer, the rails are now totally filled with hunderds of train cars filled with coal, moving to places far out of state, like Alabama, and the East coast(35 other states), and other places, as Wyoming is the hydrcarbon umbilcal cord for your energy neeeds, and God knows you must have some, given the byte loads on your computers, etc.
    Coal fired power plants supply about 57 % of the USA electricty needs.
    So, you want to shut down coal, and move to Nuclear.

    Really, move into a state of darkness, remove the light. America is the place: Let there be light, you can’t hack the darkness. You have the time to ponder how many angles are on the pin-heads, and the xrays of the soul. It is all bytes on your broadbands, brothers and sisters. When push comes to shove, your BTU demands are what separtes you from the lights going out.

  38. Jess:
    Obviously, yoour 10 + years of ” Catholic education” prepared you for even higher learning,
    why look what it did for Clarence Thomas.

    • Dana,

      Should I be offended by that comparison? 😉

      Ha. Well, I had a pretty liberal Catholic education — Our Lady of the Elms is a Dominican school, devoted to education. We read books in English class that were banned in public schools.

      I wouldn’t take back one single second of my time in Catholic school. It was a great education. It paid for undergrad and law school. I was never stifled.

  39. I guess some don’t buy into that “once a Catholic, always a Catholic”.


    I am of the opinion that Thomas is more influenced by the Chamber of Commerce, where his white wife was a D C lobbyist(labor area for big biz), & he seems to rule with the Chamber to negate so many worker rights in America.
    The Chamber is the biggest global(int’l) lobby machine in D C. For all the P R, Thomas is their puppet, and he has contempt for the values of the working stiff.
    The Chamber and Clarence are arm and arm, linked is the D C dance so prevelant, but
    he did have those Sisters, who planted the seed he could be anything he wanted, and he became the Chamber man on the court, the puppet of big int’l Biz

    • Poor Argus! He writes about popcorn and Henrietta as God and worries about insanity, and what he gets in return is talk about Clarence Thomas and the Catholic Church, and Argus is worried about HIS insanity?


  40. The Chamber of Commerce is insane.
    You should worry about its insane exploits in D C.
    it files many amicus briefs in the Superme Court for big int’l business, and Clarence Thomas usually adopts the Chamer position( Chamber Litigation Center)

  41. And to think that I attended seminary, and started a Phd in Sociology of Religion and all it took was one short blog posting for me to come to grips with my own insanity. Argus you could have saved me thousands of dollars and the years in seminary and in the pulpit.

    I will pass this on to my children and relatives and maybe then they will understand how I finally came to realize my own insanity.

    To try to approach the insane with sane arguments, finally after this post, I realize only continues the madness.


  42. Swaney,
    thanks for sharing with us just how insane you are.
    Argus never sent any of us a bill.
    he did it all with fiber beams.

  43. Pingback: Testing our HQ (Humor Quotient) « Gerry Spence’s Blog

  44. Harold Phillips

    What can the government do?
    1) Pass laws to eliminate all limited liability. Corps. should have same rights as partnerships. Everyone should be liable for their actions.
    2)Provide employment to all at minimum wage for up to 60 hrs per wk. of clean up and trail construction work.
    3)Reduce compensation of all elected and selected government employees to twenty times the minimum wage.

  45. God’s Solution

    One day in the Garden of Eden, Eve calls out to God:

    “Lord, I have a problem.”

    “What’s the problem, Eve?”

    “Lord, you’ve created me and provided this beautiful spot, these wonderful animals, and that comedic snake, but I’m just not happy.”

    “Why is that, Eve?” came the voice from above.

    “Lord, I am lonely. And I’m sick to death of apples.”

    “Well, perhaps I have a solution. I shall create a man for you.”

    “What’s a man, Lord?”

    “Man will be a flawed creature, with aggressive tendencies, an enormous ego and an inability to empathize. All in all, he’ll give you a hard time. But he’ll be bigger, faster, and stronger than you. And while he’ll need your advice to think properly, he’ll be good at fighting, kicking a ball around, hunting fleet-footed ruminants, and not altogether bad in the sack.

    “Sounds good to me,” says Eve. “But isn’t there a catch, Lord?”

    “Yeah, well, there is one.”

    “What’s that, Lord?”

    “You’ll have to let him believe that I made him first.”

  46. “I never joined any religion that asked me to leave my brain at the door.”

    Albert Einstein

  47. Would ya’ll please give me a hug?

    Through God I’ve made thousands worldwide walk again, talk again, run again and skip rope. But I can’t keep the little lady from leaving me.

    I need a hug, NOW!

  48. “Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman OR MAN who’ll give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness? It means you’re in the wrong house.”

    George Burns

  49. How can the bible be the ultimate authority? Right away the writer has it backwards. The bible is only a second-hand renmant of ultimate authority.

    It’s easy to get confused if you think the manifest comes first but the reality is that essence precedes existence (God ‘spoke’ Lord ‘formed’ etc).

    From this perspective the creation of the identity of man and his subsequent fall from grace (and even his penchant for misguided wordplay) becomes a very good thing, for which the woman saw that the Tree of Knowledge was good for accumulating food, beauty, and wisdom (clever girl). It is good because essence is implicit and the identity or sinful nature (whichever you prefer) can simply be forgotten in the wake of renewal – regardless of who said what or what went before it… with the beauty and wisdom of the manifest imagery retained by the identity in the ToK now allowed to be animated by an essential nature.

    This above is an expression through the particular poetic imagery of genesis, but the short version is that intuition dictates the order of the words, and not the other way around (such as with our faculty of reason/imagination, in which mere intimations of our essential nature are communicated to us through urges and emotions (like little serpents) that we turn into desires (fruit) while living beside our own selves in oblivion.)

    In conclusion, throw away your bibles, there’s no sympathetic ear there nor is there any worthwhile enemy to defeat.

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