The road back to sanity

Argus has had a lot of fun. He loves being insane, mostly because it brings out the insanity of others, including God. Are we to conclude that the road back to sanity is by recognizing our insanity?

Please do not get too serious in your comments. Only the insane are serious since life, itself, is the work of a jokester.


P.S. If you can’t figure out how to respond to this in one hundred words or less, you are really mixed up and probably insane.


30 responses to “The road back to sanity

  1. Marcus Aurelius

    Hey Gerry –
    Where are we getting with all this talk about insanity? Don’t you feel like jumping on the one train back in that general direction – the Obama Express? Aren’t you interested in the real results – or just the metaphorical musings?

  2. Marcus Aurelius

    No problem with that here, Gerry, but I look into the well of your wisdom for comfort about our times and tribulations. I wonder what that genius heart and mind can tell us about where we are and where we are going? There’s no seer I have found with quite the care and discernment you display. Do we over-idealize? Should we find it in ourselves?

    • Well, Marcus, I wrote about this in my books, Give me Liberty and From Freedom to Slavery more than a decade ago. I thought it all very plain then, and worried that what I wrote then would be seen as banal and long ago discovered stuff. It was.

      I am trying very hard not to repeat myself too often. I discover, to my horror, that much of what I consider new insights I had many years ago and have just forgotten them.



  3. Is the road back like that old saying: the elevator does not go to the top ? Argus has map of Pepperdine to the Dean’s office. I have determined that Jess is totally sane.
    That all girls Catholic Ohio
    High School is about the top high school in the State.
    I am still working on my G.D. at age 50, and hope to get out of the 1/2 way house next month.

  4. Well, it seems that a good answer here is that old saw:
    I resemble that remark! Fun is the only way to live.

  5. I like to have fun as much as the next person. Maybe the road back to sanity is recognizing the need to be silly once in a while? As long as we don’t indulge in it too much, I believe a little silly laughter is good for the spirit. Maybe even a lot. πŸ™‚

  6. Gerry, I too believe everyone is what the public persona’s would say is insane, but its what we are, so it must be sane. Its a little scary to know this.

  7. Dear Paw Paw,

    Its funny how in the comments everyone starts by commenting on Argus, but then they end up standing on their soapboxes shouting that their brain is bigger…

    I just wanted to stop by before I jump on a plane to Peru and let you know that I have been thinking about you. I will be heading down to Cusco, Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes. A few of my fraternity brothers and I will be heading down next week to smoke like the Incas!!!

    I plan an making everyone play “silent day” the morning we are among the temples!!! We will be a sight to see a tall lanky chinese guy, a short frail filipino, a taller than average vietnamese guy and me a fat mexican!!!



  8. Sanity does not exist without Insanity. Nor can one truly experience Sanity without having been Insane. Just as cold has no meaning without having been hot. So to be our most Sane, we must have been Insane.

  9. So Gerry- I have another joke for you:

    A skeleton walked into a bar and ordered a beer and a mop.

  10. My Dear Argus: on your road back to sanity take care not to miss the right turn at the bakery. That’s where I got lost, I think, now what was I saying? What . . . Were we talking about something? Oh well . . .

  11. Are you sure you are on the
    “right” road, if the ” road back”, is the route, then Dana, and Milton just as well move on. A rolling stone gathers “no dust”, as the Bard says. Personally, i believe Tim Geithner, the Obama Secretary of the Treasury, is a total wack job, and Argus could do a better job in that position.
    You never did tell us where Argus practiced, and what was his forte.
    He must be down near Malibu, bringing out tales on all the toads, snakes, and snails, some esquire for the Seerers, funny you never revealed his Firm, but is that a road to nowhere ?

  12. David Beauvais

    Insanity is a byproduct of rigid adherence to a Western system of thought which presumes to account for everything.

    We think we know alot more than we do but we’re still trying to figure a way out of Plato’s cave.

    As we cling to our certainties, we become blind. Our actions spring from erroneous beliefs that alienate us from each other and the earth.

    Our language perpetuates the problem because we tend to categorize and differentiate while overlooking the idea that all things are relational and connected. I do not exist apart from the earth that produced me. It may be convenient that I am assigned a name so as to distinguish me from others for some useful purpose. But to think that I or anyone else exists not in relation to everything else is patently ridiculous.

    Because we feel separated, it gives us permission to destroy the other. We’re ok with killing the rainforests for profit when we don’t even know what’s there. A few years ago, a scientist found a single tree with 150 heretofore unknown species. One of these might be a cure for cancer. We choose to kill that tree rather than preserve it. This is insane.

    I talked to a shaman in the Amazon and asked how he knew which plants, leaves or bark to use and in what proportions to produce healing properties for diseases of the body and the mind. You ask the plants and trees, he said, and they tell you. This sounds insane to Western ears. But is it really? Or is it just that at some time we rejected that wisdom because it was inconsistent with the orthodoxy of Western thought.

    Insanity is a disconnect from the world we grew out of. When we are in a hostile relationship with each other and the earth, we are insane.

  13. It is apparent that the new meds, namely the I-net has prouced flashes of sanity in a loss flock, and even Ken Star the Dean at Pepper- Corn is looking for the road to somewhere ” right”. I could prove I am sane by writing a million words on Inca human sacrafices, but then all the Judges here would loath what i have to say about the U S judicial system.

  14. My friend, Ray Sipsa, has opined that sane lawyers are at a disadvantage in the courtroom because sanity is usually accompanied by predictability. Ray says this road back to sanity might not be a good thing.

  15. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.
    Yes we all see but as if “through a glass,darkly”. Yes every story in which there is more than one person has
    echoes of the story of the tower of Babel. Yes “Ship of Fools” is a perfect Title.
    But even though we are all Bozos on this bus I don’t think that makes us insane. The Bozos who keep talking to each other
    , negotiating reality, moment are sane. The Bozos who clam up and decide that the other Bozos are not worth talking to because ,after all, they are Bozos— are insane

  16. I meant to write ” negotiating reality, moment by moment

  17. Most of us no longer take the bus, we are put like cattle on Flight 302, but now much less frequently in the economy on the dire brink
    How many here have seen a credit default swap, or read the paper work connected to “it”,(CDS) ? Real time, real deal, real experience, real
    in the mire.
    How many here have spoken–in depth and substance– to the Sec of Treasury, & if you sought to you(as a ordinary citizen) may be arrested.
    Out lives are being run by madmen, who are divorced from the everyday lives of people who still take the bus, or are just regular citizens.
    Gerry needs to finish his book the 4th Reich, soon.
    The insanity sped up in the world to an alarming rate in the last 6 months.
    I bet that less than 1/10 of 1 % of the U. S population has even seen a “credit default swap”.
    We have seen no AV lawyer, who professes to be the great legal Swapper, come on here to lay out his vision, his seeing, on the monster:
    The Devilish, credit default swaps–which were spun from off shore, beyond our nation, gamed from London.

  18. Jo-Hanna: haha, thanks for the laugh. Good one.

  19. I make my living being insane. Today is Gerry Spence Day on Frog Applause!

  20. Jo-Hanna wrote:
    So Gerry- I have another joke for you:

    A skeleton walked into a bar and ordered a beer and a mop.


    Okay, my question is; can anyone other than Gerry try and guess what the bartender said in reply? I don’t want anyone throwing beer at me. πŸ™‚

  21. Gerry:

    All of this reminds me of what Maw-Maw Clary used to say when faced with the consequences of others’ insanity. In her soft St. Landry Parish cajun accent she would say: “I tell you, cher, people have mo’ trouble than anybody.”


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  23. Awsome site πŸ™‚

    Gerry…a laugh for you:

    Love “Light” and Energy


  24. Forget the road……..turn the wheel now……….the ditches and the fields have much better scenery and you don’t have to wait for a rest area to take a pee!!!!!!!!

  25. The road back to sanity can take years or were you already sane and you are on the road back to insanity. One day you can e-mail Gerry about a case wake up in a sanatarium and seven years later you believe you final found the answer. OK Gerry how do you make a dead man speak to a jury over the objection of your opponent? πŸ™‚ Can the great Gerry Spence get a dead man to speak?

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