We, the silent, insane

The horrid greed-disease casts us into insanity.

It is the disease that corrupts us and compels us, like raging ghouls, to spend endless billions for weaponry to kill and maim other innocent human being, to render children legless, parentless, homeless and to destroy whole cultures for money and power.

We make choices.

We could choose to educate all of our children and provide health care for all of our citizens for less than the endless billions we spend on killing.  We plunge ourselves into debt to kill, but whine that we do not have the funds to provide honest, hardworking citizens jobs, healthcare and an education.

Money is the disease that brings on this insanity. We abandon our own, whom we tax and exploit and lie to – our innocent citizens, now slaves – to build a meaningless war machine which is a money machine for the few.  We frighten our citizens into silence. We are insane.  And this insanity renders us mute.



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  1. Yes, Yes, and if we didn’t have that silly war in Iraq we would have enough to fix the Health Care System.

    • loving money is at the root of all kinds of evil. if all had the best health coverage available, if all wars ceased, if poverty and hunger and want disappeared from the face of the earth, some of us would still love money, truly covet, adore and crave money so that eventually lives would be destroyed, families torn apart, communities devastated and nations back warring against each other. It is one of a number of fundamental defects pervading the heart of mankind

  2. Nancy Gonzalez

    Very well said. I am tired of hearing some complain about health care for all, but somehow they do not complain about the millions we spend daily on killing others…

    While education is important, I believe that anyone in the US who believes that their children have a “right” to a free education, but that other’s children should not have a right to free healthcare are hipocrites…somehow education is thought of as a human right in the US, but not health…something is wrong with this…

  3. It’s easy to look at our current state and say it’s beyond decency. But our road to avarice began with the first naked human who clothed himself against the cold. Was that inclination indecent?

    That instinct, motivating a trillion increments of “progress” for 20,000 years, brought us here.

    Now we’ve got too much. And we are greedy for more. What point of progress was sufficient?

    My grandfather felt it was the point we had reached when he was a boy. I’m beginning to feel it was just right when I was a boy. My son . . .?

  4. Paw Paw,

    I agree with the idea that we need health care. But I don’t know if people are ready for the type of health care that the government will provide.

    I have service connected injuries so as a vet, I receive free health care from the VA. When I go I meet with my primary care doctor, who listens to what I have to say and then sends off “consults” and a month or so down the line I receive my appointments in the mail.

    When I go to my appointments I sit there for anywhere up to two hours. I have no problem with this because I appreciate it and understand that it is “free”.

    But what about the person who does not understand this? Or the one that believes that it is their “right” and wants care that is not provided or deemed outside the coverage set forth by the government?

    I don’t know Paw Paw, there is some mess coing down the pipeline and I just don’t think its going to be what everyone expects…



    • Hey, Remy,
      You think civilians have it different? Last April, I made an appointment for my yearly check up and got it scheduled in October. And then my doc was out on an emergency, and I got a nurse practioner do the honors. I tried to schedule my mammogram as required across the hall, and they told me they could only make appointments by telephone. That pissed me off for several months before I called made the appointment. My husband and I paid over $66,000 for ins. coverage for us and the families of three employees who work for us. This year it was going to be a lot more, so my husband changed to a high deductible and put that money in medical accounts for each to bring the costs down. You know that we are paying for two things now: the high costs for people who don’t have insurance, and the lavish lifestyles of the big profit and “non-profit” insurance execs with the biggest buildings in town, big pharma and lots and lots of lobbyists. Hey, my government does a good job on roads, on water and sewage, and lots of other stuff we pay the costs of together. They have a lot lower administrative costs for medicare. I am ready for single payer change. It works in other countries and it can work here. We need to remember to take care of each others, not the wealthy oligarchs who keep lots of people on the corporate plantation. We can afford it, if we stop occupying other countries and killing their people. We need to take a real good look at ourselves and start banging the pots and pans to take this country back for all its people.

      • “They have a lot lower administrative costs for medicare. I am ready for single payer change. It works in other countries and it can work here.”

        SO you want me to have to pay for YOUR healthcare? You want to have another unconstitutional requirement for me? Where does socialized healthcare work well? It doesn’t unless you tax the people who work for a living excessively. You’ve seen the bumper sticker, IF you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until it’s FREE!

        I heard on the radio a little while ago about Doctors opting out of covering medicare. Drive the prices down with government management and you’ll drive the quality down. Then you will really believe in the change a social worker with a law degree can bring.

      • Anna,

        I did not know that private insurance was that slow. I think we need to take a serious look at how Big Business rapes us on fees. Maybe that is what the President sees that I do not. Maybe national healthcare will force Big Business to stop fleecing America.

        I dont want to pay more taxes but if my fellow wo/man will be able to live a better life then I am obligated to do so.

        I am tired of being a slave to Big Business and Big Government. Maybe nationalization of basic life sustaining medical care is the way to go.

        I cannot sit here and benefit from my VA benefits and deny similar benefits to my fellow human.

        I just hope my fellow brothers and sisters will be satisfied with basic coverage.

  5. Something I wrote 4 years ago:

    One day on the Morrison Bridge, in Portland, Oregon, a woman asked me why I call myself the Lone Vet. She also was interested in what I saw for the future of our beloved country. I remember answering that I did not know but there is always hope. For the second time a friend asked me about this most important concept, so I will try to answer the question, “Is there hope?”

    Our republic, in my opinion, is based on trust. We elect people to represent us in Washington and we trust them to do honorable work for the betterment of the country. Most of us want to be free from the nuts and bolts of running this country that we call the United States of America, we are busy trying to live our lives. We are in the grips of a criminal administration and are now forced to look at the decisions that were made and the reason for those decisions. We trusted our politicians and the trust was broken almost from the first day Bush took office. I do have hope, and it is you.

    Today, as I write this, I am aware that most Americans now say that invading Iraq was a bad idea, that the president should have moved faster on Katrina and overall is not doing a good job. I am also aware that as the polls fall for Bush so will his ability to frighten the news media and others who are terrified to criticize this family of wolves. There is great hope here, and people have just taken to the streets in the hundreds of thousands to protest many of the Bush policies. The Republican Party is faced with investigations, indictments and just had one of their worst weeks in years. There is hope here.

    I expect in the coming months that Bush and Rove will attack those who criticize to such an extent that honorable republicans will also begin to oppose them. That will be the kiss of death for the “Bush Crime Family.”

    I now go to my bridge on Thursday and Friday with my sign because I do see hope, a flicker of light in this dark tunnel we are all trapped in, just a flicker. This is not the time to slow down, this is the time to double everything that you are doing, protest more, write more, call more, because without hope there is only the Bush Criminal Family to laugh at you. Each of us throws a rock into the ocean of corruption, soon, very soon you will see a wonderful new Island being created, we shall call it the Island of Hope. When I do despair, I think of these words :

    “I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won; there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.”
    Mahatma Gandhi,

  6. Is it greed, or Vaticanism that has built into our society the brain-dead propaganda of altruism; that we are responsible to wet-nurse, bottle-feed and spank (through interventionist foreign wars) every bum on Earth?
    The smallest minority is the individual.
    Altruism, whether socialistic or spiritualistic, violates this minority’s right of self-determination and discovery EVERY DAY!

  7. At about $1 trillion per year, this means the US has spent almost $40 trillion on its military over the last 40 years. Despite this, no branch of the military was able to promptly respond on 9/11. Further, when the military was sent to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was ill prepared and the servicemen (and women) suffered grievous injuries which will require massive resources in future.

    Good investment? Better than health care or education or dealing with poverty?

  8. Oh please, we (the government) need to provide health care to everyone.

    Think of it this way, go downtown and find 5 needy families. YOU are going to provide for their healthcare. YOU are going to help them with their mortgages, YOU are going to pick up their food bill when they can’t pay. AND of course, don’t forget that once they are helped, there are Mexicans, Columbians etc. that need help to. All they need to do is come to America and we will pay their bills, so add another family or two.

    As a youngster and a ham radio operator, I frequently talked with a factory owner who lived near the White Cliffs of Dover. He occasionally brought up that his tax rate was about 90% and that he was trying to join his daughter in Canada. The last time I talked to Fred he was a VE7 call living in Western Canada, he left his home country because of the tax rates that socialism demands because as the taxes go up the productive leave or join the freeloaders. It’s human nature, good intentions will not change that. And wars? Don’t be prepared to defend yourself and you’ll find out just like Rome, the masses will over run you. Russia, China, Iran…. all would love to bury the United States and a nuclear weapon or two brought in by ship could change everything.

    Liberals usually learn the hard way, that’s why they’re liberals.

  9. Indeed. Greed drives us from the path we know to be just and lures us onto a path which impoverishes our souls.

  10. We, individually and collectively, should pursue productivity. How can we each add value and help others do the same. If every person created value rather than taking, there would be more than enough for all. Productivity, not money, should be everyone’s primary goal.

  11. I just 2 days ago watched Micheal Moore’s film, “Sicko.” I wish everyone in the country would, even if they do not do any other research into our country’s health care crisis, would simply take the time to watch this 2 hour documentary. It so easily and clearly dispels the rumors that England, France and other industrial coutries that have a single payer governemnt run system are inferior with their health care delievery to us in the U.S. We should follow their example and set up a similar system. It would be infitinely superior to our profit-mongering health delivery system.

  12. Ok, the problem has been identified. Now what shall we do about it. As a 100% Disabled American Veteran I am wholly dependant upon this government for my subsistence and as such am very much afraid to act in any meaninful way. How sad is that?

  13. Can one cure insanity by speaking up ?
    On the “we” part and silence, it seems that those in power doing all the exploting, turn a deaf ear, and the so called Health Care bill, HR 676, is a good example.
    The Federal Government is the subject of speeches to cut billions and control costs.
    Have you ever known the Federal Government to control costs on most programs.
    Weapons programs, nuclear programs, you name it, cash cows to the PAC kick back kats, who keep playing milk Uncle Sammy’s Coffers.(target the Uncle Sammy’s accounts, a sport of sports.)
    Maybe the U S spends $ 6,000 more per capita per year, than other developed countries, because so many people have become insane, and are silent, mute, and mum, mere ghost like citizens, not real citizens.
    Oh, wait, try speaking power to truth, and see if you are not branded as really nuts, and see if you suddenly develop a case of social leporasie.
    In the old Soviet unit, trouble makers were branded mentally ill, by KGB, shrinks.
    No wonder Tolstoy strated mixing gun powder with his Absolute vodka.
    The most insane part of America is Congress, on PAC $$$, and influence peddling, & has democracy been a failure in the USA, as politicans are for sale. like cheap whores ?
    Add up all the red ink, it is staggering.
    One almost has to be sober to grasp the depths of the mess.
    So, what was the deal on Tolstoy an his gun powered laced Vodka, Gerry, do you know, or does George know, that was certainly not a Tequila Sunrise kind of cocktail !

  14. Speaking truth to power, or vice versa. there is so much vice, it was certainly appropriate the Cheney was called the VICE president. Can you imagine the millions in health care costs, he gobbled up, like he had a clinic monitoring his every tick, every second of the day.
    I suppose some broad “we”, can paint a large landscape on the insane( the mute, the mum, the “stoned”, but the VICE, took the cake.

  15. Is money the disease, or the LOVE of money? Other than that, I agree with your comments!

  16. Dear Gerry,

    Sadly, I have to agree with all of the above, although I’m going to remain hopeful that the election of President Obama will slowly change the climate of greed of the people at the top.

    Maybe it’s a naive hope, but I’ll hold on to it anyway, for now. I would rather have some hope for our country than none at all.

  17. i never voted to appropriate a dime for the machines of the military industrial complex.
    how about the votes on that of all those Wyo Congresswomen. And, Cheney, Simpson, Enzi, and the Doc. ?
    why are we being blamed because there are so many insane Reps in Wyo, who have gone to Congress,
    nobody from the Tetons can even put up much of
    a campaign to even get elected in Wyoming.
    we can’t help it if Al Simpson was so insane all those years in the Senate, why he never got adequate medical help, is no excuse, he had free medical care, just like Cheney.
    it is sad so many elected in
    Wyoming are insane, yet they keep getting reelected.
    Which must mean a virus is lose in Wyoming, the
    Argus Ebola syndrome.

  18. i have a M D. Doc who lives in my neighbor, I asked him what he thinks of the health care bill(s) floating around in D C.
    His response to me was
    ” if they pass we are f-ed”.
    I bring this up because
    Obama has said he has not read the bill(s) in Congress.
    The U S spend $ 6,000 more per year per person on health care in America, than other developed nations & yet, Gerry points out the massive level of “insanity” that has inflicted the core of our society.
    Wake up citizens , you have civic obligations too, too.

    • Thank goodness someone in government still has an IQ > room temperature.

      AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry, raising the specter of a showdown with the Obama administration, suggested Thursday that he would consider invoking states’ rights protections under the 10th Amendment to resist the president’s healthcare plan, which he said would be “disastrous” for Texas.

      Perry said his first hope is that Congress will defeat the plan, which both Perry and Davis described as “Obama Care.” But should it pass, Perry predicted that Texas and a “number” of states might resist the federal health mandate.

      “I think you’ll hear states and governors standing up and saying ‘no’ to this type of encroachment on the states with their healthcare,” Perry said

  19. The cure:
    Doctors deal in matters after things get out of
    there is too little preventive medicine going on in America.
    just like the military industrial complex, there is
    medico industrial- drug complex.
    we can not stop aging, or are we immortal.
    Don’t drink vodka, mixed with gun powder, it will make you loco.
    how did Tolstoy write all those books, jacked up on that brew. ?

  20. George brought up Tolstoy and his drinking vodka and so mixed with gun powder. Is that a myth, a Russian metaphor, in some ways it has roots in American politics, except with other alcohol.
    Are there any Tolstoy experts who might illuminate this Tolstoy riddle for us. Thanks.

  21. One more thing, while our government is wasting our hard earned money, I am a nurse, and I am very tired of our president saying that nurses are with him on his health plan,,, I am not, and I do not KNOW ANY nurses that are!!!

  22. As noted above, there is a lingering interest, in vodka, gun powder, and politics, a spill over from the Tolstoy, War and Peace trilogy.

    Gun powder does have deep roots to vodka..
    This from history:
    “Vodka in Sweden:
    Vodka production in Sweden, which dates from the 15th century, has its origins in the local gunpowder industry where high-proof spirit (originally called brännvin) was used as a component of black powder for muskets. When distilleries were licensed to produce beverage alcohol (primarily spice-flavored Aquavit, but also Vodka), it was with the understanding that gunpowder makers had first priority over beverage consumers.”

    No real discussion of Russia, and its literature
    can avoid vodka.
    The Moltov cocktail is not a high-ball, delux.
    Given the history of Russia, and revolutions, the mixture of gun -powder with vodka, and some ox blood may be more than symbolic, but very literal, as to its story tellers–like Tolstoy.
    It is not the standard bloody Mary, served at the Silver Dollar Bar in Jackson. Politicans in Russia are renowed for their vodka drinking pursuits. Kind of like some American politicans, and burbon(rye on the rocks).
    How can we forget Wilbur Mills and fanne, and the
    Tidal basin


    Don’t forget, Russia was an ally of the U S during World Are II, and took the brunt of the Nazi War Machine. Unfortunately,
    the A-Bomb in 1945, took things way beyond gun-powder. War, and men killing men in war has gone on without pause in the world, since the first of recorded history.
    Sorry, but roses were not handed out in Iraq, as the U S troops stormed in.
    Don’t forget, it was O Bin Laden, and the Mujahideen, armed with U S weapons, who caused the defeat of Russia in Afghan. The native figheters in Afighistan are the tougest fighters in the world, they have been at it for so, long they seem to know little else.
    Plus, the center of opium is in Afgan.
    Poppy fields for ever.
    Little oil, and lots of fuel for heroin.
    The class of 1976, West Point, has more commanding generals,(in two war operations–on going than any other class in the history of the “long grey line”.
    Drones, and unmaned munition flights are changing the nature of operations–there.
    I have no answer to the cure of what causes war.
    Good, day, I will now sit back for a vodka over the rocks.(with no blood from
    a gored rangey steer).

  23. Oh, I won’t be mixing mad cow blood with my cocktails, sorry but George, and Dicky Teton— big hat no cattle— there was a problem:


  24. It’s the same old story about the pigs. The same is true now as it was in the 1930s. Napoleon and his 9 dogs ran Snowball off the farm and continued to blame Snowball for everything.

    The Squealers brought fear upon all who dared oppose Napoleon usually by examples of violence or threats of violence. But we all know who was really stealing (and drinking) the milk–Napoleon-the-pig.

    Words like tyranny and totalitarianism are usually accompanied by words like oppression, cruelty, torture and execution.

    America is not infallible any more than Animal Farm was.

    There is a lot of truth in fiction.

    Compliancy leads to slavery.

    Being silent will only allow them enough time to exterminate the others until such time comes when they arrive for YOU.

  25. Does anyone know, how hospitals get away with charging such outrageous fees.
    I personally know a person who had to go to an emergecy room at the hospital. The doctor bill was $ 200. The hospital bill was 10 times that amount, over $ 2,000.
    it is hospital bills that are the problem. Yet, the proposed Health Care bills of of 2009 do not adequately address,
    Mivhelle Obama was a V P at a Chicago Hospital, who made many times what a nurse did.
    please, any who know, tell me how hospitals get away with their outrageous charges.

  26. Gerry, drinking cow blood with Tequila is not a local
    custom in Wyoming, a bloody Moonshine, so how do you explain your hombre Teton local
    Cheney going so postal when he got in power, to
    destabilize large parts of the world ?
    You ever have a bloody Mary with Dick down at the Silver Dollar Bar in Jackson, surrounded by a squad of Blackwater Ak- 47 , toting guards.

  27. Recently I have overheard older Americans in store check out lines,public places,commenting on the state of things in this country. I overheard on older country gentleman comment that every civilization declined roughly after 300 years and this is where we are in this country.Going down for the count… Hurricane Katrina punched South Louisiana hard. Grand Isle has been a fisher village for at least two hundred years, the hang out of the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte where he made shore to hide his booty. It’s a seashore summer national park along with many residents who live there year long. There has been a single highway which was greatly eroded for years to get to that area. Katrina gave it a big wallop. So the solution: A big new bridge…Read the small print: “Toll” bridge. With the economy as it is, and the still unbuilt area slowly coming off it’s knees, A TOLL BRIDGE. In order to find shopping one has to use that bridge as it’s the only way in other than by boat…. shame, shame….

  28. Gerry , what do you know about the MX missle in Wyoming, and Cheney’s role in that. ?
    While it cost billions, it was never launched as a first strike, has it been decommisioned in your State, in Wyo ..?
    Some nuns were thrown in
    jail for many years for splattering blood( cow blood) on the silo property.
    That was some indictment for destroying federal property.
    what is the current status of the MX in Wyoming ?

  29. The high numbers of experienced/top internists in this country going into “Concierge Medicine” ( a rebellion of too many patients and therefore none getting good medicine) has rapidly grown just this past year. Are there any MDs who are familiar with whether concierge medicine in Britain, for example, is contributing to their long wait problems for people unable to purchase concierge medicine yearly?

  30. Hans Peterson

    In response to Ed and his movie suggestion: Michael Moore’s film, “Sicko.”
    I agree with Ed, see the movie. Also do your own research. Until you have some level understanding of how folks in other countries feel about their public health care option (for example in Canada in this movie) then you should research it for yourself. Perhaps a movie is not the way for all, but do not listen to the lobbyist and those who take lobbyists money and then instill fear. Again, do your own research.

    We have politicians that say, “one in five will die” if we give folks a public health care option. This politician is speaking to the tens of millions that don’t even have health care. This politician is insane due to personal greed and is speaking to the insane (with fear) masses.

    Our current health care system has run-away costs with fewer getting coverage each year. This makes Americans uncompetitive in a world economy. So we will continue to shed jobs to the world as we import most of our consumables. However, this thought takes us into another discussion topic…

    Thank you Gerry Spence for sharing so many great thoughts and topics! You are a national treasure.
    Love, Hans

  31. What amazes me most is that when it came to spending what now amounts to trillions for the destruction and then rebuilding of Iraq, no one demanded to know the details of how the money would be spent, and where, and on whom. But when it comes to health care, which is to benefit our own fellow citizens (and ourselves), now everyone wants to know exactly how this program is going to work, and where the dollars are to be spent, before they approve it. If it is money to be spent on another country, no one cares, but God forbid we spend a dime on ourselves and our less fortunate fellow citizens.

  32. This was a really great read, I am very glad I came across your site.

  33. Hans, couldn’t agree more with you and Gerry. “Our current health care system has run-away costs with fewer getting coverage each year. This makes Americans uncompetitive in a world economy. So we will continue to shed jobs to the world as we import most of our consumables.” The American public is pragmatic, and given too little credit on this score. Couch the argument in these terms and maybe we could get somewhere on reform.

  34. The referenced site below confirms that socialized medicine in Britain is still Phillips House at Mass. General Hospital for the affluent and the Paupers Clinic for the masses. http://www.aboutoperations.co.uk/nhs-and-private-hospitals.html

  35. My little family of three moved from Capitol Hill to Winchester, VA about 4 years ago. Great health care in D.C., programs for low-income. In Winchester, it is rare to find any doctor taking new patients. No money, forget it. Mental health, substance abuse: the dark ages. Town just cut all funding for these services. Would rather throw people in jail than detox or rehab.
    IF YOU CAN PAY for med
    management, you find bottom of the barrel doc’s.

    I am scared all the time right now so I truly appreciate that one part of Mr. Spence’s book where he talks to his clients about fear, feeling it and going forward.

    My one experience with the Justice Department in
    D.C. was really good. D.C.
    police are great too. I was
    assaulted in broad daylight by a Senator’s wife. No reason. Didn’t know her. Hadn’t spoken with her. She was having her own PTSD moment I guess.
    Anyway, the federal guys
    were really great. Treated her just like any one else.
    She left the scene, called and confessed, then came back, husband driving. I guess her lawyer didn’t do the due diligence thing before telling reporters “Wanda has done nothing, complete lie…”
    The Texas thing scares me because I thought lawyers are truthful as a rule, and have found that
    to be the exception in my dealings to-date. Even my own attorney was not loyal. Case has never been before a judge really, am counting on this Federal Judge, Honorable Lee Yeakel, to be fair.
    Review and correct form, obvious errors, e.g. citing errors, timely Motion to be filed under Rule 60 (b) (3) (4) (6) & Rule 60 (d)(3).

  36. Lack of money is the problem . 50 million people do not have enough money to afford health care in America. The U S badly misallocates its resources. If some have lots of money, do they then
    bemoan the poor’s desire for money as some disease.
    Keeping so many poor is
    the game to exploit cheap labor to have a caste system, the social order in
    the un- United States.

  37. Hi. Please disregard the
    above post, the post waiting moderation.
    Have decided it is wrong:
    too personal yet not helpful. Sort of sneaky, though heartfelt. My sneaky heart.

  38. I have wondered if the drastic sums of money we spend on devising technologies to kill each other were instead spent on ways of truly improving humanity, where we’d be.

    It is this lust for money and power over fellow human beings that enslaves us… with fear as the whip.

  39. How ironic. The very same individuals (generation) who loudly protested the Vietnam war are now loudly protesting losing their Medicare benefits. Unlikely to happen.

  40. The details for other countries health plans can be found at:

    If we can digest all of this we should be exiting the woods.

  41. Sorry to write so soon on the heels of my first comment.
    First off, I have been a long time fan of Mr. Spence and I have read all of his books or so I had thought.
    I am dismayed to learn that he has written so many more than what I have read.
    Why dismayed you may ask?
    Because I have had a whole list of books that I have been meaning to get to. I am dismayed because now I will have to put these aside and tear through the remaining books that Mr. Spence has written.
    Luckily however, the dismay I feel will be far outweighed by the pleasure I will get from reading more of his wonderfully, inspirational
    Vincent D. Faini

    How do I separate my name in the header from my book. I just want my Name to show up just as I signed it below.
    I am not interested in advertising my books, I just want to share viewpoints with many of the wonderful people that visit this blog.
    (Please excuse my mistake.)

  42. We can all agree that government waste so much, but is there a website that breaks down exactly what the feds spend and what each state spends down to the penny.

  43. Hello Mr. Spence, Will you or someone tell me what the heck is happening with the F.C.C. Guy – Mark Lloyd.
    I was watching the Glen Beck show and there was a lot of stink regarding Mr. Lloyd’s plan to control or censor the internet.
    Could you shed some light on this subject.

  44. This inquiry is to both Dallas and Mr. Spence.
    How can we encourage a system of health care that will not overburden our already crushing debt and keep our government from nationalizing Health Care?
    I have worked in the government sector for almost thirty years and I have noticed nothing but incompetence and not much insofar as accountablility for such lackluster performance.
    How would either of you propose we set up health care for all.
    I would love to see such senario.
    Vincent D. Faini

  45. The U S Government is mostly made a target, a target to absort bad assets, called billions of troubled assets, from the banking cartel fixers, & to support high oil prices to make Saudi sheiks very rich, and now we see the move to use the Federal Government as a sponge for some more expirments, some crypto enginnering of the levers of power.
    The USA Government is deliberately misrun, by the political Uber class, to enrich its CLUB, at the expense of most citizen, taxpayers.
    Trillions in shakedown money could have been avoided to the MidEast, but the Cheney con American Hal- plan was in effect.
    Natural gas could have fueled all the USA cars, transport sector, from resources in the USA, plus the power utility industrial sector, from all the shale developments, at a fraction of the shake down Sheik import crude prices, as USA resources are there in America, in abundance, but there is a predator’s mentality to soak America, its citizens, and it is indeed revolting as we learn how, this SOAK America club is composed of outright traitors to America.
    They are not saving America, they misused their power to soak America, stick it to America, and out right… F… America.
    And, we know who those traitors are, and we have the obligation to speak out, and we will.
    These cons, and shell game fixers rejected all fundamental American values, and if you learned nothing from what they have done, then others have, and we are going to
    sort it out, and deal some accountability 101 in matters.
    We owe that to America.
    it is what makes us human, and citizens in the full sum of it all.

  46. It also looks like we will get a little tort reform with whatever 3000+ page bill they will pass and nobody will read.

    Gotta love a guy who is ordering drone plane bombings of remote villages in severely economically depressed countries furthering the insurance companies propaganda about “junk” lawsuits…….but I guess the families of all the innocent people we have killed and mammed with our bombs need a proper heads up so they do not bring any “junk” lawsuits against the good ole’ USA.

    Plus it is important to provide more shelter for docs who screw up and kill and mame people.

    And to think I had to actually argue with hundreds of trial attornies about what a corporate tool Obama was, but i guess those smooth teleprompter speeches lulled even the smartest of our society into a false sense of security.

    Insanity Indeed!!!! 😦

  47. This Comment is mostly to Bruce and Mr. Spence.
    I have worked in the government sector for almost thirty years and I would agree that things sometimes are run poorly on purpose.
    However, I believe that mostly things are run poorly due to both incompetence, emotional self-indulgence and most peoples inability to change their mind or beliefs regardless of evidence brought forth.
    Many human primates will hold on to ideas as if their very existance depends upon it and woe to the person or group of people that question such beliefs.
    I have seen lawsuits in the government sector begin only because some low level manager had an ideological ax to grind or even a personal vendetta against a specific person(s). In addition to this when you add to the mix that government administrators can set in motion unnecessary legal disputes with blue collar government workers or other underlings only because they are of the opinion that our government – mainly the Justice Department – is their own private bully boy bitches to be utilized for their agendas… this has set up an environment of abuse.
    It is my belief that this is why certain laws need to be framed to insure that even low level government administrators be held legally and fiscally accountable for willful misconduct.
    I would apreciate any response from Bruce, other members of this site and of course Mr. Spence himself.
    Vincent D. Faini

  48. To Vincent (or whatever your real name is )

    3 points (2 from Groucho Marx)

    Compliments of Groucho:

    “I remember the first time I had sex – I kept the receipt.”

    2nd also from Groucho:
    “From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it.

    (If such a thing exists)

    We were warned immediately on your website of what you are. You took advantage of an almost 81 year old man to st eal whatever.
    At 3pm this afternoon, my husband and , both “poor “scholarship” Yale graduates, were informed by Mastercard of exactly what YOU are.
    It has never happenend in our lives (more decades than you have lived) and I, unfortunately, am bonded to Gerry for life (whether he wants it or not) because he’s the only living person I’ve ever met (of substance) who (other than I) have watched our parents blow their brains out. (It’s a tiny club, thank whatever.
    Gerry” We have now, as of 3 pm today, got more people watching over our accounts, (Yes, wer’e like you, it’s all been left to 501’s (non-profits).

    Gerry…My husband is 2 yrs younger than you. He tells me that you have “lost it”. Your’e both 80 and being anythin g from Miss Massachusetts to Miss America never prepared me for this. (Never dated anthing but Dr.s and 1 Cabinet member (turned him down for my geeky physicist husband, frank)
    I’m talking way too much, aren’t I. We’ll meet in the next life, if we have a choice.

  49. We need to define this goal of health. It should always read and be defined as “Access for all by choice to health care. It should not ever be defined as controlled health procedures, as this corrupts the very principle of medicine, and also, defies not only the quality of medicine, but it’s very necessary growth and progress.

  50. Discarding both the martini mix and your website. Both dangerous.

  51. Insanity is a corrupt and vile entity in all forms of mankind’s existence. For mankind to even exist one must fall into some form of insanity. It’s up to you to find what form of craziness makes you wake up in the morning to face another day.

    Some tend to intellectualize without having to feel the real emotional truths that rocks them to the core. Where others tend to see the whole truth and rage only to be rewarded with the term insanity.

    The thing that is interesting is that medical insanity is more vague then legal insanity.
    There is no such thing as medical insanity, only psychosis. If one speaks the truth they are often found to be delusional and put away until they can follow the rules. If they break some archaic laws along the way, then they might be found legally insane, but that hardly ever is determined to be the case. They just become another person thrown into the penal system to be eaten by wolves.

    Now if you have money, then you can get the treatment that the courts deem you need. For a nominal fee that is. But hey, who cares, you’ve got money right? Money buys a sense of justice and that sense stinks.

    The poor who are truly in need of help can’t afford it. Grant you, they’ll give you the help they feel you need to change your ways and think like them or they’ll allow you to die in the process.

  52. A lot of people would like those they brand as insane to keep their mouth shut.
    Must be something to do with power in assorted ORGS.
    So, if those branded insane just keep their mouth shut, that makes it flow better for some cliques.
    Must have something to do with relegating people to non-human, or a loss of human status by the powerful, for their assorted agendas.
    If those they target could not be silenced, then they must figure that is big trouble.
    Oh, the data mining that goes on these days in the cyer ERA….

  53. It does my heart good to see the various interactions of the people who come on this site.

  54. Alice'n Wonder-land

    If one looks, is a keen observer, then he usually can get a cab to get out of Times Square, pronto.
    “Psychological projection (or projection bias) is the unconscious act of denial of a person’s own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are ascribed to the outside world, like the weather, the government, a tool or another person or people. Projection is one of the most profound and subtle of human psychological processes, and extremely difficult to work with, because by its nature it is hidden. It is the fundamental mechanism by which we keep ourselves uninformed about ourselves. Humor has great value in any attempt to work with projection, because humor presents a forgiving posture and thereby removes the threatening nature of any inquiry into the truth.”
    Lets see the topic is “We the silent insane”.
    Yet, if we are not mute, are we not insane —like Argus, and his Projection latest on teh FBI/ U of W Prof and DEALS ?
    Lets see who is the SHRINK, here to project on to us, collectively the

    The cyber SHRINK piece goes on:

    :A person incapable of ascribing their own feelings to other people has great difficulties in understanding them. Unfortunately, human beings have done great harm laboring under the delusions of projection. This is especially true for historical cases of projection between ethnic or cultural groups, for example in Apartheid or Nazism.”

    Or so the SRHINK piece opines.
    Nazism was about power, projecting power on millions to make them unhuman.
    But then maybe some think this is crazy projection, like David Duke, who projects stuff.
    An awful lot of projection goes on in the world.
    I bet shut up, before I am adjusted an insane ranting fool, hunted down, and locked up, as projecting way too much, why just opening my cyber pin has resolved all doubts.

  55. You really make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I in finding this matter to be actually one thing which I feel I would never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very vast for me. I am having a look forward in your subsequent submit, I will try to get the hang of it!

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