Dear Friends

I am honored that I sometimes get comments that are pages and pages long.  I just can’t absorb these, nor, probably, can most of you.

I am sorry to delete some of these, but I just have to.  Hope you understand.



15 responses to “Dear Friends

  1. Guillermo Rivera

    Wait Gerry! Don’t delete the posts in excess. Better publish them. Everyone will be grateful. Perhaps, your magazine can gather all of them and offer the pages for a fee to benefit your social and philanthropic work.

    Thousand of law students and lay people would love to have them.

    If I can help as volunteer, you can count on me, right now.


    Guillermo Rivera
    Thornton, Colorado

  2. I agree with Guillermo; it would be great if some of those posts could be published in another area. I’ll be happy to volunteer too; I’m pretty good with clerical work. 🙂

  3. Why do you get those long writings..?
    People crying out for justice, who feel
    that has been taking from them, they
    reach out to you.
    There must be some that are filled with great
    pain, behind the words, transmiited to you
    from some lonely places.
    Why don’t you at least select out one, that
    you initially rejected for putting up– here.

  4. So many have a yearing for justice in the world, it is likley Spence gets so many long letters– here and at his firm.
    Yet, he knows hardly where to start, and is over-taken, and hops.
    What people find intriguing about Spence is where he tells it like it is:
    The system is rigged to protect power, and the powerful, and big corporate power, who now controls the levers of Government.
    But, telling that is not necessarly addressing the problems–at their roots.
    Could it be the system is even too powerful for the likes of Spence to correct, in large measure, despite all his many considerable skills as a trial lawyer.
    Blocking the court house doors, prevents Spence from even getting inside the court in so many matters, as Congress, blocks standing, and jurisdiction, and remedies, etc.
    Did any of you read Obama’s book, well I did, I never found one client, that he noted in (his book, the Audacity of Hope), where Obama was a stand up guy in a court, for some ordinary citizen None.

    • Denny, no one person can take on the corporate master, the conglomerate of corporations with government protection, that enslave the people and threaten not only their freedom but their very existence. We all do what we can. I have a trial lawyer’s college where we try to train lawyers for the people against the corporate king and its protectorate. We have but one course, and that is to fight as best we can in a system that is dominated by power adverse in most ways to the people.


  5. I hop too Gerry… makes my tummy tingle like when you go over the top of a hill too fast ; – )

  6. Hi Mr. Spence

    Thanks for this:

    We have but one course, and that is to fight as best we can in a system that is dominated by power adverse in most ways to the people


    American’s have come to forget that it’s the fight that allowed us to know freedom.

    Salvation for a race, nation, or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won, justice must be struggled for by the oppressed of all lands, races, and the struggle must be continuous for freedom is never a final fact, but, a continuing evolving process to higher and higher level of human social, economic, political and religious relationships.

    _A. Philip Randolph 1889-1979

    Love “Light” and Energy

    _Don aka (((3)))

  7. In the entire history of Wyoming, there has never ever been a jury trial, in a qui tam case, in any Wyoming Federal court, where the DOJ did not intervene, where a major judgement against a big corporation, that was collected.
    Yet, over 60 cases were subjected to jurisdictional bars, to even bar the cases from being in any Wyo based Federal Court, and a shield was created for almost the entire oil and gas industry, as a license to rip off federal accounts all over America, a permit was handed out, on the off-shore, and on shore matters, one big rip off lane, a major breakdown in accountability.
    I take it not one lawyer from the TLC has ever had a jury trial with a big judgement, that has been collected(like real money collected) in a qui tam action, EX REL.
    We are on the same page, however, corporations are rigging the levers of government to make a mockery of a genuine justice system in America.
    The API(American Petroleum Institue), bans together to have its member companies pool money to run massive influence at the highest tiers of Government, as does Hospital trade Orgs, as to Banker Orgs.

  8. Jeez, Friend Gerry, you’ve led the way with common sense courage and pumped up up with lots of tools including the 1st Amendment. It’s your blog, who are we to criticize how you run it. You are important to all of us – even us not-so-young-any-longer-trial-lawyers.

  9. Rather than looking at the size which may be reflected in the volumes of material submitted to the website of which you have become a Web Master; it’s best to allow the voice of your readers to use this glorious platform as a vehicle of opportunity to evaluate validity. A mind may be a terrible thing to waist, but a voice crying out to be heard may never receive recognition for justice if only given the opportunity to speak to pelicans! – Your voice and ideals live.

  10. Mike Singletary

    Gerry, Your craft is failing America. What should be a justice system is nothing more than a cattle chute for getting the big ‘C'(conviction). Legislatures in their omnipotent magnanimity have over filled the toolbox of LE to enable enormous chargres levelled at anyone, anytime, using the intimidated public and it’s supposed free and independent media to trash any and every one so targeted. Plea bargains trading justice for a lesser charge to buy lighter sentences when innocence in many cases should prevail, has plugged the system up. And the prison camps are over full. Immunity from prosecution, along with the gag orders in CPS and other big brother entities in collusion with judges, defrauding the public, shielding corruption from having to answer to a violation of their Constitutional oath of office, is rampant. Some judges threaten contempt charges if you even bring up the Constitution. How can such behavior be worthy of public trust and of immunity? Integrity and Honor must be earned, yet there seems to be no remedy for ‘justice’, and to keep them honest. Will it continue without relief, this, “you get all the justice you can pay for”? ? Jurisprudence in my America is an empty promise! Even your office has lost the “lean, green, and growing” mentality. Have all in your profession lost focus on all but money? Please depart from the ivy league BS analysies. I live in Wyoming, too! Could a million Pro Se actions worded properly really, really help? Could you give up status to help save America? Your days are closing in on you like mine are. Want to create a real legacy? Help set things back in order. Mike Singletary

  11. Guillermo Rivera

    In fact Mike, the reality world is going weird. For instance, in Denver the judges are elected by the City Mayor.

    Some time ago, I got an unfair traffic ticket. The local police failed to provide discovery and the judge refused to dismiss the case wanted to give more time to the police makes right the wrong.

    Immediately, I wanted to appeal the judge’s legal mistake to a higher court but I found strange authorities gave me amiss directions to fill my case.

    I stopped the process the appeal process when after research I found I did not have any chance to challenge the magistrate’s decision.

    In truth, Gerry is already making a huge difference at his Trial Lawyer’s College to balance our justice system.

    For instance, he had a hard time in Michigan when he defended successfully Geoffey Fieger, but the the judge made everything so difficult.

    But, the Era of Aquarius is bringing change. See for example: where a magistrate permits lawsuit against prosecutors today judges.

    Judge permits lawsuit against DAs to proceed
    written by: Jeffrey Wolf Date last updated: 10/5/2009 3:44:27 PM
    FORT COLLINS – A federal judge has ruled that Timothy Masters can proceed with portions of his civil rights lawsuit against the prosecutors who presented the murder case against him.
    The judge, Lewis T. Babcock, opened his ruling with a quote from the American Bar Association Canons of Professional Ethics noting prosecutors have a duty to “see that justice is done,” rather than to just seek convictions.

    A jury convicted Masters in 1999 for the 1988 murder of Peggy Hettrick in Fort Collins. Masters was 15 when Hettrick was killed. He spent nearly 10 years in prison appealing his conviction, and was freed in 2008 by an outside judge who ruled that new DNA evidence pointed toward another suspect.

    After he was freed, Masters sued the police and prosecutors who built the case against him. He argued they engaged in a decades-long conspiracy to arrest, convict and keep him locked up despite evidence pointing toward other suspects.
    Babcock has already permitted Masters’ suit against Fort Collins police to proceed.

    In his ruling issued Monday morning, Babcock dismissed several claims against the prosecutors. But he permitted others to stand in what Masters’ attorney called a “smashing” victory.

    The two prosecutors who presented the original case against Masters, Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair, are now Larimer District Court judges.
    Both argued to Babcock that they cannot be sued for their official actions, based on a law granting prosecutors absolute immunity when acting as prosecutors. Babcock in his ruling noted that they do not enjoy such strong protection when working in a pre-prosecution “investigatory” phase.

    Babcock’s Monday ruling generally indicates Masters can go forward with his claims based on the acts allegedly committed by Blair and Gilmore before an arrest warrant was issued.
    Masters’ suit argues the two conspired with police to “shape” or “manufacture” witness testimony by giving only selected pieces of evidence to experts who helped draft the arrest warrant.

    “Whatever title Mr. Gilmore chooses, his alleged actions are devoid of objective reasonableness. In any event, the limited authority cited by Mr. Gilmore cannot render decades of jurisprudence recognizing the unconstitutionality of the fabrication and suppression of evidence by law enforcement officers unclear,” Babcock wrote. “Mr. Masters’ allegations regarding Mr. Gilmore, taken as true, “shocks the conscience” of this Court and, therefore, support a claim for violation of his substantive due process rights.”

    Babcock’s ruling doesn’t address the merits of Masters’ allegations, but federal court rules require him to assume they are true when deciding on motions for dismissal.

    Masters’ attorney, David Lane, portrayed the ruling as a major victory.

    Also named in the suit are current Larimer County District Attorney Larry Abrahamson and former DA Stu VanMeveren.

    “This is a smashing victory. The constitutional claims, the basis of our complaint, are ongoing against the DAs,” Lane said. “We’re feeling very, very confident about this whole thing. You know things are going your way when the first words are about prosecutorial misconduct.”

    Lane said he expects an appeal of Babcock’s decision.

    This story written by Trevor Hughes, Fort Collins Coloradoan

    A similar case years ago, Gerry helped to free the defendant after almost a decade in prison and get a monetary compensation for the justice’s legal mistakes.

  12. Hi, Gerry,

    Many years, no talk.

    Regarding our corporate masters, isn’t it puzzling that human beings can receive the death penalty in criminal cases, but these figments of legal imagination are immune from that punishment?

    Yet how many millions of people have died because of these fictional barriers between the rich and the rest of humanity?

    My mind still boggles too easily.

  13. anti_fascist_freedom_fighter

    Oh. So my two page response to your Avatar blog was for nuthin’, huh? *Sigh*

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