Argus Joseph Thompson, Insane, on Moral Burnout Syndrome (MBS)

Argus Joseph Thompson, insane, presents the following on MBS. Its veracity as well as its merit are, as always, subject to question.

On the tenth of November, S. B. Hemmingsford was arrested by the FBI. A 47-count indictment handed down by a New York Federal Grand Jury charged Hemmingsford and three Wall Street brokerage house executives with insider trading in the stock of General-O Dynamics and 14 of its subsidiaries. The New York Times reported that Hemmingsford and his three co-defendants had allegedly amassed illegal profits exceeding $3.5 billion. All four defendants were immediately released on their own bonds.

Although the government claimed Hemmingsford was a criminal, the government saw him as a special kind of criminal entitled to special privileges. If you’ve illegally hoarded large sums of money before being caught illegally hoarding more, the presumption exists that you are responsible and can be turned loose on your signature to await trial…while Leroy, who is penniless and homeless and who robbed the 7-11 for $23 to get a quick fix, has his bond set at a $100,000, which he; his twelve brothers and sisters; and all of their known spouses; offspring; current and discarded soul mates and their pushers; along with their friends on Twitter and Facebook collectively could not gather.

Crime is a sport reserved for the rich.

Persons of equal loot, moolah and scratch are equal—that’s what Jefferson should have written if he was going to be truthful about it, not that worn out aphorism that he dumped in the Constitution —All (not including women) men are created equal. But why should some wino whose total assets never exceeded half a bottle of cheap Tokay and a three-month growth of whiskers have the same rights as me?

I once knew a rich man who I thought wasn’t a criminal. He bought a second-hand mattress at Orville’s Store for the Homeless, and when he was looking for bedbug larvae he found where the mattress had been sewn up. When he cut it open he found $423. Since wealth is always comparative, compared to me, he is rich. I am not mentioning names because this man did not pay taxes on his windfall. Once more that proves the age-old truth that behind every great wealth is great crime.

Anyway, a few days after Hemmingsford was released he appeared with his lawyer, Rutherford P. Benyon, before the federal magistrate where he entered pleas of “Not guilty,” and “Not guilty by reason of insanity.”

The Times filed a follow-up story, the headline of which read:


An attorney for S. B. Hemmingsford, chairman of the board of General-O Dynamics, today claimed his client was the latest victim of the newly discovered personality disorder known as Moral Burnout Syndrome (MBS), a disease said to plague high-ranking corporate and public officials operating under extreme stress and recently described by the Nobel Prize winner, Solomon P. Goldberg.

Benyon said his client was a victim of MBS and has been in the acute throes of the disease since the recent attacks on his company’s logging operations by a radical environmental organization known as The Children. Benyon said Hemmingsford took The Children’s invasion of the company’s timber sale, where thousands of trees were spiked to prevent their harvest, as an assault levied against him personally. It was the classic “final stressor-straw,” a term invented by Goldberg to denote an identifiable last emotional trauma, which, when combined with prior stresses, at last pushes the victim into the disorder.

Benyon said, “The action of these terrorists was allegedly to save trees, but their true motivation was to shove my client over the edge into the full throes of Moral Burnout Syndrome.”

The Times’ cover story recorded the history of Goldberg’s discovery of MBS, a breakthrough lauded by social scientists as the long-sought connecting link between science and morality. In part the article read:

Already some experts are proclaiming Goldberg’s identification of the disease as a contribution to modern psychology comparable only to Freud’s The Ego and the Id. Goldberg discovered that wealthy or powerful self-made men approaching the summit of their careers often suddenly plummet into the gaping hole of moral decadence. At the time of the onset of the disease most of the victims have already achieved what Goldberg called “their three primary P’s—power, prestige and position, and their secondary P’s, their plethora of playthings—their Porsches, their private psychiatrists, their personal pushers and their sultan’s assortment of blond pubescents.”

In short, the victims have it all. Yet quite without warning, many inexplicably leap over the edge into a life of crime.

The Times writers observed that the victims’ crimes were pathetically unimaginative—common thefts, ordinary bribery, artless payoffs, embezzlements, even mundane murders for hire. They embezzled when they didn’t need the money and illegally manipulated the markets when they didn’t know what to do with the cash they already had.

The Goldberg article asked by its subtitle, “Is Moral Burnout a Crime?” A picture of the distinguished professor receiving the Nobel Prize from the Royal Caroline MedicoChirurgical Institute in Sweden accompanied the lead story in which the Times writers, in their usual imperious style, traced the psychological progression of the disorder as described by Dr. Goldberg :

The archetypical MBS victim, the high- pressure executive, having existed under fire for years, is one day heard to begin screaming, “It’s war out there, man! War! Your competitors want to kill you. Your customers want to kill you. Your board of directors wants to kill you. Your employees want to kill you. And when you get home, the old lady wants to kill you. It’s war, and it’s hell!” The victim begins to complain of autonomic anal tightening and other vague symptoms that are often precursors of the disorder.

Goldberg likens the disease to a soldier in combat who, after suffering extreme stress from fear and physical exhaustion, gets a letter from home saying John Wayne, his hero, was the secret lover of Rock Hudson. It’s the “final stressor-straw” that pushes the soldier over the edge into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

MBS is a disease in the full sense of the word, Goldberg claims. “We would never permit the criminal courts to punish our leaders for having suffered a heart attack. To the same extent we cannot allow our criminal justice system to deal with this subtle and complex syndrome.” When asked about his willingness to testify in Hemmingsford’s case, Dr. Goldberg said, “It will be my privilege to convince the jury that this man was not responsible for his crimes but was, instead, a helpless victim of the insidious side effects of MBS.”

Argus concluded his presentation on MBS by claiming that MBS was merely collateral damage in a system engaged in the eternal and holy wars of American capitalism.

I find his logic and his conclusions unsupported by fact or logic but fully in support of his claim that he is insane.


72 responses to “Argus Joseph Thompson, Insane, on Moral Burnout Syndrome (MBS)

  1. Woowee ! You have been smokin for the last 5 and 1/2 weeks.
    Mind you, I don’t mean smoking that stuff that Argus smokes. I mean smokin as in, ” That is really smokin Man.”. Do I
    date myself ? No, no, that’s the question of the Introspective Narcisst.
    But I digress. Point here is that each time I pump up my Reasonable Man of Ordinary Prudence to write a little comment on your last post I click on your blog and discover that you have chewed up all the scenery of a new play ,( to mix a couple metaphors).
    I’m going to have to go
    to the basement and find a looser guy to write comments here.
    While I’m gone chew on this…. it’s not a thought…. but, if you are very still, its something you can feel. Has anyone noticed how absolutely silent ” Society ” news has
    become ? You know. The
    kind of stuff about people
    way up there in the corporate world and way connected doing charity balls or events or joining
    arts or historical or do some good( and socially prominent) boards of directors. It happened just about the time that
    1. It was announced that the IRS was looking at people’s facebook accounts for evidence of hidden income.
    and, more importantly
    2. That UBS agreed to
    turn over the 52,000 names of people with numbered accounts who have not been reporting
    their income.
    POINT IS the Republican Party has lost
    it’s source of money for a while it is left with only it’s moron voters. This is the time to get a few things done.
    Happy Trails

  2. Truth is often stranger than fiction:
    Pacific Lumber, the Headwater Forests, redwoods,
    junk bond merger activity, Chuck Hurwtz.
    the googled up connections.
    After a bank in Texas failed, the federal Judge
    ordered the FDIC to pay $ 72 million to the failed bank’s major investor.( Chuck)
    Then, his acquired company Pacific Lumber
    went into bakruptcy.
    The toll on the CEO’s is producing many
    assorted syndromes.
    Argus’s state of mind is part of the collaterial damage, there is no logic to support
    MPS, can Argus still see the forests through
    the trees, with Jen, however, given the reasons
    he became a lawyer ?

  3. My esteemed Senators Argus and George, old Strom here is just resting his head on the table for a while.

    “Nope, ain’t dead yet!”

    (as he used to say)

  4. Who went insane first, Argus, or the CEO of Gen O Dyn ?
    Argus must not have sued Gen O Dyn, it was the GOV, with those FBI guys, who so far have not made a “deal”.
    So, if Argus is now fully certified ” insane”, and he is a lawyer, with great familiarity about the East Fork, was is the prognosis on what broke down his sane defenses to slip over the edge ?
    Don’t you think it is about time for a full–detailed Clinicial Report—here on Argus ?
    But if Argus is certifed as insane, and he is giving presentations on CEO’s who some Institute experts regard as insane(or at least MBS), then it seems some deserve credit for driving the CEO insane.
    Except, is he faking he is insane, as a way to evade all resposnibility for bilking billions.
    And, the Board of Gen O Dyn, were they too insane ?
    It seems Argus is associated with a lot of very insane people.
    And, logic won’t cover it.

  5. Society People on FACEBOOK? We’ll I never.

    They should be SHUNNED!

  6. Hi Gerry –

    Saw Bill Gates on Meet the Press today espousing the great merits of our Capitalistic system and the great improvements that incentive for innovation is responsible for in health advancements, mortality rates, etc. He seems credible and earnest. Are you just spouting a contrarian rant to motivate altruistic thinking – or do you really conceive that our system and our world would be better without this ordered system? I know you sometimes write for effect, but would be nice to know what you really believe on this score.

  7. George dear,

    Possibly I need new reading glasses but…..

    Your “Republican” enjoys “ARTWORK”…….. when they should correctly be enjoying the “Democrat’s”
    (So everyone is on the same page afterall?)

  8. Argus may be insane but he is very funny. So you’ll have to forgive me if I laugh at him.

  9. Even if Argus is insane, it does’t deal with CEO’s who have games the system to rip it off.
    The question is not capitalism.
    The issue is persons who commit felonies, to hurt people.
    If Al Capone called himself a capitalist, does that make him above the law ?
    The label capatalist does not mean one is above the law.
    Bernie Madoff handled a lot of capital,
    surely Marcus A. Does not believe he should be given some award, and let out of jail
    Maybe Gerry’s point is how some justify gaming the system to hurt others.
    If Argus is insane, as Gerry now replies,
    then so much for MBS.
    Was Bernie Madoff a ” captalist”. ?
    Was he engaged in ” capitalism “. ?In the wake of what Gerry raised via Argus,
    that world captialism is loosely pulled out.
    Actually, a high executive at CISCO used
    some excuse similar to that as described
    by MBS, when he was stealing that company
    He was on the law review at Stanford
    law school. ( once).
    Google it up.
    It was no fairy tale.
    It happened.

    • Re: Argus’ insanity.

      I have not alleged that Argus is insane. That would be insane since he is not a public figure — yet, and could obviously file some sort of defamation suit, although he is so poor that if my postings resulting in his loss of income it would not amount to much more than a couple hundred bucks a year in most years. In fact, Argus says he is a poor lawyer specializing in Poor Law for the poor. This is a new area of the law that he has essentially invented, I think to the shame of the ABA, that organization of lawyers who believe that the law is made only for the rich.
      But you must know that Argus himself claims he is insane. He puts the word, “Insane,” after his name like a doctor puts, PHD or MD. I post some of what Argus writes only because his claim of insanity raises
      interesting issues, the first of which is: Is it insane to specialize in poor law? Surely no sane lawyer would invent that speciality much less engage in it voluntarily (although I know plenty of good men and a few women who are engaged in the practice of poor law involuntarily.)

      So I leave Argus’ sanity to him, and to you to decide. Argus, himself, seems proud of the fact that he is insane. Seems to think that this gives him an edge in an insane world.


      So I leave it with you. Does Argus

  10. Google the case of Robert Gordon,
    and his elobrate scheme to rip off CISCO
    corporation, and google more in depth on the
    excuses he used to pull off his racket.
    That chap was on the Stanford Law Review once, he was not a 7-11 candy bar taker.
    The point is missed by Marcus on Argus,
    even though Gerry has now certified
    Argus as ” insane”.
    The Gordon case was a reality, and it’s sad
    saga on that high flyer.
    Gerry could have helped out the struggling
    Argus by pulling out that to illumianat
    the situation.
    It must be real it is a google pull up.

  11. The irony;
    Gordon fled to Santa Barbara, after his arrest and after missing a court hearing.
    At his later sentencing hearing,
    he claimed mental illness made him do it.
    Really, google up the particulars, and compare
    to the Argus presentation here via…
    As noted Gordon was on the Stanford law
    review with the current Dean of the
    U Wyo Law School.
    Gerry: Google Stanford, Gordon, and Cisco.
    after all when Gordon ran from the
    law, he ran down to your neck of the woods
    in Santa Barbara.
    You were rather quick to certify Argus as
    insane when CISCO competitor Bill Gates
    was popped up by Marcus A. ( via a CISCO ISP
    to reach you on the NET.
    The truth was more elobrate than any
    voids rattling around in your side kick
    Argus’s musings

  12. Marcus A:
    Bill Gates and Microsoft did declare war
    on CISCO etc.
    Obviously, Argus and his Teton side kick
    are on the wrong side of the digital divide.
    This saga presented by Argus via €€€,
    is a mere subtext to the google rise to
    Gerry never noted Gordon— after he ran down
    to Santa Barbara.
    Strange or what…?

  13. Normando R. Pattimus, II

    That is beyond the pale, Gerry seeking to certify, and avowing on WWW, universe wide, that Argus is officially “insane”.
    What if Argus, with a Apple-X4 ISP Sun Server now starts a blog, called Simply INJUSTICE and declares Gerry is totally a wack job.
    And, all those who have posted on his site are cultist wacko El Rancho worshippers.
    In fact, Gerry even intimiated as much on his frolicking with the insane, and the other Blog-o- trips on “right from wrong”.
    Googles is taking over the world, the old Microsoft technology will soon be “old hat”.
    Argus does not need Gerry speaking for him, and declaring him “insane”, or some other de jure syndrome(presenters) Argus, can get his own BLOG, and become Gerry’s Doctor in residence on the North Fork of the SNAKE.
    Welcome to the brave new Cyber WORLD COM
    How does Gerry know where Argus wants to be buried, too, for all we know Argus wants to be buried at the scared grounds in the middle of Dick Cheney’s fishing camps.
    Is Gerry now some guardian sua sponte of Argus to rule all his affairs.
    We say, break free from Gerry, now Argus, don’t let him control the show, start you own Blog:
    The ARGUS Simply INJUSTICE BLOG @ large.
    Also, a J D renders Gerry disqualifed to render any medical judgements on Argus.
    I am shocked more have not come to the defense of Argus, is this because of the cult—AT THE RANCH ?
    We say, freedom and liberty for Argus, let the flag be raised at the Butte.
    Granted some NY attorneys have self certifed themselves as Board Shrinks, Master -baiter boggers, to issue
    procolmations, but then issue some small print”, they are “just(flakey) attorneys”,
    Argus can get out from under Spence’s spell, and become a real BLOG CYBER force.
    Free Argus–now— Gerry !

  14. What is most interesting the number of WHITE Collar criminal defense(ESQ) Cyber-viper blogs, who seem to hate the Honest Service Principle(codified), and who have now adopted Jeffery Skillings as their Hero to save(the Ex CEO of Enron), who now has an appeal (cert petition) before the U S Supreme Court. Any seek to comment on those blogs they will be spit on(in effect) by some of those NY White Collar Defense KATS.
    So, Argus(his cyber persona) is not exactly alone in his far out views.
    Except, those NY White Collar guys are not called nuts, or insane, some are called very rich from the collaterial booty that drops out of that game the system, they are not bottom feeders, they are feeding off the very fabric of the nation.
    But, what else is new

  15. Marcus Aurelius:
    You note Bill Gates.
    During the 2008-2009 fall(debace of the markets), he lost many billions.
    The reason for that was not real capitalism.
    It was due to an attack on capitalism.
    Now some are writing on how Washington and Wall Street attacked capitalism in America.

    A guy finding $ 423 in a bed-bug filled mattress is not the epitone of capitalism.
    There is a gift exclusion, below $ 13,000(2009)
    I really wonder if some even know what real capitalism is in America.
    Are lawyers the paragon gurdians of capitalism.
    What have most lawyers produced, invented ? “Not much”.
    Moving air through some lawyers lips, is that capitalism ? Never before 2008, has the USA Government owned the gambling losses of crazy derivative/ credit default swaps rogue traders.
    Is Capitalism where the most wild and crazy trader in billions on Wall Street of wild hedges and nutty bets, can get the U S Government to cover his bets, and enslave the citizens(taxpayers), with obligations to pay for the most crazy bets imaginable. Is that capitalism ?
    I don’t think so.
    But, Bill Gates was not dealing in that.
    Is the U S education system now so dumbed down, that so many have no clue on what real capitalism was ?
    Is it welcome to the Banana Republic, USA, soon, that the citizens just don’t care, are so stupid, so pathetic, apathetic ?
    It is indeed sad, seeing what is unfolding.

  16. I too suffer from a related disease, MFS – While I cannot define this acronym, I can say that the first word is Mutha, and the last, Syndrome. My disease causes me to swear in public, sometimes confused with Tourette’s.

  17. But how could Madoff NOT have had MBS since everything he owned was so unimpressive, to put it kindly.

    His 3 boats included
    a – 55-foot Rybovich named “BULL”

    a – 38-foot Shelter Island runabout called “Sitting Bull”, and

    a – 24-foot center console named “Little Bull”

    “Considering the scope of his deception, we have to wonder why the floaters weren’t named LOAD OF BULL, NOTHING BUT BULL and BULL #@+! “

  18. Gerry:

    In some matters you note the FBI, and the “make a deal.”
    This thing on the ex Stanford whizz lawyer is indeed intriguing.
    Here is even more:

    “Frewing(DOJ prosecutor) had urged U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel to punish Gordon for
    obstruction of justice because the fired executive wiped files from his laptop
    after Cisco superiors confronted him about the embezzlement and ordered him to
    turn in the computer intact. Gordon also failed to disclose some offshore
    accounts until FBI agents discovered them.”

    Then, see this Gerry from the Judge:

    “At a time when Americans want corporate criminals to be held accountable,
    Fogel said, “It bothers me that someone can steal a pizza and get 25 years to
    life and a person can steal hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in
    insider trading . . . and be in a position to get probation or a year or two
    of soft time.”

    Here is more on the tragic saga of Robert Gordon, ex Law Review head, Stanford University.

    So, while some may ponder this Argus presentation in the abstract, indeed before our very eyes is the stranger than can be, real true story of Robert Gordon.(live from Silly-Con Valley)
    One of his good buddies in law school, as Gerry may know is the current Dean of the U of W law school.
    What happened to Robert Gordon after his law review days at Stanford ?
    While Gerry may have opined Argus as insane, it is likely that Argus(VIA) will have more to say on these things.
    If Argus is a Bar member(VIA), and “insane”, and is now very much advancing the
    works of Goldberg(VIA), then what does that mean for the next Cisco, who is seen as an easy target.
    The FBI sure never swallowed the mental ill ruses(MBS) of Gordon, they never made a deal.
    Argus may be deemed as insane(VIA) by Gerry, but just how much influence does Argus have over Gerry’s
    “outlook”…(intertwined) ?
    Like some counter-point, on the Reddenbacker popped corn diety.
    Are any who even comment on the popped up MBS risking being (at risk) branded insane, or on Argus, as frolicking with the insane.(VIA) ?
    Prey tell, the story of Bob Gordon is real, offical, and it is truly tragic.

  19. Not, only was Gordon Stanford Law review, he was a clerk to a judge on the Seventh Circuit, and a big shot with Goldman Sachs.

    The 9th circuit described it as:
    “This case presents the disappointing story of a promising federal appellate law clerk gone bad. Robert Gordon, a graduate of Stanford Law School and a former law clerk for one of our colleagues, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, embezzled millions of dollars in cash and stock from his employer, Cisco Systems.”

    Argus, what say you about this real deal situation, in view of you getting on the Goldberg band wagon, as revealed by G S.
    Stress was in that fellows life.
    However, stress is in th life of a guy who steals a pizza.
    Where was Goldberg for the guy who stole the pizza ?

  20. To those who wonder on Gerry via ARGUS:
    Microsoft is no longer the largest tech company in the world.
    It is now Cisco:,1,4,1,0901,00.html

    Some were going into Gates.(see the Why does Gerry … vein by Marcus)
    Gates is history.
    Most of the people who connect to Gerry’s Blog do so from a router made by Cisco.
    Mr Gordon says he thought he was “thinking out side the box”.
    Kind of like Argus via Goldberg via Gerry via his WWW router to OUT HERE—Cyber space.
    He was just a lawyer, very much inside a big box that was squeezing in on him.
    He invented nothing.

  21. Quess who wins the prize for “getting” Argus 1st a while back – moi.

    “I am a poor lawyer for poor people.”

    And you had better believe it; it definitely works for him and against us…………

  22. I’m with you, Mrs. Vandetweezer!

    Argus is his 10 star private detective when he’s curious about anything! Brilliant!!

  23. If only Argus could represent big time Corporate
    crooks( instead of giving pro Bono MBS presentations), he could live in splendor in
    mutli- million dollar houses, and acheive great fame.
    Instead, he is left as a cartoon figure,
    as if he is collaterial damage, trapped
    in ” poor law” lane.
    Are we to take away the point;
    big time crime pays big time, for the White Collar Corporate Crime defense Bar.
    Or, in other words Argus( with his edge of INS) does not
    represent the likes of Corporatins like
    Gen O D.

  24. Argus is definetly thinking
    ” outside the box”.
    Except, it appears to be a ” popcorn box”.

  25. In Re Madoff’s bull boats:
    he must not have truly beleved in
    ” bull” markets.
    He did not invest much of the
    $ 50 billion, and invented phantom trades,
    bogus paper work, trade tickets.
    The boats named bull, were indeed part
    of the fabric of bull.
    Compared to the big invest banking
    houses, Madoff was a kid- ” little bull”
    So much of Wall Street is Big bull.
    Not to knock capitalism, but Wall Street has
    become a ” safe harbor” for major league
    big time crooks,

  26. In an insane world, dipping into being insane gives Argus the edge, so seems to be the
    lateest overview by Gerry.
    The ” edge” at what for what ?
    In that back drop ” poor law” is the refrain by Gerry.
    Lawyers charge more per hour than any other
    profession, do any think that an insane lawyer
    is some ” edge”.
    Of course, in contrast, corporate lawyers charge over $ 500 per hour, or should one say: out- house counsel for large corporations,
    with large meter runs.
    Most people who are average Americans can not afford to pay what lawyers charge.
    Insane, no that is the new emerging reality.
    Of course, if one is badly injured,
    then a lawyer will run a discounted cash flow
    formula on a sure thing, if a defendant has deep
    So ” poor law”, seems to be more than a nitch,
    the American public’s standard of living is going
    Some may believe that is insane.
    Or, is it flat out an unplesant reality. ?

  27. Gerry,
    Leaving Argus’ insanity with us, you make it sound like
    a legacy, big gift.
    Thanks, I am sure it will give me a sharp edge,
    next time I have to pay some bills.

  28. For me this is more evidence pointing to Madoff’s MBS:

    “Fraudster Bernard Madoff’s yacht Bull, two smaller boats and a Mercedes-Benz convertible were auctioned in Florida for more than one million US dollars combined.
    Madoff’s 1969 Rybovich, a 55-foot fishing boat, sold for 700,000 US dollars to an unknown buyer.
    A 38-foot Shelter Island runabout named Sitting Bull went for 320,000 US dollars and the 24-foot Maverick centre console Little Bull fetched 21,000 US dollar. The Mercedes, a 1999 model, sold for 30,000 US dollars.
    The private auction was held by the US Marshals, who seized Madoff’s assets after his massive pyramid scheme was exposed. Proceeds will benefit Madoff’s wronged investors.
    Madoff is serving a 150-year prison sentence. “

  29. Not to mention the concensus of opinion among real estate brokers on Palm Beach Island is that his home on the market there is “STRICTLY A TEARDOWN.”

  30. Argus,

    Can we substitute MBS with NPWFD?
    (Not playing with a full deck…)?

  31. Argus is sure on some cutting “edge” stuff.
    Which has sparked some curiousity on “selling
    structured settlements”.
    Some of you —lawyers(or followers of legal affairs or some not so)–may have been reading about big money–not “poor law”– lawyer, Scott Rothestein in Fl.(so many items all over the News, a ton of stuff).
    He has been indicted by the Feds on a whole array of counts, linked to “selling structured settlements”.(the headlines from the Times notes it as a “vast Ponzi Scheme”(billions).
    A google pops up so many intriguing items.
    The feds want him to make a “deal”, to rat out other attorneys who were into the alleged con.
    So, here we have a lawyer, who was not into
    “poor law”, but into “selling structured settlements”. He was big in the fast lane in FL politics. (now politicans are returning his money donations).
    I got to wondering about Argus’ post, and Gerry bringing on Argus as “insane”, and it is still uncler if Gerry regards his (Teton) spark as “insane”(like a M D title), or that is a mere tag to bring out the projections.(from out there…cyber village)
    In any event, it sounds truly crazy this “selling of structured settlement” stuff(that was a traffic area for major big big money), but the lawyer at the center of that storm now says he will return money to any “legitimate investors”(New York Times 12-2-09, page A-26 a google item if any want to tab it to that legal affairs BIGGIE).
    How does one determine a ligit investor from one who is now in this snake pit of “structured settlements”.
    Last month, the Feds filed papers to seize the FL lawyers 87 foot yacht, his 20 cars, including one luxury car valued at over $ 1.5 million.(his yacht was much bigger than Madoff’s “little bulls”.
    Say, Gerry, I take it that Argus—so into “poor law”–is not in the biz of
    “structured settlements”.
    Do any know if this ESQ FL high flyer, in the fast lane was a real trial attorney who actually tried heavy duty cases—like in a Court ?
    Just curious, if any care to wade into this
    area of “flame outs”, that is a whole other level of MBS, and the Times puts the “billion question” as
    “who are the co-conspitors” in this mess.
    I never would have even thought to bring this up, but for Argus’ provocative –latest–whose “presentation”, so intrigued Gerry, he put it up on this BLOG.
    “Poor law”….well, the investors were made a whole lot poorer, who got entangled in this latest legal Ponzi racket.)alleged by NY pieces, as so entiled by the TIMES, etc.
    What a swamp in FL !
    Argus, is he crafty like a “FOX”, and “poor law”, is a mere act of utter humility.

  32. Argus needs to get on the Legal Broadcast Network ASAP on MBS:


    This(above) video was before the arrest, and indictment of the FL high flyer. Argus, you hit it with MBS, so some can say they leave your question of sanity with us, but the Legal Broadcast NetWork needs to air you ASAP,

  33. MBS is not confined to big corporate executives,
    as Argus is most accutely aware of.
    Way Argus goes astray, however, is to accord
    victim status to those who have MBS,
    who are like wild wolves, on the prowl
    targeting the flock.
    No insult to wolves is meant by the analogy,
    perhaps sharks may be a more apt fit.
    Sharks care little about morals,
    they operate in a frenzy state in pools of blood.
    Victim status for predators is part of
    the new world class order.
    Sadly, Argus has become a dupe of some handlers to spread his agenda, taken in
    by Goldbergs frothy psyco- babble.

  34. Gerry you’ve done it again! Hope you didn’t give them any new ideas! It definitely provided some wonderful laughter on my part, however there’s a river of sadness running through it.
    Nothing is a surprise anymore. Thank you, looking forward to your next one!

  35. It is left to us, the question whether Argus is crazy( insane), as the decider.(Cyber JURY), so says GERRY in his FORUM CYBER COURT.
    Of course, the ideas floated under his name,
    deal with intent in the criminal courts.
    If one is deemed to have no knowing intent for some criminal act, that is the fertile grounds to spring some defendant.
    Some spent their entire life dreaming up ways to protect the criminal class.
    The White Collar –CORPORATE–Criminal Defense Bar are not “poor law”, they are in high cotton, and high society, and the upper tiers of the ABA, and the Inter-circle of Barristers.
    So, now we have billions ripped off(or so the story goes), but it was not knowing(so the expert says in his MANIFESTO of the MIND), that mens rea was diluted.(zapped).
    To put it in latin the overview is:
    – the Latin term for “guilty mind”[1] – is usually one of the necessary elements of a crime. The standard common law test of criminal liability is usually expressed in the Latin phrase, actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea, which means “the act does not make a person guilty unless the mind be also guilty”.

    Oh, so now we have experts(so the story goes via Argus), that CEO’s can never be guilty of financial crimes as to big money, because they are of a whole other mind set, from of course the average bloke.
    Well, Gerry, you are the big criminal defense attorney, who sees your job as negating intent.
    Did you get all you wished for over the years,
    in that ? Hardly “poor law” !
    Did Argus do much different than you did for 40 years, real deal, dream up ways to negate intent to keep some out of jail ?
    Well, what do you expect, in the White Collar area, and the really big billions of buck matters, didn’t Jeffery Skillings spent over $ 25 million on attorneys to keep out of jail, after Enron imploded.
    And, he is not through, the Supremes have taken up his cert, and his dilution of intent(issue) is still on the table, long after 1,000’s were made destitute who were just rank and file workers, after their pensions were zeroed out.

  36. IN RE: Syndromes in the FL SUN; or SAS

    There is an ongoing civil suit(from investors) where a big bank, is the defendant, and alleged to have abbetted the frauds in the matter noted above(phony(bogus) settlement racket in FL):

    Here is the profile of the ESQ (now debarred) CAD:

    Remarkable, it notes no big trial where he was the standup trial attorney(like in a real COURT) before a jury.(to get any big jury verdict—NONE noted in any w-blower suit), some track record in Court, ZILTCH, ZERO, all BIG BULL, HYPE, DUPE JOB CITY.

    He(THE ESQ CAD) seemed to just move money around, from contrived rackets, skimmed off large wads, pay off politicians, and was regarded as some big shot FL attorney.(with a big Yacht–the trappings)
    He was a main FL contributor to Bush, and the GOP.
    But, it says he had the “five books of Moses” on his opulent office desk.
    The piece notes:
    “The FBI estimates the loss to be up to a billion dollars from lucrative whistle-blower and employment discrimination cases.[56] The investors would make up-front cash payments to individuals owed( ???? HUH) money from the court cases to buy the right to collect the full amount of the settlements later.[9] The investor was guaranteed a minimum of 20 percent investment returns in as little as three months.”

    But, seems, there was no real settlement,(in most matters, seemingly) and all a pretext to funnel money to the CAD.(after some investor was stung who was clueless on how courts really work in FL)
    A google of any big trials of the CAD does not pop up in such w-blower case(with a solid track record of jury trials), although for marketing purposes some El Lilly drug qui tam was spun, as a hook.(linked to another attorney–who did a temp roosting at the FL firm). In those cases,(qui tam) the DOJ intervenes, and takes over the laboring ore, fraudlent drug distributions—off label.
    The dirty little secret in so called qui tam in most cases, where the DOJ does not intervene, the attorney who filed the case (qui tam complaint)drops the qui tam plaintiff like a hot potato, or cut and run..(never proceeds with the so called whitle-blower, qui tam action.
    A few qui tam cases proceed on(small % of ones filed), if the DOJ does not intervene, and they are very risky matters, and the press(and CONGRESS) seems clueless on all the bars put up to block such cases even advancing in federal courts.
    Argus Offers up the Syndrome.
    The actual stuff in FL is reflective of some MEGA syndrome.(what can it be called ????????????)…
    SHAM ATTORNEY Syndrome, or SAS.

  37. Look at all the GOP politicans, who adored
    Bob Gordon and Scott Rothstein.( 2 attorneys who were crooks)
    They had no sense of duty, no honor,
    sense of trust.
    All the MBS mumbo jumbo bull don’t mean squat, it trivalizes duty.
    Do attorneys have duty obligations ?
    Maybe Argus can look at the Code of Ethics,
    and tell us how he squares his MBS bull with
    honor, duty, trust, all those old fashioned
    values. ? How many corporate attorneys are enlisted to assit the rip offs ?
    What Argus is promoting is an excuse to get
    away with crime, if big corporate executives are exposed in their rip off frenzy.
    Gerry did not name Argus as a real person.
    But if he was a composite of what is going on,
    does it not trouble any of the Bar flock, or is the
    club only looking at whether Coro General O Dyn can pay it’s legal bills, when the meter is run.
    Gerry could not name a real person in
    his MBS episode because he must have deep pockets.
    Does MBS test the borders of what American society is willing to swallow from a culture of
    corporate criminality ?
    Is MBS consistent with your values. ?
    Frankly, MBS is a negation of values.
    is Gerry, using Argus to explore what kind of values are held in America— from out here
    in the Cyber Village. ?

  38. When will Agus give a presentation on Scott Rothstein and the FEDS ?
    Some can hardly wait, given his focus on the FEDS, and stuff

  39. MBS,
    Catching Pigs,
    Blaming Bankers,
    Taking care when we Tar and Feather.

    ” The law, in it’s majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor, to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread”
    Anatole France

    ” I’d like to buy the world a Coke”
    a great man in Coke’s advertising department.

    I have always thought that criminal juries should have three verdicts available to them,guilty, not guilty and ” forgive them lord they know not what they do. ” That last verdict is now available only to people who wear tin foil hats ( for reception ) and not to people who when you hear their story make you say, ” that’s crazy”.

    Full Disclosure= I was a part of the mortgage industry for a number of years. The money was too good. Self defense-I never sold a person a mortgage that could come back to bite him. I refused. If the person insisted I referred him elsewhere. I took a lot of grief for this. I am saying this to show that I saw what was going on up close. In addition a man who was a very good friend started a small bank in another state. From him I know that the vast majority of banks only make money on the fraction of a percentage difference between what a bank can borrow money for and the interest it can earn by lending that money.

    When the Congress of the United States changed the rules to allow banks to buy and sell securities, speculate with your money, it was a license to wipe out the equity of this country. The only banks that could afford to do this were the mega top twenty banks.
    When Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were persuaded to permit mortgages that would not pass muster at a mom and pop bank ( and god knows how that happened ) it created an
    enormous pressure on the entire industry to compete with the fannie and freddie terms or go bankrupt.
    Add to this the fact that those mortgages were bundled together and sold as investments on Wall Street – some extra special blame for the big bank officers who had a fiduciary duty who none the less purchased these mortgages that a mom and pop bank would not approve.
    And this is where the Pig Story is applicable.
    9,999 of your closest 10,000 friends believed that their property values were going up and would never come down and they refinanced.
    While I have always had a jaundiced view of things even I believed that these new mortgages most times did not result in default because if not why would a major bank buy it as a security.
    I got out in 2005 not because of the crazy mortgages ( I believed that they must have proved themselves.) but because the property values told me that we were all, buyers and sellers, nuts. To give you an example in eary 2005 in Providence Rhode Island the monthy mortgage payments on a three family tenement ( a
    classic investment property came to way more than that property could bring in in rent.
    Their were plenty of bad guys but their were also plenty of willful fools.
    Please, y’all, don’t scalp me too deep.

  40. Mr Spence and Argus , Thanks for the great idea of MBS. Now I just gotta figure out where I am going to get the billions to worry about keeping. Del

  41. Two people noted(above) are convicts, and/ or crooks in jail, and (one convicted by a jury), and Rothstein is in jail awaiting resolution(how long he will stay in jail), given the pending indictments( looking at 100 yrs, possibly)
    Was anthing said about them crashing the entire market. No.
    They were just high powered lawyers, and their damages can be traced on a detailed basis: to who, what, when where all particulars and etc basis.
    MBS don’t cut it in their cases, but in Rothstein’s situation some version of MBS may pop up, or even a MBS to the 5th degree.
    Can you imagine selling bogus suits(with no real plaintiff, no real court case in no real court) to hedge funds, and big investors to the tune of billion(s).
    This guy has got to get some award in the P T Barnum hall of shame.
    The audacity of his B S, it is unmatched in legal annals.
    I challenge any to come up with(the real story) of a more brazen con than that pulled by Rothstein,
    he has shaken the FL bar to its very foundations.

  42. George, people need money to buy houses(mortgages). It is a big part of the American way.
    How long the housing market stays in contraction is frightening to comtemplate.
    No house in my immediate neighborhood, has sold for 2 years. NADA. And, several have been on the market for about two years, just sitting there—unsold.
    And many want to sell their house, but have not put it on the market, because the market is
    non-existent in some areas.(except if one gives the house away, and WALKS…, and that is not exactly what one can call a “market”. This is likely to last at least 2-3 more years, in my humble , and very exasperated opinon.

  43. Bonjour George:

    Why scalp you when everything you say is true. There had to be more willfull fools than bad bankers!

    “We’ll Mr. Dalrymple, I’m here because I just lost my job due to the fact that I’m a professional gambler nights and my house is being foreclosed, and I owe some back taxes to the IRS—but I just need a $500,000 loan to open a Lamborghini dealership in Sudan, and I’ll be on top again, I know it.

  44. This stuff is way over my head.

  45. “You can take of a man’s money, but when it’s all said and done, you’ve only taken his money. When you take of a man’s time, you’ve taken part of his life. We’d like to thank you for giving us a (big) part of your life.”

    Wayne Newton

  46. Mortimore, sorry if i got slightly glib; since Argus has taken over for the late Walter Matheau–it’s almost impossible to keep a straight face while visiting his house………..

    If Dr. Phil was on this website I”m sure he would say what he preaches to millions daily:

    “Whenever there is a major dysfunction in any arena–we all have to acknowledge and “own” our, albeit small part of it to correct it , in almost every case. Until we do that, we are part of the problem and therefore part of the solution.”

    (Other than in cases of disease, etc. where there is never any blame…I’ve personally never found him to be wrong in this instance.)

  47. Ok, Lee what is the soloution to it all,
    Argus must be on the edge of one given
    MBS as a universal cause of melt downs.
    Dr Phil and Argus, Oprah, Tiger, spread the blame.
    Except in the case of Rothstein, he is going down, and will do major jail time.
    That is a solution: jail crooks, make them
    pay back all ill gotten gains.
    If Argus had his way, it sounds like he
    might have given the Nobel Prize to Madoff.

  48. Perhaps another way to describe this phenomenon of MBS is to define it as “invited response”. Admittedly, this goes against the ethical notion that “two wrongs don’t make a right”. But when no one seems to be playing by the rules, how’s a poor guy suppose to win? As an advocate confronting the reality of lying cops, prosecutors, and, yes, judges, one may well determine that a little responsive deceit is just what the doctor ordered. So, as opposed to a newly envisioned mental disorder, we’re really talking about age old human frailty. We hope to possess the personal courage and integrity to resist such a temptation, but we’re only frail humans. So, to the extent we’re looking to blame something or someone for our own short-comings, I’d lay it squarely in the lap of systemic corruption, whether it be of the corporate or criminal justice variety. It’s existence isn’t our fault. Or is it?

  49. It is unclear what the motivating factor was behind the issuance of Argus MBS decree.
    If it is too remove some blame, or intent of criminal liability from all the assorted high roller crooks on Wall Street, then that is certainy some nexus to pass the buck, if not the bills to all the people, all the citizens,(under the banner of BAIL OUTS), who had nothing to do with all the credit swap defaults, and all the toxic paper that was a product of brazen criminal scams, which now are accounting for little if any indictments by the DOJ D C political arms.( Eric Holder in CHARGE, not change but
    Same old SAME OLD).
    Can we expect Argus to issue decree Manifesto II on some Sucker Syndrome(SS), to accompany his decree for morality in the fast lanes.
    We now read(Dec 2009) that our insider Wall Street GOV leader at the U S Treasury Department, Tim Geithner, is extending more BAIL out gimmicks to assorted institutions that are too BIG TO FAIL.
    We can not fail to note that Argus is in an area where many small banks were considered to small, to be considered other than a target for big banks, to assume their assets when the FDIC comes swooping in for Gestapo operation— called declarations of insolvency, and recevership, or zero out the small fry, and ZERO out Pronto.
    Argus must be in the middle of some Institute for Global Accountability for the bankers who traffic to the Tetons every summer, to lay out their latest plans on credit market operations over the Nation, lands, and the WORLD.
    Merry XAMS to the biggest DEBT Factory in the World, with its under-writers of trillions in DEBT, AKA the citizen surfs of America.

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  51. Like a lot of others, Argus appears to have been bady duped by the Obama blather about change, and hope.
    His change has now resulted in putting CityGroup executives(and other ilk in Ivy Clad pedigrees) in charge in his Administration, and we had hoped he would not dump that on us.
    Argus goes off on moral breakdown(MBS), but he might do well to ponder the sell out:
    This is covered in a recent piece in Rolling Stone Magazine on the Big Obama Sell- Out,
    Please Argus put this on your Xmas reading list:

    Obama( or O) = the new slave master.
    And, you are the surf underwriters for the debt(AKA BAIL OUTS–for his big bank DONERS—ROBBERS) for the Citycorp cons, who have used the levers of Government( O Admin) for the biggest sting in world history.
    You can hope all you want, but look at what he did, not at his slick speeches. What a bait and switch. Argus, et al, you got conned man, you need to come up with some new Thesis, Manifesto, Paradigm, Syndrome to explain what has happened.
    MBS is so O -like
    O’s latest fake outrage is some act, the FAT hog NYC bankers gamed the system, and O is thier front guy, Mr Party dude.

  52. K-Shah,
    Mountain Woman does not seem to stay at home much, she is on the move with a rolo-dex. Argus, whether that cash for opinions, might work for Argus, he seems to have unlimited opinons, except his E-MAIL is a National Security secret, known only by Mountain Woman and Gerry

  53. MBS is definitely related to BSOS or the Big Sell Out Syndrome.
    First, the break down in morals, then the sell out.
    This is now rampant in Congress.
    No wonder Mountain Woman got the Senator of
    Wyoming’s roldex.
    When will she name names, and bank
    transfers ? Shaking down America’s citizen is now out of control by the political class cabal.
    And, it is beyond insane, it is tragic.
    But, can we do more than just laugh about it,
    as Mt woman off into the sunset in the latest saga by Argus, deep refrains from outer space.

  54. Mortimore, I totally agree that our 2 political party system has been pathetic for too long now. We’ve had nothing but a choice of alcoholics, people with age-related memory problems, womanizers and beauty queens running for the highest office in the land. Pathetic.

    The only thing I have been able to come up with for a long time now is to create a 3rd party: possibly named the “Normal Peoples Party” (NPP) to attract just that. How do we create a ground-swell for it before giving up completely?

  55. PS. Our current President is not included in the above so far, thank heavens, but he is an anomaly from the recent and not so recent past. creent….)

  56. Dear Nancy:
    Obama gives a great speech.
    He got the most PAC & from investment bankers
    Hitler gave a great speech,
    The audacity of the bail outs,
    was more than loose change.
    Yes, your idea of a 3rd Party is an idea whose time has come– in the digital age.
    Except, Argus won’t be on the ticket.
    The U S is now a Natuon that is a slave to corruption.
    The two Party system is destroying America
    Real change must come from another movement.
    Real hope can only come when the old forms of corruption are removed– from their political Party offices
    we can start in Wyoming
    remove Enzi from his office, defeat the GOP in Wyoming

  57. Argus’ Moral Burnout Syndrome is no longer a joke after Haiti. Is there any way either Dr. Sanjay Gupta or Anderson Cooper could NOT acquire it in the future?

    And we’ll all be there doing anything we can to sympathetically help them through it!

  58. Does MBS include pleading insanity then making “stuff” up to get back at your enemies for taunting you for years?

    (Didn’t think so. And it’s fun, too!)

  59. Never forget that every good soap opera needs the right music and continuing eyebrow-raising comments.

  60. Seems to me that MBS in the already wealthy – is caused by boredom; ie. looking for happiness through more money. What they are really seeking is what Argus on Love has obtained. Let them find someone they love who is giving them a real run for their money and they wouldn’t have the motivation, time or energy for MBS?


  61. ie. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”

  62. PS. Personally knew a wealthy, prominent MD who spent so much time chasing his “Jenny” around that sometimes he didn’t even make it to office hours and his nurse would be livid.

    Last thing on his mind was more money!.

  63. A little off the subject maybe, but a request for you to consider the ethics of purchasing things like designer clothes. Do try and think about, for example, the things the item is manufactured from, the conditions of the employees where they’re made and the ethics of retailers. And try to recycle instead of discarding. Thanks!!!!

  64. Hudson High:
    Wonderful news from Worth Avenue.

    The top stores have been in so much financial trouble that they have spent millions of dollars to renovate the street in hopes of luring back their highest end customers.

    Appears that as the old guard of “Society Mavens” are “flying west for the last time “ pilots say…. their offspring have set their sights on higher goals than “clotheshorse.”

    They are in the group making up the majority of law and medical school students today…women.
    Their idea of a “Philanthropy Ball” is the old college Toga Party.

    Hoorah!! Almost extinct from here!

  65. I think I’ve got it!

    “After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.”

    Aristotle Onassis

  66. Recent good news re: the antithesis of Moral Burnout Syndrome.

    Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have recently started a campaign to entice as many billionaires as possible to leave atleast half of their estates to charities.

    Warren Buffet has already pledged to leave 90% of his, we all know of Gates’ philanthropy and many, many others have already signed on from around the world.

    Great news and much needed!

  67. I like this one as well!
    How would it be if fraud cases were dealt with as ordinary theft, one at a time.
    Three strikes??
    Thousands of investors!
    And why not?

  68. Would you say that Jacklyn Kennedy Onassis suffered from MBS for having married Aristotle Onassis considering it was well known that he had engaged in MAJOR illegal activites throughout his life – or was she to be excused to protect her children’s security by his wealth and move to Greece?

  69. PS. Personally I wouldn’t have been interested in dating the man – talk about SLEEPING with him – but then again I never had 2 children who I feared for their lives and didn’t have any money really.
    I definitely could NOT have done what she did if I NEEDED TOO!

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    post is awesome, great written and include almost all
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