We, the new slaves

We are the new slaves, enslaved by the Corporate King. The king disguises itself as our democratic government. But it lies to us and betrays us. The king owns our minds.

We are the new slaves, enslaved by the king’s propaganda and lies. We are told we are free. But money controls all, and the people have little. The money I speak of buys elections and lying politicians who are the minions of the Corporate King. The Supreme Court, itself owned by the Corporate King, has just delivered our country over to the power of money with the court’s latest decision in which it proclaims that the king may spend whatever the king wishes to further enslave the people, by feeding the people lies, feeding their prejudices, feeding their fear, feeding their hatreds and suspicions and claiming it is all for their benefit and their freedom.

We are the new slaves, enslaved by the king’s voice, the television that educates us and our children, that corrupts our values with violence, that dumbs us down so we can no longer think for ourselves. We turn to the tube to think for us. It tells us what gadgets, what things to buy and how to become further enslaved to pay for them. We once enslaved the aborigines in this country by trading them trinkets and mirrors in exchange for their land. It is an old trick that those in power play on the powerless. We are the powerless.

We are the new slaves. We are enslaved by banks and their demand for interest. The banks own our homes. We pay the banks rent in the form of interest, and we keep up their property at our expense. The banks are the soul of the Corporate King. But king is governed by no moral code. The king is governed only by its greed.

We are the new slaves. We pay tribute to the Corporate King from the sweat of our bodies to finance the king’s wars, wars not for our benefit, but for the king’s further enrichment and power. Our people die in such wars. Our people die without adequate health care. Millions of our children go to bed at night hungry and uneducated. The king does not care. It cares only for its wars and its profit.

The king sits back and laughs. To control the minds of hundreds of millions of people is divine. But such power is in the hands of fools who are the collective mind of the Corporate King. That mind is terminally diseased with greed. And the people are in jeopardy, for the king will continue to betray the people and lie to the people until it has sucked out the last of our lives. The Corporate King is insane.

What shall a desperate people do? We will do nothing until we learn the truth of our slavery. Will it then be too late except to scream in the streets?

But the king is deaf.


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  1. We are slaves of our own making. The TV media, Internet, Marketeers, all our wonderful creation. Tell that to the countless white crosses in our national cemeteries. Men and women who gave their lives for US. Keep up the good fight Gerry, if for nothing more than the spirit of these brave men and women.

  2. “I don’t think there are any Russian, and there ain’t no Yanks, just corporate criminals, playing the Tanks.” From the album Modern Romans, written by the English rock band, The Call, around the time of Reagan.

  3. After having lived in financial bondage my entire adult life, I decided a few years ago that it was time to live free. However, I cannot live free yet, because I cannot afford to live free. I don’t have enough money. That is the nature of slavery.

    The longer that a man stays in financial bondage, the longer it takes him to be free of it. When I have made and saved enough money to pay off all my bills and pay cash for a piece of land large enough to sustain me, then all that remains is to build a modest self sustaining ‘green’ home, and then I will be free.

    Yes, free from the King for all but an annual property tax-the inescapable reminder that in this country we can never, ever be truly or completely free again.

    Living in a tent in the woods would be more true freedom than almost every American will ever know. And when you finally find that kind of freedom, that is precisely when the King sends someone to arrest you, and to take away all of your freedom-as a lesson in loyalty to all the King’s subjects watching on TV.

    • Thank you for this comment:
      “Living in a tent in the woods would be more true freedom than almost every American will ever know. And when you finally find that kind of freedom, that is precisely when the King sends someone to arrest you, and to take away all of your freedom-as a lesson in loyalty to all the King’s subjects watching on TV.”

      I lost everything to the King. First my children, then my car, then my driver’s license and passport, and then my ability to pass a pre-employment background check. All of these things involve fines and fees and what not, and I could not pay them, so I was arrested and jailed for a week. Now I really DO live in a tent in the woods.

      But is that such a bad thing? Perhaps being exhiled to the margins can make us stronger and smarter and more attuned to the real world. Perhaps the woods offer more rewards than suburbs and harbor more delicate and beautiful sounds. I am finding these things to be true.

      Until your chains fall off, you can never realize how heavy they are.

      -Rasmus the Hobo Cynic hobocynic.blogspot.com

  4. Guillermo Rivera

    You are right, Gerry!

    Just a check:

    It is getting really hard to find a job in the United States. A total of 6,130,000 U.S. workers had been unemployed for 27 weeks or more in December 2009. That was the most ever since the U.S. government started keeping track of this statistic in 1948. In fact, it is more than double the 2,612,000 U.S. workers who were unemployed for a similar length of time in December 2008. The reality is that once Americans lose their jobs they are increasingly finding it difficult to find new ones. Just check out the chart below….

    #4) In December, there were also 929,000 “discouraged” workers who are not counted as part of the labor force because they have “given up” looking for work. That is the most since the U.S. government first started keeping track of discouraged workers in 1949. Many Americans have simply given up and are now chronically unemployed.

    #5) Some areas of the U.S. are already virtually in a state of depression. The mayor of Detroit estimates that the real unemployment rate in his city is now somewhere around 50 percent.

    #9) 37 million Americans now receive food stamps, and the program is expanding at a pace of about 20,000 people a day. The United States of America is very quickly becoming a socialist welfare state

    #10) The number of Americans who are going broke is staggering. 1.41 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009 – a 32 percent increase over 2008.

    #12) The recent economic downturn has left some localities totally bankrupt. For instance, Jefferson County, Alabama is on the brink of what would be the largest government bankruptcy in the history of the United States – surpassing the 1994 filing by Southern California’s Orange County.

  5. And the King has build many prisons just for that day. Many prisons await the brave souls who will take to the streets. The faceless, black robed, nameless police wait for the brave. Our police, who once were our brothers have been hardened off and now work only for the King. The King will not tolerate slaves who do not know their place. Those slaves will go away.

  6. Marcus Aurelius

    Gotta luv ya, Gerry. Your eloquence and access to the core truth – and ability to show it to us – is so precious – and so rare. I greatly appreciate that – but also have always had the quandary as to what other set of circumstances do you envision. Do we not have the most conscious president we have ever had in this century on these issues? Is it an idle complaint you put forth with a fantasy or non-defined alternative? Is that all nebulous in your mind – or do you have a vision???

  7. Anonymous Slave

    We remain slaves, if that is the correct term, because we have been indoctrinated that the alternative is worse. As FOX News says, be scared, be very scared; it is better to be a slave of this master than risk being enslaved by someone even worse. Now stay tuned for a drug company commercial…

  8. “A Native American grandfather talking to his young grandson tells the boy he has two wolves inside of him struggling with each other. The first is the wolf of peace, love and kindness. The other wolf is fear, greed and hatred. “Which wolf will win, grandfather?” asks the young boy. “Whichever one I feed,” is the reply.”

  9. Gerry…Again you are spot-on (of course). What saddens me is that over the past couple decades we have had opportunities to change things and take more control over our lives, but the average American today rationalizes “Hey…I got 2 cars in the driveway, beer in the fridge, 189 channels, and I have a paycheck every week”….Why rock the boat?
    Also, I don’t think the majority of today’s Americans even know or remember the freedom we had in this country 40 or 50 years ago.

    Thanks for your Blog…


  10. They claim the land.
    Then claim rights to all life on that land.
    Until we have land reform and reestablish the commons, we will be enslaved.
    “When the land is privatized, the children are born into bondage.” — unknown

    Every notice when playing Monopoly that soon most are out of the game, on the sidelines while all of the ‘wealth’ has been funneled into a few hands?

    Every think how that is a reflection on life under the USA empire?

    Time to fold the board and restart the game. And change the rules so most are not marginalized this time.

  11. Hope I know how this works. Some one tell me if I don’t
    Yes I was thinking, about Nestle’s Corportation, I stayed in Vevey Switzerland in May, and learned that it was a Swiss Company, While my new Daughter In Law is Swiss, and don’t think that Nestles was her King, and she was proud of this Corporation, it will become interesting to see how she view it now that she is becoming an American Citizen, and finding she now has a King, from her Homeland no less:)

  12. It’s a sad story, especially as it is our story. Many people are aware of the King and his power over the masses, but we feel powerless to do anything…

  13. In the 1960s, I had faith people would become smarter and so our democracy would become stronger. The opposite has happened. After 35 years of employment, working with top management of a worldwide corporation, I saw first hand how corporate values are able to seap through corporate marble walls and hardwire changes to citizen’s brains that insures enough protesting arms will never be raised to reverse the fall of our democracy. I am sorry and appoligize to my Grandchildren for all the reasons I’d rather keep my life of 71 years than exchange it and be 17 years old again.

  14. i just joined,,this is my first comment,,to a email of the blog,,,we the new slaves,,,i pretty much agree to this ,,,,and very much honnered to be a part od this,,,i hope to be a asset to this thanks

  15. We have been enslaved
    a long long time
    I have been running and screaming in the streets
    I have been called crazy
    I am glad you agree
    we are dumbed down
    and used and killed off
    like animals and completely lied to
    about our rights and
    abilities so we don’t
    hey this boat needs rockin

  16. The only real tool available to the masses to combat the money gap which fuels the propaganda war is education. I’m hard pressed to believe that the failure to properly educate our people is merely a matter of prioritization. It’s part of a calculated agenda to keep “us” in the dark; To allow us to rely upon the sound bite and the right-wing hatchet men to define the issues of the day; To have us never consider independent research as a means of getting at the truth. The powers that be don’t want an enlightened society. They prefer this flock of sheep. If voters truly realized the power that they possess, the very means by which they might transform their way of life, no greedy corporate king would be safe.

  17. People are the investors of corporations. As investors people look forward to their profit in money. The corp. which can act without a conscience is free to exploit to achieve the profit which the shareholders expect and for that matter demand. The shareholders who are not directly involved in the exploration of humanity wash their hands feeling no responsibility to their exploited neighbors for shareholder complicity in corporate acts. As old as the earth is the idea that one person can profit out from the blood of another. Change the thinking of people and we can change the effect of corporations!

  18. We have turned back the clock 100 years when Teddy Roosevelt tried to slow down the Robber Barons. By this Supreme Court opinion, we now acknowledge that we are governed by a Corporate Plutocracy. The opinion just confirmed what we all know in our hearts– The world is governed by large corporations. We are their serfs. The only real power is caring for each other. That is what corporations are afraid of and why they spend so much money appealing to the basic survival intincts. “Give up your freedom and we will keep you secure.” “Hate those who oppose us we will keep you free.”

  19. Thank you. It is so obvious that the corporate world controls our Government. It’s just so horrible that we have evolved into to being ignorant and, actually, stupid.

  20. Well my friend — I have always said you are not only America’s Greatest Living Trial Lawyer– You are its Greatest Living Patriot as well.

    Too many people believe that the scale is even if they get through the courtroom doors. They forget that the Corporations have had over 200 years to unbalance the scales. The scales on their side not are waited down so far it is almost touching the ground. Beware of the evil that hides behind the group.

    One thing I can say about Texas — it grantees a jury at all levels of the judicial process. — DEMAND A JURY it is the last strong hold for the people.


  21. Thank you for articulating what many of us know yet complacently ignore. “The New King” allows us just enough comforts to blind us to the shackles that we all wear, while at the same time allowing the New King to grow richer and more powerful with little or no resistance from the sedated masses.

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  23. Gerry, you sound like Glenn Beck.
    Can’t we surround Washington D.C,
    and rope it off and declare it a mental ward for the criiminally insane.
    As Corporations are endowed with all influencing
    speech, human citizens, are rendered speechless. Instead, we are given blogs to post to that have virtually no impact, like background static, some cyber buzz.
    However, isn’t the President telling you that Corporations create jobs, and personal injury lawyers are the problem, they add little positive to society.
    Some of those many unemployed would love to have a job– in a corporation.
    Lawyers in a Firm band together and call an entity some LL. C or LL. P, so are you the king of the Tetons. ?

  24. Yes Gerry, once again you have sent us this message. Is there any hope for us? What can we do? I hoped that Obama could use his brains and courage to help us. I have never been so disappointed in my life. Thanks for your blogs. Annette

    • @Annette – you and all of you who have been scammed and manipulated by media whores and the Trojan Horse you installed in the White House as the puppet-president of the Financial Crime Cartel, you also bear the responsibility. What frigging disappointment? Get active as you were when you supported a fraud, admit your own mistake and next time do it differently. Look outside corporate puppets from either wing of the same plutocratic party and look around you and delegate people of some merit to positions.

      In our deeply corrupt country no one who seeks power should be given any. If they sought it – they have been already bought out by the Crime Cartel. All that whining makes no sense whatsoever; we still can chose the best among us and vote for them. As long as “they” can scam you into us (“R” wing as repulsive) vs. them (“D” wing as despicable or vice versa) you’d be “disappointed” at whomever is served as a hot media dish de jour.

  25. We are slaves because attorneys settle for juries lacking leadership, too cowardly not to show, left uneducated as to the jury tampering and justice obstruction policies practices and procedures employed by those they see and fear as the silverback in their still primordial survival mechanism overridden minds follow in terror lest they fail to follow his non recorded emphases and not recorded expression and not recorded inflections, jury tampering leads, relying that attorneys aware of the collusion between all judges of all the courts, will not risk their memberships by pointing out such tactics in defense of their clients, are no protection whatsoever.

    We are slaves because attorneys fail to demand that all courts in light of the high crimes judges normally commit, provide every defendant in every court a video record on a stick instead of allowing records available only to those who can afford them and know how to obtain them, questionably input by their secretarial equivalents questionably recorded and questionably reinterpreted when typed by, in most cases yet another, not available till weeks later if one can afford them and not practical for education of another as they in addition to all of the above lack the facial communications employed by the silverback, off the record, to tamper the juries and enslave us all.

    Wont to review the evidence of the above which someone who is dedicated to equal justice for all for the very fist time is presenting on behalf of you slaves and is recording having regularly concealed? Search The Judicial Racketeering enterprise at youtube.com under videos order by date entered.

  26. Before we get to vote, between those the supper rich alone determine, the inequality of campaign financing has eliminated anyone who will address our slavery. As loud a voice as is just now allowed will totally obstruct and thereby eliminate equal representation and freedom of speech to all others. Has this argument even been presented?

  27. The kings power is only the power of his judges to inflict tyrannies. Educate all perspective jurors as to the tricks they employ, provide every defendant with a video record on a stick of the plaintiff, the prosecutor, the witnesses, all records submitted and especially the judge from the direction of the jury so as to not show them and all the kings men will not dare obstruct justice when we prosecute treason by our representatives. That all it takes. It is our right because justice as things are is a farce. So why are we not demanding it.

  28. I agree with Jim McMillan about demanding trial by jury. However, there’s a First Amendment right, as well as a Sixth Amendment right, involved in having a jury trial. If corporations are citizens with First Amendment rights, do they not also have the right to vote?
    After all, there’s a First Amendment component to the right to vote, too. If so, do they not also, by virtue of being citizens with First Amendment rights and voting rights, have a right to sit on juries, too? When we look back on it, the Citizens United case may truly have been the death-knell of democracy in this country.

  29. It’s not so much the corporations themselves, as it is the evolution of a “cult of ruthlessness” among those who manage them. Propaganda within the corporate organization can be almost like a form of brainwashing. As a result there is backstabbing in the stairwell on every floor to the top as they exploit all basic human weaknesses to further their needs. Employees are no longer referred to as “personnel” but “human resources”. We are people for God’s sake, not something to be used up and discarded like ink and paper for “corporate gain”. Some of these corporate weasels are so caught up in themselves they put Hitler to shame, and the people who surround them are so smitten by the “suck-up syndrome” they refuse to tell the emperor he is unclothed. I’ve been to corporate gatherings and meetings where they honestly should have passed out a roll of toilet paper to some of them, so they could keep their noses wiped off. It is the pathological process of greed.

  30. “Under this counterfeit democracy, the people have been prevented from ridding themselves of the prostitutes who have converted Congress from a temple of democracy to a brothel of Mammon. Today, the politician’s very survival depends not on a purity of heart, not on a commitment to good work, but on money. Only dirty money. As a consequence, we cannot take the feeblest first step toward an exhumation and resurrection of our democracy until all campaign contributions are made criminal and until, as it were, the johns are driven out of Congress and politicians are forced to give up the oldest of all professions. Then and only then will the people have a choice, for then and only then will people of worth, of honor, people who will not sell themselves for the office, stand for election. But campaign-finance reform is thwarted at every turn, and obviously we cannot beseech the whores to close down the whorehouse.”

    From “Give me Liberty! Freeing ourselves in the twenty-first century.” by Gerry Spense, copyright 1998.

    Those were the times when the Poet of Liberty dared to dream… Asking others to fight… No more?

    • But perheps the Poet of Liberty has a right to be tired; after all he did warn us but we did not listen. That book you quoted shall be inspiration for a real fight, the only fight we have to engage in: the fight against the global slavery and the Financial Crime Cartel. Otherwise we’re not worthy of Mr. Spence’s ideas.

  31. I wish for support for college education of my three beautiful children, who would benefit society; but the best for me is to settle for loans which eventually justify the bank’s claim of my house.

    More and more I get the picture that there’s an elite who party at the
    people’s expense.

    Martin Luther King, Jr got it right: wealth always comes from the
    common wealth.

    Big Corporates get in trouble and they receive hundreds of billions and tens of billions — of the earnings of the people.

    And it’s called a “bail out.”

    The Supreme Court decison last week now lets loose the unregulated
    spending of corporate money on multimedia spin to influence democratic elections.

    The “bail out” of corporations has now financed the “drown out” of human free speech.

    I hope our President “sticks his neck out,” not just his tongue. While I’m angry and fearful that neither he nor I will find a way to do it, the truth is tyranny begets revolution

    God-willing, betrayals like the ones upon us can still produce anger and fear and new warriors against new tyranny.

  32. The corporate king in Bakersfield is calling my 72 year old client a lie and thief, but jury will hear how the corporate king is the lying thief.

  33. Can a court which provides the few with the means of silencing all others be trusted with interpreting the intent of those who created a contract to protect us from what we now are enslaved to. How dare the sheep skin even adhere to these wolves.

  34. Did someone else or are they proposing that free speech and access which denies both to the majority was the intent?

  35. Do they even hear violation of equal protection when it is alleged.

  36. Is it not we who granted and grant them authority. Did we not do so by at very impressionable ages by swearing our allegiance to the flag, and or for liberty and justice for which it stands? Do we not require they take an oath to uphold the constitution. Do they not know they will violate it before and as they take it? Then was it transferred? Are they not in violation of those conditions of their authority and have they not therefore and at those times forfeit all authority? Questions we would not need to ask if the cameras in our streets were in our courts from the direction of the jury, on the witness, on the Prosecutor, on any records submitted and especially on the Judge, recording onto a memory stick presented each defendant civil or otherwise split and formatted for the web, and juries were educated to the tricks played by judges aiding and abetting those they protect, to tamper jurors via their evolutionarily stuck on ape genetic primordial survival mechanism part of their minds, determining what they will even perceive, recently under study?

  37. The Corporat Prayer by the Slaves “My Father, whom art in power, …….

  38. Yes, you are correct, as always. The Supreme Court has supremely made the corporate dollar the new government vote. One dollar equals one vote. And our path to corporate slavery is complete.

    What I don’t know is how “we the corporate slaves” are getting played by mainstream media and our ever more corporate run government. Are they using the “good cop bad cop” routine where one party-D acts shocked and says they will do something about this bad decision, never meaning to, and the other party-R acts responsible.

    What is amazing to me is how little coverage this huge Supreme Court decision got compared to the current Tiger Woods or John Edwards scandals, whose personal issues could in no way impact our lives.

  39. Gerry

    I was arrested Monday.




    Today a friend suggested I look at:

    I think this is describing the Freeman Doctrine.

    I have only had time to do cursory research on this. I attended one year law school, have been active in all the courts, took a case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court … and came to the same conclusion that Gerry Spence did.

    “Little People are entitled to Little Justice”.

    Possibly this Freeman Doctrine would change that …. if asserted properly ?

    Mr. Spence, I value your learned opinion. Have you studied this freeman / sovereign doctrine ? Is it valid ?

    The 20 hours I spent in Jail Monday night was sufficient. Don’t want to return there anytime soon.

    Thank you,
    Don Q.

    • The higher the level of injustice the more or their kind they can feed apon us.

    • Don Quixote ain’t supposed to get arrested cause he’s a little on the looney side. He’s a little on the optimistic side and he’s got Sancho by his his blind side. He just got to meander around getting into fantasies and living with little interferce from law enforcement. But that was then, and this is now… Trying riding a white horse down any street (unless you’re Amish or something). Try wearing a mask like the Lone Ranger in public…(uh oh). TRY contacting the Civil Liberties Union on an unfair arrest..(uh oh again). I think we are just supposed to shut up and obey or we don’t get our dog biscuits. As for Mr. Gerry Spence…. I believe Mr. Spence, you are channeling Nostradomas with all those quatrains. HOWEVER, you are frighteningly correct on all counts. A bloody revolution? Didn’t John Lennon get eliminated from speaking too much “Peace,love, humanity”? “Has Anybody Seen My Old Friend John? Can You Tell Me Where He’s Goooone.
      Anybody here seen my old friend John?
      Can you tell me where he’s gone?
      He freed a lot of people,
      But it seems the good they die young.
      I just looked around and he’s gone.”
      Looks to me History just keeps on repeating the ugly nature of man..

  40. I would say that John Edwards is going to be a slave, because he let his passions get the better of him, and he is going to pay, big time, in a number of ways.( He might have been a great trial lawyer once, but he really blew it)
    Money has been equated with the first amendment.
    I and most don’t have much in that area, because I can’t run ads costing $ 500,000 for a 30 second spot on ABC.
    So, most could care less, about my puny first amendment(so called) right.
    The first amendment is given to Big T V networks, and big corporations, who must pay mega bucks to big T V networks to blabber their ADS(AKA so called first amendment speech—that counts, and is impressive etc.
    I respectfully submit that the reason the USA now has a near $ 13 trillion national debt , is because the first amendment has been given as an almost exclusive(in reality) to the BLOOD SUCKER CLASS in this Nation, who is in deep trouble.
    Thank you, if any even read what I said, or even think I have a shred of any first amendment rights, left, here… out in the sticks on some windy road out in the middle of NO-WHERE America

  41. “Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and repeat to yourself, the most true and comforting words of all; This, too, shall passs.”

    Ann Landers

  42. Maybe this is a good time to apologize and give the country back to the Indians.

  43. Ladies and gentlemen the Constitution* is dead.

    And Janis Joplin was right in the song when she said,

    “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”**.

    *Constitution The fundamental law of the United States, framed

    in 1787, ratified in 1789, and variously amended since then.

    **1971 Janis Joplin U.S. number-one single, from the album


  44. As Sandra Day herself said a few days ago on television, (paraphrased)

    “Shame on us for only having 2 woman on the Supreme Court when even Canada has 4, including their C hief Justice!”

  45. anti_fascist_freedom_fighter

    RIGHT ON! Yes, we are serfs, and the very foundation of our slavery is because the whole world has had the “democratic vote” stolen by electronic voting machines controlled by corporations. Did you know that in the recent Massachusetts election, Scott Brown lost every precinct which was counted by hand, and won virtually all the precincts counted by electronic voting machines? See Bev Harris’ article at BlackBoxVoting.org. Bev also points out that electronic machines were slower to count than the hand tallies! From my point of view, it appears that only when they knew how many votes they needed to win, only then the electronic votes come in and decide the game. Maybe Mr. Brown really did win, maybe not, but we will never know who really won that election, or ANY election run by private corporate voting machines. PRIVATE MACHINES COUNTING THE PUBLIC VOTE! HOW INSANE IS THAT? I also believe that the polls are rigged, have been rigged for years. Voting is also rigged by the hidden electronic machines, but never obviously. Almost always you will see the “surprise winner” somehow win at about 51% to 49%. This happens over and over and over again, all around the world.

    We’ve seen what kind of “public servants” the corporations put in power, both democrat and republicans, working hard for their corporate masters. The only way for “we to the people” to return to any semblance of a democracy would be for the people to seize all the electronic voting machines owned by that single company, Diebold (now called Premier Voting Systems), and (not unlike the Luddites) smash them with bats or (not unlike the Boston Tea Party) throw every damn last one of them into the Boston harbor. Then we should create a constitutional amendment, from the people up, to have a national voting holiday – where everybody must not only vote via paper ballots, but must also work the polls to count those paper ballots, openly and under the direct supervision of the other citizens. Only citizens should count, and only citizens should certified the totals. Not computers. Not machines, not officials. Openly and transparently. To not do this, NOW, IMMEDIATELY, is for each of us to choose to remain slaves.

    The second constitutional amendment should state that corporations are not “people” and specifically deny corporations the protections of the bill of rights, and further, require that each corporation first serve the public good (there goes the pollution, the poisonous products, etc.), and secondly serve profits.

    What crazy ideas we slaves have, here in the bottom of the boat, chained to the oars and rowing so our masters can stroll the deck, as they listen to lutes, and imagine great wars…

    I have shown you the way to revolution from our servitude. We, the people, can do it with pens and paper and never fire a shot…

  46. I was once a “king” — albeit a compassionate one with integrity, and that of a very small kingdom. My extended family, whom I have long provided for, had lived well, but not to excess.

    Notwithstanding, we now find ourselves destitute slaves — the manifestation of an audacious fraud, driven by the unbridled esurience of the mammoth kings Gerry refers to.

    http://www.TWSYF.com is an acronym for “Truth Will Set You Free” because we have been enslaved by shackles of prevarication, and only credible revelations of the truth can set us free.

  47. The disease is systemic, there is nothing new here. Greed, envy, coveteousness etc. these exsist in the individual too varying degrees and express themselves in the body social. I dont want to minimize the truth of about the corporate Kings but I cant lose sight about the truth of my own condition and that condition must be submitted to truth or I am sunk. In summary I get to pissed off when I watch and here the manipulations in the name of goodness.

  48. Gerry has been right all along, folks. Now I’m getting it also, so “Turn off those cable “news” television sets, America!”


  49. People! Sign a petition to amend the Constitution, which is posted over here: http://www.movetoamend.org
    About 60 thousand Americans already signed. Spread the word!

    Besides, the organizers are capable and dead serious: several years ago they managed to ban corporations from any political activity in one region of California and, whatever comes their way, they will never stop fighting.

    I take it that Gerry was invited to lead this movement, but apparently he is too retired.

    Regardless: please sign the petition and join the movement – no one will bring you your freedom but you. Spread the word!

  50. You have presented the problem. I am presenting the solution. Are you it?

  51. Gerry, gaving been troubled by the problem far longer then I, Look what you have started

  52. Might the question be whether or not the Supreem court so called Justices who delivered the freedom of speech and the vote of the meany to the few have violated the conditions of their authority, The Constitution of the united states. And when they took thier oathes were they not intent on doing so.

  53. They are only as corrupt as we, lacking today’s technology, have allowed them to be.

  54. In order to boost his lagging readers, Norm Pattis plays off this blog item(SEE Slaves, Birds, unhuman automats) with the by-line “Gerry Spence is dead”, claiming you( G S) wrote this theme 10 years ago, and says it is old wine in a new bottle. The “we are all slaves”, or just funny humans in chains, and uniforms.
    Strange, Norm fancies himself as the Young Turk, & is more than snide on the dusting off his boots from the WYO ranch, which he says he dusted off(like 26 times).
    He seems like an Avitar of the strange bird cyber- flock from the East, he is even ranting on Walter Olsen(Overlawyered-DOT. COM) who hates plaintiff’s lawyers.
    Walter is not even a lawyer, he is a NeonCON ranter.
    If Norm keeps it up, he will become the Tranny Rex of Conn, not to mention exiled from
    the billable hour heaven he inhabits, as he strays away from Contig-FEE world, while spitting on those who are in CONTIG fee world like some lizzard from the bogs of Conn, snob-fest world.
    Norm now blocks any readers who will not be spinners for him, in some turbo-boost, as he shut down access to commenting on his blog for most, who will not rant his songs.
    He has got one guy –David– who floats out some sour grapes, like he
    is the kind who was enthralled with Avitar, like he never saw real birds in real life.
    Norm does his –oh he was a brilliant Columbia Prof, a writer at the Paper, and others are just sliced ham.
    What a pompous oaf, Norm is, & it was after he lost the one case, and a lady went on his blog about the self delusional world Norm lives in that he blocked most from commenting.
    Of course, Gerry is alive, and most get the drift of slaves, and strange birds, and apathy in America.
    Because Norm don’t is beside the point.
    Is Norm really alive or is it a cyber delusion, that makes some in Conn, thinks he is, by swallowing his blog scripts.

  55. Gerry, We can all look in the mirror and ask ourselves how am I no different than the one I condemn? Every moment in our lives we have an opportunity to change our destiny, our nation and the world when we honor and respect ourselves and one another.
    Let’s begin this very moment.

    Anne Danaher


  56. Ann Danaher is the subject of a big blog piece by Norm Pattis, he is going into a big tizzy that you should write her a big check, Gerry !
    Norm is wrong the settlement was not spit 50 -50, between the two defendants, according to the papers.
    Norm claims Ann has something like 28 boxes on her work on matters, in Iowa.
    Norm sure feels at liberty to tell Gerry what he must do, who he must talk to, lectures him on one post that” Gerry …is dead”, then a few days later, is telling him to write checks to those who Norm speaks to(or claims to with quotes(supposedly– on stuff).
    Gee, one might think Gerry is a slave of Norm, if one did not know any better.
    How come Norm did not represent Harrington, was he too busy dishing so many other around America..?
    Why doesn’t Norm first retract his big blog on “Gerry is dead”, before he gives orders to people on how important Norm is with all his close friends at TLC, or is that just Norm at his usual bull

  57. Anne Danaher is a hero, a true American hero.
    Anne, you are the best

  58. Norm comes swooping in, ordering Spence to write checks, all over the WWW, his NORM PATTIS blog:
    Didn’t Norm profess he was through writing on Spence in his flocking-obsessions, he wrote something like 28 ranting pieces, that hardly any could understand, they were such utter gibberish.
    Norm gives new meaning to Avatarian- Slavery, in this new gilded cyber age.
    He acts as if he won the case, but he did nothing, he uses his blog to hype on, but it was not his case, he ridicules when the case was going on.
    Then, when it is over, and he was just a cyber floater, he orders Gerry to write checks to non-party(s) in the case.
    Talk about some cult Norm has run on his games with some cyber-duck from Simply ludicrous injustice, but Norm needs some more TLC training, maybe he can’t hack it in Wyo, maybe Panama would be more to his liking.

  59. Kill the king, you pussy. Grow some balls.

  60. Please consider Articles of Freedom ( see internet), submitted by we the people… to confront elected representatives , much as Magna Charta barons confronted the King.. for the rights of the people… on the Captiol grounds of states across America on the Anniversary of the American REvolution.. April 19, in defense of truth, liberty and for order in honoring the written rights of man, complicit with Usa Constitution..
    If the people defend their liberty and rights against the encroachment of state, and the state will defend it’s rights against the encroachment of the federal and the federal will nullify or remove itself from U. N.. then we will have peace and liberty , but the power is in the people, they just have to recognize and use the power of prayer, petition, and pen, of people united to common cause of truth, liberty and order of righteous law to sustain and honor the rights and responsibilities of people.. WE have to defend it and be willilng to sign our name in defense of liberty .

    S. Heritage International Consulting,Inc.
    http:// sheritageinternationalconsultinginc.weebly.com
    I am 13 generation American. of European settlers in early 1600’s on about 50 lines… and may have some native american descent as well so that makes me even more American…

    God bless for all you do . as fine representative of the people…


  61. As a teacher of economics, US history and other social sciences at the high school level, I see SOOOOO much validity to this post. I would refer all reading this post and the various responses to check out the 14 defining characteristics of fascism:

  62. Gerry, after you eloquently outlined how the Kimg owns our minds, and controls us, you note
    ” the King is dead”.
    Then, TLC( ex) Instructor Norm Pattis from your Trial College posts up on his Conn blog
    that you, “Gerry Spence is dead.”
    Thus, are we to wonder is Mr Pattis a puppet
    of this King with no blood in his veins ?
    The King seems to have many puppets, dupes,
    and those that beg for his 30 ounces of Gold.
    Why, are we to understand that Norm is on the King’s payroll at certain times to defend some police in the East.
    Oh, the king’s mercinaries, come at us in many forms, birds of prey swoop down from thunder laden skies.

  63. Just wanted to say that I recently discovered your blog and it’s a refreshing take on reality. I couldn’t agree more with a lot of your posts. I’m 17 and I’ve got to say, I’m disappointed at what this world is. I was raised in a bubble and had no clue what life on this planet entailed. Out of all the bullshit that this country creates, I’d have to say the worst is the ignorance. Schools teach kids how to run the machines, not how to think on their own. But why would the people that run our country want kids to think on their own, they would prefer a quiet slave labor force to run the machines that produce massive amounts of wealth for the select few. People are so ignorant that their ignorant about being ignorant. But at least there are some people who call it like they see it. I recently started my own blog because I have so many ideas relating to this perpetual bullshit. Many times they become tangled up and difficult to express but I figure if I address them one at a time I might clear things up, even if for my own sake.

  64. ” You can hear the nightwatchman click his flashlight, ask himself if its him or them that’s insane.”
    Bob Dylan
    Visions of Johanna

    You are right ofcourse.
    But. But everyone always hates the King except ofcourse when they’re rallying round him and signing his praises because they’re working themselves up to bashing in the brains of some other group of gods children who have a different king.
    But ,except for that time, everyone always hates the king.” Uneasy rests the head that wears the crown ” peels down upon us from the countless voices that have repeated those words over the last four hundred years.
    You seem to be more than a bit of a country preacher Mr. Spence with a full compliment of wisdom and canniness. But now that you have walked into the saloon and revealed to the assembled that the king is the enemy and thus provoked the response of the sixty three souls above
    who are blameing, dismissing, hooting, finger pointing ( 59), and falling to knees pious (1) It would be nice if you could give these souls some direction on how they could do something positive. Because if you don’t they’re liable to get rowdy and the king will have to send in some law and order guy and thw ” whole catastrophy”, as Zorba described it will just keep rolling on.
    I hope that how much I enjoy this blog shows

  65. How was the Supreme Court’s decision anything other than strict adherence to the First Amendment? What did the decision do if not further secure the boundaries of free speech?

  66. We are on the edge of political revolution…JOIN

    Question “How can President Obama restart an economy that has been moved offshore?”

    Sad answer by David DeGraw: To merely say that things will not be improving economically is to be a delusional optimist. The truth that you will not hear: we have been hit by an economic deathblow and the United States lay in ruins.

  67. Gerry,
    You are great.

    Wonderful article.


  68. FUCK THE KING, the global elite and their henchmen in congress, the executive branch and the Supreme Court !!!!!

    Fuck their illegal and immoral wars. Fuck their torture and death camps at Git-Mo, Iraq and Af-Pak!!!

    Fuck their phoney war on terror and their false flag terror attacks.

    Plenty of us are wide awake in America and already waste deep in the fight, and the blood and mud does not slow us down.

    You want my freedom…….COME AND TAKE IT or go fuck yourselves you nazi fascist punks!!!!!

  69. I am always so depressed after I read such a depressing description of our lot. 65 year old common sense thought it was bound to happen. However, I, the 65 year old feels there is still hope. I quit the coporate worship several years ago and started my own business. It is purposely small and I do not own a Bentley but guess what? I am not without work. That is what this country is about. Every time I go to Saturday or Sunday market I am enthused to see that people can still make a living using their own witts. It is a living that does not include cable TV, Cadillac Health insurance, Sport games tickets, brand name clothes, or the newest gadget on the market. These people make life happen for themselves they do not count on Corporate jobs to provide their health insurance or other benefits that none of us can really afford.
    I am looking forward to 2012 when the whole paradigm shift is going to make us catch up to what is real. It isn’t all negative. Get ready and be ready.

  70. This land of opportunity and the free certainly consist of many unique paradoxes. While I agree with everything you said (I too have seen it in the courtroom and in life), I can honestly say there is no other place that I would want to raise my two young children. We are raising them to questions that what needs to be questioned. To think when something needs to be thought about and to take action when it’s time to stand up and be counted. Our oldest tells us she is going to be a lawyer. I’m sure if she decides to pursue this noble profession, she will no doubt make this country and world a better place to live. Keep it real and keep us thinking. Mitch

  71. The streets of America are paved with gold. However, from your viewpoint it’s just dirt.

    Stop whining about the “Man” keeping you down and make a real contribution to society.

  72. Imagine the different outcome if he had liked women. Bye bye wilderness!

  73. That came from the EEOC
    handbook, on cases where white rocket enginers get only 1/20 what waiters at Outback Steak House get, as it saved money on the Deta 4 launch program when Lockheed merged.
    Lots of sunshine, but NO Bread.
    No MAS, man….

  74. This is addressed to To George who posted that wonderful video.
    Since I am George and you may have been addressing me, I’d like to tell you I enjoyed it very much. To show you that I don’t worry all the time, I’d like to pass along this quote which I just read. Since we are all scientists here, albeit social scientists ( in both senses) I think that it’s appropriate.
    ” Science and Mother Nature are in a marriage where Science is always suprised to come home and find Mother Nature blowing the neighbor “

  75. Gerry,

    Please explain the solution to the problems.

  76. May have to fly back to the old stomping grounds (Wellesley) soon to find a good lawyer. Since you’re in Framingham, I believe……. May soon find out!

    Thank you; made my day.

  77. Will someone please cite the US Supreme Court case Gerry is talking about? I have clicked on a bunch of them handed down on or before Jan 25, the date of this blog entry, and haven’t found it. Maybe I should know, but I’ve been hiding out in the library instead of sitting in front of the boob tube.

    Hey, yeah, Gerry. Good insight. I wish you would do blog entries–your opinion on the topics whether Kennedy and Lincoln were assassinated by international bankers, and the role of world finance in the wars that appear ready to break out in the Mideast this late spring–between US and Iran, and between Israel against Lebanon and Syria.

  78. Upstart Nation

    We have ruined Jefferson’s revolution by letting the GOP carry water for the insurance companies and the DNC for the socialists. Now we have a monarchy standing on the legs of a leviathan socialist government and the Federal Reserve/Central Bank and insurance companies..we must get back to a Jeffersonian Libertarian Democracy..

  79. Hatch darling, I love you but your ideas just leave me speechless.

  80. I believe misusing terminology like the word “slavery” to make a point about some other problem only waters down the language and leads to confusion. If language is imprecise, solutions will be just as imprecise. If someone tells you that you are a slave, it’s hard to conceive of how to proceed. In the past, solutions to the problem of that particular institution referred to by the word “slavery” often required violent revolution. Compared to “real” slavery, dealing with corporations that break the law is simply a matter of building consensus such that legal action can be taken – achieving agreement among men. Name-calling – calling we the people slaves – is not only a misuse of the language but counter-productive in my view.

  81. Mr. Spence, I hope you will add more of your golden nuggets to this blog.

    Would love to read more of your posts.

    Perhaps something on health care?, war talks about Iran?, (since they are current news), or anything else at all that your heart wants to speak about.


  82. Psst….Hatchy….

    Rather odd comment coming from a man who was married with 3 small children who was hanging out in bars and chasing women home for sex……ya think?

  83. Dear Hatchy,

    The McCoys are our only “Neighbors” (if you could call them that) and we wouldn’t step foot on their property for a million dollars.

    Quite physically impossible.

  84. jeanne mullins

    Some confusion: Often misquoted: “The root of evil is the lack of money.”

    That may inspire us to be kinder and more logical, as Plato indicated.

  85. Personally, I think Gerry provided one solution to some of the problems in his book “Seven Simple Steps To Personal Freedom.” On the first page of his Note to the Reader, Gerry said this:

    “As I see it, the want of personal freedom is the source of most of the unrest and apathy I encounter wherever I go. Yet no one and no system can deliver personal freedom to us. Slavery in any form begins and ends with the self. If we are to enjoy personal freedom, we cannot look to any state, to any church, to any power other than the power of the self to deliver freedom to us. Still, most of us do not know how to go about acquiring this most precious of life’s gifts.”

    I agree with his statement and with the majority of the ideas he presented. For me, the above quote struck the strongest chord. I believe we all have the power to achieve personal freedom in our own way. The problem for many of us is that we may listen to others who don’t want us to have that freedom, for whatever reason. Because they may be from family, religious community or circle of friends and we respect them, we may take their opinions as fact when they are only personal bias. I think that the sooner we question and challenge them, the better for all of us.

  86. Having researched the historically failed churche’s role, I have indeed reached burn out … regarding the use of hate groups, torture, threats, etc. Nothing could be bloodier than the executions and so on. See the Michener book “Texas”.

    Why do the poor suffer and die? A good answer may be that the Faith Based Monies, with a definition of monies intended for the feeding and sheltering of the poor, never arrive. That in summary is internationally never arrive, for example, Africa only puts about two percent of received funds into food. The poor literally starving to death, arrive with skin shredding.

    In this town, a one half million dollar investment in a new food line building, resulted in deleting the poor’s showers, and no food for the lunch and dinner program. So, now, you are tired and hungry, as you sip the diluted water and potato soup, with hopefully five bites of protein…

    It is not the corporate greed so much as it is the lack of definition. No Change.

    It would seem that the money to feed the poor, would be given to t he poor to feed themselves. The church conveniently adds a 97 percent markup.

    Could this just be the advent or approach of historically failed socialist programs? Such as the new health control or Universal programs, under the auspices of Medicare?

    Wyle states that we have imagination and do not need to repeat the errors of history . I think that is sound advice.

    Let us hope for people with good knowledge of history.

    In 1970 comprehensive coverage could be had from a private insurance agency, with choice and quality abounding, paliative and preventine care abounding, for only thirty dollars a month,

    Who in sound mind would replace this with an overly monitored state controlled agency that has purged the existing database of medicine, purged paliative care, specialists, etc.

    The hypocrites oath, as well as personal choice and the growth necessary to maintain the ethical and principled growth of medicine has all but been stifled, and the cost? An enormous cost…

    Why repeat the historically failed programs of Germany regarding health. Are you aware that Germany purged the health system and their own citizens in their controlled medicine? The descriptions of the citizens experience analogize the experiences of the common man’s in America, who in reality has no lawyer’s voice.

    My friend’s mother from Germany was forced into a health birthing program of Germany’s during the war. All were forced t o induce birth at six months, then these good citizens were rewarded with $200.

    In Florida, the young women are being sterilized in order to received welfare benefits. Florida has so many potential pending lawsuits against this agency dispensing benefits, that they state they have no money left for resources.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could disband such agencies, and distribute resources by choice? This sounds more like a true principle of real growth and achievements.

    State control now masks conveniently not only ongoing mediocrity but actual atrocity.

  87. In Summary

    We have two elements of our reality t hat we need to understand. That is, state control of health is essentially state control of health. It is not the ethical practice of medicine.

    History states that firmly.

    Ford armed Adolf and received medals or honors from him. Ford would also go about to the churches spreading hatred of the jews prior to WWII.

    Roosevelt refused the only boat of refugee Jews from Germany, routing them to other countries.

    Winston Churchill approached America with hat in hand, only to be rebuffed, before the Nazi’s exterminated 6 million.

    Almost all churches fell to the socialistic societies, including Germany.

    Are you aware that a young child, aged five, with a high fever, was denied antibiotices by a social worker? When the worker told me of the incident, and how she bathed the child with ice water, she asked if I were criticizing her? I responded had it been I, I would seek another doctor and medicine.

    Older people are now being denied needed medicines as they age, by social workers.

    We now have a health program, state controlled, that almost consistently creates the atrocities all such historically failed state controlled programs had.

    We have a huge problem in America, the disappearance of civil rights and liberties, as personal choice would quickly cure what is wrong here.

    In principled medicine the desire to remain healthy would quickly lead a patient to medicine or a competent doctor.

    Personal freedoms need to be re-established to assure quality.

    Look at the failed roles of lawyers when reading about history and the failed attempts of economic control through the health program.

    We need to learn, and we need to use our imagination, develop strong voices, and strong characters that refuse these controls.

    We need the voice of peoples that have the goal of freedom might have.

  88. Finally,

    When Clinton was stomping around my hometown, he stated “..that it was time that we begain to apply final solutions.”

    Hillary called her party “…the party of progress.”

    Historically the party of progress is the name Adolf used for his party.

    We need to reject these ideas, firmly and consistently.

    On Clinton’s watch we have viewed the genocide of one fourth the Kurdish peoples and he renigged on a promise that America would protect them with air cover when they were attached by chemical warfare. Playing golf, Clinton refused to respond to the call that would give our planes the go ahead and fly.

    Hillary blocked view of her thesis which stated this goal “state will control your family, and lawyers will raise your children.”

    Both are myths, if you look at history.

    I am still for civil rights and Martin Luther King. I am not for the elimination of personal rights. We need to take our hammers and once again forge the tones of freedom.

    What a sad moment to come this far, and yet not have stronger personal rights and liberties, more resources by choice… But less, and the first man of color as president?

    We are quiet, when we should be jubilant.

  89. Peace should be the desired stat e of reality, one of the common grounds we share.

    Technology should be an instrument of peace developing a non competitive global stage.

    We have invested in failed organized religion and not in truth and applied technology.

    The big five should have ceased to exist decades and decades ago.

    Ms. Clinton suggests that we will bring jobs back to the golden era of production (which probably never should have existed to the extent it did..)

    Who is holding the pocketbook of past and potentially pending new inventions?

    People should be able to marry whomever they choose regardless of race, color, culture…

    We should have the freedom of speech, the security of peace that enables us to talk about this publicly. We need to lead by example.

    State control is not example. It is what happens when the lack of knowledge surpasses methods of compassion and freedom.

    Lack of knowledge of history produces ignorance. Ignorance produces brutality.

    We need more than ever to lead by example.

    If we study the personal lives of the Clinton’s, if we trust what we read, it is written that not only was the press secretary under Clinton personally attacked, but Hillary hired a detective firm to keep check on the women that Mr. Clinton approached.

    Hillary’s detectives worked in this manner, should the women attempt to speak about the overtures made to them by Pres. Clinton, Hillary’s detectives would promise that they would meet with both physical and psychological terror (other wise known as torture).

    One monk put the bible down as he was talking, and emphatically stated “It is time that we lead by example.”

    Compassion, kindess and intelligence compliment one another, they go together.

    The goals of leading by example, re instating even stronger personal freedoms, kindness accompanying intellect, are enough to keep our plates full when we seek common goals.

    These are the dictums of life that do not change.

    Plato stated “The only thing that gives results as consistent as math is kindness.”

    We might think about this when we think about a society that governs itself without the innate atrocities of state control.

    Resources by choice would replace policing of the family by workers. Reduction of state employees would allow resources to be freed up.

    It works. The math does not work any other way. It never did.

    One young mother struggling with poverty had her child removed because she would not afford to move. Is poverty a crime?

    The failed socialistic programs rendered by those seeking state control always treat poverty as a crime…. Rather they penalize it, or tack on huge administration costs, taking once again the choice out of resources. Becoming financially ungainly, without much or any personal choice, it must then be uncompassionate.

  90. Finally, Letterman owes me an apology.

  91. Christ? We have a multi million dollar, billion dollar, faith based fund.

    Christ implied choice. The growth of personal liberties, not state control.

    Feed my flock,…each according to need. Again, Christ refers to choice.

    I did not make you to suffer.

    If you do it to the poor, you do it also to me.

  92. I wrote in the l970′ the first new flex time work environment, with skill guarantee, upward mobility, employee choice….

    I was the lst woman in America working as the lst admin coor for Information Systems (many fields which were not developed)
    I was “taken down” by greedy relatives and government agents, some of them were family members.

    The point is that is it not good enough to criticize…we must recreate. We must have other directions, kinder and more logical.

    It seems to me that we build the Communist manisfesto again.

    The mortgage banker I spoke with called many of the rich clients, the rich communists. Shortly after she changed jobs.

    But it’s true.

    The corruption under the new distribution agencies of this society is incredible, almost beyond belief.

    Technology should accompany negotiations for peace.

    What else is so important economically to the world?

    Instruments of war have generally been the results of munitions supplied.

    In WWII Ford, a good friend of Roosevelt, provided Adolph with the arsenal that later Adolph occupied Europe with the aid of. We financed and armed him.

    Churchill was sent home 2 years prior to the holocaust with an empty hat.

    Roosevelt attempted to contact my great grandfather once, stating that he was rather certain that they were related.

    My great grand father told him he would be ashamed to admit that.

    Freedom Kindness Logic

  93. Joe Garvisto

    Where you at Gerry, how come you are not all over this BP Gulf oil spill thing ?
    BP is not even an American Company, but it is the big dog in Wyo, as it is in Ak, as it is in the Gulf of Mexico…
    Where you at man, you retired from the Blog-O-Sphere…
    I am throwing up, an sick from seeing the devistation from the vast gushing oil, all over the Gulf States of America.
    I am sick of this stuff Gerry, where you at man, hope you are AOK…

  94. Maybe someone has already said this, but we urgently need to figure out a solution to keep politicians separated from corporate money. I love capitalism and socialism. We need socialism to regulate capitalism. Our government is for the people and by the people, and so ideally it is socialistic. Now our politicians are almost all subjected to corporate money. As a result our laws become more corrupt, less fair, and more tyrannical. We will continually allow Goldman Sachs to pillage and to plunder our tax dollars, our hard earned cash, only to watch them get a slap on the wrist long after justice had been due. What a mockery! And to add insult to injury, to add salt to a mortal flesh wound, right-wingers just claims we’re all lazy and don’t want to work and appreciate government hand outs. Then you see the tea party out there protesting against their own interests. Where are the true punishments? The GOP do not want to do anything. The DEM try to change but they are are essentially made up of the same guys from these corporations. The separation of money from government is our only route to a successful democracy. As Mr. Spence points out, we need to stop that revolving door at any cost to preserve this great democracy.

  95. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio
    A nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you, boo hoo hoo
    boo hoo hoo !

  96. George, you are a total buffoon who doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about and NOT an asset to Gerry’s web site. You should be ashamed.

  97. You are awesome Sir!
    I can’t agree more how the “King” doesn’t care.

    Please keep writing.

    God bless you and God bless the humanity.

  98. Gerry! Come back!

  99. “Millions of our children go to bed at night hungry and uneducated.”

    “People will pay more for entertainment than to be educated.”

    Johny Carson

  100. Then you havent seen these sneaky bastards


    History of the Pledge of Allegience



    The new slave drivers

  101. Gerry where are you?

  102. “A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  103. Great stuff Gerry, you are truly a rare halo of reality. Our society has been built upon layer after layer of rediculous gobbledygook. Cable television is regulated and censored by big brother and the internet which has been so good to all of us free minds is sadly on its path to government molding as well.

    Right from going to a person’s funeral out of respect , real respect would be to honour and visit the person while they were still alive but instead nowadays its common to see children neglect their parents waiting for the big inheritance, a sad part of society is that most convert everything , even friendships and relatives into money. And this outrageous envy for celebrities who are paid millions to hit baseballs and act in movies. Since when did hitting a baseball become more important than saving a person’s life, i guess maybe when our society considered it normal to support a company that sells us 200 dollar shoes that were made in china in a sweatshop for 18 cents, but do not forget tiger wears them.. because he gets 20 million a year to do so…did you notice everything is made in china now, and you wonder why there is no jobs left here.

    All the wars we fight in the name of jesus or as we know it now terror.Yes the war on terror which teaches us not to trust one another , “any car that is parked somewhere out of place could be a bomb and oh anyone could be a terrorist, even your neighbour” i was actually taught this in a course and the majority of the people in the course did not even bat an eye, it could have been because they were already conditioned by previous propaganda.Amazing concept,divide the people with paranoia.

    How the government preys on low income neighbourhoods to recruit for the military and those misleading advertisements showing how glorious joining the military is. The psychological disorders from what these kids are made to do in war. I’ve heard the stories of orders to mow down innocent civilians, how glorious. False advertising, misleading or just another example of government deception ….
    More people have died from peanut allergies in the usa than terrorism in the last 9 years.

    How about all the abandoned houses, movie theatres,peoples livelihoods, peoples dreams in New Orleans that are still not repaired after Katrina, but theres 800 billion dollars to go send an army to secure some cheap oil in the middle east and not find weapons of mass destruction …and of course , theres still a space program , good job.Let’s talk about the space program, is it that a country is so greedy that if they find a planet that is inhabitable first that they will claim that planet(remember the first time on the moon they placed a flag) , or would the idea of having a world space program make too much sense of an already wasteful government priority ? Sorry healthcare and food are more important, even my dog would know that.How about we take care of the planet we live on first.

    Obviously a person could go on and on..the bailouts, the corporations(banks, goldman sachs) and governments in business together,corrupt, conflict of interest, would be an understatement.
    How the media has attacked toyota ever since the government invested(bailed out) in general motors, shame on general motors,those poor people who watched their stocks and retirements disappear, this is one of the crimes of the century and noone has done a thing about it. Yet society still supports general motors because we are taught to have no loyalty to ourselves or eachother , only loyalty to the dollar in our own pocket and how to get more dollars..capitalism

    Support your local farmer and his right to grow you natural food because even that is disappearing so the corporations can feed you an animal that has lived up to its knees in its own feces and been injected day after day with hormones and antibiotics its entire life, not to mention they are allowed to feed these mistreated animals byproducts such a chicken feces and feathers.. You are what you eat doesn’t quite sum it up.

    Society is like a biker rumbling down the road on his loud motorcycle. He’s got black leather boots, blue jeans ,cigarettes in his t shirt pocket, tattoos, sunglasses and his long hair is blowing back from under a skull cap helmet . As he waves to his friends passing by he runs into the back of a truck and dies of fatal head injuries. He was so worried about looking good for everyone else that he didn’t respect himself enough to wear a proper full faced helmet or pay attention to where he was going.We don’t honour ourselves enough and in turn have no respect for others.

    Our quality of life is declining and we the people have to speak up and change our ways, but be careful when you speak up and challenge the system as you may be labelled a terrorist.

  104. Dear Gerry,

    I would like to thank you for your excellent book, “Seven Simple Steps to Personal Freedom,” parts of which I read at least once a day. It was your section titled “The Union of One” (p. 102) that made a huge impact on me. It inspired me to focus my attention on a craft I enjoy and could make my passion, my play, and could even turn into a small little business when I developed enough skill to create small pieces of art in the form of wire jewelry. You had also said that “workers will again become independent and own their own tools.” I am doing that too; gradually but steadily, I am ordering small amounts of merchandise, paying as I go, not on credit.

    Today, I made my very first piece of jewelry, which is a little misshapen here and there, but it is all my handiwork, and I will wear it proudly. It is thanks to you and your excellent guide that this was even possible.
    Thank you once again.

  105. I can’t believe that as much as your office touts it’s for the little guy and I tell them I can prove with amateur x-ray evidence that I literally had an RF device placed in my uterus during surgery following a staged car accident in corporate retaliation that they have no interest in even verifying my evidence. I know the rumors that precede me and if your office fell for them I can’t believe you don’t believe in innocent until proven guilty. You guys suck.

  106. Gerry, are you Okay, buddy? You haven’t posted since January and before that you never missed a beat.

    I’m just kind of worried about you and miss your posts.

    Take care, and please be well.


  107. So what is to be done? Since money has captured the mainstream of activity, the route that remains is the traditional one: change people’s thinking directly. That’s what revolutionaries do, but typically simplistically. Now we need it in a careful, spot-on way. If you’re interested in thinking this through, let me send you an ebook copy of my book Finding Your Inner Lenin: Taking Resonsibility for Global Change (Xlibris, 2007). My email is jjensen@gci.net

  108. All I can say is this perfectly articulates what I have been feeling and saying for a long time. Glad someone with your credibility has said it. I really feel the U.S. is doomed at this point unless there is another civil war which I don’t think the country could survive.

    George Bush opened the flood gates for the demise of this country. I never imagined I would live to see and witness this!! Although I am an Obama supporter my biggest frustration is that he is unwilling to go before the American people and frame up this problem as it really is and as Gerry’s post describes so well.

    There is a huge root cause elephant in the room that the administration is afraid to call out. Until that is done we have zero chance to survive as a nation. Everything that the administration is doing right now is just nipping at some of the symptoms.

  109. Yup – we’re slaves waiting for you to come out and say “boo” once in a while.

  110. This is a tragic state of affairs, for your king is also an emporer. Look around you – the poverty, the destruction, the war and devastation – all this perpetrated in your name. If you will not rid yourself of this corporate madness for your own sake, then do it for others.
    The power of the king lies within you, subdue your appetites, and you will prevail.
    Your exit can be found where you entered – your constitution was carefully crafted to protect you – insist that it is respected in all matters.

    “He who would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

    Thomas Paine

  111. Even my friends in school are all slaves to corporate and individuals greed, Mr. Spence. They don’t understand or think about all the time they are wasting on Facebook and Myspace, etc. with absolutely nothing to show for it except exhaustion all the time. They’ll probably all end up addicts like the ones below.

    • The Dumbing Down Tranceformation of Mediacs. Everybody wants to be a star or have their say or their “see” Facebook is dangerous.. Big Brother is the eye in the sky…He can read your email….

  112. “Millions of our children go to bed at night hungry and UNEDUCATED.”

    Headline in newspaper today:

    “3 out of 4 High School seniors in Oklahoma cannot name the 1st President of the United States.”

    Well, technically George Washington wasn’t the 1st President of the United States. John Hanson was followed by 6 more until George Washington. Although George Washington was the 1st President of the United States UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. Which is why he is proclaimed as the 1st POTUS. How many of you knew that?

  113. And the “Feedback through a firehose” as David Carr of the NYT calls blogging, continues.

    “Before Mr. Washington and the Constitution, the states were joined by a Confederacy, thus Mr. Washington was indeed the 1st President of the U.S.”

    Doersn’t made the above comment incorrect, however, does it?

  114. Whar Is Gerry Spence???

    Miss you Gerry.

  115. Since only about 1/2 of our States teach Civics now, the website below guarantees to make learning about our government FUN for children or adults! It’s a parents dream!


  116. “you can’t kill an idea” “v” speaking from the movie “V” for Vendetta.
    hail to guy falkes- our hero.

  117. Gerry, Gerry, Gerry
    Now, after reading housing for the dead I truly understand and share a common bond. The one about the Corporate Kings
    needs a little more background.
    Anyone who read John Bircher books in the early
    70’s knew this 40 years ago. In None Dare Call it a Conspiracy, which I read 3 times , we were enlightened to this truth.
    So it is either lick them or join them. I prefer living
    well as the best revenge.
    Mr. DeLoreans ex-wife who divorced him and then married a Greek Billionaire is a smart woman.

  118. Anybody notice Gerry Spence is missing?? Hope you’re well,Gerry.

  119. Whew!! Is that all it is!! I was starting to wonder if you were down in New Orleans again watering the flowers in the cemetary.Or some other cemetary.. Sending healing thoughts to you.. May you be blessed with many more healthy and productive years,dear man. Here is something always makes me feel better;)

    • Hey, Jerrye, that was swell.


      • You’re so very welcome, Gerry. I hope you aren’t gonna pull a Forrest Gump scene on us now..You know, the scene where he runs and runs and runs.”for no particular reason”, and then just stops..!! in the middle of the desert and leaves us all hanging dumfounded like Wile E Coyote. 😉

      • The Only Thing Missing.. is Gerry.
        I hope as a patriarch you have some mighty fine apples who have fallen from your tree who will walk proudly in your footsteps in your winter years and the coming springs. The world as we knew it is spiraling into an unrecognizable dominion of devils and their students of depravity and they are gnawing away at any semblence of decency or compassion for fellow man. ONLY the very strong will survive the backlash of the major Karma which has been wrought to mother earth and brother and sister man.Slavery is just about got the final touches and you can view the spoon fed hypnotized, brainwashed carcasses of dead men walking at any fast food watering hole in the good ole USA.Cringe at blatant vulgar,conversations of the younger crowds and watch as they are picked like cotton and baggged up and toted to the mill for further processing to suit the “market”. Everybody gets hooked up to a cellphone or an electronic device of some sort which will later fill a landfill or be disembled after thir poor quality workmanship fails to perform as stated. Morality has no place and their is no God but the Corporation Kings and their Queens and pawns in this evolving,disolving blur of time called the present. They will find a “loophole” to legally wrap the rope around your neck so you do not escape.Charlton Heston starred in a movie Soylent Green, 1973 which was a projected futuristic view of a dying world,starvation,pollution,and marketing cannibalism and euphanasia as neccesitous.Art imitates or predates reality. Jim Jones might have had a trip out of town in mind to start his utopia in Guyana.They followed like lambs to their slaughter. He must have had a hell of a sales pitch.Name your flavor of koolaid.

  120. I’m impressed and I couldn’t agree more. But people don’t really want freedom, they want to be part of the greed you spoke about…one of the heros or one of the stars.
    That’s why the King controls them. The ones the King cannot control, he throws in jail and steals everything they have, to break their spirit.

  121. It is a sad truth that the governing bodies of the world are not what they show us to be. We are modern slaves, fed the belief that if we work hard and pay taxes we’ll be getting somewhere. The truth is, we’re not getting anywhere, no closer to freedom, no closer to what it is to be like the birds, or the bees…we are slaves. The MPs are Money Profitiers.
    The thing to remember is, they did this without anybody even knowing. Say goodbye to what was once known to be human.

  122. And for people who are constantly buying everything advertised in the grocery store – here is immediate help:

  123. Dear mr. Spence,

    As you told in the book How to win an argument. We decide to give the power to the other. So we are not powerless. We control where we want to place our money (on which bank) and on what political party we vote.

    Greetings Niels

  124. Niels,
    You are so right. You cannot forfeit your power and then blame everything for being its slave. At least in the U.S. we still have a choice of whether we want to be fat or we want to be healthy. We do not have to be the “slaves” of anyone unless we choose to. Yes it is difficult in the massive amounts of marketing thrown at us by the media but we still have the ability to choose.
    We have the ability to investigate everything. I don’t mind paying my fair taxes so I can travel from state to state. I like having those street lights at night. If I cannot find work at the big corporate giants, I use my brains to find a way to make a living. Owning your own business is what it is all about in this country. Don’t blame the auto companies now. You should have seen it coming when they brought the robots in. Use yourself to discover. It is your greatest tool

  125. Human Beings have enslaved other human beings for eons.We just weren’t around back then to compare notes.Man is an experiment gone amuck.In the biblical story,Lucifer, the bearer of “luce” light shone like a bright and brilliant star. He wanted to be GOD,so he instigated a mutiny among the angelic beings.He miscalculated and was cast out of his former status.He decided to toy with the earth beings and fill their heads with similar ideas of power and corruption. He found gullible students and some generational “slaves” to his cause. Man then realized they could exert power over other men and if they were kept ignorant of the power and potential they possessed,they could remain enslaved. They systematically brainwashed them to the lies and deceptions which have been carefully inbred since time on earth began.There are followers and leaders.You cannot be lead where you refuse to go. You can be duped

  126. America … founded by a bunch of rich slave owners … who … wanted to be free ? George Carlin at his best

  127. What the People have to do is simple. I know it is easy to say but difficult to do. In the US the people have to spend the time and effort understanding what is in their interest. At this time there is a clash between the common interest and the Corporate interest. If any legislator is found playing on the side of the Corporate Mafia against the People’s interest, single mindedly vote him out of Office. After a few rounds of this play, equilibrium will be restored and all will be well again with America. Guaranteed.

  128. First step always the hardest- First,take back your minds which have been filled with pharmaceutical poisons and dulled like a puppet on a string reapeating what you have been saying through the ventriliquest’s programming. A mind on drugs is a sick, anemic substitute for Free thought.I would venture to say that 90% of Americans are on at least three prescribed “drugs” and are supplying the dealers with a playground on which to test their brainwashing,brain dumbing. All the chatter about this state of confusion which has this country(as there goes the world and civilization as we know it) down on it’s knees is useless. USELESS. Until you take back your minds,you can talk to the wind or a computer screen.Healthy warriers are needed,not a bunch of old foggies who spout “Patriots” and could not fight their way out of a bottle of prozac or the plethora of drugs the corporations along with multiple govt. agencies push down your throats. WAKE UP!! Take charge ofyour own mind and dictate to your own needs. Throw the damn credit cards away and the credit bureaus. Who the hell are they anyway?Learn to live within your means,and quit being so damned greedy and dazzled by every sales pitch from the snake oil salesmen.

  129. You can only be free in your mind. Nowhere else.

  130. No-one likes to be lied to.

    Who wants to make what they believe to be a valid decision, based on a lie?

    How can the decision be valid, if its based on a lie? Truly, no-one has the right to lie to another and change their life course.

    I was placed on benzodiazepines and never told they were tranquilizers. Had I been told they were tranquilizers, I would not have ever taken them. I knew tranks were addictive.

    I was told, instead, they were anxiolytic and anti-seizure meds (I have a seizure disorder, Migraine Headaches). Here is the Wiki page for the symptoms. People can believe they are going insane on this drug.

    While on the drug, my doc kept asking me if I was having hallucinations. Hallucinations are a “side effect” of this med. (Side effect? Why do they call it side effect, if you get it while taking the drug? “Direct effect” is the more accurate term. You get the symptom as a direct effect of ingesting the drug, and we need to recognize it as such.)

    Anyway, the longer you are on a drug (it seems to me to be purely rational) the more “side effects” you will develop. After all, the drug trials are only in a controlled environment for … what? six weeks?

    As I developed more and more side effects of benzo addiction (mind you, without ever being told I was on an addictive substance) I began to have many of this side effects of the drug.

    Now, that the docs could not see – or better refused to see – that I was “iatrogenically” addicted, was inconsequential to them, yet it devastated my life.

    I ended up poly drugged, and labeled schizophrenic.

    Gerry, this was *Choreographed Insanity* and when a person is *court ordered* to take the drugs, THE ADDICTIVE DRUGS, they are COURT ORDERED to BECOME ADDICTS or REMAIN ADDICTS. I don’t know, but I am thinking this is very unconstitutional.

    I am now off all drugs, and no longer have the “side effects” of them, except those symptoms that are a result of being on the drugs and the long term damage they cause.

    something needs to be done.

  131. My beautiful,talented,intelligent,creative,tender flower was crushed,battered,and ultimately destroyed by the pharmaceutical gods as the medical witchdoctors ministerred poison to her brain . All legally sanctioned “treatment”. A “PANIC”attack evolved into “schitzophrenia”,and multiple other psychiatric labels. My 33 year old daughter was experimented with by the psychiatric “doctors” and filled her up with benziopines,and a plethora of mind altering substances. After the “hook” was in, the “fix”, she couldn’t get off the merry go round,and wound up DOA. Too late for her,she’s hanging out in a heaven after leaving hell. Words do not render justice for the crime of her senseless death. The psychiatrist is god in the psyche world,.A word of wisdom: Alice said:”One pill makes you happy,one pill makes you small,and the one that Mother gives you don’t do anything at all..”If you like living in a ping pong game,pop the first one and you’re “in”. Take back your own mind,don’t give it to the witchdoctors of the big Pharma.No pill on earth will fix you.To the contrary….You are a full time slave to the mind alterers with pill number one.

  132. Howdy Gerry,
    I just read you is dead. I think you are just exercising your right to remain silent. HOWEVER, could you,would you, just drop us blogsters a little “hello”?
    God Bless you, Gerry
    New Years 2011

  133. WE can effectively recognize in writing our affirmation of the laws that govern, recognize to the the state all rights as given in State Constitution, and the Federal all rights as given in Usa Constitution , and then declare ourselves free with all the inherent inalienable rights of person and property that are protected by the laws that govern. All control of life, liberty and family. ( body mind and spirit ). ( including marriage and education ) is ours.. with a presumption of innocence. and we can sign it and register it with our oathe to truth, liberty and Constitutional representation… in our country recorders office… in an assertion and attestation of our own patent of faith, family and freedom…
    and form alliances of freedom, faith and family with those who will take citizen oathes of allegiance to liberty and the Constitution for the United States of America.. ” In god we trust ” Laus deo

  134. I think it was Jesus who said that..;) Whew, Gerry glad you’re still around,although not here. At least you’re still breathing and waking up above ground.A good,good,longtime friend and mentor of mine,86 years young,breathed a sigh of relef from the rake marks of his eventful life last month and woke up on the other side of the BIG Mountain a few weeks ago. The Man with the horn was his best friend.(not gabriel)Time, our friend,..time, our taskmaster,Time, our ticket to eternities… Something I always liked about a man in buckskin who speaks with glib tongue. My thoughts, like buffalo,roam across southern skies to mountain highs to gently tap you on the shoulder, and bestow blessing and sweet,good vibrations. BTW,you have got one beautiful wife.(As if you don’t already know ) you are a blessed and special man. Love to you, Gerry.

  135. Tom & Ashley Hayes

    Gerry Thank you for the reply to my email, that was very kind of you to take the time to reply. I found your blog earlier today and I have been sitting here reading since finding it. There are some really wonderful people that read and post on your blog and I have gained some great information from all. I must admit after doing all of this reading I really am worried about America’s future. It looks way to late to do much and everyone is under the corporate spell it seems. I am so happy to have made your acquaintance and I wish you much joy and happiness in the future and I will be checking in here as long as the blog is here. Thank you for being part of the human race. Thomas Hayes

  136. I have to say

    I love you, Gerry Spence

    as many people genuinely do.

    here is a beautiful song for you

    I sent it to another friend who recently entered her 80’s

    she loves it! I have copied and pasted the lyrics for you … enjoy!


    “100 Years”

    I’m 15 for a moment
    Caught in between 10 and 20
    And I’m just dreaming
    Counting the ways to where you are
    I’m 22 for a moment
    She feels better than ever
    And we’re on fire
    Making our way back from Mars
    15 there’s still time for you
    Time to buy and time to lose
    15, there’s never a wish better than this
    When you only got 100 years to live
    I’m 33 for a moment
    Still the man, but you see I’m a they
    A kid on the way
    A family on my mind
    I’m 45 for a moment
    The sea is high
    And I’m heading into a crisis
    Chasing the years of my life
    15 there’s still time for you
    Time to buy, Time to lose yourself
    Within a morning star
    15 I’m all right with you
    15, there’s never a wish better than this
    When you only got 100 years to live
    Half time goes by
    Suddenly you’re wise
    Another blink of an eye
    67 is gone
    The sun is getting high
    We’re moving on…
    I’m 99 for a moment
    Dying for just another moment
    And I’m just dreaming
    Counting the ways to where you are
    15 there’s still time for you
    22 I feel her too
    33 you’re on your way
    Every day’s a new day…
    15 there’s still time for you
    Time to buy and time to choose
    Hey 15, there’s never a wish better than this
    When you only got 100 years to live

  137. Nested but restless

    You buy furniture. […] Buy the sofa […then] the right set of dishes. Then the perfect bed. The drapes. The rug. Then you’re trapped in your lovely nest, and the things you used to own, now they own you.

  138. Many will look but never see, there freedom has been stolen and they are mere numbers in the corporate workhouse.

  139. American’s don’t have a clue!

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