Please skip the following Part II rejection which was posted by mistake.  The same post, properly edited, follows this one.

I should know better than to mess around with soft ware that is smarter than I.  A lot smarter.  There is even built-in laughter, and the damn thing is laughing at me.



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  1. Hi Mr. Spence

    At least someone laughing 😉

    Love “Light” and Energy


  2. Mr.Spencer i have a tendency 2 pick up ur books early in the morning and now i have found the blog that tells us about your experiences.I feel as if i can relate much to the gift of rejection and thats ok becuz not everybody in this world is obligated 2 understand us or share similar backgrounds.It is true what the wise said in timespast “Always I hear the self-righteous,the arrogant,the mighty,the haughty,the privileged,the lucky decrying even the smallest of our gifts-the gift of human understanding.”

    From here on out i make it a promise 2 b more humane than i have ever been ,and i shall make it a point 2 deliver the tips that should b spread out by us the people.

    I care for you my friend and on the hour of prayer i shall keep your name in mind.

  3. The Great Gift of Having Software That Laughs at Us.
    Has our author considered what a wonderfull gift was bestode upon him when he was given software that laughs at him ? Oh yes certainly the first reaction , when confropnted by plastic computer speakers that laugh and make cat calls when we make a boo boo is to lash out like a wounded bull. But , upon reflection, we see that if Adam or Cain or Ahab or Othello had such software the world might have inherited a happier history. Keep smilin !

  4. Dear Mr. Spence,
    I happened to come across your audio tapes “How to Argue and Win Everytime” yesterday at a boutique, and have been listening and still listening to them right now, trying to absorb your beautiful teachings on power and personhood. I leave for court in another thirty minutes. I think we will begin deliberation late this afternoon or perhaps tomorrow morning after five days of trial last week. Thank you!

  5. Howdy from one Jeri to another Gerry we are a maligned group and have to stick together. As for becoming free, it would help if corporations were not persons legally and the Supreme Ct should be ashamed of itself for that designation. Second, take back printing of our own money. Third, stop hemp prohibition and allow the US farmer to grow our fuel and get us off the oil standard that has created the 1% from those who have oil under their land. Fourth, make corporations abide by a standard of clean and healthy for what they produce. This will be easier for them to accomplish with hemp available, because everything made toxic by oil can be made by hemp with no toxicity and we would also spare the trees used to make acid rain causing paper.

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