Speaking to Each Other as Slaves



Yes, all of us, the living, are indentured in some form of slavery.  A few slaves are better off than most.  In the slavery of the old South the house slaves lived closest to the master and shared some of his comforts not known to the wretched slaves who labored in the fields.  The field foreman, who were also slaves, wielded whips they laid on the backs of fellow slaves.  But slavery, not poverty, is the universal life-taking force that is suffered by the rich and the poor, by the boss and the CEO  who, as slaves, lay their economic and emotional whips on the backs of the worker slaves.

The master, the corporate power structure, has an insidious, built-in guarantee against reform, one that preserves the master’s perpetual power.  The rich slave exploits the poor slave.  The rich slave often accumulates hundreds, even thousands of times more wealth than the poor slave — usually from the sweat and toil of the poor slave.  To justify his excesses, the rich slave proclaims he has worked harder and is self-made, while the poor slave is said to be irresponsible, lazy or stupid and entitled to what he earns which is often a mere pittance.  By reason of his self interest, the rich slave refuses to recognize and renounce his own slavery and to join the poor slave in a mutual quest for freedom.  Instead, the rich slave will fight for the master, the said corporate power structure, against his poorer brothers and sisters.  But a few rich slaves are beginning to realize that riches do not provide freedom.  Riches create only a different genre of slavery.

I say the master is dead because the corporation does not breathe, nor love, nor feel.  Our lives’ breaths can be counted, and to contribute our limited breaths for the greed of a dead master is monstrous at best.  And slavery itself is a form of death.  Yet slaves can be taught to embrace nearly any degradation, any dehumanizing condition – to love it,  fight for it and to die for it, even with gratitude.  The means by which the dead master achieves its infinite power over us is called propaganda.  Our masters own the airways we listen to, the television channels we watch and the newspapers we read.  Our masters are masters at propaganda and mercilessly bombard us with false messages of our freedom during all of our lives.

As a consequence we good and obedient slaves, rich or poor, believe down to our toenails that we are free.  We have embraced this fable since we were first able to understand the simplest ideas.  We, as children, have been taught that we are a nation of free people that provides liberty and justice and equal opportunity for all.  By the time we have become adults we innocently laud this false freedom, and in its name we become free only to impose all nature of pain and misery on the poorer slaves who themselves have come to believe they are inferior by reason of their inability to acquire their fair share of the promised life.  And we support evil wars against other slaves in other lands in the name of their freedom but which wars, in the end, are fought by our children who bleed and die to enrich our master.

Our dead master continues to exist long after we and our children are gone. The insanity of it is that the corporate master, although dead, enjoys an eternal life and continues to educate generation after generation of slaves who believe they are free.   And the master continues to profit as long as we believe we are free – so long as we fail to realize that rich or poor we are slaves together .

So how then do we speak to each other as slaves?  Ought we not speak to each other out of deep respect, out of a love for our brothers and sisters?  Are we not best able to understand the pain of slavery of the poorest of our brethren having experienced degrees of its overarching pain ourselves?  Ought not our servitude cause us to care for one another in ways we have not considered before?

Now, dear friends, I am seeking a dialogue.  I am interested in hearing your thoughts on how to lawfully confront and overcome the slave master and to provide liberty and justice for all, as is the promise of our constitution. Give this careful consideration in your concise responses here.  Let us speak to each other out of our caring, with at least as much caring as we would offer a captured bird in a cage with a broken wing who is yet able to sing.



20 responses to “Speaking to Each Other as Slaves

  1. What specifically does justice mean? It is not to be found in law as law is about laws and not justice so what is justice I ask?

  2. The only way to be free is to become conscious, awakened to our highest potential and then act from the fully awakened conscious self, rather than our lesser, deluded self. Otherwise, we will always be at the effect of something outside of our true, all powerful authentic self. It means being completely honest and telling the truth about where we are and who we are, at this moment. All human beings have the incredible power to transform their reality, by their decision to become, fully awake and then deciding to do good with it, rather than seeking validation from anything external. Mia Shin

  3. A change of such magnitude will require a step process as masters and higher ranked slaves will resist. A good first step was suggested by FDR in his Second Bill of Rights. FDR said the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness. FDR proposed: The right to a living wage including recreation; the right to adequate housing; the right to be free unfair competition and monopoly; the right to medical care; the right to education; and the right to social security.

    • I think the masses looking to the government to provide basic necessities has made us all slaves. If you understand that the government does not create anything, but takes, then you understand that for the government to give any one person their food, housing, health care, etc., it must first take from someone else. That’s not freedom, it’s theft. It is very unwise to place ourselves in a position where we depend on the government to provide for our most basic necessities. Let us not forget the history of genocide committed by governments who starved their own people.

  4. I hate to say it–but from a critical legal theory perspective–our laws and our constitution–are part of the lie of freedom that is fed to us as soon as we are old enough to understand. The “Law” and the “Constitution” does nothing more than legitimizes the continued power of the corporate military industrial complex. Often–the Law–takes the situation into the courtroom–and out of the street. Acts as a pacifier for the masses–the lie of justice calms us. Little battles can be won in the legal arena, but those battles will ultimately be subsumed by the military industrial corporate machine. And as we can see-with three wars going on at once and the robbery of our tax dollars by the elite and rich, these battles have not really fundamentally changed our country. The only way change will really come about–is through nonviolent political protest, regaining control of what is truly ours, the water, the land, the public space, our tax dollars. The masses must awaken simultaneously to this, as seems to have occured in some countries at different times, including ours. Those who awaken alone and try to resist alone will be locked in cages to die. Only in numbers, across all class spectrums, as you suggest, can real change occur. I don’t see this happening in America anytime soon. I wish I could say I do. Too many people, good people, don’t care, and can’t conceive of things being any other way. Too many people have been lulled to sleep by the propaganda, including the promise of the “Law” and the “Constitution.” Too many people don’t want to risk being locked away for resisting, myself included. We are afraid. Being so small and weak power can only be through numbers. Violence is not the answer, nor is more hate, or death. For change to occur-there will have to be a shift in perspective–on a massive scale. How to make that come about? That is a question I can’t answer. Really up to fate I think. Maybe a leader will emerge, or an event, will inspire the masses. Who knows.

  5. One [slave spook] to another [slave spook]
    My fellow Earthling, or as words can not speak, I come to you in the omniprersence of teleportation, a virtual reality.
    As I attempt to span the great distance on Earth from my location, presently in lossless data compression\: Can I reveal my hearsay testimony, a professional disability in the jurisdictional disputes of Earth’s limitations imposed upon us through born again, top of the liars food chain (only in reality, individual beings) holding on two of the bifurcated forks of controversial remarks fashioned around disputes.
    If the United Nations knowing the WHOLE TRUTH, must we fashion our assault around inuendo and ignorance, or permit our convention be described as legal jargon?
    Does the sound familiar?
    Focus on the terms ‘slave’ and ‘slave master’, not massah!
    If only you thought as I think, we would not be restrained in our single admission, tip our hats, close our fist and prey for ‘lots of luck’.Your honor, may we approach the bench and prey, successfuly, and dine on the meal set before our master/mistress, Mother Earth.
    Mary Mother of God and the disunited states of the Play Net, Earth.
    20 days before restitutions admited.
    Secretly, I am prefer remuneration, it keeps me young forever (or so the story goes)
    Adam 455-52-8148*
    Mark of the bitch
    David Getman D/B/A GOD
    Houston Texas 77080-1236

  6. Isn’t it bit strange that when we humans set about to do evil or to protect our selfish interest we don’t do it in their own names we do it for or in the benefit of the group. Power is derived from status in the group. Groups become more powerful by gobbling up less powerful groups. What do we do with those who are a danger to the group??? After all we are protecting the interest of all of those in the group are we not???

    I do not have a problem with the existence of corporations. They have their place for people work together for their greater good. My problem lies with unequal protection. The corporations have gained a superior protection within our system of justice against the people in this country. I am constantly up against the unscrupulous that bend and twist the law in their favor. Loan sharks, banks, credit card, those who manipulate the markets, etc. They set about build shields from liability and I must find their vulnerable spot to reach beyond their shield.

    How often do you hear– sue me I don’t care we have no employee and no assets? They have a shell in front to protect them.– The law protects them it is called limited liability. The problem today is the corporations have the rights of real people –and even superior rights than individuals because special interest has shaped our laws to favor them. Yet, you cannot convict and jail them or give the ultimate punishment of death because they have abused our system of justice. I have done admiralty law and we had the process of arresting the ship, but it is not the same of arresting and individual there is no sentence to jail or prison.

    Our laws support a class based system where certain individuals have superior right over others. We simply cannot remain a free nation of people if we continue to allow this. We must demand equal protection and consequence of our laws if freedom is to survive. We must demand Integrity in the temple of justice, our seats of government and our market place.

    This country was created by those who left the security of their homeland for “Freedom” – they took great risk knowing they could fail and suffer the consequence, but it was worth it to them — they didn’t pass laws or sign contact to place the burden on their fellow haman beings to protect them from faillure. Yes, their were those who were taken from their home to our nation but they too new the sweet song of freedom and were willing to risk their lives for freddom.

    Gerry I feel your pain and love and concern for freedom. We cannot continue to exist as a free nation if the people of this country do not do something to reign in the mega monsters that have superior rights over the people of our county. We are becoming economic slaves.

    And for you little bird we must mend your wing and free you from your cage—you must fly and sing the song of freedom as far as you can fly over our land. It is a message of love for one another that we must share. Make sure every child learns the song before it’s too late.
    —You keep singing the song too my friend — it was a beautiful morning today ;>)

  7. Mr. Spence, my heart yearns to walk a mile in your shoes. I have at the age of 32, felt that I have found my calling in life and it does not revolve around money or anything else I can steal from my fellow souls. Fourteen months ago I received one of the greatest gifts the universe gives her children, a child. My runnin and gunnin days left me and I knew nothing. I felt the other world open up and throw it’s loving arms around me. I found myself crying tears of joy I had never known as I held this little angel in my arms and felt the other world reign down feelings of love and a pure knowledge of the responsibility laid before me. As a former Marine. I was taught to kill for country and now I was overnight made into a stay at home dad. My beautiful significant other, had the job and degree over my CDL license and so it was a joint decision I would now figure out raising a child. Boy, did i get told things like “What the hell is wrong with you?” or “You cant do that! A man makes the money and a woman raises the child”. These statments probably would have affected me in another life, but i have chosen, right or wrong, in this one to listen to my soul. I still can remember how weird it seemed that a supposed loving inner circle of freinds and family, were so closed off in traditional thinking. One thing i know for sure is, labels have done our country no good and continue to be of no service. The twisting turns of life are great, but caring for a childs every need can be on some days comic at best. My thoughts are simple, yet brought with some limited knowledge as to how we may fix this slavery in our country. Abigail Adams said once to hubby John. “Remember all Men would be tyrants if the could.” And so I return to my thesis proposing that all abled back from your inslaved lives if possible and raise a child or two.

    • Eric, this is way down the time path, but that was a righteous post. Much agreed about what you say. Thanks. Will post an essay below.

  8. Yes, we are slaves, but to our big and overly forceful, corrupt government, which gives some corporations tax breaks and subsidies…bows to the highest bidder….lobbyist…industry, but seems to have no idea what made America great in the first place. Let’s place most of the blame where it belongs…we are slaves to our masters in D.C., whom we elected but are not representing us, our Constitution and certainly not preserving our freedom. Are you following the latest coverage of GE: profits, foreign interests, huge gov’t subsidies and …. zero federal taxes paid?
    Probably not, if you’re a follower of the main stream media.

  9. Thomas Jefferson said the following in a letter to Rev. James Madison
    (Fontainebleau, October 28, 1785 Madison), I agree and so do many others, but big money/greed/top 2%/corruption keeps stopping it.

    A means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions or property in geometrical progression as they rise. Whenever there are in any country uncultivated lands and unemployed poor, it is clear that the laws of property have been so far extended as to violate natural right. The earth is given as a common stock for man to labor and live on. If for the encouragement of industry we allow it to be appropriated, we must take care that other employment be provided to those excluded from the appropriation . Few as possible shall be without a little portion of land. The small landholders are the most precious part of a state.

  10. We are all slaves to somebody, if only to ourselves. Even before adulthood, we begin collecting the materials that will become the floor, bars and roof to the cages we put ourselves in. Sometimes these cages are gilded, but they are cages, nonetheless. We cannot escape the bars that we have put up for ourselves, and we are a slave to keeping the cage maintained.

    Sometimes I feel like the fellow who spun all of the plates in the air on the Ed Sullivan show. I get so many plates spinning that I have absolute no time to do anything but run from plate to plate to keep them all in motion. There has to be more to life than this, but I don’t want anything to break.

    How do we break the cycle? I don’t know how to break the cycle. If some of those plates break, it might affect other people’s lives in a negative way.

  11. The core of this society is our governmental system. We should retain congressmen and senators in the standard duration (2&6 years)but no consecutive reelections. You get one shot to make a difference. No special interests be served. When this country was 100 yrs. younger it was practically self-sufficient. We manufactured and invented whatever we needed. People thought in terms of individual self reliance. Bring back our industries, put millions back to work and training and your workforce is your customer base. Let the populace have the strength to make their own choices.

  12. David L Molinari

    Our current debt/chains of slavery as a US tax payer is currently over $129,000
    (Thomas Jefferson said that each generation should start off debt free and no other preceding generation’s leaders should have the power to place the slavery chains of debt on following generations and I strongly agree.)

    The Tyrants have created a mirage of security for themselves by using the people’s money to rid themselves of personal debt and to have much excess at the expense of putting into debt the less fortunate/working people.
    Have the tyrants consciously failed to realize that this debt has created a downward spiral that will make the dollar worth $0.00 and all that they have stolen will be worth nothing and this is the same financial environment that brought about World War II and will cause World War III/ Armageddon. Can we reverse the perpetual debt/destruction of the insane master or must it run its course to a corruption climax of annihilation and destruction before The True Just Master returns from heaven to set things right?

  13. Don’t know what happened just now, so I’ll start over:
    While we are pondering about the enslavement to our desires, and the sharing of our story to break the choke hold of addiction, how do we monologue, or dialogue or collectively bargain?

    We now have the tools: Facebook is heading toward a billion people all connected…what will happen when the shout goes out that, “I’m mad as hell, and I an not going to take it any more!”

    This is not commercial television folks; this is a free for all of the voices of the first amendment and all we need are the “servers” t0 move the message that is coming from the slaves; that message is one that only the government can shut off.

    Well, folks, they are already listening.

    What do we have to say?

    As cordially as ever,


  14. Lynda Cheatham

    Mr. Spence,
    Your question you asked was simple and concise.
    My answer may not be the right one, but , we are a nation of laws. We are the government. The well-intentioned replies seem to miss the point. We MUST organize and demand separation of church and state. The power is with the masses. Government is not evil, it’s the people we voted for to represent us. It is time to give them their pink slips. Just look at Wisconsin.
    I believe we are living in “the rise of the limbic mind”. We need to aspire to greatness and lead, not follow.

  15. the above is the PSA about homelessness that inspired this little piece:

    If you love what you do, you will produce love

    “[A modern economist] is used to measuring the ‘standard of living’ by the amount of annual consumption, assuming all the time that a man who consumes more is ‘better off’ than a man who consumes less. A Buddhist economist would consider this approach excessively irrational: since consumption is merely a means to human well-being, the aim should be to obtain the maximum of well-being with the minimum of consumption. . . . The less toil there is, the more time and strength is left for artistic creativity. Modern economics, on the other hand, considers consumption to be the sole end and purpose of all economic activity.”
    – E F Schumacher

    I think the interesting thing here is that this statement speaks to the health of a man, whereas every economist comes from the perspective of the health of business. The obvious assumption being that the health of business is equal to the health of a man. But is it really? Especially when you consider the fact that in modern business we are really talking about corporations. Even “small” businesses are more often than not corporations. The corporate model is so pervasive in business, and therefore our lives, that it has become synonymous with business; that corporatism is equal to capitalism. But again, is it, really?

    Most of my friends have seen me post this link, http://www.smallisbeautiful.org/local_currencies.html , about local currencies. And there is some great history and nuts and bolts theory on this topic. Read it when you get a chance. But I want to address what I see as the human side of this issue.

    The work that most people do, particularly in times like these, has nothing to do with the things that we love. It’s pure expediency. And by and large, we work for strangers. We produce things that are sold to strangers. There can be joy, or at least satisfaction in providing a service, but most people who work in a service industry are separated from those they serve. Or for example in the case of a bank teller: One might argue that the teller behind the counter at your bank sees the people she serves every day. But I’ll argue that she serves the banking system 1st before the human in front of her, if she’s able to do that at all. How many times have you heard a person behind a counter say “the computer won’t let me”? People who work in those types of jobs have little or no ability to make a decision outside of the parameters that the system will allow. Now, I’d suggest that most people aren’t aware of the compromises they make (or are made for them, to be more accurate) because they don’t know anything else. This condition of our working lives has existed for longer than this generation has been alive so how could most of us know anything different?

    But there are those who do: the artisan baker of breads, the furniture maker who custom builds to order, the teacher, the musician, the luthier, the proprietor of the local diner, the artist… All of these people are in direct contact with the things that they make and the people they serve. There are as many ways to do this as there are people with imagination. But how do we find such a path for ourselves? Just framing the question is a good start.

    “Ever bigger machines, entailing ever bigger concentrations of economic power and exerting ever greater violence against the environment, do not represent progress: they are a denial of wisdom. Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology towards the organic, the gentle, the non-violent, the elegant and beautiful.” E F Schumacher

    For those of us who want to make things; who want to serve people directly, and to know those we serve, we are all that we have. I work with a man who does work on trees that only 30+ years of experience can achieve. Every single client of his is a friend who has seen the results of that experience for decades. His business does not grow. The rate of growth does not increase. Does that make it a failed business? I think not. Beyond the obvious, his business has provided the means for many people over the years, myself included, to feed and clothe themselves and beyond that to pursue their own lives and dreams and goals. Meanwhile the man himself has been able to facilitate the work of uncounted artists through the non-profit that he has headed for almost all of that time, which simply would have been impossible without this non-growing, non-corporate business. Does his life fit the corporate model of success? Absolutely not, but there isn’t a single person who knows him that wouldn’t characterize him as irreplaceable. I would aspire to that before any conventional corporate idea of success.

    A capitalistic society requires investors. But who says we have to invest in things far away; in people we don’t know; in giant banks and corporations that benefit mostly themselves? Enter the local currency. Let’s call it the ‘Claremont Hour’ (Claremont Ca being my home town) instead of dollar or scheckle or drachma – in honor of the value of a person’s time. Let’s say that a Claremont Hour is worth ten US dollars, that being an average hourly wage in our part of the world. Let’s say we use for example the First City Credit Union (just an example, not an endorsement) as a central clearing house for the Claremont Hour (CLH for short). There are nuts and bolts as to how to do this (which you can find at http://www.smallisbeautiful.org/local_currencies.html ) , but the gist is that a local credit union such as FCCU will know how to do things like facilitate paying of taxes and other legal issues. And… its local! FCCU is a county wide credit union.Think of it as a currency exchange system just as if you were trading US dollars for Euro dollars. Suffice it to say that the means for creating this is all in place and has been done in many communities around the country successfully. In fact, there are many small bankers who love this kind of challenge and opportunity to serve their community in a more human fashion than they are usually able to do. So…

    A capitalistic society requires investors. But instead of investing in things far away, we invest in our neighbors. In people whose histories and talents we know. And here we can use our personal experience and the experience of friends and neighbors to decide in whom we want to invest instead of mathematical algorithms designed to calculate risk. You know, the one’s which all but destroyed our entire economy. Here, we know my tree-trimming friend. We know his artistry and his work ethic. And hell yes we’d invest in his business so that he didn’t have to pay out of pocket for things like vehicle repair and simple maintenance of the tools of his trade. So now, he can offer discounts for his services if paid in CLHs (or a portion of his fee paid in CLHs), which he can then use to buy groceries at the local (Wolfs for example) store who offer special deals for those paying in CLHs, who can then pay the local furniture maker who specializes in local woods and fixtures for businesses including said grocery store as well as the local bakery where I buy my fresh baked bread that was kneaded by hands belonging to people I know using the CLHs I was paid when I worked with my tree-trimming friend.

    Unlike 95 cents of every single US dollar spent during every single transaction everywhere in this country which goes to a central clearinghouse bank thousands of miles away to be invested in things far away mostly for the benefit of the central clearinghouse bank it’s own sweet self, every single Claremont Hour spent continues to circulate within the community generating more and more local business and supporting your friends and neighbors in the pursuits of their various lives, goals and dreams. So when I invest in my friend who designs web pages by hiring him to design a page for my budding hand-built guitar business, we can then both choose to invest in Claremont Hours thereby supporting each other even if most of the products that we create get paid for in US dollars by people outside of our community. In doing so, we are not only generating more and more “currency” (the flow of capital) within our community, but we are continually bringing in more capital from outside the community which then continues to circulate within our community. Now, Joe X, who has an amazing talent for Italian sauce, the likes of which have made people cry real tears of joy, who has up til now been unable to interest the usual banking suspects in investing in his business with a small loan, has a real shot at starting up his business which has been his life-long dream because the people who have invested in Claremont Hours have tasted his sauce.

    Now, I don’t argue that there shouldn’t be large business. I don’t even argue that there are things that huge corporations can do that small business cannot. The Claremont Hour would never be a replacement for the US dollar, but a supplement. When the huge and the far away fail us, if we have the tools in place to support the near and dear, we’ll always be safe. More than that, just about every great idea in the history of business in our country started out as a small idea in a garage somewhere down the street from your favorite Mom and Pop corner store. I suggest that without supporting our neighbors and friends, the next really huge, really great idea might never happen at all.

    And we come back to how close we all are to a cardboard box on the street. And the fact that without each other, it doesn’t matter what talents we have, how smart we are or what great ideas we have for the next really cool invention. It doesn’t matter, when our banking institutions don’t know human beings, much less believe in us anymore. Without each other, capitalism is dead, long live the corporate hive, long live the cardboard box.

    If I can make one thing, or idea, or piece of Art that outlasts what Mr Spence describes, I will have won.

  16. Governments, corporations and power structures all eventually die, but others follow. So, we must accept that we will always lose. Our only choice is whether to struggle against the current power structure, or give in and pretend to be part of it. In the end, it only matters to you and your truth. So, enjoy your path, whichever way you choose. Be at peace with yourself and your choices and let others be at peace with theirs!

  17. Dear Mr. Spence,
    Unless I’m having an off day, it seems that “Speaking to Each Other as Slaves” is displayed twice on your blog. Constructive comment.
    It might cause more persons to become aware of America’s top one percent being a controlling criminal elite if a movie script were to be written and produced where concerned, typical Americans identified members of the top elite and clandestinely removed them from the stage of life. Preferably with new technology designed to leave no remains. No nothing, not even ashes..
    When the sub-humans behind warmongering corporations can WITH IMPUNITY cause false-flag mass murder events to warp public opinion behind for-profit wars of aggression, niceties and thou-shall-nots terminate.
    You are held in high regard, sir!
    Guy Felton, Publisher
    Reno, Nevada
    18 July 2012
    A reply is not requested or expected.

  18. Gerry, here is my attempt at a concise reply to your question:

    1. People Must Cease Being Embarrassed or Afraid to Have Faith in a Higher All Loving, All Just, All Holy and Good, All Aware God Who Will Have the Last Word & the Last Laugh at the Foolish Pride of the Exploiters / Wicked Slavemasters especially and including their enablers wearing the cloths of clergy falsely representing this All Good God.

    2. People Must Cease Believing that Evil on Earth Is God’s Fault and take Responsibility for Evil First. This is the First Truth Men and Women Must Tell Themselves, or else, there is no more Progress to be Made. The Impure and Compromised cannot free each other from spiritual desolation unless they first free themselves from it. Only Then Can People Take Responsibility for Tackling the Evil That Works Around Them. Consider: Those whose Consciences are Free Feel Free to Speak the Truth, and the Truth Sets Us Free. Those Who Are Afraid of the Truth are Those Who Have not Repented of Sins and are Afraid of the Master Outing Them before They’ll Tell the Truth. So the one with the strings on the slaves’ limbs is the one which controls them via fear in their hearts.

    3. Truth. It is so rarely told, that a BBC columnist recently wrote a column coming up with a novel idea: have a “National Honesty Day.” Can you imagine? Not only if we had one, but the very fact that one has to be proposed? The greatest weaknesses in the system of collective self-governance and checks and balances no matter what system we discuss, is the weakness in trust (bond and cohesion) among the cells of the body economic, body politic, body compassionate, and body truth. The cause of weak bonding is told, lived, and tolerated lies and sin in the self of each.

    This is why, “where two or more are gathered together in my name..” has a deeper meaning when one considers that one of His names Is Truth. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. What sets us free according to an ironic set of sources quoting out of context? The UT Austin tower and CIA HQ have the quote: “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free..” and this is quote of scripture of the NT taken out of context with all the gospels. Knowing the truth is not enough. Sharing the Truth, teaching the Truth, living the Truth and loving the Truth is leadership by example. “Be ye doers of the Word (of Truth)”. More later?

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