Pain, Protests and the People

The protests on Wall Street have been overdue but will end too soon. Slaves cannot long maintain a war against the master. A money-made
U. S. Supreme Court has insured that the Moneyed Master can buy elections, and only the Master has such money. The democratic idea of government by the governed is a myth. One notes that the Republican party is so sensitive to its master’s power that it dare not suggest raising taxes on the Master –- not even an impoverished penny, much less plug the illegal loopholes through which the Master sucks the last of the life blood from the nation. All such slaves know that all power is vested in the Moneyed Master.

The current protests are curious news. But the media, both the printed and electronic, belong to the Moneyed Master. The people have no voice and their protesting voices on Wall Street and elsewhere are lost in the din of the growling, empty stomachs of children and the sounds of terror from a people who are crippled, not because their arms or legs have been severed, but because they can find no jobs. The Moneyed Master has closed its doors against the people and sits on its money like an old hen on rotten eggs.

The people will not prevail. No, not now. The gluttony of the Master must first run uncontained like maddened rats in a cheese factory until the sky grows dark and the light of hope fades, and there remains only the sound of the Master’s gnashing teeth greedily devouring all but the faintest dreams of the people.

With its endless propaganda the Moneyed Master has caused its slaves to believe they are free. But when that cruel hoax is ripped bare of its deceitful cloth and stands naked before the people, and when enough of the people sleep under the bridges and their children’s bellies swell from hunger then one day it will be too late for the Master. Suddenly, without warning, the people will rise up in explosive unison like a long sleeping volcano. Raging and turmoil will ring across the canyons of the streets and blood will flood the streets, and the people will at last prevail.

These are the times when the people cry out their pain to the deaf ears of the Moneyed Master. But such are only the beginning steps of the infant. The people will grow strong from their pain. Pain is the nourishment of growth. And in the end the people will prevail as they have though the eons against the tyrants of power. But not now.


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  1. This is just the beggining the option of the Masters is to let this run it’s course as long as possible while conrol is still availible to the masters. At the point of lost control only two options exists.ONE;To allow the people to have thier way and reinvent the system. TWO: An intentional mass kill off of societies across the globe. Keep it alive Gerry!

    • I was born and raised in a communist country, immigrated here 23 years ago and shortly afterwards was asked by my friends “what does it feel like to live in the land of the free?” it didn’t take me a long time to realize that this is not a free country, my answer to them it was ” the difference between here and back home is that the stable is larger” and ever since that the stable is shrinking and now it is the size of mega-corporate chicken coop where your beak is removed and your life serves only one purpose of the money making machine and you guessed it right, the mighty $$$$$. I wish I had a clue how to fight this system but I don’t. Slaughter house is awaiting all of us but not before every ounce of your life is drained. Siberian gulags, concentration camps, global slavery it makes no difference, we are forced or manipulated into serving the few. Oh well, the only consolation I have is that this realm called life lasts around 80 years. I hope I don’t have to reincarnate into this shithole again.

  2. Thank you Gerry for telling it like it really is in this country of Moneyed Masters. There are few people who know just what our politicians are doing to our beloved America. The remaining group of people remind me of that old saying. The “silent majority” are really the “nation of sheep”. It is time for the people to throw off the sheeps clothing to show the wolf underneath. I am ready, is anyone ready to follow? Thank you again Gerry for the wake up call. Bill

  3. I would proffer the reader invest a couple of hours with Paul Newman watching “Hombre”, circa 1967. I am an “Hombre”. Are you an Hombre(ess)? Fat people make very poor revolutionaries…

  4. Gerry,you wax poetic in your truths. In subtle glimpses, “news” from corporate spinmeisters is disintegrating before our very eyes. Example:Ron Paul’s almost nonexistent coverage.Example: surpression of the Occupy Wall Street protests.Example: disappeared articles posted on various interrnet websites from non affialated MSM truthsayers.A definite and deliberate rationing of selected morsels of controlled “News” is what we are fed if we choose to eat.
    I speak with many slumbering Americans who are in disbelief to accept the slight of hand(ear,eye) magic tricks of MSM news and government and it’s supporting minions. Accepting the alternative to their long held fantasy of democracy and liberty and justice for all is just too traumatic to accept as they wallow in “denial” even as the truth knocks at the door.

    Knowledge is one of the first enemies of tyranny.In Cuba,the books,newspapers,etc.have been carefully selected or allowed.They say the wife is always the last to the cheating,lying, stealing goes on,she sits innocent and trusting of her “marriage” and her protector,defender,loving spouse.She may have a suspicion that things are amiss,yet clings to her desire to maintain things as she imagines them to be.A whirlwind of activities outside the domicile are shredding, ripping,calculating how to protect the deception from discovery and unbeknownst to the trusting wife,she is told “all is well”. In her heart she knows something is very unsettling,yet she cannot see it,and to accept otherwise would be to shake all she has believed and trusted to it’s very core. She cannot fathom such a deception or breach of all she holds sacred,all she has known her entire life and an unknown future petrifies her.Security is what she thought she would have without end.

    Using this analogy,this is the reaction I see from many who remain lulled into false security of “democracy” or their idea of what it is to them. They refuse to see lies and evils ever increasing and freedoms smashed to the ground by those holding the power positions. They expect a social security benefit from a system that is no longer social or secure and think it will always be as it was in past times.
    An underlying tension and undercurrents of instability and violence gnaws at everyone although we cannot give it a definitive name. It is like static electricity. We feel the goosebumps.
    I recently read some historic writings on the Acadians who were mostly french colonists who were driven out of Canada in the 1700s. We have always enjoyed a lot of joking about the crawfish treking all the way to Louisiana from Canada only to become a delicacy after arrival. What was brought to light to me was how little we were told of that heritage and how much in fact was falsely documented as a history of a people. One thing that jumped out at me was the force and brutality used to exile the Acadians(later to be called Cajuns).They would not bow down after being from pillar to post and for that they were brutalized and the sweat of their brow in establishing homesteads in Canada were seized as they were driven out. Sound familiar? The Trail of Tears? As they were driven?Eminent Domain? Foreclosures?

    Click to access silver-book.pdf

    My eyes were opened to the similarities of the many events of almost 250 years on this continent by colonizing European Kingdoms.Primarily Britain.What I saw was shocking.We never really left the rule of the Kingdom.It has always held a hand in our affairs in this country. Colonization has never stopped.Call it what one will,the situation in the middle east is forceful colonization attempt.

    How is it,that in one country,there is still a Queen? Only one(of signifigance)One power,monarchy in a world forcing “democracy” on the rest of the world. Aside from the Pope,there is no greater or more powerful position I know of which is not subject to political process of “election”.

    What is occuring in the people taking to the streets is unfamiliar territory to many in this country. The many are addressing various complaints of poor government but with no strong leader to lead them. I admire the courage of these mostly young adults who are putting themselves in the place of many who cannot physically be on the streets but are cheering from the sidelines. I sense that many of the law enforcement officers feel comradery in their cause but haven’t fully reached the point of risking unemployment and fear losing pensions. It has been stated that JPMorgan Chase donated $4.5 million to NYPD as this Occupation Protest is occurring.Is this like mob protection?(punny as it may be)

    Worldwide the subjects are experiencing the same call to be free of the tyrannies which we have been coerced to accept.The picture of what is happening and where it is going is both exciting,inspiring and frightening.This is no longer about boundaries of country and nationality,it is basic human right to live and occupy a planet without over burdening dictatorship of ancient kingdom rulers. The state of this country’s political players is pathetic at best. The walls are crumbling and the facades are exposed. Where will the rats run and how will they bite back as cornered? When we see shades of Waco, Kent State,Tiahenamen Square,then will the blood of patriots run like rivers in the streets?
    God Bless You, Gerry

  5. The master’s money is only worth anything when people agree to exchange favors for it. If enough people simply refuse to honor it, it’s dead weight. The master’s greatest fear is the fear of the slaves realizing this.

    • Indeed, and agreed!
      “The best way to combat Evil is not directly, but to remove ALL ENERGY from it” (The I-Ching…I’m paraphrasing a bit).

      Here’s a good first step: MOVE YOUR MONEY from your Bank accounts with the big banks (or small ones that are owned by big banks) to a CREDIT UNION, where profits are distributed among consenting members!

      To find out more about Bank Transfer Day, NOV. 5th, including how you can participate, visit the BTD Facebook page.!

      To find out more about Bank Transfer Day, NOV. 5th, including how you can participate, visit the BTD Facebook page.

  6. Totally agree. Simply haven’t hit “Rock bottom” yet.
    People who have nothing have nothing to lose and can be VERY dangerous.

  7. With one caveat, however. Our countrysimply CANNOT continue to have 70-80% of the yearly births in some states ANCHOR BABY births, ie. those babies born to illegal immigrants.

    The resulting immense costs of this continuing nightmare to the American taxpayer simply cannot continue.

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  9. So it’s gonna take a bloody revolution…how long then Gerry, if not now? Are you sure it is not already too late. Have we passed the point of no return and do not even know it, forgotten even what freedom is? I think we are one generation away from it. You can’t miss something if you never knew what it was. So not now may be too late.

  10. Gerry. Im disappointed. Why so negative? This is what you wanted. The slaves standing up. Stand up and fight with the 99% even if you are a master. You have represented the under dogs …..maybe send your students and staff, slaves to lend the constitutional hand. Help the revolution instead of breaking down the spirit. Why ask the question of how to be free…..

  11. Gerry Spence I love you and all that you say. I really do. I recommend your books and website to many of my friends.
    I’m originally from Ireland and have lived in New York City for ten years. I came the year the towers were brought down. I have a symphatetic ear for many regardless of their political agenda.
    I took a look at the Wall street protests last week. For the most part I have to admit they were disappointing.
    There’s no point in preaching to the choir. There really isn’t. I admire Obama for wanting to bridge differences, on his level I think it’s difficult…but I think it’s really up to people like you Gerry who are elequont in words and could maybe talk to both sides. Right now, although I really believe in your blog otherwise I wouldn’t bother writing this….I think it leans towards people who think like you do…the challenge is to write it in a way that makes the other side believe it too…..or anyone believe what you are saying… to use words like ‘money master’ unfortunately is going to switch people off.
    I for one Gerry need you. I need your help. I really do…help me convince intellligent right wingers that what they are being taught/preached etc. is bull…but help me say it in ways that they can understand…..

    I think you’re amazing. Florence

  12. 1) If Mr. Spence is correct, and this protest does fizzle, the money masters will be emboldened. Instead of heeding the warning they’ll think they’re invincible and push for more, more, more.

    2) The reason they’ll push for more (even though they’ll be instigating their eventual demise) is that the money masters are unconscionable money/power/esteem addicts who know how easy it is to purchase attention addicts (politicians) who are experts at manipulating fear and religion addicts who aren’t smart enough to understand they are tools.

    I’m not being metaphorical. Money, power, fear, approval, attention, esteem, status, religion addictions are real. And they’re more common and more dangerous than heroin, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol, and all of the “acknowledged” addictions combined. There is only one addiction and it’s to dopamine. That’s why all addictions produce the same psychopathology, self-deception, denial, lying, cheating, and insatiable cravings for more, more, more. For addicts there is never enough money, power, status, approval, attention, safety, heroin, dopamine to put out the pain of withdrawal.

    As long as the addicts control the definition of addiction, the biggest, most sinister and dangerous addicts will continue to get away with pretending their addictions are normal, acceptable, and even admirable.

  13. But realize that the money masters control the strings of the master slaves who whip the protestor slaves into action. The truth will set you free.

  14. I recall back in 1998 when I heard you on FOX radio in Denver talking about your new book at the time “Give Me Liberty” in which you tried to alert the people that they had been duped into thinking they were free but were in fact slaves. The legal and historical research I had done had proven to my mind the same thing, and it was refreshing to see that an attorney had taken the same position and was speaking out to try and expose the truth. I was working framing houses at the time in Golden. You started a web site for people to interact with you. But, as time passed, the effects of the Masters’ Gleichschaltung became evident. When all information fed to the people from the Masters’ propaganda machine tells the people they are free, the overwhelming majority of people are mentally conditioned to believe the lie. I saw this too when I ran for Congress in 2000 on a platform which tried to expose the Masters’ enslavement of the people, only to get looks of contempt from many people that I would even dare say that we are not a free people. It’s as if many people were saying: “I will accept the truth if it makes me feel good, but not otherwise.” After this, I decided that process of increasing servitude we are trapped in will just have to run its course until the slavery gets so oppressive the people finally awaken. But by then the Master, like the slaveholders of pre civil war times, will have gone mad. The Master will not relinquish his power voluntarily. As John Brown told Frederick Douglass, “he knew their proud hearts and that they would never be induced to give up their slaves, until they felt a big stick about their heads.” You eventually took your givemeliberty web site down after seeing the writing on the wall.

    The only way the people can restore their liberty is if they muster in a Congress that is willing to enforce the 13th amendment, but the Masters’ Gleichschaltung has mentally conditioned them to vote for their own enslavement. As George Lorimer said in 1936: “The old party names, Republican and Democrat, have largely lost their meaning, though they still have value to the politicians as nets in which they can catch the poor fish who, unaware, unthinking and unreasoning, swim in old, accustomed channels.”

    For many years now, every newborn child in the country get assigned their slave numbers at birth. Once again, partus sequitur ventem returns and the people allow the Masters to issue their title deeds to the labor of their children when they are born. I try to explain this to people, but most people are numb. As long as they feel safe and secure in the system they don’t give a damn that their own children are born slaves.

    I will run for Congress once again next year. I will offer legislation that enforces the 13th amendment and I will anger many people again because I dare to challenge their fiction of freedom. Let no one say that I was a coward and did not try to offer something to the people that will restore their freedom. So when the blood flows from the winepress as high as the horses’ bridle, don’t say I didn’t warn you. My hands will be clean.


    Dear Mr Spence, I have enjoyed your books and ideas for years, particularly as they have related to the evils of “corporatism”. My wife and I refer to this as “the only thing that matters is money”. We believe a good business has a moral duty to its customers and employees. Not something that is evident today as retailers take great delight in deceiving the customer and calling it good for business.
    We are discussing this on a local political blog and 98% of the posters are defending this “good for business is good for America” ideology. I don’t know how to get them to see any of this. They are overwhelmed with the idea that we have to make more money than last year, or we are a failure. They have absolutely no idea why the young people are taking over the ground of Wall St.

    My wife and I believe we see where this is all going but are at a total loss as to how to get those around us to see it also.


    They saw your beauty,
    and they feared you.
    They could not buy you,
    they could not own you,
    so they sprayed you,
    and tried to crush you,
    but you flew above them.

    I heard you scream.
    I saw them laugh.
    They live in darkness,
    and you can fly to the sun.
    Unable to reach you,
    they will try fell deeds and lies.
    Still, you fly above them.

    They wait for you.
    They want you.
    They need to cage you,
    and keep you,
    and make you forget
    what you have seen in flight.
    But we have seen it, too.

    When the butterflies scream,
    all will hear.
    When the butterflies turn,
    they will place their children
    on every leaf
    and in every heart,
    with promises not forgotten.


  17. Well said. Thanks all of you.

  18. “…when enough of the people sleep under the bridges… then one day it will be too late for the Master. Suddenly, without warning, the people will rise up in explosive unison like a long sleeping volcano.”
    So this is why the Republican’s oppose an Obama jobs bill which includes the construction of new bridges?

  19. This could very well be THE START Gerry.
    Clouds are forming.

  20. WOW! They nailed it!!! Occupy Wall Street Speaks …

  21. There is a great story about how elephants are trained not to roam in India. When they are young and “small” they are tethered to a pole. They tug, they pull, they struggle to break free, but they can’t. In time they accept that the chain is unbreakable and they stop trying to be free–even when they weigh 2 tons and could easily break the chain. The illusion of control is control, and not only for elephants.

  22. Gerry, very good to receive your latest appraisal on the “goings on” in our country. Hope you and your family are well and enjoying a good life at this time. Thank you for your words and your wisdom. Many changes will have to occur; I only hope we manage to make this happen with a minimum amount of suffering, but I fear that won’t be possible. Thank you. Stay well, Sincerely

  23. The death grip of a drowning man is strong and powerful. The energy of an opressed society is strongest as the citizens in that society make a violent last surge of destructive violence before succumbing to death.
    The remnants of a dying society will be made up of spectators of the ending violence and these spectators will have an opportunity to create a new society which is not based on greed but on freedom and fairness.
    Power acumulation, loss of power, building of power appears to be a cyclical characteristic of human beings. Why don’t we ever learn. Are we all suffering from the “This time it will be different” syndrome?

  24. Can’t you just see them in their board rooms sitting around the table eating grapes and drinking Perrier and saying, “Let them eat Cake.”


    “The untold story of the sources of the loot controlled by Paul “The Vulture” Singer, Ken Langone and the Kochs – and why they need to buy the White House.”

  26. Are you going to run for the white house or what……i would be the first person to get into your boat.Power to the people not the money.

  27. stop and consider all the disillusioned veteran’s. How many trained military men and women walk the streets of this country. How many own weapons. We are a nation of many angry the rich: They can give in or they can get out the choice is there’s. Money is just paper and can be rendered worthless in the blink of an eye.

  28. God how I love your use of alliteration – The Moneyed Master – I close my eyes and can visualize a Java the Hut figure sitting on those disgusting money eggs. Pure unadulterated greed. Delightfully Disgusting! You rock Gerry!

  29. Thanks, Gerry, right on the mark, as usual. You are truly a national treasure.

  30. Here’s an idea. Everyone just stay put. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t go to the store. Don’t buy gas. Don’t go to work. Let the corporate cash registers just sit there… empty. There aren’t enough of them to come to get all of us and they really would rather not, anyway. It takes energy to go out and protest. Conserve your energy. Take care of each other.

  31. I will believe corporations are persons, when they execute one in Texas!

  32. Instead of using valuable time and energy fighting “them”. Use it, instead, to work with each other.
    We all have childhood memories of parents, teachers and others encouraging us to work together. A co-op is what “working together” looks like all grown up. From the outside, many co-ops look like any other business, since a co-op provides products and services like conventional businesses do. But it’s what goes on behind the scenes that makes it different.
    A cooperative exists to serve its members, but what makes co-ops unique is that the members are also the owners. So, in addition to getting the products and services you need, you also have a say in the business decisions your cooperative makes.

    Rather than rewarding outside investors with its profits, a co-op returns surplus revenue to its members in proportion to how much they use the co-op. This democratic approach to business results in a powerful economic force that benefits the co-op, its members and the communities it serves.

  33. “The people will grow strong from their pain. Pain is the nourishment of growth. And in the end the people will prevail.” Gerry Spence

    They’re growing,fast, Gerry…
    “.We intended to hold signs and sing inside the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, protesting its promotion of unmanned drones, missiles, and bombs, including its sponsorship by and promotion of weapons corporations. We don’t have any museums promoting health coverage or education or retirement security.”
    We will be here for as long as it takes. ”

    “Congress comes back to this town on Tuesday.

    We’re ready.

    We’re nonviolent.

    We’re not scared.

    We’re not discouraged.

    We’re not fooled.

    We’ve got demands as clear as a blue sky:

    Occupy Wall Street
    Occupy K Street
    Occupy Everything
    And Never Give it Back!”

    • I am with you. It is time for corporate American to retire from government and let the people govern themselves. It is called the emancipation of the slaves. But will it come peacefully? Killing and torture can and is being accomplished against the people who find themselves jobless, or with jobs but without rights or fair compensation. This is another form of slavery. So long as the Moneyed Master owns us, our jobs, our children, so long as it can take our jobless children and expend them in the military to die for more corporate power we will never be free. Do not give up. Stay. I am with you.

  34. hoarsewhisperer

    “The people will grow strong from their pain. Pain is the nourishment of growth.”
    No sorry Gerry, I don’t buy it. Sounds nice…but it isn’t true. Pain is pain. Growth is growth. Can people grow stronger from their wounds? I think yes. Pain can be an impetus a motivator, but it is not the nourishing fountain of growth. Most often, pain is just pain. Physical or emotional. “In the end the people will prevail”. Well I hope so, and some battles must be fought without regard to an immediate victory. Because too often pain is simply pain. Too often the tanks roll in….and the people disappear. Every baby is born anew….and if that was the only crying the universe could hear we’d all be better off..but unfortunately sometimes pain is just pain, evil, wicked and slowly killing. Excusing pain, as a needed part of the birth of a revolution, is simply wrong. We don’t need pain. We need people to say Enough Pain…it is neither nourishing nor valid….THEN the revolution can begin.

    • 2Hoarsewhisperer- Pain is indeed a teacher and a motivater. When one is inflicted with pain,they will either wither up and roll up in a ball,or they will fight back not to encounter that pain again. In that respect one grows from lessons learned. Try lighting a match under your finger and see if you will not grow from the experience. While the newborn cries the adolescent dies.Evil men and women have farmed us as “animals”(1984),stock to haul their money to their banks and pull their tanks and triggers in a perpetual battlefield.”Then the revolution will begin”. It’s already begun. It is born again by the very children and granchildren who came out of the 60’s peace movement’s idealology. The cease fire of past 40 odd years has now fired the first flower.On youtube there are videos of Vietnam war protests which look amazingly like deja vu to a large degree.The children in the streets today occupying the ideals of a free and peaceful society and world are doing what was done then,only with technology of the internet,cameras, and lessons learned from the beat,hippie generation to guide them through some of the pitfalls. Police have become far more brutal and intolerant because they know they are obliging to their masters and yet,they also know they are a part of the 99%. Read the body language of the NYPD as they are swarmed with determined,peaceful resistance. Except for the “white shirts”, the old hogs on the slop payroll,the younger ones are experiencing conscience checks.
      No revolution is won without blood.It is human nature to kill what is not understood or wanted for evil minded psychopaths. Cold blooded killing is the only thing they understand,and they are confused by what they are seeing since they are still using the same old game plan that has worked for generations. Fear,quashing the movement before it increases. They are hell bent for destruction and dominance. This time,though,it’s different. It’s all or nothing. When you’ve got nothing left to lose,the pain is different,and they have taken everything now from we, the 99%,and we are no longer wanting to be cannon fodder or raising babies to feed to their war machines.

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  36. “I am with you.”

    Probly safe to say that Sandra Day Oconnor, watching this, is saying the same thing.

    Interesting that it was a WOMAN who kept all this in check in the past.

  37. A half-million men and women in RVN for a minimum of 10 years, 10 percent (roughly) who were comat arms (infantry,etc) (myself included). An extremely conservative estimate would be 500,000. We must require all who graduate from our colleges and universities to spend a like number of years in goverment service. The executive branch of government needs to be “called” rather than elected. This, of course, begs the question, “Who will do the Calling”.

    • Gerry Spence, the cult, and the occult are WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS and the misappropriation of Mother Earth’s limited enviroment. Some living individuals are presently living the pipe dreams of the leaders infamous skill of deception. I am, have been and shall always be aware of the mentally depraved seekers of custom and tradition. In your memory: August 15, 1971. Read about the Economic Stabilization Act 1970 1970 . W H O?

  38. Having said many things here,one thing needing to be said- Before we can change the world, we must change ourselves. We cannot co-exist with “peace” and harmony while harboring negative and self serving ideas and behavior.We must all seek to help rescue the countless souls wallering around in drug induced insanity and vile and violent behavior. We must carefully and with good conscience guide the misguided who have learned from their masters the love of money. We must construct a world where money is not the panacea and prize for humanity. We must return to spiritual values and store up treasures,not in vaulted buildings, but rather, in flesh and blood, brothers and sisters. Now, more than ever, we must instill the golden rule in place of the gold and rule of money over mankind.Maybe we need to burn the money. Maybe we need to start like cavemen and women and begin afresh.Thinking far,far away from what we have been taught….

    • So what would you do as the FIRST step in the direction you suggest? Babies need to take the FIRST step.


      • As a first step I would encourage the different gatherings to share email, Twitter, Facebook, and other electronic media with like minded individuals they meet at the various Occupy Wall Street protests, demonstrations, and gatherings.

        An electronic voting force, that the political parties would have to consider, could be established.

        I see this this Occupy Wall Street movement as a cultural “mutation” much in the same way, the DNA mutates to begin new life forms.

        Gary Ozenne

      • Now, more than ever, we must instill the golden rule in place of the gold and rule of money over mankind.Maybe we need to burn the money. Maybe we need to start like cavemen and women and begin afresh.Thinking far,far away from what we have been taught….”

        “So what would you do as the FIRST step in the direction you suggest? Babies need to take the FIRST step. ”

        TODAY,(not tomorrow,next week, next month,a 5 year projection plan)..Today, I am going to take a baby step and follow my conscience. Today,I am going to willfully choose to do the right thing,not the popular or politically correct thing. I am going to first, make eye contact with all I meet,and look deeper into the pain,sorrow,helplessness written there (without the use or a mechanical scanner).I,then am going to offer,first, a direct and radar locking gaze into the eyes of a stranger I have not yet met on a train,or a street,or any encounter at all. I am going to stare them into a primal acknowledgement of my harmlessness and empathy of knowledge of common human condition and the recocognition thereof. Then I will smile( a disarming tool proven quite effective). I will make eye contact, smile, then I will use just one battle cry.”hello”,or I may appropriately use “good morning” or perhaps,the highly ice breaking phrase strategically effective and hilariously disarming(one must be at the Post Office)Lobby preferred…”welcome to the Post Office” ;)…

        I will understand that there for the grace of God go I,while simultaneously thank God for carrying me through or away from the paths of some fellow men and women. I will carry with me the sword of truth and honor,not unike Don Quixote,the wonderful Man of LaMancha,knight and defender. I will not seek my own at the risk of harm to another nor will I side with those who do or would harm others. I will treat all people as my family,the family human,while understanding that each is in their own stage of development towards becoming … Even the enenlightened,the mean spirited,the grumpy, the contrary,the malicious.(these will and do require other methods beyond the above mentioned,but will not be written off) They have been taught wrong ways and followed wrong paths and will require more de-programming.

        I will begin, as I said, TODAY. Today, I will accept my own challenge to put my money where my mouth is,so to speak, as I will walk down a street in San Diego where many homeless are occupying city streets around the corner from where a champagne and bagel brunch has simultaneously occurred this morning as the homeless pillage garbage dumpsters. This will be my challenge today while visiting a family member here, I will begin with acknowledging an imbalance outside the door and as I walk the sidewalk, I will make mental assessment first hand,and I will formulate a plan to personally begin one person, one step….at a time. Today I will take a baby step. Tomorrow and each day will begin step by step. Then along the way, truth will reveal itself and more will walk the way…Amen.

  39. Co-ops sound good to me, but look too much like communism to a capitalist. The greatest promise for even modest reform will come from the masters, the moneyed monsters, themselves. There are those who sympathize with the slaves, and though they will not affect real change, they may relieve enough of the burden on the slaves to perpetuate their power. Our society is not close enough to a unity of spirit to supplant an alternative culture.

  40. Two of the demands should be to abolish the Patriot Act and the Federal Reserve.

    • “Two of the demands should be to abolish the Patriot Act and the Federal Reserve.”

      And the federal income tax once the debt is paid down. The rich love the federal income tax since it concentrates economic power and decisions remotely from the people and taxpayers. Try getting the other 49 states to pay directly for bridges in Alaska and see how well that goes!


    China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho
    Thanks to the trillions of dollars that the Chinese have made flooding our shores with cheap products, China is now in a position of tremendous economic power. So what is China going to do with all of that money? One thing that they have decided to do is to buy up pieces of the United States and set up “special economic zones” inside our country from which they can continue to extend their economic domination. One of these “special economic zones” would be just south of Boise, Idaho and the Idaho government is eager to give it to them. China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach for short) plans to construct a “technology zone” south of Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size. The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre “self-sustaining city” that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned “self-sustaining city” in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers. Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States.
    According to the Idaho Statesman, the idea would be to build a self-contained city with all services included. It would be modeled after the “special economic zones” that currently exist in China.
    Perhaps the most famous of these “special economic zones” is Shenzhen. Back in the 1970s, Shenzhen was just a very small fishing village. Today it is a sprawling metropolis of over 14 million people.
    If the Chinese have their way, we will soon be seeing these “special economic zones” pop up all over the United States.
    So exactly who is “Sinomach”?
    The following description of the company comes directly from the website of Sinomach….
    With approval of the State Council, China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) was established in January 1997. SINO-MACH is a large scale, state-owned enterprise group under the supervision of the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.
    As you can see, Sinomach is basically an arm of the Chinese government.
    The borrower is always the servant of the lender, and now China is buying up America.
    The reality is that Sinomach is not looking only at Idaho. Sinomach is in discussions to develop “special economic zones” all over the United States.
    Sinomach has recently dispatched delegations to Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania to explore the possibility of establishing “special economic zones” in those states.
    Will such “self-contained communities” soon start appearing from coast to coast?
    According to Dr. Jerome Corsi, the U.S. government has already set up 257 “foreign trade zones” across America. These “foreign trade zones” will apparently be given “special U.S. customs treatment” and will be used to promote global free trade….
    “The FTZs tend to be located near airports, with easy access into the continental NAFTA and WTO multi-modal transportation systems being created to move free-trade goods cheaply, quickly and efficiently throughout the continent of North America.”
    So what do our politicians think about all of this?
    Most of them are greatly in favor of it

  42. 2 Louie Cocroft:

    “So what do our politicians think about all this? Most of them are greatly in favor ot it.”

    Mostlikely, if true, because they now see that the horrendous mistakes with immigration, etc. and which continue, cannot be stopped or “fixed.”

    They now see “Soylent Green” in view for the US – and it’s getting closer.
    Opening scene: “New York City, 2022”

  43. P.S. Cannot be posted commercially, so must bring it up for yourself.

    Please GOOGLE the following video: it is what is starting to happen in our country NOW . Listen to the words ,problems and situation, verbatim:

    “Youtube video of opening scene of soylent green-NY City, 2022”

  44. Guinness Book of Records holder of the HIGHEST IQ in the WORLD, Marilyn Vos Savant, just 4 short months ago in her Parade column.

    Readers question: “What do you think is the biggest problem in the world right now?”

    Marilyn’s reply: “I believe that OVERPOPULATION is the #1 problem.”

  45. Love you Gerry. We tried.

  46. ie. I’m not sure that there are many of us left, who have a CONSCIENCE , without being promised something “better” in :a next life.” We, benefactors,/philanthropists (EVERYTHING is relative….)

    Albert Einstein said : “Man is doomed if his conscience comes from a reward in somjething better.”

    Albert was right. I have put the pieces together since I was 17 year old – and saw my boyfriend, Dr. Siegel, perform an ABORTION

  47. on a SUICIDAL NUN.

    When I was 14, I came home from school in the 9th grade and found my “evangelical father” (Don’t let her wear perfume, people will think she’s a whore…) HANGING from our 1/4 bath pipes in the basement.

    Religious “Cults” – Marilyln Vos Savants – Highest IQ – in th WORLD –

  48. Gerry is the ONLY human being in the WORLD – who has SURVIVED it and ……still is begger than himself.

    We will NEVER find it again.

    THAT is WHY I never cared what he, or anyone else thought.

  49. Gerry, there have been a lot of “Wondrous” people trying, even before I was born, to STOP this nightmare of human suffering.

    I BIG one was Professor May Daly, who died at the age of 81, and resigned from BOSTON COLLEGE (CATHOLIC School) rather than:

    She , way back, urged the masses to : “Laugh out loud at their pompous, penile processions…..”

    If only they had -IMAGINE what a different world we’d be dealing with.

    SHE wouldn’t do it, then we brought in the masses of immigrants from PATRIACHAL Cultures’

    No amount of money in the WORLD can fix this. And I live, literally, on those three bridges that protects the wealthiest from the poorest…

    I SEE both sides.l

  50. There is NOT enough money in this COUNTRY,. or ANY country, to keep paying the medical costs of delivering, feeding, providing shelter for, medical, education, etc., etc., etc., for the MASSIVE NUMBERS OF ILLEGAL IMMIRANTS IN THIS COUNTRY.. I said it.

  51. We both tried but in our boots we know what happened.

    Remember Johnny Carson’s “Funny” ” What Democracy means to me” HUGE opening monologue in 1991.

    Problem is: It’s NOT FUNNY anymore. It KILLED US.

  52. And PS., “Probbly” as generic bloggers say: (don’t know why…just makes me laugh)

    I had SO much fun with Argus Insane, on love. In my conditon, physically, I would literally have bled-to-death if I had carried out, for one minute, the fun I had talking about it.!

    Now ya know.

  53. Gerry, you have been my hero for decades now. I understand your words as if they were my own. I am scared of the bleakness before me … bleakness before my 16 year old daughter. I seriously think about leaving the US to belong to a healthier country. A country where people are valued no matter their age. Maslow’s Law comes to mind; a place where basic needs are met no matter one’s income. If all are provided with the basic necessities then all would be free to express and/or produce solely for advancement of all (altruism). It is a basic instinct too which we should expound. It seems in this US culture altruism is a weakness.
    I do not believe I make a difference in improving life here in the US. I, as my daughter will be, used up, taken advantage of, then disgaurded.
    Sigh! Just feeling the oppressors heavy foot on my neck. My value in production is diminished by cheaper production elsewhere in the world. My value as a middle/lower class educated citizen is devalued by those who have connections to power and/or $. I am lost in an ocean just waiting to be sucked into oblivion by the moneymasters.
    Sigh, feeling like I want better for my daughter than to be used with no power to contribute and to be heard; to make a difference!

  54. Thank you for the post, Gerry. You put it all into perspective, as always.

    I see that you often post in the early-morning. Do you find it the best time to write?

    Thanks again,

  55. This came in an email. I’ll pass it along for others to read:

    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:

    “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just
    pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more
    than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible
    for re-election.

    The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18
    year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people
    demanded it. That was in 1971…before computers, e-mail, cell
    phones, etc.

    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year
    or less to become the law of the land…all because of public

    Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to
    a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask
    each of those to do likewise.

    In three days, most people in The United States of America will
    have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed

    _*Congressional Reform Act of 2011*_

    1. No Tenure / No Pension.

    A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no
    pay when they are out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the
    Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into
    the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the
    American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all
    Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.
    Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and
    participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the
    American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void
    effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this
    contract with Congressmen.

    Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in
    Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers
    envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their
    term(s), then go home and back to work.

    • Congress is a disorganization’s organization. United we fall with the masses. Never crystalize an incompleted transaction prematurely. Keep filing a notice of payment of non-employee compensation to those tax collectors when you allow someone to sell your time without [the] full and adequate consideration of numbers witout a specific quantifier, by January 31 on a yearly basis.
      Confusion works upon electronic data basis.

  56. Such honesty, Gerry! You give me hope; all the time I feel I am alone in my perceptions – you prove over and again that I am not, and for that I am so grateful. No one likes feeling that crazy by the standards of those we live among. Thanks once again for being Gerry Spence!

    Government Could Hide Existence of Records under FOIA Rule Proposal
    by Jennifer LaFleur
    ProPublica, Oct. 24, 2011, 10:26 a.m.
    A proposed rule to the Freedom of Information Act would allow federal agencies to tell people requesting certain law-enforcement or national security documents that records don’t exist – even when they do…..

  58. If each and every person in the U.S. donated $1.00 to a “SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM CHINA” fund, couldn’t we pay off the national debt? I’m just saying.

    • “If each and every person in the U.S. donated $1.00 … couldn’t we pay off the national debt?”

      Not even close. See the National Debt Clock:

      Total debt per US family is over $660,000! I wonder what you got for that?

  59. No. The time is not ripe for anything except more pain that will be suffered by the people.


  60. This article is too long to place on this blog, but every American should read it. These Public Lands BELONG TO US:

    How does the UN, Monsanto, mining, and oil & gas companies get their hands into Bureau of Land Mangement (BLM) Resource Management Plans and Environmental Assessments to dictate the use of our public lands (and our future)?
    Well, I found one way. I noticed that two companies, Tetra Tech and Environmental Management & Planning Solutions, Inc. (EMPSi), are preparing BLM (and Forest Service) Resource Management Plans (RMPs), Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Environmental Assessments (EAs) and other reports. (So what do we pay BLM employees to do, just look pretty in their uniforms?)

    Tetra Tech
    It’s not some small environmental company. Tetra Tech has 13,000 employees in 330 offices around the world. Tetra tech owns about 25 other companies and makes billions of dollars in annual revenues. They work with developers, nuclear power, energy, mining and minerals processing, etc. On the Tetra Tech website, it declares: “Our Mission: To be the premier worldwide consulting, engineering, and construction firm.”…………

  61. Last night on CNN David Gergen, advisor to Presidents, said:
    “This is NOT going away.” (Re; Cain)

    One suggestion: Let the occcupiers/protesters use CAIN as their POSTERCHILD with blownup pictures of him in obvious distress and dabbing his perspiring brow with a handkerchief while obviously LYING.

    He is the epitomy of everything they are justifiably complaining about in my opinion: BIG CORPORATION MAN who seeks POWER, LIES, PAYS PEOPLE OFF AND SEXUALLY HARASSES FEMALES.
    (ILooks like she’s angry enough to ‘spill the beans’)

    SCORE for the protesters – their POSTERBOY!!

    (Just sayin, as they say. 🙂

  62. Sorry, Typo. “Epitome.”
    But he certainly appears to be just that

  63. When WILL it be ripe?

  64. The only thing I can think of is: AFTER we calmly sit down and figure out how much it is COSTING this country in ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their ANCHOR BABIES.
    When/after we do that, it should “tighten up” our finances- A LOT!!

  65. Do you have ANY idea of the number of CHINESE WOMEN (Illegal immigrants) just for one very small example, who come HERE every single year, JUST TO GIVE BIRTH TO AMERICAN CITIZENS?

    Didn’t think so.

  66. Gerry you are a wise man and should know that current events in he Middle East and North Africa strongly suggest that thanks to modern communications, tyranny can be disposed of in the time it takes to open the fridge and grab another perrier.

  67. The greatest illusion of freedom is assuming you have it. OWS can march on the streets until we can see their heels coming through the bottom of their shoes but it will make no difference. The corporatocracy will not give up power peacefully or kindly because people want it to be so. Hell corporations aren’t even people but we speak of them as though they are!

    Corporations are entities designed with one goal in mind: profit. With that the large corporations have so much profit/power that it will not yield those things as drowning person gasping for air. Unless the fundamental issue of greed is dealt with, (which by the way has been a part of humanity since the start) this will always be present.

    So if OWS brings down the banks (unlikely) just by the nature of our system they will begin to be folded into the same system that corrupted the corporations. If we are unwilling to look at the root cause of why we are here we are doomed to simply repeat the same mistakes that have plagued the world since people have been here.

    To bring it back to freedom, how free are you really even the folks protesting right now how free are they? Are we speaking about a freedom of the physical or the freedom of the mind and if you have one do you necessarily need the other? History has shown time and time again that those that are in a position of power will do whatever is needed to control those that are not. With whatever means needed whether it’s religion, nationalism/patriotism, monetary, you name it and you will see it’s been used. Sadly most people don’t realize the level of manipulation that is leveled against them to keep them in line. So how free are you really?

  68. Thank you for putting into words what many feel, Gerry.

    What saddens me most is to see my neighbors and friends who buy into the PR machine telling them these protests are comprised of ne’er do wells and malcontents, and who truly believe folks like the Koch brothers and huge corporations actually give a damn about this country or it’s people. These same people who laugh at a petty thief who, when caught red handed, claimed to be simply trying to help grow the economy. Yet the corporate thieves and tax evaders can steal and lie, and no one blinks an eye. Meanwhile our supreme court laughably equates the speech rights of huge corporations and the US Chamber of Commerce with that of the common man. Truly bizarre.

    As Kurt Vonnegut might say, “and so it goes….”

    • We must dehumanize and insult those who occupy Wall Street and the protests there. Otherwise the people might hear them and understand they speak for us. The media creates their persona. But who owns the media?


      • Do you have a friend? My personal experiences leaves no room for error or imagination. I am sure the media is and has been controlled by the feemocracy’s oldest profession. Fuzzy logic seems to oversimplify the simplicity of this request. The first [known] months of being dehumanized in the chambers of regeneration eventually [becomes visible]. All human beings create an illusion worthy of consideration, for only a portion of one nanosecond.

  69. We Are All One Humanity Native American Elders Speaking About The Web That Binds Us All

  70. She rode on a chrome horse with her diplomat,
    Who carried on his shoulder a siamese cat

    Ain’t it hard when you discovered that,
    He really wasn’t where it’s at

    After he took from you everything he could steal

    How does it feel? To be without a home…

    Don’t mind me. Just regurgitating a few random, surely outdated musings of a long forgotten vagabound who once rapped upon our door. Don’t look too close. He may be standing in the clothes that we once wore. Guess it’s time to strike a match and start anew, cause it’s all over now…

  71. If I could shake hands with one person in this world it would be Gerry Spence, because he is the only lawyer who is not a coward and has never been a coward, and who stood up for what was right even if it could have cost him his license to practice law. But his actions to stand up against our broken legal system made him wealthy, famous, and the greatest attorney of all time.

  72. Once the banksters got control of our money supply in 1913 under the Federal Reserve, they proceeded to put everyone in debt. They called this the roaring twenties. By 1929, the stage was set to decrease the money supply and call in all loans and margins on stocks and consolidate all of the assets into the hands of a few, and leave the rest of the country bankrupt. In the first year alone, the money supply was shrunk by 30%. By 1933, the job was complete.

    They’re currently running the same playbook and more and more of our friends and neighbors are falling through the cracks into poverty. When it is your turn to fall through, will it then be time to focus on the ONE problem which solves all others?

    Take away the power to control currency from the globalist elite banksters. Period. All other problems begin to correct themselves and can be dealt with once we do this.

    Penn State Ranked Number One by Corporate Recruiters
    September 22, 2010
    A recent Wall Street Journal survey of leading corporate recruiters names Penn State as the leading institution for graduates best prepared to succeed in their firms. This report demonstrates how broad investment in Penn State yields dividends for our corporate partners

  74. Mr Spence as I work with a focus group last night on a case where we are suing Rabobank a huge bank and SunCal a huge developer for screwing over my clients in a land deal. I asked the group “are you closer to the 99% or the 1% we are all hearing and reading about” Everyone said the 99% but then when I said you know I have seen some of these people and truthfully some are a little seedy, I am not sure I want them representing me. All them said they too were troubled by who some are and maybe there is a need for 1% to keep us all organized. Others offered that we need someone who is going to keep us employed. I accepted these gifts.
    I then in taking a break and looking for some inspiration thought I would read what was new with you. I then read this blog and thought we are well trained slaves.

    Is It Bad Enough
    for YOU? wild horses 2

  76. With its endless propaganda the Moneyed Master has caused its slaves to believe they are free. But when that cruel hoax is ripped bare of its deceitful cloth and stands naked before the people, and when enough of the people sleep under the bridges and their children’s bellies swell from hunger then one day it will be too late for the Master. Suddenly, without warning, the people will rise up in explosive unison like a long sleeping volcano. Raging and turmoil will ring across the canyons of the streets and blood will flood the streets, and the people will at last prevail.–Gerry Spence

    Gerry, you have long been my hero. I have followed your career, read your books and watched your television appearances since I saw a 60 minutes peace they did with you many, many years ago. I agree completely with your analysis of the current state of things and what it will take for the people to finally throw off the chains of tyranny and escape the bonds of slavery. However, by the time this all happens the moneyed masters will have used up our planet’s resources, poisoned the air, water and soil, so that the people will inherit a hollow planet incapable of sustaining human life.

  77. The people have no voice and their protesting voices on Wall Street and elsewhere are lost in the din of the growling, empty stomachs of children and the sounds of terror from a people who are crippled, not because their arms or legs have been severed, but because they can find no jobs.
    Gerry, I love this quote.
    Currently, 15% of the US population is receiving food stamps. It is even worse for the kids. 25% of men between 25-34 are living with their parents. When discouraged workers are factored into the equation, the unemployment rate exceeds 20%. If you take me off the farm; sell the farm; put me in a cement box; and then take away my box; what am I supposed to do?

  78. No slave like the slave of refuge, no vision like involvement, “we take refuge in our vision, way before the truth of the situation”.


  79. BUSINESS. Washingon’s District of Columbia, Inc. dba Puppet Master. It [the master] is in plain sight after the smoke clears a way from the mirror. [We, the people, aka Congress Assembled (435 strangers working 107 days this year)] set before their constituents, vision’s. A simple business plan for the selected/delegates. I know the first step toward aggressive defense. As an attorney: This firm has pierced the corporate veil! David Getman dba Structural Conctete Limited.

  80. Silence is as consent.. and we must organize as people united to hold all elected to the trust, ( oathe ) of office, citing all violations.. and become again a nation of ” law that governs ” I am trying to assist in forming Pine Tree Community coalitions, not based on religion, race or party , but people united to principles.. ( truth, liberty and peace ) and precedence.. as established ” law of the land.” and to cite in writing any violations and inform educate and demand recall and nullify, compliance to Order… recognizing the “law that governs” for Order is Heaven’s first law… Camille@The Great Pine Tree Community coalition council… facebook.

    Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts
    The first ever GAO(Government Accountability Office) audit of the Federal Reserve was carried out in the past few months due to the Ron Paul, Alan Grayson Amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill, which passed last year. Jim DeMint, a Republican Senator, and Bernie Sanders, an independent Senator, led the charge for a Federal Reserve audit in the Senate, but watered down the original language of the house bill(HR1207), so that a complete audit would not be carried out. Ben Bernanke(pictured to the right), Alan Greenspan, and various other bankers vehemently opposed the audit and lied to Congress about the effects an audit would have on markets. Nevertheless, the results of the first audit in the Federal Reserve’s nearly 100 year history were posted on Senator Sander’s webpage earlier this morning.
    What was revealed in the audit was startling:
    $16,000,000,000,000.00 had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious – the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.

  82. Jackie Gleason – 1956 Televised

    Ralph Kramden: [to Norton] I’m gonna become a corporation. Do you know what a corporation is?

    Ed Norton: Yeah, I know what a corporation is. When a person or group of persons duly authorized to sell, distribute shares, become avowed with the intention of the stockholders grouping about together, with those shares with the intention of selling the shares, comes to an EVIL interest there.

    Ralph Kramden: [pause] How did you know that?

    Ed Norton: Ever heard of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Pierce and Bean?

    Ralph Kramden: Yes.

    Ed Norton: They got an office right outside a downtown sewer I work in.

  83. A headless dragon strikes aimlessly.
    These protestors need a mission statement or at the very least a loosely connected goal – their demands are all over the place their rhetoric presented on so many different levels that one wonders who’s in charge.
    As far as civil disobedience … I am a child of the 60’s who would I be to talk about protesting? But a part of gaining respect for one’s cause requires one respect those around them … this was not happening at most locations .
    The introduction of persons who were not goal oriented but rather opportunists for their own agenda – legal or illegal – tainted the movement as well.
    We need change – there is no doubt about it – let’s move toward removing the self-interested and corrupt politicians with …. less self interested and corrupt politicians because DC does not operate without back room deals and alliances.

  84. I think if people stop buying things they don’t need it would make a huge difference. Don’t drive. Don’t watch TV. Grow a garden. Live simply. We will be healthier and happier.
    The best thing that ever happened to me was losing everything and having to start over again, and realizing how freeing it was to not have many possessions. I walk everywhere, and I do not buy things frivolously. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I do meaningful work for pay that covers my needs and allows me to save. I could live more extravagantly than I do, but I will not be wasteful and contribute to the power of exploitive corporations.
    Imagine what a difference it would make if everyone lived simply (before we are all forced to, while the choice is still ours.)

  85. I want to clarify my earlier comment:
    Although losing several years of my life via wasted time, effort, and energy doing things that should not have had to be done, and losing my home and most of my belongings was a blessing in the end, it was an awful, harrowing, heartbreaking experience at the time.
    I’m still hoping justice might prevail, someday, at least for the sake of others.
    What happened to me happened because of a corrupt judge, a slumlord, a snake of a lawyer, a shady real estate ring (or some incredibly stupid people), and a private bank (all of whom are still merrily wreaking havoc.)
    Just because in the end I am better off and happier than I was before, doesn’t mean things should have gone down the way they did.
    The rule of law was blatantly ignored. As a taxpayer, I object to this on principal, regardless of my current circumstances.
    There is a battle between good and evil going on right now and the good can win, and we don’t have to wait for pain to motivate us, either.
    Spending as little money as possible is a great form of passive resistance.

  86. Hannah, totally agree with you on this one even if we are alone in our thoughts.

    When CREDIT CARDS came into major usage in the late 1960s – people NO LONGER lived within their means.

    I can remember a teenage girlfriend charging the limit of $10,000. (let’s go have dinner at Logan Airport Lee, – I’ll just charge it….) and then her DAD would bail her out and pay the entire bill when she was cut off. Watched this personally in the late 60’s.

    (Her dad died recently and left her a $2 million inheritance in real estate, but atleast she’s helping at the Senior Centre. 🙂

    Can’t blame THIS on the 1%; PEOPLE LIVING OVER THEIR INCOMES!!

  87. Gerry … I would love to see you reach the masses on TV to tell this story to the people just as you have here. The people need to hear the truth ,,, and hear it from someone that can clearly communitcate it as you do. There has to be some venue on TV that would allow the truth to be spoken.

  88. Truth be told we can blame only ourselves in part for our own greed. American middle class thrive on the capitalist model and the majority cherish material possessions. Only when it is taken away during stagnant economic crises do the voices cry out. Little by little we can and do make a dent into the machinations of the Moneyed Master. Thanks to Sarbannes Oxley Act for one, we can have a voice through politics, but it’s got to reach near horrific extremes (Enron, WorldComm, Silverado, to get that response, otherwise the lobbyists keep the wheels turning in their favor, and the equilibrium between Priviledge and Deprivation is maintained in a working order called American politics.

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