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We, the silent, insane

The horrid greed-disease casts us into insanity.

It is the disease that corrupts us and compels us, like raging ghouls, to spend endless billions for weaponry to kill and maim other innocent human being, to render children legless, parentless, homeless and to destroy whole cultures for money and power.

We make choices.

We could choose to educate all of our children and provide health care for all of our citizens for less than the endless billions we spend on killing.  We plunge ourselves into debt to kill, but whine that we do not have the funds to provide honest, hardworking citizens jobs, healthcare and an education.

Money is the disease that brings on this insanity. We abandon our own, whom we tax and exploit and lie to – our innocent citizens, now slaves – to build a meaningless war machine which is a money machine for the few.  We frighten our citizens into silence. We are insane.  And this insanity renders us mute.



Dribbles from their snouts

“The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens … Henceforth, I shall never serve any government anywhere.”   – Leo Tolstoy to a friend

My own experience is that those who seek power are not to be trusted with it.  Those who chase after power are like gluttons charging the trough – they are not in need of nourishment, but struggle only to satisfy their gluttony.  Indeed, one does expect a hog to undo its ways.

So those who yammer at the gates of power promising that their motives are to do good ought not to be more trusted than the hog.  What is left for the hungry masses are usually but the dribbles from their snouts.