The Big Basket Up in the Sky

         At Christmas I tend to get attacked by my philosophical ghouls who want to play around with me.  I begin thinking of our religious beliefs since religion plays such an overwhelming part in the lives of a majority of Americans.  And it did with our forefathers as well, who, having suffered persecution at the hands of a power structure that sponsored a set of differing religious beliefs, braved the stormy Atlantic to settle in the wilderness of America where they could worship as they pleased, and kill the Indians.  Then they went to war with England, and sculptured a constitution, and there you have it, presto! the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of religion.

         Perhaps you believe that the First Amendment to the Constitution will protect you to embrace whatever religion sings to your soul. Well, it will, of course, if you are a Presbyterian or Lutheran or even one of those who have been mocked and belittled from the time I was a child — a “Holly Roller” they were called.  But they were rolling for Jesus. 

         In my day the Catholics prayed to God in Latin because, obviously, He only understood Latin, and the priests were all dressed up in glittering nighties and wore strange crowns and rang bells.  And even they were talking to Christ through his mamma.  I thought that was smart, knowing as I did, the power that mammas have.

         And the Baptist dumped you in a tub and near drowned you to wash away your sins, which meant to me that Baptists had more sins than Methodists, the church I grew up in, because in the Methodist Church the preacher just dipped his soft, white, uncalloused fingers into a silver bowl, got a drop or two on his fingers, and then sort of pressed the drops on your head, which told me right off that Methodists didn’t have as many sins to be washed away as Baptists.

         Then there were those who had the days of the week all mixed up and went to church on Saturday instead of Sunday, and, if you could scrape up a dime, how could you see Hopalong Cassidy at the Saturday afternoon show if you had to go to church instead? 

         And then there were those who were trying to put doctors out of business because they left all healing to Jesus – some sect called Christian Scientists, which didn’t seem very scientific at all.  I thought Jesus probably liked doctors.  If Jesus was too busy to hear your prayers, there was always a doctor to back Him up.  But none of these belief systems caused any serious problems because the First Amendment said that in America you could worship as you pleased.

         I don’t know what they would do to us if we were teaching our children from the time of first thought that Santa Claus was a lying fiction that represented the degenerate corporate money structure and was created only so Americans would buy a lot of junk at Christmas for their kids in order to insure the profits of the corporate king. 

         And what would happen if you taught your kids that Jesus and Santa were in competition with each other—as a matter of fact, as it turns out, Christmas is not the celebration of the birth of Christ, but it’s the time when Santa comes and, if you are a kid from a poor family trying to scrape enough together to eat, it is obvious that Santa does not love you as much as he does the rich kid, because the rich kid got a new bike and you got nothing, which teaches that money and virtue are somehow related, and that being poor is the first sin.

         I have no problem with the various religions or with Santa.  The human species is born with that overriding instinct of all instincts – survival —  the other side of which is the fear of death.  So we invent whatever belief systems are necessary to cope with that omnipotent fear, and we are born Baptists or Catholics or Muslims depending on the parents we drew out of the big basket in the sky.  Doesn’t seem like much of a basis to kill each other because of the parents, along with their beliefs, that we, and they, drew out of said big basket in the sky.


         Yours for a fine holiday,





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  1. Gerry (my name also)

    At the age of 83 or 84, you poor dysfunctional soul.

    • Everyone,(my name also) is dysfunctional in one way or another. I hope you were joking. An 83 or 84 year old such as Gerry Spence is wise,seasoned and has come up with some concllusions of his search. He and everyone has the right to find the straight path laden with thorns, thistles and land mines. Cruelty is a self reflection. As Elvis said:”Don’t Be Cruel”

    • WOW, What a dysfunctional lufw you must lead!

    • Merry Christmas, Gerry, and thanks again for sharing your words of wisdom with all of us.

  2. “The only valuable thing is INTUITION.”
    Albert Einstein

  3. Don’tknow if you read anything else, you’ve been so busy “CREATING’ but love you for “Being THERE!!!”

  4. CHILDREN……have always surviwed that there is no SANT CLAUS.


  5. Seems to me, that by MAN’s BOYBULL, HEAVEN should mean:


  6. Tom & Ashley Hayes

    Thank you Gerry you really do think about it all rather than getting in line with the rest of the Sheep. My daughter Ashley and I have a deep love for you. Tom & Ashley Hayes

  7. Great piece of truth Gerry. Here,down under in this ‘land of the white cloud’ ‘the all blacks’ and the
    sheep.. these blobs of corporate money makers and
    of course a ‘democracy’ which is an absolute mockery
    to the sense of its suposed meaning. How they silence you is to find something to tag your credibility
    and apologize for anything at all, injustices,whatever.
    This they do and feel is sufficient recompense
    for anything at all.
    Have a great festival Gerry ,Pagan nonsense though it is.!

  8. At 67 years old now I think of death all the time-raised in a First Congregationalist church. I agree with all your blog-again I am the first know Fairbanks victim. I hope you read Donald Hall’s book “Unpacking The Boxes”I thought his comments about being arrested for “DWO” (driving while old would especially you. May you have a very nice Christmas-you and your family

  9. You know, our nation was, indeed born out of oppression. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams sensed that the Brits were alienating us from the rights naturally endowed to us by the creator. They risked the extreme danger of terrifying freedom for this cause. Oppression can come from many places. It is the alienation from us of our natural rights of life, liberty and the chance to be happy. Oppressors (alienators – thieves of our natural rights) can be governmental or corporate. Jesus and Catholicism are noble. They recognize the fact of inalienable rights. Christmas is, much like our jury system, a venue for the appreciation of our human dignity. God condescended to human form to show us that we are valuable. Christmas is the antipole of oppression. The baby in the manger is God’s verdict emanating from heaven’s great deliberation room.

  10. I share your concerns, Gerry. My nephew gets SEVERAL presents from Santa Claus every Christman in addition to the presents he gets from everyone else. I fear he will go through life expecting something for nothing.

  11. Tom & Ashley Hayes

    Thank you Gerry for continuing on with your wisdom. My daughter Ashley and I Love and respect you and always will. Peace

  12. I don’t know how to live in and fit into this culture, so I come across like an asshole half the time who is always wearing a neon green jogging suit. But I’m not one, and I don’t own that outfit. Christmas is the most alienating time of the year. I want people to love each other and skip the presents and religion (and the war). But then I sound like an asshole, again.

    • I don’t think you sound like an asshole at all. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve got it right. After spending 24 exactly perfect Jackson Hole Christmases hosting every perfect thing for my out of town visitors, I got burned out. Realized what it’s all about and make a bit of an effort to celebrate the good thought year around. Christmas this year will be a meal prepared by a good French restaurant that I will pick up in boxes and heat
      and 5 of us will enjoy each other’s company with no presents or even decorations in my almost empty house. Couldn’t be better. All relaxed and no family conflicts, which seems to be the end result of many festivities.

  13. Hello Gerry,
    I’ve missed you my friend, or at least I’ve missed your entries. My generation (I’m 31) appears to be less involved with churches and indoctrination but not by much. Some of that is because we’re less involved in our community due to technological and economic changes, and some of it is probably due to choice. It’s true that a large majority of us still go to church regularly, but I think most of our moral failings are generally because of individualized choice. I can’t control the macro effects too much, but I can affect individual lives in my community. So I try to do my part the best I can just as one of my heros, Mr. Spence, tries to do his part in order to make the community a little better. I try to remember that most people are good, love is the force of life, and that giving back to the community that gave me the ability to become who I am is truly rewarding. Many times living this way feels like a losing fight, but just as Tolkien’s elves believed, it’s a fight worth losing. I hope this is what you were trying to make me understand Mr. Spence. If not, forgive me. It is Christmas time after all.

  14. SHOOT! I didn’t think it posted.
    Gerry, here is the correct comment:
    Sending this song out to the Wall Street Protesters with a message
    Don’t Let Bast**** Get You Down – Kris Kristofferson

  15. Gerry, Merry Winter.
    What you said just proves one thing..that man is open to the power of suggestion. What ideas are suggested to be correct are then nurtured by idealogies and doctrines instilled as “fact’ take root and begin to grow. You forgot to mention milk spilt on rocks. I believe in rocks,so did Jesus,he built Peter upon whom the Catholic’s abducted Peter as their claim to Jesus.”upon this Petro (rock) I will build my church”,was reportedly directed to Peter,the fisherman later to become “saint”. It’s interesting to see the twists and turns along life’s highway where like Wile E Coyote,religion scurries to put signs pointing which ever way they choose to nab the trusting little birds.
    We should begin experimentally suggesting that we love,respect, and hold others higher than ourselves and that we care for the welfare of our “brothers”. We should follow our suggestions to the “T” and observe how the suggestion engenders brotherly love.We should suggest that there is a difference in real flesh and blood people and fairy tale characters and worship one or the other,not both. We could begin by making Santa Claus a nice Jewish fellow who sells toys and goodies with elf labor in the garment district for profit and doesn’t care if you are naughty or nice as long as you buy his products. We could suggest that there is no way in h…, er..the North Pole all that stuff was made by elves and delivered by flying reindeer.(seen any elves lately?)

    We could take Christ out of Christmas altogether and let Santa have Christmas Day completely.. ho ho ho.. Then, Jews, Muslims, Budhists,Pentecostal,Methodist,Baptist,Catholic,and all the others could join in singing Rudolph the very Generic Red Nose Reindeer with no religious connotation what so ever.And Santa would be universally accepted as a non religious hero CEO of Santa Worlwide Enterprises and everyone could celebrate Christmas Day on December 25.

    Jesus Birthday day could be suggested as any day within a certain time frame non specific day since history does not state an exact birth date and no birth certificate has come forth. It could be suggested that Jesus himself didn’t say when His birthday was. Counting backwards from age 33,when he died could put it a ball park time period. Jesus Birthday day could be suggested as a “holy” day where those inclined to do so,worship and rid themselves of worldly things for 24 hours,meaning no football games,no ho ho ho drunken parties,no over eating,and certainly no tv. But then, I might personally suggest that “holy” days are rare in this time and day.Now, this might appear as a separation of church and state what I am suggesting,but it would put a little clarity on the dual day celebration we currently call “Christmas”. Simple- “Santa””, “Jesus”.Fascinating One,that Jesus. I would celebrate Him anyday.Oh, and the little baby in the manger…He grew up..way up.
    There is total power in suggestion. I suggest no one take another’s dictating but look inward to the still voice inside and walk softly while carrying that big stick.

    • “Jesus Birthday day could be suggested as any day within a certain time frame non specific day since history does not state an exact birth date and no birth certificate has come forth.”

      Or none at all since there’s no evidence of such a person outside the gospels – in fact there’s a positive lack of mention in many places he should have been recorded (like Philo of Alexandria) and even Paul of Tarsus doesn’t seem to see him as a real person.

  16. Isn’t it interesting that we are truly born nothing – it is what we are made –
    Isn’t it interesting that we are born not knowing hate – it is what we are taught –
    Isn’t it interesting that we find time to complain but not to find solutions.

    Wishing for peace on Earth and peace to your spirit as well

  17. My children, all six, were raised by me to seek answers to their own questions and find their way. I am there for love, safety and guidance-I expected them to self manage and question, regardless of the topic. Intelligence and spiritual understanding does not grow from blind belief and hearsay; you find it exactly in the spot you are standing in and by being interested in seeking. Much to my grandmother’s dismay, I left their spiritual search up to them, including my son’s period of ‘disbelief in belief’ for the sake of doing so or any set deity. I believed that questioning beliefs and spiritual guides and Creator was part of his own journey towards growth. I firmly follow my own conscience in allowing them to be accountable and respectful to themselves-and to believe as they will-not because ‘mom says so’. I never want to stand in the way of their spiritual or important lessons in life. Support them in things yes; give set directives goes against my parenting. It goes against what I expect for myself. Even my own set beliefs are up for change and inspection-being stubborn and too set does me no good.
    As for Santa and presents: sometimes we give them, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we make them, or choose names and buy for only who we have chosen. Around the holidays we volunteer at rest homes, rehabilitation centers, food banks etc. and we always spend the day just enjoying time together. I prefer to celebrate Christmas as giving and appreciation-it is never about money, stress, more or less, rich or poor. I view it as a religious time, as do a few of my daughters. In times of sorrow, pain, happiness or trails I think it is most important to lean on whatever one is already comfortable with, whether it is set religion, nature, a trusted friend, family member, signs from crows or a handful of rocks. I strongly feel most people are good-and even in times when I was pretty poor and even homeless do not hold as a belief that one is poor because they have no cash, but they are poor if they have no self respect, respect for others and know what the word truly means, courage to try again or ability to retain their own decent attitude and hold hope and faith high. My motto is :”in times of doubt, help someone else out” when I am down I make an attempt to get out of my own trouble and self, and support others in walking thru theirs. I’m not always certain what my religious beliefs are, but I do know what they are not. And that satisfies me enough for now. I believe in Santa because I want to. He is comforting, woodsy and full of nature and goodwill. He is happy and at peace with who and what he is and is filled to the brim with kindness and caring. I am for me as you are for you. I enjoy my spiritual beliefs and the Spirit of Christmas.

  18. Too bad people can’t step forward with THE TRUTH ……….

  19. “At the age of 83 or 84, you poor dysfunctional soul?”

    Compared to Strom Thurmond – you’re not even FULLY COOKED YET !

  20. And then there were those who are too poor like myself, to afford health care in America. Jesus left me a big mess down here, as my five year old boy has life-threatening cancer. Then Jesus decided to change things up a bit, and passed a big olive branch on to failing HMO’s by forcing all Medicaid patients like my son on to an HMO. This so that HMO’s can quadruple skyrocketing health care costs and bankrupt our country, all in the name of greed, charging the government for health care that these same HMO’s are incapable of providing to my son. Still, it is Christmas, and all that matters to me now is my family and loved ones. religion be damned. It is good to be alive Gerry, even though the world is not perfect.

    • I cannot tell you how sorry I am to read this. My husband just came through a life threatening experience, but Medicare took care of him. I cannot even imagine no insurance. Something must be done for the majority of our citizens who are barely able to survive, far less pay medical bills. I pray that something like Medicare will some time cover everyone in America. I’ll pray for your son and others like him. Yes, it is good to be alive.

  21. “Doesn’t seem like much of a reason to kill each other.”

    Probably millions of people thinking” homicide to male cults “after reading HEADLINES again today.

    “Up to 20,000 sexually abused at DUTCH Catholic Churches”.

  22. Associated Press
    The HAGUE, Netherlands

    -As many as 20,000 children endured sexual abuse at Dutch Catholic institutions over the past 65 years, and church officials failed to address it or help the victims, according to a long-awaited investigative report released Friday. etc., etc., etc., etc.

    Justifiable Homicide to Male Based Religious Cults – the Oldest and Largest TAX-EXEMPT CORPORATIONS in the WORLD?

    (Wouldn’t want to be the Defense Lawyer on THAT case……….)

  23. More current news in regard to MALE founded and based religious cults:

    Little girls, literally, and their SISTERS also, (thoughts process is guilty by extension….) are being STONED TO DEATH for having the audacity to get themselves GANG-RAPED in Muslim countries.

    Doesn’t seem like much of a reason to annihilate male religious cults-one and for all?

  24. How about the “parents” who taught their children that being “good” for Santa meant not screaming out at the top of their six year old lungs from the pain of being sodomized and agreeing to tell no one. For, after all, had the child not enticed the adult the attack would never have happened. I think Santa brought me a cap gun that year…

  25. “The religion of the future will be a COSMIC religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity.

    Buddhism answers this description. If there is any religion that could cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism.”

    Albert Einstein

    (Certainly would be more humane and less evil toward innocents……….!!)

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  27. Well said Gerry. I agree totally. All those that believe in the taking snake theory will probably bash you for your views.

    I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and saw insanity at a very young age.
    Unfortunately Santa never came for us. Only Saturday and Sunday morning peddling of “the truth” door to door like an aluminum siding salesman. I was a poor sales-boy.

    Please post more often. I miss your wisdom and humor. It gives me hope.
    You are my inspiration.

    Your friend,
    Roger Young

  28. True religion is not Baptist or Catholic or any other name. It is loving God and loving people. Pretty simple but it can’t be exploited and has nothing to do with money or the making of it so it is not very popular.

  29. It came to me upon a midnight clear after the previous post..There was a census being taken allegedly when Joseph, Mary with child went to Nazareth. There was no room at the inn but there was a soft, straw bed out back in the barn.It doesn’t get too much more down to earth than humble beginnings born amoungst livestock. Let me not wander too far from my point though.. “Census”. My math is not at peak performance today,but most of us are familiar with the menagerie and the story characters which came to bear witness to the birth of Jesus. We have numerous witnesses. Shephards, Inn Keeper(s),couple o wise guys,and a bunch of angelic beings. Not to mention Joseph, a fine man, and Mary, a virgin teenager.To pin point more precisely, the date this occurred is difficult. My question in this is:”What happened to the census reportings?” We are no doubt talking about written documenation which for at least possibly 33 years from the one that time existed.A multitude of eye witnesses knew and acknowledged Jeshua, the Christ(annointed one) as the Nazarene (one from Nazareth). If he was 33 at death,do reverse math along with historical account and there in lies the (closely approximate) date of birth.

    We won’t even talk about Santa’s or modern day figures’ date of birth..If you get my drift.But, back to Jesus,I would have to brush up on my history some,but I know there are scholars who have studied this. Perhaps, the Vatican vaults hold this information or the scrolls in Israel hidden away in some moldy jars. Isn’t the written word amazing? Greek, Aramaic or whatever language of that period,there was written documentation. Some of course may have disappeared over 2000 years or so, but some hasn’t and archaeologists are always turning up new discoveries.
    When the holiday we know as Christmas began and why is a convaluted history of course. We have pagans and “christians” and germanic people, and on and on who jumped on the sleigh wagon on that holiday. Then the Jews jumped on it and saw tremendous profit off the gentile’s gullibility. Today, EVERYONE has jumped on it for financial profit and even some for psychological “hold” on the religious communities.
    Anyway, like you, Gerry, the search for God,on all those paths are but a journey in awakening for many of us. I found God,not in a church building,not in a gothic cathedral,nor a megamillion tv evangelist camp meeting,but rather, in a little of all of it, and then some,and many hours of decifering truth from fiction on my own.But when I stopped seeking Him in all those “places”, I found him in the first place He was in my life. My soul.I found Him in the results of deeds and even miracles which defy natural explanation. I found him in Kindness,in unselfishness,and I found him in people of ALL religious belief systems who held Him inside their own souls. He’s big! He’s not confined by walls of belief or temples and denominations. He’s like the very air we breath in his omnipresence.

    I suppose Santa, the jolly old soul, got some of him in his example of giving once upon a time when the world was kinder and like Superman,he was a fictitious role model for the betterment of the world. We can return to the core value of giving without buying all that junk and giving of our time and selves in meaningful ways and feel a whole lot of gratitude in well doing, not objects which end up in the landfills and the profits thereof in bulging bank accounts. The shortcut of the means to the end is not always money or material things,sometimes it just time or kindness and reaching out to a needy one. If one sows, the other waters, God gives the increase. Like a plant in the desert, one drop of water at regular intervals will preserve it. God Bless Us All, His children and let us all begin to share the positive messages of a special time when the world’s energies are lined up towards brotherly love. Let us imagine if we could maintain this every day, every moment . There is no law in the universe that can legislate love being forbidden.

  30. “There is a germ of religion in human nature so strong that whenever an order of men can persuade the people by flattery or terror that they have salvation at their disposal there can be no end to fraud, violence, or usurpation.” John Adams

  31. Think this has been one of my favorite posts of yours Gerry !

    oh, by the way they are still killing the Indians 😦

  32. So good to get your Blog! Can’t help smiling as I read it! Have been reading “Physics of the Future” by Michio Kaku. Another amazing man who consistently shines a bright light on humankind, leading us out of our folly and ignorance, and into a much beter future. Gerry, you have provided us the same, via a different route! Wishing you and your family and all of us an enlightened and peaceful journey. Regards, Annette

  33. No error in my spelling on board this sinking ship of States.
    >>[..his…],,,above this plane of reference.
    David Getman

  34. As European leaders et al have recently stated:
    “Multiculturalism hasn’t worked.”

    One suspects the term ‘multiculturalism’ was simply their mannerly shorthand for “multireligiosity”- since that also would be accurate.

  35. And I would be remiss if I didn’t say how grateful we are in Europe NOT to have your American “Televangelists” all over the telly.

    We in Europe STILL cannot say the name “Jimmy Swaggert” with a straight face. He was the televangelist who committed chronic “Sexual indiscretions” and when he finally ran out of excuses after crying his eyes out and trying everything else – FINALLY simply stated into his microphone to the flock:

    “The Lord has flat out told me it is none of your business!”

  36. “Or even one of those who were mocked and belittled from the time I was a child.”

    When mans religious cults BEHEAD innocent children and females in the name of their “religions” – and other religious “LEADERS” who RAPE AND TORTURE tens of thousands of little boys ……whatever it takes to get people to STOP the INHUMANITY of it all.

  37. David H. Cliburn


  38. Why some of the readers cast a “gloom and doom” approach to Mr. Spence’s blog, I smile and agree. Personally, I am, after seeking, studying, being rejected by, and told it costs money to joing one of the “religious clubs”, I am a Pagan. I respect others religions but I believe that “organized” religion is dangerous and the dogmas suppress the true spirituality we all have within us and our souls. As Jesus said, “…look into yourself, for all the answers are within.” Mr. Spence is simply reflecting of the hypocrisy, not the end of the line.
    I’ve been through many illnesses; given 1% chance to live; and now face loss of sight and other trials and tribulations of the “golden age”, but until I see my obituary, it’s not time for me to leave this plane and, thus, I get up and make sure I knock everyone’s socks off with a big smile and positive thinking!!!!

  39. My respected friend Gerry – I figure there IS an objective reality: The God, A god, No God, a FEW gods, another power (“The Force”?) or none of the above exist or don’t exist. Prognostications, my rambling, the Pope speaking ex cathedra, and burning bushes (which we only know of through hearsay accounts) will not change the objective reality. So, for Heaven’s sake (my phrase), I’m thinking the best thing to do is just RELAX. Peace to you.

  40. “Roll” on brother.

  41. Skeeter: If it’s true that you have a 5 year old little boy suffering with cancer and not enough/no effective insurance…….


    I will pay your transportation. Gerry has my email.

  42. Personally, I believe in Santa Claus. God, not so much…

  43. If God is LOVE, some early fella simply spelled it backwards-(DOG TO GOD) NOT knowing he had what we now know as DYSLEXIA. Our DOGS forigve him!

    George Graham Vest – Tribute to Dogs (c. 1855) after winning a case against a man who killed a dog

    Gentlemen of the Jury: The best friend a man has in the world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son or daughter that he has reared with loving care may prove ungrateful. Those who are nearest and dearest to us, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name may become traitors to their faith. The money that a man has, he may lose. It flies away from him, perhaps when he needs it most. A man’s reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of ill-considered action. The people who are prone to fall on their knees to do us honor when success is with us, may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our heads.
    The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog. A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master’s side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer. He will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounters with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, he remains. When riches take wings, and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.
    If fortune drives the master forth, an outcast in the world, friendless and homeless, the faithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him, to guard him against danger, to fight against his enemies. And when the last scene of all comes, and death takes his master in its embrace and his body is laid away in the cold ground, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there by the graveside will the noble dog be found, his head between his paws, his eyes sad, but open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even in death.

  44. Most attribute the current economic situtation as akin to the big basket up in the sky scenario. Yet, the new generation of young children that are growing up deprived because of the plans of the Moneyed Masters is a crime. Their psychopathy hides behind the MEDIA’s constant and continual homage to them. It is not “the economy” or “the depression” – it is the plan of these Moneyed Masters to impoverish the people which is criminal. Maybe you (Mr. Spence) could write their prosecution as a story, and have “the People” be your jury – this would be the jury of all juries for you to convince.
    And, to all a goodnight.


  46. The time is coming when the buffalo will come back up out of the earth and offer themselves to the people. The currency of our great-grandfathers was grass and so it shall be once again, when Earth mother shakes, the cities will crumble to dust and the grass will grow. I wear my ghost shirt always, today is a good day to dance back the buffalo.

  47. And sometimes, we just have to stop and look upon something that lifts our Spirits and nourishes our Souls. Look for what is Right and Good and Beautiful. Hold that collective vision for this Earth that we all want and we it CAN MAKE HAPPEN. The Power is in our Hearts, our Minds and in our Hands. ALWAYS remember that:
    Little Boy and His Dog


  49. Dr. Martin Luther Kink once said:

    “There might be weapons found in Wisdom, Justice and Love.”

  50. “The problem with writing about religion is that you run the risk of offending sincerely religious people,and then they come after you with machetes!”

    Dave Barry

  51. Dr. Brad Schmidt

    Gerry….Very well said….as always!! I was in a social situation the other day when I was asked what church am I going to for Christmas Service. I said that I do not attend church. You would have thought I had shot a gun off !! This person started to question me about religion. “What do you believe?, How were you raised?….etc. I basically told him I do not “do” religion. He asked me my thoughts about what happens when you die. I said basically, I don’t know; I then told him, nor do you. He went off on a rant about heaven, and Jesus! He asked me about how I deal with Christmas. I told him…I love Christmas; I spend time with family and friends. I celebrate being alive. I am a cancer survivor; so making it another year is a “gift”. He kept on going about what he thinks I am missing in my life. Gerry…I then used on of your quotes on him. I told him that religion is a “cage of the mind”. .religion doesn’t allow the individual to think on their own….to question, etc. I told him he should be concerned about projecting his religion on people.. In parting with this individual, the last thing I said was to be careful with his “religion”., and to remember that if you do not have a program for yourself…..someone else does…..
    My idea of going to “church” this holiday season… to take our dogs on a leash, step out into our wooded back yard for a long walk at dusk.. As I hold my wife’s hand and walk; breathing in the cool winter air and quietly observing the solace of the woods; I experience the wonderment of nature, The walk energizes me and reinforces the joy I feel in being alive. ~That is my “religion” !
    ~ Peace Always, Brad

  52. You are forever amazing! I love your thinking ❤

  53. Pretty much covers it,find the religious figure,the born again,hypocrite in my painting,on my blog http://

  54. I have been a trial lawyer thirty miles North of Boston for 32 yrs. I started out as a criminal defense lawyer but ended up handling varying degrees of injury cases. Around 1988, not really sure, I witnessed Gerry Spence give a lecture to a group of overdressed, conservative Boston lawyers and the things he said and the way he said them were and are the most profound stories I have ever heard involving the practice of law. I admire Gerry Spence and I pray to meet him someday. Ride on, Gerry.

  55. Thanks for the lesson Gerry, here are my class notes: The Indians got a raw deal that must be corrected, the second Amendment could have been written better, Latin as a religious language is a joke, modern preachers know so little about the Hebrew mindset that they cannot even agree on baptism procedure, the Catholic Church changed the Sabboth day to Sunday just to show their power over the Prodestants which are protesting Catholics, Christmas is a pagan holiday which was illegal in early American days, the Biblical festivals are not kept by the Western churches because they are thought to be too Jewish, teaching children about Santa Claus is harmful and teaches them not to trust, all religions are not equal and some come with a political agenda, doctors are needed but many people do not realize the extent of the corruption in the medical community in treating symptions instead of disease in order to keep the money flowing.

  56. Children have always survived just beautifully upon learning there is no He/Santa Claus.

    Surely adults can do the same and rise to the occasion – especially if they realize the very continuation of the species depends upon it.

  57. Preachers and Politicians are the most misleading people on the planet, Preacher pretend to know everything that they know nothing about, Politicians pretend to know nothing that they know everything about. Tom PS Gerry Thanks for all the great books you have made a positive impact on my life!

  58. the history of santa evolved from an old dude in europe who handed out toys to kids they called him st nick.biochemistry and nuclear sure played ahand in the over all scheme of
    thinking about suing santa,he can take his i-phone and shove it

  59. I came home from school one day, at 14 in the 9th grade, and found my father HANGING . Tell me about you and your idiot lawyers.

    • My mother killed herself. It is a horror. I wish I could wipe away even a part of the hurt. It took me thirty years to get over my mother’s suicide. One tends to blame others. But our parents had their own lives and own problems that we were not responsible for.

      Wish you peace.


  60. “I think flying planes into a building was a faith-based initiative. I think religion is a neurological disorder.”

    Bill Maher

  61. Gerry, I miss your blogging and your wisdom. Hope you are in great health. Don’t let the negative comments get you down. They are not worth it. Hurry back soon. Need some great reading material. The kind only you can write. You are the most respected lawyer in America. –Cliff

  62. Gerry, it troubles me not to have heard from you for months in the Gerry Spence’s Blog. You are a man who has defended the little people who have endured the challenges the government and corporate Slave Masters have forced upon them without their consent or voice. I just want you to know in your absence that there are many of us, even while evil ones lurk among our numbers, who love and cherish you like a forefather of wisdom and justice. Thank you for teaching us the way. You have always been a man of strength, as tall as Redwood-forest timber. Keep that strength standing tall. You are the Soldier of Justice, my friend. We miss you here on your blog very much. –Cliff

  63. Thanks for the speedy reply, Gerry. I appreciate it. It’s great to hear from you. And it’s great to know about the books. Let us know when they are published so we can read up again. To all your strength. –Cliff

  64. Yep, never let the negative comments “get you down” since Judge Judy explained l/2 of it to you and Dr. Phil explains the other half.
    “I go by peoples actions – NOT by what they say.”
    Dr. Phil McGraw, THE Cognitive Behavior Therapist of all time

    • **

      in the making of a *country lawyer a technicality* was used,here say evidence can be used in defense only,and only in cross exam.did i read that right?excuse me for wandering from the makes perfect sense rich kids beleive in santa,poor kids~jesus *…sw686sthp@gmail*

      I agree with Cliff on this one commented: “Yep, never let the negative comments “get you down” since Judge Judy explained l/2 of it to you and Dr. Phil explains the other half. “I go by peoples actions – NOT by what they say.” Dr. Phil McGraw, THE Cognitive Behavior Therapist of all

      • Oh, Judge Judy would make us history if she thought we considered her “hearsay.”
        In her first book, “Beauty Fades But Dumb is Forever,” AND on her BIG daily television program she is known to state over and over and over to some of the ‘losers’ (her word) in front of her:

        “Don’t drink because it makes you do stupid things.”

        Amen, Judge Judy!!

      • thanks for the humor.i never realized judge judy was a comedy until now.* sw686sthp* On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 7:26 PM, Gerry Spences Blog wrote:

        > ** > The Jury Has Reached A Verdict commented: “Oh, Judge Judy would make us > history if she thought we considered her “hearsay.” In her first book, > “Beauty Fades But Dumb is Forever,” AND on her BIG daily television program > she is known to state over and over and over to some of the ‘losers’ (her > word”

  65. Oh, oh….a TRIPLE whammy..
    If the negative comments are coming from a SENIOR……..there is a REASON Commercial Airline Pilots must retire at age 60. Wouldn’t want them having “Senior Moments” in the cockpit………..

  66. “So much of the world is ignorant and poor and/or bound by myth/religious dogma, that even with the best intentions, we are stuck with the consequences of that…lots of babies continuing the cycle of ignorance and poverty.
    If children have not been raised to understand and care about the consequences of having so many children, and the support structures don’t exist to reinforce the point, you can’t change that. We don’t have the will or resources to change that ever.

    The fact is that the population will keep going until the damage to the environment tips so far as to keel billions upon billions of us (if not all.) Whole populations will die out, and millions upon millions will migrate and haves/versus have-nots will fight and many developed societies will collapse under the strain. Then eventually a much smaller population will be left in the mess that is all that remains of a once friendly ecosystem to pick up the pieces.

    Source: Scientific America, Population & Sustainability

    (If only humans could have accepted that a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush…)

    • when to many fleas get on the back of a dog,the dog will die,. then the fleas will die. famous indian saying. On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 7:26 PM, Gerry Spences Blog wrote:

      > ** > The view on this topic from a typical scientist commented: “”So much of > the world is ignorant and poor and/or bound by myth/religious dogma, that > even with the best intentions, we are stuck with the consequences of > that…lots of babies continuing the cycle of ignorance and poverty. If > children have not been rais” >

  67. Your comment is the reason that no other BLOG other than Gerrys, AND NASA’S BLOG… even worth reading today. Now their blog really keeps you INFORMED. (No way can closed minds remain on their blogs…….)

    • cliff was commenting on the scientific veiw of population,last blog,we would like to hear more On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 9:14 AM, Gerry Spences Blog wrote:

      > ** > To dtgabo1 commented: “Your comment is the reason that no other BLOG > other than Gerrys, AND NASA’S BLOG… even worth reading today. Now > their blog really keeps you INFORMED. (No way can closed minds remain on > their blogs…….)” >

    • attn:word press staff, an e-mail was accidently sent to your address,this e-mail was intended to go to an individual in another a generic message.if you received this e-m my apologiesOn Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 4:22 PM, jack wood wrote:

      > cliff was commenting on the scientific veiw of population,last blog,we > would like to hear more On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 9:14 AM, Gerry Spences Blog > wrote: > >> ** >> To dtgabo1 commented: “Your comment is the reason that no other BLOG >> other than Gerrys, AND NASA’S BLOG… even worth reading today. Now >> their blog really keeps you INFORMED. (No way can closed minds remain on >> their blogs…….)” >>

  68. On Santa Claus, folks need to check with the Eastern Orthodox faith and the hagiography of St. Nicholas who was better known for rescuing the lost and providing gifts to the needy, not loading up a cart to give reindeer serial hernias each year.

    I guess if you think about it, Santa Claus is real and that was what scared the pantalones off those in real life who were Dr. Suess’ inspiration for the Once-ler character’s in The Lorax. If people cared about the needy as much as about themselves, then there wouldn’t be enough money to buy a Thneed, (needing thing) and so the Needy would supplant the “needed thing.” If you can say that ten times fast, you’re no once-ler.

    Anyhow, as much as people presume upon the grace of God to lay so much burden, hatred, temptation, fear of death and evil input as is put upon our children the children of the world, I can see how the good faith desire to give hope to all children with the story of a saintly deliverer of mirth and gifts would prevail in many homes. However, I can also see the Once-ler scheming and triangulating feverishly on how to parasitize and mutate that good faith and turn it into something else.

    Would that we who are guardians of children, those innocent beings entering this world with the glow of Infinity Before and After Life all over them, learn to tell the simple truth to ourselves, one another, and ultimately, when it counts in public affairs and at law — to power, we will begin to see the change radiating out wherever that happens. However, we also cannot control how a convergence of these truths will play out together.

    It is with some sheepishness but increasing conviction that I say that faith is a better basis for a Divine convergence in response to truth-telling and much heartfelt genuineness behind that truth telling that God will grant the prayer “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven..” and enact what is needed to make that happen.

    But we have to participate. We have to become people of the truth once again, not people of lies. We cannot continue to tell small lies to whoppers of whatever shade and expect to see change or be change agents.

    • How true my friend and how each and everyone of us have a duty to our children to be first with the truth of the fictitious nonsense of a Santa Claus I recall with mirth in my childhood with Hitler’s war in progress, we kids asked our mothers why we had received not a thing from this red- fat bellied- suited man who came down red hot chimneys and parked his chariot and steeds on the roof, added to this we being intelligent Scottisk kids also ha considered how he managed this with ease against all scientific measurements against as well as a scorched arse! But, the lies told by Educational departments here. Justice for the rich. the economic oppression of the already oppressed.ONE MUST ACCORD THE RICH DITCOM MAN IN THE NEWS HERE , ADMIRATION.


      • im sure judge judy believes in santa,after all he was sited 35 times in the mall this is not hearsay~*there were photos!sw686sthp* On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 10:24 PM, Gerry Spences Blog wrote:

        > ** > Jaffray Geddes commented: “How true my friend and how each and everyone > of us have a duty to our children to be first with the truth of the > fictitious nonsense of a Santa Claus I recall with mirth in my childhood > with Hitler’s war in progress, we kids asked our mothers why we had ” >

      • marcia clark’s venomious attacks. im sure set a new standard of how to prosecute. like people all over the world i watched.her sway the jury toward (see how vicious i am. get a rope) On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 3:59 PM, jack wood wrote:was thurman a liar or a racist

        > im sure judge judy believes in santa,after all he was sited 35 times in > the mall > this is not hearsay~*there were photos!sw686sthp* > On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 10:24 PM, Gerry Spences Blog> wrote: > >> ** >> Jaffray Geddes commented: “How true my friend and how each and >> everyone of us have a duty to our children to be first with the truth of >> the fictitious nonsense of a Santa Claus I recall with mirth in my >> childhood with Hitler’s war in progress, we kids asked our mothers why we >> had ” >>

  69. Double-talk:
    Doubletalk is a form of speech in which inappropriate, invented or nonsense words are used to give the appearance of erudition and so confuse or amuse the audience.
    Durwood Fincher has made a career of perfecting the art of doubletalk, giving interviews on national TV programs and writing a biography of his experiences.
    Synonyms: Bafflegab, gobbledygook
    (We see so much of it on BLOGS today that perfecting it must pay reallyl well?)

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