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Gerry Spence was born and educated in the small towns of Wyoming where he has practiced law for almost fifty-five years. He has spent his lifetime representing and protecting victims of the legal system from what he calls The New Slave Master: big corporations and big government. He has tried and won many nationally known cases, including the Karen Silkwood case, the defense of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, and the defense of Geoffrey Fieger. He has never lost a criminal case. He has not lost a civil case from 1969 to 2008.

Spence is the founder of the Trial Lawyers College which has established a revolutionary method of training lawyers for the people. He believes that what he has learned needs to be shared with those who will continue to strive for justice on behalf of the people.

Spence is the author of many books including the timeless classic and best seller, How to Argue and Win Every Time – a resource for the masses.

Spence is also a noted photographer and poet.

BLOG HEADER IMAGE: Photo of Gerry Spence taken by Leroy J. DuBré at the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, WY.


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  1. Mr. Spence,

    I remember seeing you on old reel to reel videotapes when I was still an undergraduate and thinking “yeah, that’s what I want to do… be a lawyer!”

    And now, here I am. Interestingly enough, one of your former students, Jon Katz, is a mentor of sorts to me.

    Accordingly, it is my honor to welcome you to the blawgosphere. It thrills me that you have joined the ranks of those who publish without the filter imposed by the large media corporations.


    • Mr. Spence,
      You call conservatives, “haters”, simply because they do not agree with you. You and most other trial lawyers would like to create total chaos in this country, where people sue one another for the slightest reason, all personal wealth is redistributed until no one has more than a few dollars to their name, whereupon the gov’t will be they looked upon as the “big brother” who we should all mindlessly depend upon to tell us what to think and what to do. You probably also want to have a gov’t-controlled media that only spouts false propaganda that distorts the truth, much as Pravda did in the soviet union.

  2. Mr. Spence, Thank you for your blog.I am attending law school after spending twenty years as a police officer.In school I see theory versus reality everyday.They teach you the law but don’t mentor or teach you how to be a lawyer.Thank you again for your fresh approach.I would like to see
    law school education to be more relevant.

  3. I am getting ready to begin my second year of law school and have taken an interest in your blog. In the midst of all the case law that I’ve read prior to this point in my law school life it is very easy to forget that the people you read about in your casebooks and the people filing causes of action in courtrooms right now are real people. I will read this blog with great interest. Keep up the good work!

  4. Greetings Mr. Spence and belated congratulations on the Feiger verdict. I was among the internet chained thousands who couldn’t make it to Motown but was vicariously at your side thanks to news updates and Norm’s postings.
    Though I am sure Mr. Feiger appreciated your efforts, the humbling defeat the government suffered may provide some degree of lasting lessons and benefit to others whom may be a fly-in -the -ointment of prosecutors and systems.
    Bravo to you and to the defense team and double bravo to the Detroit jury that took a liking to a country lawyer’s perspective on the case, the characters and simple justice.
    I hope you write a book on the trial. In the meantime where can we obtain transcripts of your opening, closing and select cross??

    Thanks again for your years of dedication,
    Richard Kibbey

  5. Mr. Spence, greetings from a long time admirer and practicing attorney. Your success in the Feiger case was celebrated by those of us who not only rooted you on but appreciated the humbling of prosecutors who seemed to have lost their objectivity.

    Where might we find transcripts of your opening, closing and cross?? I hope you write a book on the case.
    Enjoy the late summer and fall and best wishes.
    Richard Kibbey

  6. For such a long time, I wanted to thank you! I read your book “How to Argue and Win Every Time” a few years ago and it worked like magic. After reading the first chapter, my husband and I had an argument about something I wanted and he didn’t. I succeeded in convincing him of the righteousness of my side. He looked so surprised. Not only had I won the argument, but he agreed with my assessment of the need for whatever it was I wanted. He later asked, “How did you do that?” because he normally won most disagreements. I explained that I was reading your wonderful book and he threatened to take the book away.
    Of course, I finished the book and now see the world in terms of negotiating for what I want–and I get it most of the time. I will be forever grateful to you for shifting my worldview. It doesn’t just work for winning arguments with my husband of 29 years.

  7. Patricia O'Connell

    Aloha Mr. Spence,
    I just bought your book called How to Argue and Win Every time. I just bought it because I am having some legal problems and as I started reading it I realized that I can relate to what you mean in your book. How power and money rules. I am not an attorney I am just an average citizen who got caught with this situation, which I ended up as a loser. Any way I am still reading your book and I’ll write again once I finish it.

  8. Mr Spence

    I am not an attorney and I have won 19/21 criminal cases brought against me by corrupt SA and officials in retaliation for my whistle blower activities, as well as several mandamust and injuctive suits against corrupt officials. Your books have been a great help. I lost and was recently released from prison when I hired an attorney. So, I’m writing the appeal myself. I’ve started two blogs you may be interested in. I’ve also turned the tables and initiated numerous civil suits against the corrupt. Please enjoy my blogs. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.



    Linda Lorincz Shelton, Ph.D., M.D.

  9. Mr. Spence:

    Can you please discuss the role of confirmatory bias by the judge and how to deal with it. This is particularly difficult for pro se counsel as no judge could possibly allow his ego to let a non-attorney instruct him about the law with memoranda of law or with quotations from case law or statutes.

    Judges seem to just ignore law left and right, statute or cases. I try as much as possible to say: “With all due respect your honor, I hate to mention something you already know, but I believe this case (or statute) applies to my situation. I apologize for quoting now what you already know, but I would like to make a record.” I do this particularly when I know the judge is ignorant about the topic.

  10. Well, Linda, old time lawyers such as myself have the same problem with judges. They are king, and some are God. You show them respect. You explain the law you think applies. What more can you do?

    I think an approach that might be helpful is to ask for help. “Please help me understand….Please, Your Honor, help me go down the right track.” “Help” is a powerful word. It puts people on our side, not against us.

    Good luck.


  11. Linda, your record is better than most lawyer’s. What is your secret? I suspect it is being real and honest.


  12. Gerry

    My secret is that I’m innocent and honest – I guess you could also say real. Soo I don’t plea bargain. However, I tend to be too blunt, confident, and wordy. That is also why I have been sent to jail four times for contempt of court.

    Judges, from what the federal courts declared a criminal enterprise after the Graylord scandal (the Circuit Court of Cook County), don’t like it when a pro se defendant says they are innocent, that the indictment or complaint is legally insufficient, that the officers, prosecutors, and court are violating the law. They simply refuse to read the pleading, hear the argument, or follow the law. They get really angry, turn red, yell that I’m insulting the court and lock me up. Their emotion and loss of temper is better than a movie, but very painful for me in its consequences.

    One judge even put an order in writing that I as pro se counsel could not file any pleadings! A lot of this has to do with politics in Chicago and my tendency to provide evidence to the FBI and US Attorney about corrupt officials here.

    In two of the contempt cases I actually was locked up without being legally charged and the Appellate Court freed me after three weeks each. I was denied paper, pen, phone calls, or access to the courts for several weeks and that is why it took the Appellate Court so long to free me.

    The other two contempt charges are on appeal with a federal habeas (N. Dist IL Eastern Div – 08 C 4627 and 08 C 6216). I also have a suit against the Judge and IL Attorney General who have no jurisdiction and are prosecuting me before Hon. J. Lefkow – yes the poor soul who’s family was murdered by a pro se litigant (06 C 4259). She had to eat crow and sue sponte reverse her decision to dismiss this case after the U.S. S. Ct decision in Kato v. Wallace. As you know the only time one can file a tort against a judge is when she/he has no jurisdiction. That is what I am doing.

    I wish I could get some help on some of these actions with amicus briefs by scholars or prominent law school professors, but no attorney will help me. I’ve tried to get help from Law School Professors in Chicago but they are a cold bunch, not even having the courtesy to respond. I suspect this also has a lot to do with their wish to avoid entanglement with the cabal of corrupt officials in Cook County and Illinois.

    Several of my suits really should be turned into class actions to support the rights of prisoners and the mentally and physically challenged. (I am disabled so I know what I am talking about and was actually punished in prison and put in solitary confinement under supermax like conditions for months for refusing to walk – I have a hemiparesis and was in a wheelchair!) I was tortured in many ways that are difficult to talk about.

    Attorneys won’t help me because I am too much of a hot potato in IL and several have admitted to me they have been threatened with loss of clients by the cabal of corruption if they help me!

    Well, you might enjoy reading my suits over a glass of wine. You might even find them more fun than a novel! If you have any suggestions as to how to get the legal profession to help me a bit I would be greatful. I even wrote Prof Chemerinsky my old high school classmate and he only said that he is too busy with other cases but wished me good luck. I really respect his knowledge of constitutional law. That has been my hobby since High School when I was friends with Ed Levi’s son and discovered Levi’s writings on constitutional law! What a scholar!

    Well, enough rambling – hope your day is going well!

  13. Mr. Spence,
    I thank you for your service and your writings. I was moved by “The Making of a Country Lawyer” and it inspired me.

    I was a police officer for 11 years and now am a lawyer, I represent criminal defendants, the injured and “invisible” people in our society. I know that you know what I mean.

    One of the stories in your book about an early jury trial in which your notes were horribly strewn about the courtroom as you gave your closing, inspired me to always speak from my heart. To “get into the hide” of my clients. It inspired me to feel and understand the pain, helplessness and hoplessnes of my clients so that I might make my pathetic attempts to convey them properly to a jury, I have had success but have never felt I did my clients justice in telling their story. In some ways I hope I always feel inadequate in a sense so that I may always strive harder to tell their stories so that it might claw at the insides of the hides of those who hold their fate in their hands. Not just juries but those who attempt to excercise power to opress and judge what they do not understand or want to shut my clients away and not see them. I want to make them see, force them too.

    I ramble, in short, thank you.

    D. Thomas
    Pascagoula Mississippi

  14. dnt:

    You are a hero to me.


  15. I Just finished reading your book, How to Argue and Win Every Time. It was a great book and I learned much. However, I resent the underlying theme of environmental indoctrination. Honestly, it angered me! The earth is not my mother, which is akin to Gaia worship (the earth goddess who killed her husband so she could have an affair with her son), a repugnant thought at best!

    We draw all our power from God, for His law never changes. He created the earth to sustain biological life. We, as the highest form of life, are obliged to care for it, but the earth has only one purpose and that is to sustain the life God created. We are from God and not from the damn earth! Upon death, our bodies return to the earth but our soul returns to God.

    Yea, I am showing my prejudice, like your distain for bankers and my distain for most lawyers. While you were droning on about earth ethic, I felt like smacking you a good one. The environmentalist’s attitude toward farmers and ranchers has turned me against them. Gerry, dig deep into what these A.H’s really believe, it will frighten you! Hell, they want to reduce the earth population of people, to save the animals and plants. That’s genocide pure and simple! Of course, they want to reduce the population from the pool of people that do not believe as they do. You have too much respect for human life to buy into that bunch of horse crap!

    I did learn much from your book about communicating and I genuinely like you. So please, stop trying to indoctrinate people about the environment. While I may agree with you about carving up pristine land into suburbs, for rich lawyers and other and bereft types, we probably disagree on the best use of that land. There should be cattle grazing on it!

    Sorry for the criticism, but you invoked my passion and that is your fault!

    • Steve: It’s dangerous for one such as I to publish a book such as How to Argue and Win Everytime. You spoke out of your passion as I teach, and I admired that a lot.



  16. Gerry,
    It’s wonderful to hear your voice. As I read your words I can see you and hear you. Miss you!
    Tu amigo,

  17. You do miss me enough, Luis. Where have you been.

    Wondrous holiday to you.



  18. Gerry, this has bugged me for days, so I return. You wrote in response to one of my comments praising your writings, “I wish they inspired change.”

    You do inspire change, Mr. Spence. You plant the seeds which will grow into tall trees of change. The roots will run deep and the fruits will be ripe with righteousness.

    Great trees don’t grow over night, my friend

    Merry Christmas, Gerry, and thanks again for sharing your words of wisdom with all of us.

  19. Gerry,
    Happy Birthday!! I hope today was special for you and your family and that you have very, very many more! I hope to see you again as I will be at Pacific Grove, Washington State, and at the graduate seminar at the ranch in August. Thanks for all you have done to help mankind, and especially me, be a better person.

  20. Dear Gerry,

    Andy and I wish you a very happy birthday and good luck in the next 80 years. We think you’re the best friend we little people can have! Thanks for all you do.

    Love, Nancy

  21. Gerry,
    just got yr reply. Not doing well. Marriage on the rocks and will get divorced. Haven’t been able to open office in California either. But that’s life, ha?At least I can win cases still!
    Happy Birthday and I hope you can spend many more sharing your love and wisdom with us.

  22. I miss you and the fellow warriors too! I sent you a message a week ago. Did you get it?

  23. Now that you’ve reached the old age of 80
    Who cares if your hair is thin and grey
    Don’t start to dye your hair
    And don’t change the clothes you wear
    Don’t think of having face lifts
    But you look good all the same
    And don’t change your stile or your fame.
    Famous Quotes:
    “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.
    Please don’t retouch your wrinkles. It took you so long to earn them.
    Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.
    Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but it’s up to you to merit the face you have at eighty
    Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.
    And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
    Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

    Jerry the only thing we both have in common is celebrating our same birthday of being 80
    From A Treasured Friend
    Jerry Light
    Gerry I took your picture at a book signing in AZ, 12/ 12/1996
    Please repond

  24. jerry McLaughlin

    Gerry, hi how are you ? My name is Jerry McLaughlin. I am a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.Robert Grey Eagle was my brother-in-law
    We need your help.The StandingRock Sioux Tribe took our land away. We could sure use your help.
    our land is worth $500,oo.00. if u get it back 4 us. you can keep the $$. we just want our land back
    My phone # is 605-867-6071.My e-mail is jer_mc_78@yahoo.com call me

  25. Mr. Spence,

    I’m about to be a law school graduate whose dream is to one day be a trial attorney with skills that allow me to create an impact in society similar to what you’ve accomplished. Obviously, a mere fraction of what you have accomplished would be more than enough for me. When I began trial work at school, my mentor often spoke about you. Since then I’ve read many of your books and intend to get to them all.
    With the economy the way it is, my options for beginning my career have slimmed. I have received an offer to be a district attorney, contingent, of course, on whether the county has enough money. What are you thoughts on a new law school graduate starting a solo criminal defense practice out of law school? Is it something you would ever recommend?

    Also, I just want to thank you for being an inspiration and guiding light for aspiring trial attorneys like me. Without you I would have never imagined just how influential a trial attorney can be.

    All my best,
    Nick K

    • Nick K: Read here my blog on the defrauding of America’s lawyers. When you get out of law school you will not be qualified to represent a flea on a dog’s back. BUT, you will be full of verve, of innocence, of a sense of justice. Hopefully your creativity will not have been totally destroyed in law school although it will have been seriously injured. You will not have learned how to lie with a straight face, how to play the litigator’s games or how to put on a false front that covers who you are. I have often said that the lawyer who can beat me will likely be a kid who is scared, who is real, who loves his client, who is honest with the jury about himself or herself, who really is lost in the courtroom. This is the dangerous lawyer, because juries relate to this lawyer, mostly because he or she is genuine.

      As for your question, I learned my way around a courtroom as a prosecutor. Be careful if you do. You may cover yourself with a thick protective psyche hide that prevents you from understanding why people are who they are, and seeing yourself in them, even the most lowly criminal. It is hard to care as a prosecutor. We care for the victims, yes, but revenge by prosecuting the wrongdoer brings little comfort to a mother who has suffered the loss of her son. But there are always mothers on both sides of every crime, including, of course, mothers whose sons have been charged and convicted of crimes. In short, as painful as it may be, we must not leave our humanness behind, even as a prosecutor.

      You will find your way. Follow your passion with all of the power you have.


  26. Mr. Spence,

    I have your audiobook version of How to Argue and Win. Your wonderful voice, common sense wisdom and humour reminds me greatly of my father and older brother. My Dad was a successful grocer, community builder, alderman and lover of humanity in a small town Canada. He taught us all to love ourselves and find our power within. He’s gone now, but I rely on my older brother to remind me of these everlasting principles. My father fed our town when the union negotiations broke down with the coal mines (one industry town). He kept an open bin of food in his store (early food bank). He gave people their houses when they couldn’t afford to pay their rent. He put youth through secondary education. He sheparded the building of a community centre/ rink. He always said he couldn’t stand to think of a child going hungry or losing hope. As a young woman I devoted a number of years to activism now I’m a professional musician and teacher of all ages. Sometimes I listen to your voice when I need a pep talk – you’re as close as my iPod. You put a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

    Thank you.

  27. Ah, Gerry!
    You are a breath of fresh air in a stale world. I mean..”hot” air. You are “hot”,even for an Octobergeneric. My world is a better place by your being. Not a perfect man, but a perfectly suitable man for the tasks which were laid across your paths. Thank you for being an example to those of us who you have touched.

  28. I wonder if Gerry means on “Money the murderer”
    that the power of big money can steal the human spirit and soul of those it beats up in the legal process, rigged for big corporations.
    I was out walking my dog in the field, and his phrase was reveberating around my skull, I was trying to see what he really meant.
    A phrase has used been used on Madoff, that he is
    a “financial murder”, his victims those he bilked, some out of their life savings.
    But, every day in some court room the power of big corporate money is going to run some trip on some poor soul, in some court, and it is going to be tragic, and will never make the news.
    Big money puts their men on the courts to grease the skids in the judical–so called–process.
    Sure, it is so clean, no display of blood flowing.
    But, tragic in so many other ways.
    Maybe it is not “money the outright murderer”, just some mauling in some other sense, and so often ignored in the press, or even in curent literature, in a large way.

  29. Excellent, practical posts. I’ve already “Twittered” it and forwarded your link to my clients to spread through their offices. I always gain from such posts. Thanks for sharing

  30. Mr. Spence,
    I have just watched (on YouTube) the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald. I am a 51 year-old man about to enter Law School because of my admiration of you. I was very surprised at the verdict of the case. I would have voted “not guilty” Your closing argument was outstanding. Though it has been twenty-years ago, it was my first time seeing you in action.
    Thank You.

  31. Mr. Spence
    I wrote to you several months ago about my husband who did not have a lawyer and they tried to get him to represent himself in a 1st degree child cruelty case finally after much ado the judge told him to try for indigent defense and they finally gave him an attorney. The attorney said that the prosecutor wants to lower the charge to family battery which is a misdemeanor and 1 year probation and possibly a fine, as he has no history of any kind with the law.
    My question is this if he takes this deal does he lose all of his rights like being able to have a gun for self defense? He works nights and my kid and I are here alone and he wants us to have a gun here to protect are selves. We live near atlanta and with times being hard now you never know what will happen. Will he lose all of his rights to vote? We think this is a good deal since there is no jail time involved but his lawyer is being vague about what other consequences are involved. I would appreciate if you can tell me what is involved as I trust you and your judgement.

    Deborah Brucks

  32. Mr. Spence,
    I am re-reading…How to Argue and Win every Time. Pure Communtication…It is helping me tremendously.
    I spent my summers as a kid in Pinedale…and falls and winters hunting and trapping with Al Miller in the Upper Hoback.
    Needless to say….I am a nonconformist. I had polio as a kid…recovered and now suffering from the damaging effects…with Post Polio Sequile…I have lost everything including the love of my life….she left me. Your book, your writings and my tennacity…have saved and reformed my life.
    I also do wildlife and sports photography…and write poetry…the poetry…is directly from my heart….
    Maybe I will have to opportunity to meet you sometime when I get to Jackson. I am in the Idaho Falls Area
    My best to you.

    Jim McAllister

  33. Dear Mr. Spence

    The Universe has been blessed and made better by your efforts!

    Love “Light” and Energy


  34. Mr. Spence (sorry for having hit the submit button above)
    I am somewhat familiar with your admirable work. I , too am a photographer-writer-poet. I can’t think of a better poem to post here than:

    Bells for John Whiteside’s Daughter

    There was such speed in her little body,
    And such lightness in her footfall,
    It is no wonder her brown study
    Astonishes us all.

    Her wars were bruited in our high window.
    We looked among orchard trees and beyond
    Where she took arms against her shadow,
    Or harried unto the pond

    The lazy geese, like a snow cloud
    Dripping their snow on the green grass,
    Tricking and stopping, sleepy and proud,
    Who cried in goose, Alas,

    For the tireless heart within the little
    Lady with rod that made them rise
    From their noon apple-dream and scuttle
    Goose-fashion under the skies!

    But now go the bells, and we are ready,
    In one house we are stern stopped
    To say we are vexed at her brown study,
    Lying so primly propped.

    John Crowe Ransom

  35. wish i had you for an attorney as my case has been pending for 15 months and a whole lot of misconduct

  36. Hi Mr.Spence,youre one of the Spence!s that made it big gd luc k to you Thanks Cliff.

  37. I am writing on Examiner.com and have used your recent blog “Housing for the dead” in one of my articles regarding homelessness. I truly admire your work and I love reading your books, and just the way you write thrills me. Love you, Gerry!

  38. Gerry – I have now read The Smoking Gun, twice. How (apparently rational) prosecutors can live with so much hubris and cruelty, still serves to astound )

  39. Not including a legal/jury/courtroom setting — do you agree with the statement: “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush?”

    (Even if the bird has a “personality disorder’ and has never caused anything but angst? Or, where should the slavery line end and the “taking care of oneself” start?)

    A lifelong reader thanks you for any wisdom you can offer.

  40. P.S. Bill Cosby is right; there’s even humor in this. Spoke to a highly respected and senior neurologist about problem in ’06. He ended up walking me out to my car in the parking lot with his arm around me….he was going through the same thing himself!!!

  41. Think I know what Bill Cosby would advise you if he knew that people constantly asked you for all kinds of personal advice, even though you keep reiterating that “People expect too much of me.”

    Just say: “I don’t have a clue. ” Regards, Gerry

  42. Gerry you are a true
    American Hero and we love you, our country is being overrun the nuts
    are running the government and the borders are bringing in more criminals daily.
    When can we start the revolution????

  43. Over the holidays I have perfected the recipe for the “intangible” that only Gerry Spence possesses.

    1. From puberty on must look and sound like a young Rock Hudson (only macho off the chart)

    2. Must live through more personal trauma than the average person ever even hears about.

    3. Must be the brightest person in your (self-earned) law classes to the point that you are used as a dupe, unknowingly, between fighting political rivals.

    4. Must have the charisma (people person skills) of Dale Carnegie.

    There’s the 4 step recipe and Happy New Year!!

  44. Fascinating, the moot trial of Oswald.

  45. Mr. Spence
    I have been a fan of yours for over ten years. Your book With Justice for None changed my life. I sparked an investigation that led to the conviction of my own attorney and judge for bribery, fraud, and racketeering. I am now an activist for judicial reform, whistleblower protection, and for healthier schools. Please visit my website for story, news, and resources. I quote you on my website and just posted a quote from you on Twitter today. I post information about judicial accountability and misconduct. I hope you use twitter so I can retweet your posts. My twitter is http://twitter.com/ToxicJustice

  46. Ok folks,

    Since 100 years from now it won’t matter a hill of beans what anyone thought, or said or did – EXCEPT GERRY…

    Now, as you were saying Gerry…..

  47. If we’re honest with ourselves we all know Gerry’s right on target when he says “I learn more from my dogs (pets) and children than anything else.” (“Everything I needed to know in life I learned in kindegarten”)

    I’d like to add 1 more.
    Our pets, children and our MDs.

    Patient: “Doc everytime I bend my hand back like this it’s really painful.”

    Doc: “We’ll stop bending your hand back like that.”

  48. In Casper Wyo. back in the late 50’s my father was friends with an atty who practiced in Worland, Wyoming by the name of Jim Sperry. In one of your books you mentioned him. I assume he is one in the same. Is he still around the Wyoming area & was he a sucessful lawyer?

  49. Can mean-spirited and vicious postings on the web ever be used in a courtroom against the lawyer who posted it/them. The jurrors would be afraid of the LAWYER and not be too concerned about the defendant!

  50. And is it common practice for named defense lawyers to go on the www and impulsively and desperately seek a defense for a pedophile when the evidence is overwhelming, in his own words?

    Leaves more than a bad taste.

  51. Even the Catholic church couldn’t find a defense for it and it’s now killing them financially withand flock numbers way down. Not to mention they can’t get the priests in needed nos. anymore.

    Something is wrong here.

  52. Am often amused when some people refer to “Gerry’s cult at the ranch.”

    A year or two ago Marilyn Vos Savant, worlds highest IQ and wife of Dr. Javik (heart pioneer) was asked in her column:

    “Are all religions cults”?

    Her reply (paraphrased):

    “By definition, yes all religions are cults. There are 3 necessities to create a cult and religion does indeed have all. They are:

    1. Headed by a male (ok)

    2. Females subordinate

    3. Blind faith based with no logic/science to back up teachings.

    Therefore, according to the worlds highest IQ, the “CULT” at the ranch does not qualify for 2/3 of the definition and “AIN’T NO CULT”!

  53. To confirm her statements you may contact her through her column at Parade magazine easily.

  54. For the end of those long days when you are exhausted from learning from the children…..but they aren’t!

  55. Please consider republishing With Justice for None. It was and is a powerful book, an illumination of the greatest injustices in the United States. Like Karen Silkwood, I was injured by highly toxic chemicals. She was inspiring lesson to the cost of standing up for something honorable and the high cost of believing in justice. Thank you, Mr. Spence for standing up for justice and for giving us the weapons of knowledge to join in the fight. Toxic Justice will credit your work.

  56. Dear Mr. Spence,

    I am 13 and would like to become a lawyer but my mom always said not to go on your website because there is too much cussing. Sometimes I sneak on it when she’s not home and I did this week.
    When she came home I had the opera on and she now says I can go on your website since “Atleast that should offset all the cussing, Stevie.”
    Thank you Mr. Spence!!

  57. Your new website is marvelous, darling.

    – Something for the children each night

    -A spot of tea with beautiful music

    – A laugh before bedtime

    Have always said: “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

    Please don’t change a thing, darling.

  58. She would have laughed at everything except my spelling of “darling”. You know the correct spelling, Va. it’s “Dahlink…..”

    Va, you were shoveling me out of the garage at 4 am since you were 8 yrs old so I could show up at work to take care of everything from Bobby Orr to the Arabs, who used to take up the entire 7th floor (back then) with their harems. (Yup)

    You deserve to have a laugh at the end “my dear”.

  59. You know, you have to, don’t you?

    I have been through more in my life tha n YOU have. Period.

    That is why, I feel like Leona Helmsley at the end. I want my lifetime of learning and experience and wealth….. to go to


    That is why I never had a child myself. With what I went through, even as Miss whatever, I was too afraid I might do to this to another child! Never did and proud of it.

    Have a lot of money Gerry, as a result of it. Husband is senile and adult “stepchildren”) 10 yrs younger than I am—- ya, after fighting for 34 yrs just to keep us aliveSTEP DAUGHTER

    Warning: On our wedding day way back ” Daughter close to my age:

    Told her father she was MARRIED ( she was 26/I was 37) SHE WAS A LIAR!

    Daddy couldn’t deal with it. I””m so sick of weak men and ready to die,

    worn out.

  60. I know, I know. My sn/grandson was with me . BS, at the least.

  61. Even “Paw-Paw” is afraid of you. Ever notice how this adult male takes on the voice and demeanor of a 5 year old child when posting to you?

  62. He’s NOT 81 for nothing folks.

  63. Caveat emptor TLC attendees: If you have an ostomy bag or any private or personal condition that no ethical person would ever divulge publicly ……..except a flamboyant, attention seeking narcisist…..

  64. A bully for a hero.

    Could it get worse?

  65. Regardless of what you think of the man – one must admit – he does teach people to never have a computer in their wine cellar!

  66. Right….John no-commas B?
    (Your weight saved you, but it was hairy…..)

  67. Could you explain, Mr. Spence, how our ancestors, pictured below, settled disputes without lawyers and courtrooms?


  68. Forgot. Thank you.

  69. H-E-L-L-O…….!!??

    Is anybody home in there?

    Want us to send 911….?

  70. Gerry I have been fan of yours eversince my reading of “And Justice for None,”…waaaay back when it first came out. I kinda lost track of you over the years,..you know how it goes. Anyways, I was browsing the web just the other day doing some legal research when I came across you blog,..and frankly I got to tell ya, I was more than happy to find that you are still alive & well! Of course, I have marked your blog in my favs and linked it to some of my sites (hope u dont mind)
    While I am here I would like your opinion (if you dont mind) on the recent Hi-Court Ruling re: the animal cruelty (crush-videos) case. In case your interested, heres mine;


    Correct me if I am wrong,..and YES, you had EVERYTHING 2 do w/ me choosing the law as profession.

    Take Care

  71. “Fear not those who argue….but those who dodge.”

    Dale Carnegie

  72. Wow – Gerry Spence. How do you do, Sir ? Have not seen you on television lately and to be honest had forgotten about you until tonight, while watching the HBO docudrama about Kevorkian. Was looking up Geoffrey Feiger (or is it Fieger?… and FWIW I’ve always been a bit suspicious of any “Jeff” who spells his name “Geoff” like he’s some kind of character from the Canterbury Tales)

    I take it you enjoy blogging since you are quite prolific at it. Why don’t you make an effort to gain a greater following? It’s not that difficult – talk to your web people. More people should hear your voice but they won’t without some effort from you.

  73. Mr. Spence, when I wrote to you that last time, I had not launched my website. Please take a look. It was my information that lead the DOJ to investigate and eventually indict Mississippi Justice Oliver Diaz and convict my former attorney Paul Minor and Judge John Whitfield for bribery, fraud and racketeering. The pre-conviction summary story in an article posted on http://www.tulanelink.com/stories/swan_09a.htm

    My story, Toxic Justice, is the only justice I will have. Minor and Whitfield thought they could buy my silence by filing a court order threatening me with jail and fines if I revealed the financial connection. The order was sealed, but still stands, even though both are in federal prison. How can I get that order with all the slanderous and malicious accusations removed?

  74. Am always intrigued with people who suggest you work harder to “reach” and teach people through your website – while you have an entire year of work in your archives for them to read and digest – right on the screen in front of them!!

  75. I love you Mr. Spence! Please write, write and write!!! Thank you so much for your incredible inspiration.

  76. Mr. Spence
    I just concluded your book “How to Argue and Win”; to say that the book was a manual on how to win an argument would be a shame. I found the book inspiring and motivational; in context it coupled all three issues and also brought me out of a 30 year slump that has placated me with depression. Your views brought hope to this generation baby-boomer that life was not over, but just beginning. I applaud your common sense approach of dealing with your audience at the level that is understandable to the common man or woman. The lack of “measuring up” to standing side-by-side is what I believe to be the key. Domination in part by the orator, as you pointed out, stands inconclusive in the argument for just cause.

    Having a history of family lawyers, and lawyer haters, I have come to the conclusion that I to want join the fraternity of adjudicators. Your writings are an inspiration to others, and I to want to stand next to your beliefs.

  77. Richard P. Swanson

    Gerry, I am presently in contest with the state of Az. They recently passed a law , or some how empowered the state to prevent an individual from setting up his own manufactured housing. You have to have state licensed installer, prepare the site and set it up for you, and pass a state inspection. I set it up myself. I’m considering cutting it into ten pieces, smaller then 120 sq. ft. for storage. No permit required. How do I fight a system so big that they can literally eat up a little person? I appreciate your wisdom and experience. Richard

  78. Becky Lynn (Arizona)

    Hi Mr Spence (Gerry) I always look forward to your new comments and blog. I await like a warrior waiting for the Chief to speak. Im writing you tonight because I want to share something. I purchase most of your books used. My lastest was 7 steps to personal freedom. It seemed brand new when I opened the package. But because it had a note to someone on the cover page it was considered used. This book was given to Curt Aug. 06, the note say: Curt, Hoping this book gives you guidence along your path…..plus a break from reading all those boring law text. Sadly curt never read this wonderful book. After reading this book myself, I felt very bad for curt. He missed the opportunity and point. thus we have another lost confused soul wandering the earth. I was going to pass this book on to someone I thought it might help but realized that I wanted it to always remind me of the important things in life. Thank you for such great insight and thoughts. If I every have an opportunity I will purchase every copy I can find and afford and give them to the young people I come across. It is so valuable to the mind that it should be school text in my opinion. You may or may not remember me from letters, comments and Im guessing you will not because of the overwhelming amount you get. My husband is a simple country Public Defender in Camp Verde, Arizona. We live a very simple lifestyle. We have 1 acre with a 450 sq. foot shack. We drive old cars and he is restoring a 1953 chevy truck. We choose to live this simple way. Although lately I am gunning for just a wee bit more home and maybe a newer vehicle. He is 63 and I am 53 and I am thinking of old age. Just like your blog tonight…….we too are sliding into home plate. Best Regards Gerry……Looking forward to reading any and all of your writings, thoughts, insight and your photography. A Friend, Becky Lynn

  79. Guillermo Rivera

    Hello Gerry,

    I am switching Internet service and I would appreciate to get your marvelous buckets of wisdom at guiricha@yahoo.com

  80. Mr. Spence, I am reading your book How to Argue and Win Every Time. Like. Please check out my website. I did 10 years in Washington prisons and my story may interest you. (Not seeking legal help)
    I just wrote a 12-page pdf “Bible Lies,” today and will put up a website soon for it.
    Also check out my site http://www.prisonerpage.com
    If you like those do me a favor and tell people about http://www.wantpenpal.com

    I used to be a racist gang member.

  81. Some of our closest friends are too overwhelmed with other things than that to enjoy life another way.

  82. Mr. Spence:

    Thank you for being real. I’m a plaintiff’s attorney (employee rights), and believe I’m usually a genuine person. But I lose too often to federal judges, usually without the chance to have in-person interaction with the Other (judge or jury). So many federal issues are decided on paper motions, before any instance of human interaction. Based on my cases, it is an unusual event just to see a federal judge in person, much less to beat the odds to overcome summary judgment and get a jury trial. Do you have any recommendations specific to these circumstances?

    Thank you so much,

    • That has been my experience as well. The courts are for the people, not the non-breathers, the corporations, that crowd the federal court dockets with their business cases brought by smart big business firms. People get what is left of the court’s time. Sad. We need not only more judges but a wholesome judicial system that is geared to deliver its promise — liberty and justice for all. I have written on this extensively in my books. Check, for instance, GiVE ME LIBERTY.


  83. I know you are retiredred now but I need your help.

  84. Had the opportunity to see, “up close and personal” as they say, the gears of justice grinding, as I sat in the jury box for the Randy Weaver/Kevin Harris trial. Since then I have read most of your books. I admit that I often find myself at odds with your worldview. But I always find your philosophies refreshing, thought-provoking and worth reading. As a dear friend has told me on more than one occasion, “friends don’t need to be disagreeable to disagree.”

    My respect always,
    J. Weaver

  85. Gerry,

    It has been a long time since we talked. In the past 20 years we have met many times in may places but spent little time together. On each occasion you seem to recognize my face but you meet so many people that I truely doubt it is possible.

    Although we have not always agreed you have had a positive influence on some of my most cherished beliefs. I’m glad our paths have crossed in this lifetime.

    I remember our first salvo as if it were yesterday. You were leaning against the door to my room at the Wort, talking to a friend and I interrupted. “Excuse me – Oh hey, I know you, I’ve seen you on television”. “Then you watch too much television”. “But I don’t remember your name”. “Then you don’t watch enough”.

    Thank you Gerry. I have a lot of good memories. You have provided me with quite a few ‘smilers’.


  86. Dear Gerry:
    You’ve helped me immensely in trying to find the truth as a young lawyer and writer.

    Many people– including well-intentioned people– will view some of your imagery (e.g. corporate “masters” and individuals “slaves”) as radical or fringe talk. Heck, at times I try to believe it’s fringe talk, as it seems less uncomfortable if I avoid or distort the train barreling towards us. But it’s there. And you know it. And you fight.Thank you.

    My own fighting is on a lesser scale, but it makes a material effect, I’m learning. In my legal practice, I represent workers fighting corporations.

    Also, I recently finished writing a screenplay about a plaintiff’s lawyer and the individuals’ fight (the real fight, in the real world) against corporations. I’m trying to push it into the mainstream, still a slave, but hoping the story is universal and it’s truth will transcend whatever rejection or gloss.

    I posted the first 20 pages of the script here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/57895737/Montage-6-14-11-First-20pp. If you read it, and gave feedback, I’d be deeply honored. But if you didn’t, I’d be equally honored because you’d have done what was true to you. Let us both remain persistent in any event.

    Thanks for everything, Gerry.


  87. Dear Mr. Spence:

    I am a plaintiffs lawyer, and also recently finished writing a script, and I wanted to say thank you so much for serving as an inspiration in those regards and others.

    Who knows, maybe someday saying and accepting the truth will be popular.

    In case you had any interest, I’ve pasted the log lines to my script below. Thanks again for all that you do. Mike

    Logline (“Montage” Screenplay):

    Lawyer M. Andrew Sykes works for people and fights large corporations, despite modern legal and political systems and their corrupt barricades to the “little guy.”

    One day, a new little guy walks in Andrew’s office: a prominent doctor fired by a health conglomerate after he complained of sexual misdeeds.

    The doctor holds in his hands a smoking-gun video that proves his firing was unlawful.

    To the doctor’s shock, Andrew deems this a no-win scenario. But a montage of events (and other unexpected videos) fall into frame—aligning the fortunes of Andrew, the doctor, Avvent Health Systems, and a disfigured voice from the past— and reveal that the path to justice must lead through one’s own darkest vulnerability.

    Script Excerpt Link

    The script’s first 20 pages are here…


  88. Gerry,
    I am sitting here thinking about you and Imaging and wishing you all the best things in life. (Kent and his family too of course). I will always admire you because you are a real person who truly loves people and wants justice for everyone not just the few and the powerful.TLC was a great gift you gave to all of us..Your eternally grateful TLC alumni, Karen C.

  89. Mr. Spence; I just found your blog the other day and am happy to read your writeings enclosed is my blog address,I know that your also an artist and hope you enjoy my painting and possibly comment as it is relevent to your dialog on slavery and loss of fredom,# uttp://utopiaroad.blogspot.com-

  90. walker Bearden

    Dear Mr. Spence,
    You are appreciated (by me). If you are ever near Sautee Nacoochee Ga., please, let me invite you to dinner at my very, very, small mountain home. Since Diane, my wife, passed away years ago, i’ve learned to cook really good meals, and it would please me to no end to cook you a meal. That’s about all i can offer to show you that appreciation.
    Thank You,

  91. Dear Mr. Spence,
    If you don’t feel like writing or posting anything to your blog, can someone post some of your archived writings, observations, photographs, poems, scribblings, or doodles?
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Lerer

  92. Hey Spence, I thought you said you were going to do better? Get cracking. Time’s a waistin’. Mark Underwood, West Virginia.

  93. First Mr Spencer, I admire you very much. This was a letter I sent to Jeffery Fieger. I wanted to send it to you as well. I am consider a monster to society and not matter what I do, it will always be that way now. But here is the letter I sent him. “I really do not know if you really can help me in this matter, this is when you wish Gerry Spence was here. But, I am a sex offender, did my time. But when it comes to employment, it is like sex offenders are being discriminated in being hired. I even had Burger Kind tell me that if the felony can be taken off they would consider, but knowing that sex offenders cannot, she said that they would not hire. I worked at American Master Garden, Jerry Baker, where nothing was on resume or asked if I had any felonies. One day someone told they saw me on the register site, and I was let go. I know most people rather see us dead, than walking on this planet. But what people do not understand that all and each case is different, as you know. I once read a Gerry Spence book, because I have a paralegal background, but what I was admired about him as I admire Mr. Fieger is that they both fight for the underdog, the ones that have no help. I really don’t even know if there is anything anyone can do. Like I said, no one wants to hire us, they rather have us dead, and where is Mr. Jack Kevorkian when you need him. I cannot even get a job working in a law office, or even with my BA in accounting. I have to either start my own business, but that is never a for sure thing either. I figure that it will take someone who knows how to fight to get things changed or where a sex offender can get work.”

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