Argus Joseph Thompson, Insane, on the Environment

Since in these days we have become more interested in the environment I thought it helpful to quote Argus Joseph Thomspon, Insane, on some of his scattered and irrelevant thoughts on the subject.  He begins describing the early light in the mountains of Wyoming.

Ah, the early light is the light!  Nets of light.  Yellow lattices of light.  Great tubs of light spilling on the aspens, and the tips of the sagebrush glow like embers in the blacksmith’s forge, and the jagged edges of the mountains turn molten.

In the early light the air is brittle and snaps at the ears.  Magpies squawk and the marmots shoot chirps so straight and shrill old boulders crack, and squirrels chip—chip, chip like squeaking wagon wheels, and the coyote yaps until the sun warms the tips of his shedding fir.  Then he curls up in the early light and, silent as blue bells, he smiles and slumbers.

In the early light the breath of horses make golden mist, and their long nose hairs are light yellow with frost, and you can see their jaws smashing golden grasses and yellow prairie daisies, and once at such an early time a great bull elk, its rack in velvet, walked among the horses and then disappeared into the web of shadows.

He has a girlfriend named Jenny.  They are searching for a nearly extinct creature named the “Two-toothed snail.” Argus continues in his description:

Through the cabin window the early light touched Jenny and left her ablaze in joy, and she glowed in a strange wisdom that usually only animals and children possess.  Some call it innocence, but it is wisdom all the same.  The forest creatures acquire it from walking with their bare feet touching the earth and from eating from the earth and from being nourished by the earth’s wisdom.   In the early light Jenny’s eyes were like the wild doe—soft and deep and focused on a place beyond my vision.  And I felt such joy, such pain, I thought, if only I were struck in eternal rejoicing like a rock.

“Rocks are happy!”  I cried.  “I can actually feel their happiness!”

Jenny touched my cheek with golden fingertips.  “Yes, rocks are very happy.”  And oh,

I wondered how

Such as she

Could ever love

The likes of me.

But their joy is interrupted by a knowledge that General-O Dynamics, a mammoth multinational corporation, is about to invade the forest and destroy it for lumber to sell to the Japanese.  Some of the trees are four hundred years old.

Then as quickly Jenny fell into deep shadows.  “When they come with their bulldozers and their chain saws and strip the forest bare and muddy the stream and turn the air blue with diesel exhaust, the last of the Two-tootheds will be gone forever.”

“Maybe we’re too late anyway,” I said.

“You must keep your faith on,” Jenny said. “I know they’re up there, Argus.”

I said, “When Judge Hammond hears about what General-O Dynamics is going to do to the forest he’ll stop ’em cold with a TRO as we lawyers call it, a temporary restraining order.”

“Argus, the law doesn’t protect the earth.  The law protects those who destroy the earth.  The Constitution doesn’t protect animals and trees and buttercups.  A corporation can murder fifty million buttercups and not one can sue.”

But the Constitution protects everything.  Great legal minds like Judge Scalia claimed the Constitution even protected unborn human pollywogs in the first trimester, and if the Constitution protected pollywogs then it ought to protect the two-toothed snail as well.

“Judge Hammond is a Reagan appointee, and he understands the right to life,” I said.   “I’ll explain to him about the Great Wheel Up in the Sky and how the two-toothed is a spoke, and. . .”

And then Jenny grabbed me and kissed me for the longest time, and I thought that all that legal talk about TRO’s and constitutional law must have excited her.

When we came up for air I said, “TRO’s are rendered only if there is no adequate remedy at law, and… ” and sure enough she kissed me again.


5 responses to “Argus Joseph Thompson, Insane, on the Environment

  1. Arvis McNuster, III

    What a salad bowl practice Argus has, after his “stuff” with Doc at the Buttee
    There is only so much light, and air, and ozone, and green houses.( is there enough to go around among the Tribes ?)
    Which begs the question: Are there any remedies at law for what Argus files on, in his many fights for
    mother earth—in Court ?
    Most thought the right to life, was endowed, by the Big White Bison Maker in the SKY, and thus not subject to any ex post facto laws.
    What good is a constitution, if it can’t be enforced in court by Jenny’s followers ?
    Can you please oh great Guradian Tetonic protectors of the old Growth, tell us what reported cases we might consult to update our jurisprudience on
    Argus’ landmark cases where he so impessed Jenny, that she was beside herself, at dawns light–and short of breadth.
    Bro loggers(salt of the earth) had to remove the spike from their legs, from one of those Earth First freako plotters, and were only going to saw down a patch of log pole pines, that had bad beetle infestation in the Snowy Ranges, before moving to the big red woods in Mendocino la big sticks
    Matthew says:

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment
    you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you
    use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look
    at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider
    the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your
    brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and
    look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First
    remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will
    see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

    Matthew 7:1-5

    How do they build all those big trophy houses in Jackson Hole, surely not with wood, why it must be with old tires from Motor city, and recycled soft drink cans,
    from rebate programs, run by GEN-DYE-MO

  2. Again I say Thank you Mr. Gerry Spence for your thoughts on Argus and your blogs. I appreciate you taking your valuable time away from your family to write so that others like me have words to make us think, feel better in some small way at days end to have learned a little more than I knew yesterday, and to give me hours of contemplation. May God watch over you and all your loved ones. Again I must say from your friend that you have not met…..yet. Bill…Cheers

  3. Arvis McNuster, III

    While I am reluctant to get into “stuff”, one of the alleged spikers, had a bomb go off in her car in Oakland( Judi), she sued a FBI guy in FED court, and got some big judgement.(one of those cases Celeb)
    I was reading the BLOG noting the Earth First Founder, and one poster claims it was Judi’s ex hubby who did it for a frund raising gimmick.
    While I realize this is “stuff”, and Argus has his confidences to keep,(deep deep stuff, not just between him and Jen), but hairy “stuff”,
    he nevertheless has opened a Pandora’s box.
    Judi went to the big sky box, and is no longer with us.
    I wonder if the FBI guy got framed, and the DOJ just let him twist in the wind ?
    One of those: not how the FBI solves its case, but how the FBI left one of its own out to be cut up, hung out to dry, in ZOOLU land.
    Old Growth Red woods, some gory stuff, that went on there, home of the Bohemian Club.
    Lumber sold to the Rising Sun trading Companies is nothing new, look at a map, the ports in Ak are closer to Rising Sun ports than most places in the lower 48(with the exception of Seattle).
    But, I digress, so much “stuff” just rattles around. What is amazing about “stuff”, is stuff in the deep deep comes out and percolates above the perma-frost, and then it is thawed “stuff”, a whole other kind of “stuff”.

  4. I loved that. Absolutely!

  5. I agree, it was beautiful. And brazenly truthful.

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